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Chapter 1048 - Return to Immortal Ancient 

Reincarnation Disk!

Was it refined by this person?

It was obvious that Shi Hao really was stupefied, staring blankly. The owner of the higher realms' supreme treasure was here, making him feel a bit dazzled, as if everything was too unreal. 

Those things, those chaotic supreme treasures, which one of them didn't have tremendous origins? All of them had shocking pasts, every single one of them an irreproducible legend. 

Today, he saw the master himself. It was as if he was dreaming. 

"Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King is still researching his own great dao… his ideal is too great, unknown when it will truly be implemented." The phoenix girl said softly. 

"He'll definitely be able to do it. Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King is a stunning and shocking figure, incredibly valiant. Since he said he was going to reincarnation, he will definitely succeed!" The young lady who carried the White Qilin blinked her large eyes, a look of adoration covering her face. 

Even the Qilin child in her arms similar blinked its large eyes, its two forelimbs moving together, looking like it was bowing with hands in front of it, expressing its acknowledgement. 

"Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King's talents are endless, not inferior to Without End great one. There should be a day when he succeeds." The young man with the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword on his back said. 

"Sigh, the Reincarnation Disk he refined himself is already in pieces, broken through his research. I truly fear that he might be too reckless, throwing his own life away as well." Someone said quietly from the side, full of worry.

When Shi Hao heard their conversation, his mind rose and fell violently. This was too shocking! Someone was researching reincarnation even though there was none in this world!

Regardless, by coming here today, even if he didn't obtain anything, these inside details he learned about were already enough.

Raging flames overflowed, the great sun in the heavenly dome fell with a loud rumbling sound, flying towards the Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest. The radiance was too bright, the shining seawater starting to violently evaporate, about to dry up.

"You old thing, existing as long as the world, already living for such a long time, yet still naughty and mischievous like a child, playing these types of tricks." Someone in the Purple Bamboo Forest said with a smile. 

Great laughter sounded from above. That golden sun turned into a Golden Crow, retracting all of the heat, flying over from the void, finally turning into a golden-robed elder.

"Look, now that you came, the sky has no one to watch over it, the world becoming dark, becoming night." Someone complained.

"No harm." This old Golden Crow pointed with his hand, and then golden light flew up towards the sky, producing a brilliant sun that illuminated all things once more. 

This was a world shocking divine ability. A finger pointed out, creating a sun. This type of method made Shi Hao feel a bit stunned, unable to say anything anymore. 

A group of youngsters grouped up together, discussing natural laws and dao. Shi Hao discovered with shock that he was a bit like a cultivation good-for-nothing, unable to understand what they were talking about. 

The system was different. Aside from those secret techniques that were occasionally mentioned, when the paths that had to be taken were discussed, it was incompatible with what he grasped. 

These individuals' cultivation required immortal seeds, merging them into their bodies, thus starting their road of cultivation. 

"Dao brother, why aren't you saying anything?" The youngster with the Radiant Immortal Sword on his back asked.

Shi Hao laughed bitterly, saying, "My strength is meager, it is good just to be able to listen here."

Now, he also finally understood why Willow Deity's method and vicious ten's methods were all precious techniques, difficult to leave the concrete cultivation path behind. 

It was because the cultivation of the world Shi Hao resided in was too different.

"Willow Deity and the others are comparatively better off, experiencing two great eras, long realizing a middle path, assimilating their methods into the world we live in, while these people's inheritances are too complex and difficult to understand."

Shi Hao sighed. Without truly learning these people's methods, it was impossible for him to blend in, let alone effectively engaging in the discussion.

"Dao brother is too modest, I saw that you had immortal dao energy, long achieving great cultivation, how can you speak like this?" The young man with the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword on his back said, moreover sincerely asking for advice.

Even though the identities of the people here were extraordinary, the most powerful elites of different clans, they were all amiable, with no arrogant individuals, let alone anyone looking down on another.

Shi Hao sensed the different atmosphere. These people were all modest, this event purely an exchange of information and learning from each other.

"My path is a bit special." Shi Hao said. 

