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Chapter 1046 - Immortal Path

The eyeball split open, blood dripping down. 

That pupil was scarlet-red and blinding, scarlet multicolored light shooting out. 

A short spear moved, continuously moving about, about to destroy this eyeball. 

Shi Hao released all types of precious techniques, shooting them out. He felt like this eyeball was too dangerous, that it was still best to get rid of it earlier.


Corrupted blood splashed outwards in large amounts. In the end, this eyeball was like a bottomless pit, continuously releasing blood, from scarlet-red to jet-black, carrying a cold and gloomy aura. 


Shi Hao was shocked. A black hole unexpectedly appeared in the void, devouring everything around it. It was precisely formed from that eyeball, its appearance unexpectedly changed greatly. 

Shi Hao naturally did everything he could to resist, Willow Deity's precious technique appearing. Several dozen golden branches flew out, tearing through the void and breaking apart that black hole. 

"You even know its precious technique?!" This eyeball was now clearly shocked.

Its expression became cold, pupils deep. Even though it was splitting apart, brilliant radiance was released. It stared at Shi Hao, saying coldly, "That willow tree hasnt died yet, yes or no?!"


Right at this time, the inside of that eyeball was like the depths of hell. There was unexpectedly a door that opened, connected to a blood-colored passage, about to swallow up Shi Hao inside. 

It released killing intent, no longer fearing the consequences. It was going to suppress Shi Hao and then bring him away.


Shi Hao brandished the Everlasting Immortal Sword. The sword core shone, becoming incomparably brilliant, its imprints all appearing. Someone was ascending to immortality, white mists surging, specks of light falling, incomparably brilliant. 

"Yi, what is going on?!" This eyeball was shocked. It discovered that the broken spear inserted into its body was frantically shaking, burning because of this, shining brightly. 

"It has something to do with that sword core?" It was shaken up inwardly. 

Even Shi Hao was a bit surprised. As he brandished that sword, the bronze broken spear seemed to have revived, the line of ancient characters on its surface becoming increasingly resplendent. 

"Don't!" The eyeball cried out. It felt fear. 


The immortal dao imprint inside the broken spear exploded, this ruined artifact igniting on its own, thus breaking apart, dragging the eyeball along with it in destruction.

Corrupted blood flew about. The eyeball immediately exploded, it was just too fast. The door that was opened naturally shattered, completely breaking down, turning into bloody light, becoming a multicolored haze. 

This was too sudden, leaving even Shi Hao surprised. The Everlasting Immortal Sword in his hands pierced forward, perfectly making contact with the shockwave. 


A miserable sound rang through the air. Everything became chaotic, this place turning into a region of death.

A ruined spirit flew out from the eyeball, smashing against the sword core. As a result, it was immediately blasted into ashes, no longer existing. 

The radiance disappeared, the mountain forest recovering its peace. 

If not for the corrupted blood and bronze dust, it really would be difficult for one to believe that an intense battle had just happened here, a terrifying creature previously appearing here. 

Shi Hao looked at the sword core in his hands in a daze. This thing was a bit strange, a bit unusual, definitely not as simple as it looked on the surface. 

This was something brought out from Immortal Ancient, something that disappeared along with Five Crown King. It was rumored to have been dug up from an underground ancient mine, a sword core created by heaven and earth. 

"This thing…" Shi Hao didn't say too much. Only after thinking for a while did he put it away. 

Then, he thought back to that eyeball. The Desolate Border was unstable, about to become chaotic as expected. This world was going to be covered in the flames of war, the days where blood flowed like rivers not too far off.

"The path still must be taken."

Shi Hao sighed. Thinking more right now would only make him more worried. The only thing he could do was become stronger as fast as he could. Otherwise, when the true disaster descended, it was useless no matter how matchless his innate talents were. Without the time to grow, even the child of a True Dragon would only be regarded as food by others. 

He began to run, quickly advancing. 

The forbidden region was extremely strange, with some places that allowed flight, while others had strange natural laws that would hack down people from the skies. 

This was like a warning, making those who intruded feel reverence towards this area. They couldn't underestimate this place, not allowed to randomly fly.

Along the way, he caught up to quite a few cultivators. It wasn't that these individuals were fast, catching up to him, but rather that when the three great supreme beings sent these people inside, some were already millions to tens of millions of li out. 

However, during this process, he also saw many corpses, their causes of death unknown. They didn't have any injuries on them, passing on unnaturally just like that. 

He didn't want to look into these matters. He didn't have time to waste. If he looked too deeply in this terrifying and dangerous place, he might very well be throwing his life away as well.

Suddenly, waves of bloody mists surged, unknown how many corpses appeared on the ground, an absolute massacre.

When Shi Hao hurried over to this place, he stopped. He was less than ten million li from the three thousand provinces, yet already continuously encountered danger. It made him shiver inwardly. 

His footsteps slowed, advancing step by step. This path couldn't be avoided, because he unexpectedly saw large blue stars suspending in midair, less than a hundred zhang from the earth. There were falling great stars at both sides of the road as well. 

They were the size of mountains, shining and brilliant, dark blue like jadestone. 

This was a type of marvelous scene, every single star releasing symbols. 

"Stars refined and shrunk by exceptionally powerful individuals, actually so many of them arranged here. Is this a great formation?"

Anyone who reached this place would be alarmed, their bodies shaking. These great stars were too grand and magnificent. 

Shi Hao moved forward, more and more corpses appearing the further he walked. His expression was grave. Finally, he arrived at an important section up front. Shi Hao saw that there was a female who was also trapped. 

Streak after streak of flowing light fell from the sky above, pouring down like specks of sand, boundless, crushing the void until everything distorted. There was even more formless sword energy sweeping out. 