"Hehe, let's compete a bit, see who is stronger." The young lady carrying the little White Qilin said.

"Good, let's observe and learn from this."

"Exactly, a few great figures will discuss the dao soon. We should use this time to exchange pointers. The two of your should be careful not to overdo it, but it is best if we don't waste time either."

The group of people were all expectant, urging them to take action.

"Alright then!" That young lady joyously agreed.

Shi Hao thought for a bit, but didn't hesitate either, walking forward to exchange moves with her. 

The young lady tapped into the air, her finger shining, a seed flying out, germinating in the void, releasing an ancient and mysterious aura.


Shi Hao was shocked. The other party's enlightenment methods really were a bit different, not a true plant seed, but a dao seed, evolving and absorbing the strength of the void, then releasing great dao energy. 


He released a streak of lightning, simple and direct. 

However, that young lady's dao seed was quite special, directly blossoming, producing flowers and fruits, then becoming a pagoda body, releasing a vague ringing sound, scattering the lightning. 

"Again!" Shi Hao was shocked. Just now, he didn't use too much force, so now, he increased the strength a bit.

When he took action again, large amounts of electrical arcs flew out, carrying stars one after another, formed from lightning, the power unordinary. 

"Why do you attach so much importance to techniques, neglecting the great dao's essence?" That young lady was confused.

She took action again, reaching out a finger again. An expanse of flowing light shot out, condensing into an immortal seed. Then, it blossomed there again, producing fruits. It was like a plant, producing a bell-shaped fruit. 


The bell released a long and drawn-out ringing sound. Time became unstable around it, directly interfering with the lightning, guiding it into these streams of chaotic time.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. He finally understood what that young lady meant. The other party didn't attack from a method perspective, but rather directly moved the great dao. 

Was this Immortal Ancient's system?

From the most fundamental dao, lacking changes, simple and direct. 

Meanwhile, in this era, normally, everything always began from techniques and then traced back to the roots, ultimately touching upon the great dao, but the path was entirely different, the power of precious techniques enormous and boundless.

The so-called precious techniques were the dao derived to the limit, changing the dao for one's own use, a reemergence, a type of transformation.

Meanwhile, Immortal Ancient's path was to directly take action from the great dao, the power strong, but lacking a few changes.

Of course, this was what he discovered through forcefully comparing the differences.

In reality, these were two different systems with many differences. There was no way Shi Hao could understand that much in such a short amount of time. 

"Interesting, dao brother, the dao methods you use are actually formed from this type of strange patterns, different from the dao symbols we use, quite enlightening! May I ask you for more guidance?" Someone on the side spoke up, the young man with the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword on his back stepping forward, unable to stop himself from exchanging pointers with Shi Hao.

"Your symbols are all quite special, I feel like it is the foundational symbols carved from heaven and earth, not special methods that can't be leaked out, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

"En, that's right, one needs an immortal seed inheritance. Could it be that dao brother's natural laws are different?"

Then, the young man who held the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword exchanged pointers with Shi Hao, both sides' dao laws clashing. It was quite peaceful without life and death dangers, all done with propriety. 

"You… cultivated three strands of immortal energy?" The phoenix girl was shocked.

Three strands of immortal energy, this triggered the shock of everyone present. In all of the peers they knew, creatures with this level of accomplishment were exceedingly rare.

However, even though Shi Hao cultivated three strands of immortal energy, it still didn't create enormous waves. It was because there were also others like this here. 

This was the first time Shi Hao felt that the people here were extraordinary, too powerful. 

Moreover, he felt that the phoenix girl was also unordinary, as if she also cultivated three strands of immortal energy.

The two of them exchanged pointers. Shi Hao could vaguely pry into the Heavenly Phoenix precious technique's profound mysteries from the simple and ancient dao symbols of her immortal seed, leaving him greatly shocked.

Then, Shi Hao confirmed that the phoenix girl cultivated three strands of immortal energy, his intuition not wrong. 

"You also have three strands of immortal energy?!" Shi Hao asked.