Shi Hao was shocked. This sword energy didn't harm his physical body, only attacking at his primordial spirit. No wonder there were so many corpses, not damaged, yet all dead. 

This was an ancient damaged formation. Even though its damage was severe, it was extremely astonishing. It was, after all, a formation refined by an unmatched great existence with many stars.

"It's her!"

Shi Hao recognized her. She wore green clothes, her figure elegant and refined, like a divine lotus that was swaying about, releasing its brilliance.

That was Qing Xian, someone who could be called a formidable young expert from the three thousand provinces. Back then, when Shi Hao ascended the Void God Realm, ascending the Copper Sparrow Altar to enter the three thousand provinces' Spirit Realm, he had met her brother and even fought against him. 

Qing Xian, an exceptional talent of the Lotus Race, reputation great, even more powerful than Child of Lightning and Underworld Child. She was a well-known female exceptional talent, ranked close to the front. 

However now, her body couldn't move, blood flowing out from the space between her brows, her expression full of sadness, the light in her eyes dimming. 

Shi Hao wanted to offer a helping hand, but it was already too late.

Qing Xian saw him, her eyes flourishing with radiance, but she still fell in the end.

"Truly is cruel." Shi Hao's face was expressionless. A well known person from the three thousand provinces died here.

However, this path must be treaded on. He walked forward, activating all types of precious techniques to defend himself. 


Blood appeared in the space between his brows, because the most crucial intersection had been reached. That formless sword energy crushed down, attacking his soul viciously. 

He chanted the True Primordial Record from his mouth and activated all types of precious techniques, doing everything he could to resist. His mind sustained some damage to his soul, but he still made it through in the end. 


In the sky, a blue-colored great star exploded. 

That formless sword energy became weaker, no longer being as powerful.

At the same time, Qing Xian collapsed onto the ground, quickly shrinking, unexpectedly turning into a seed. 

"Rebirth?" Shi Hao was shocked. This woman was unordinary as expected, actually not completely destroyed, transforming into a dark green jade stone like seed. 

"Please bury me nearby." A weak voice sounded.

"Bringing you out isn't necessarily better." Shi Hao said. 

"No, this is my great calamity, and also my opportunity. I can sense the Chaotic Green Lotus' aura, true traces left behind by him. Please help me." Qing Xian transmitted sound. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he raised his head to look towards the great stars in the sky. They were tightly packed, numbering in the tens of thousands, refined by a matchless expert.

"Chaotic Green Lotus?" Shi Hao didn't understand. 

"He doesn't belong to this great era, but had previously reached the peak of glory, known as an Eternal Clear Sky Lotus. Please help me, there will be reciprocation in the future." Qing Xian said.

"Fine!" Shi Hao said, no longer hesitating. This didn't take much effort at all, planting this sparkling green seed deep into the not too distant soil. 

Then, he continued on his way.

Five days later, a purple bamboo forest stood in his way. White mists surged, as if he had entered the immortal realm. 

Along the way, Shi Hao didn't see anyone, only he alone reaching this place. When he saw this scene, he felt quite shocked, vaguely sensing immortal dao energy. 

"This forbidden region is sinister as expected. Why do I seem to sense the atmosphere of an immortal's home?"

Shi Hao was on his guard, but still continued forward. 

When he entered the purple bamboo forest, heaven and earth spun about, the scene changing greatly. All types of multicolored light rose, with primal chaos surging. 

This was a world of its own!

White mists wafted about, the mountains and rivers refined and majestic. Immortal birds flew about, auspicious beasts roamed.

Everything changed. This was a different world. 

Shi Hao saw a few creatures that should have been extinct in this great era, long turned into legends.

Qilin cub!

He saw a young lady carrying a White Qilin in her bosom, treasuring it greatly, smiling and teasing the little Qilin.

He saw an Immortal Phoenix who turned into a young lady wearing five-colored precious clothes. She descended on a shining spiritual mountain, extremely peaceful.

Then, Shi Hao saw a young man whose body carried immortal energy, on his back a precious sword made from Radiant Immortal Gold. He walked in a free and unfettered manner, advancing valiantly. 

"What kind of place did I end up in?" Shi Hao was amazed, because he felt as if he had entered a land of illusion. However, his divine senses told him that those were true experts, not fake. 

What was going on?

Could it be that there were small worlds left over from the Immortal Ancient Great Era that were unharmed, people from that great era still alive? Did he just happen to discover the entrance and enter?

White-colored immortal mist pervaded the air, spiritual mountains towering one after another, all of them shining. The various ancient medicines had grown for several hundreds of thousands of years, the sweet fragrance wafting about. 

Shi Hao was a bit stupefied, not understanding what was happening. 

He walked forward. Someone was calling out to him. 

The woman formed from an Immortal Phoenix slightly opened her red lips, carrying a bright and beautiful smile as she said, "Where does brother come from?"

"Three Thousand Dao Provinces." Shi Hao replied. 

"Have not heard of it before, perhaps a true immortal cave?" She smiled gently.

"If I may, what is this place?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Naturally an immortal residence, vast and boundless, brother came to participate in the distinguished meeting too right? Many young geniuses have gathered, all the outstanding talents of different clans, coming here to interact. We all have something to benefit from this." That Immortal Phoenix transformed young lady said. 

Shi Hao opened his mouth, a bit speechless. What kind of place did he end up stumbling into exactly?

Then, a few youngsters hurried over, all greeting each other without any hostility, incredibly peaceful. These people looked like they were aloof from worldly affairs. 

Shi Hao was in a bit of disbelief. He personally pinched the young Qilin beast the young lady was carrying, as a result discovering that it was real!"

That white-colored little Qilin rolled its eyes at him, rather discontent. 

"Am I sleepwalking through Immortal Ancient, or has Immortal Ancient reappeared?" Shi Hao was stunned. 

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