"I previously found a fragment of nascent cosmos, refining it into my body, turning it into my immortal seed, so cultivating three strands of immortal energy was naturally not an issue. However, you are quite surprising, I am unable to see through you." The phoenix girl said.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was greatly shaken. He thought back to some matters in Immortal Ancient, the Little Immortal King the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal had mentioned in Immortal Medicine Garden.

In fact, when Shi Hao cultivated there in seclusion, he also saw Little Immortal King's cultivation process.

As long as one cultivated two strands of immortal energy, the third strand of immortal energy would succeed through lightning tribulation. 

At that time, the path Little Immortal King walked was the same as Shi Hao, the most difficult path, the one that left one in despair, failing at the last moment. 

During that process, Little Immortal King had mentioned that there were those who used the World Tree as immortal seeds, using nascent cosmos as immortal seeds, all of them cultivating three strands of immortal energy. 

Now, Shi Hao unexpectedly saw a living example, this phoenix girl someone who refined a part of the cosmos in its embryonic state, seeing it with his own eyes.

"Is this the one Little Immortal King spoke of, or is it someone else who treaded on the same path?" Shi Hao was a bit confused. 

The atmosphere that followed was extremely friendly. Shi Hao exchanged pointers with them, competed, chatted about different topics. Only, their systems were different, so it was difficult to truly understand the other party's profound mysteries. 

However, verifying and confirming things like this was still quite eye opening.

It was clear that this was a joyous time. There were so many experts and people here, yet it was extremely peaceful, no disputes, only discussion.

Shi Hao conversed with them, all of them finding each other pleasant to talk to, their interactions cheerful.

"Yi, why aren't the great figures giving a lecture yet?" Someone suddenly realized. 

"Haha, we saw how you all were in high spirits, discussing in such a harmonious manner, so we gave you all a bit more time to interact with each other. Feel free to continue the exchange!" An elder in the distance said while laughing.

Then, an elder told them that they could discuss the dao as much as they wished, no need to worry about the issue of time. It was because several great figures were also pondering over some profound mysteries, quite engrossed in their discussions, needing time. 

Just like that, Shi Hao took up residence in the Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest. A larger half of a month passed just like that. 

During this period of time, he became friends with many people, discussing many things joyously.

"How come the great ones still haven't come?" Some of them asked.

"Wu, the great figures are discussing the great issue of time and reincarnation. Without End great one feels that he has peered into the river of history, seeing a corner of the future, his path still not complete. 'End' isn't his perfect dao, still needing the 'beginning'. Meanwhile, Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King is trying to deduce the feasibility of reincarnation in this world."

This information was, without a doubt, shocking. 

"End, is not a complete dao, needing the 'beginning', could it be that Without End great one is going to change your name? Haha…" The atmosphere here was clearly good, even the younger generation daring to joke around with those great figures. 

Time passed by in a flash, several months now passed. Shi Hao's benefits were tremendous!

He became good friends with some of them, for example, the phoenix girl, the young man with the immortal sword on his back, as well as the young lady who carried the little Qilin, and others. If he left like this, he felt a bit reluctant.

"Sigh, dao brother, if we separate like this, with endless years passing between us, would you still remember us?" The young man who carried the Immortal Gold Sword spoke, carrying melancholy.

"Right? Perhaps this will be our final meeting, thus forever unable to reunite. It truly is a bit regretful." The phoenix girl mumbled, three strands of immortal dao energy swirling around her. 

"Wuwu… it truly makes one feel sorrow that we have to leave." The young lady who carried the little White Qilin sobbed.

Shi Hao was shaken. What was going on?

"You all… know that I don't belong here? Or is it to say, you all don't belong here?" Shi Hao blurted out, not wishing to hide anything anymore.

These people were all heroes, all supreme being heavenly talents, but Shi Hao felt as if they were a bit distant, as if they would disappear at any time. 

"You all…" He couldn't help but cry out.

"It truly is sad…" The phoenix girl, young man, and young lady all sighed. The others walked over as well, patting Shi Hao's shoulder.

"What exactly is going on? Can you all tell me?" Shi Hao asked with a loud voice. 

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