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Chapter 1041 - A Path of Nine Deaths One Life. 

"Where is that city?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Outside the three thousand provinces, within the endless forbidden area." One of the middle-aged men spoke, his body seated on the cliff, gray dao robe like steel, not moving with the wind.

Even though he had long known about this, right now, Shi Hao still couldn't help but release a light sigh. 

Desolate Border, archaic contract of alliance, all of the creatures of the last great era were defeated and destroyed, Celestial Clan's old master heading for the battlefield… when this series of events were strung up together, it made one feel especially serious. 

These places, these people and events, some of them were closely linked!

"Is this a path that must be taken?" Ning Chuan spoke, his snow clothes perfect, silver like snow, face pretty to the extreme, making even women jealous. 

In reality, the blue-eyed woman and even the ice-cold woman couldn't help but give him a few looks along the way. 

For a man to have this type of appearance really was rare. Together with his exceptional aptitude, cultivation unordinary, it was difficult to avoid attention even if he wanted to. 

Even in the immortal dao descendant families, not many young men with this type of temperament could be found. 

"This path is essential, a type of trial, and even more so a type of experience, allowing you all to develop an initial understanding of what you will face, how cruel it will be." On the cliff, chaotic mists swept about. That voice was cold and emotionless. 

Ning Chuan didn't immediately speak, instead thinking to himself. 

The forbidden region was too vast, without limit, no end to be found. 

The three thousand provinces were already large enough, but even the most optimistic estimation suggested that it wasn't even a tenth of the boundless forbidden region. It could be said that that place was deep and immeasurable. 

In reality, the terror of that place was something everyone knew well since the past. 

From past to present, experts walked inside one after another, but in the end, most of them did not return, many old sect masters included among them, all of them individuals with great cultivations and achievements. 

"Senior, isn't this a bit forceful? It is so dangerous there, we aren't even in the Heavenly Deity Realm yet, if we continue like this, isn't it just sending ourselves to death?" Ning Chuan said. 

"Even though quite a few experts died, there were a few who came out alive. You all should know this." A middle-aged individual on the cliff said. 

In that forbidden region, it wasn't living creatures that were the most terrifying, but rather the mysterious substances, for example, the pool of yellow mud that could instantly melt a sect master, a drop of bright and multicolored strange dewdrop ending the life of an extremely powerful expert, an ordinary piece of dried grass releasing exceptional sword energy, cutting down the stars…

Ninety percent of the sect masters who entered died under these types of matter, and not in the hands of living creatures.

"Whether oneself is powerful enough or not is not the deciding factor of whether one lives or not. This is because there are some things which, even for sect masters, caused accidents, powerless to face."

His intention was clear. The level of one's cultivation didn't display conclusive effects, because there were too many dangerous elements. They couldn't be stopped even with the cultivation of sect masters. 

That was why from a certain standpoint, this generation's young supreme beings and older generation sect masters were setting out from the same starting line.

Meanwhile, the more one learned about the situation, the more fear one felt. One could see just how dangerous that place was. There were layers upon layers of danger, seizing the lives of heroes at every turn. 

"Senior, isn't this going just a bit too far? We are clearly being sent to our deaths. I know this heaven and earth will perhaps be engulfed in the flames of war, be thrown into chaos, but doing things like this isn't nurturing experts, but instead wasting and exhausting heroic talents." Shi Hao said. 

On the cliff, inside the primal chaos, that third person laughed, a bit cold and bleak. His rigid face displayed a rare bit of emotion.

"You seem to know quite a bit. Indeed, flames of war will cover the world, everything entering chaos. That will be an unimaginable great calamity!"

Then, he released a light sigh, the cliff becoming more and more indistinct. The three of them seemed to be immersed in a downcast mood. 

"You all don't understand how miserable it truly will be when the battle breaks out. Even such a powerful group of creatures from the last great era were wiped out, let alone this world."

They didn't hide anything, directly speaking about all types of miserable and hope lacking reality. 

"In our eyes, instead of fostering ten thousand bugs, it is better to create a dragon!"

This type of speed was straight to the point, carrying bloodiness, clearly telling the two that what they wanted were unmatched experts, that they wouldn't create a group of so-called geniuses in a routine manner.

Entering the heavenly deity institution will inevitably be a bloody process. Anything could happen. They needed matchless figures who could turn the battle situation around with a single fight, not raising them through normal means.

It was because even those from the last great era had been defeated, with several dozen immortals killed, leaving everyone in despair. Normal powerful geniuses couldn't resist the enemy at all. Only the new, something that shocks past and present, the most powerful individual could fight there!

Shi Hao and Ning Chuan both weren't ordinary, not needing them to speak in detail to understand a lot.

This world didn't lack geniuses. What the heavenly deity institution needed were 'unpredictable variables', supreme beings that couldn't be assessed through normal means.

To face the future like this, just how pessimistic was the situation?

"Is this the case for those chosen in other ancient lands as well?" Ning Chuan asked. His birth was unordinary, he wouldn't randomly throw himself into danger. As long as he grew up normally, he could overlook everything below the sky. 

"The Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the selections of heroes throughout these ancient lands are all extremely strict, to the extent where there are some places where it is even more cruel." The individual on the cliff gave this answer.

This was implying that when dealing with the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, they were already loosening the standard a bit.

"After all, this place has traces of battle, the sealed ancient path most abnormal, which is why it greatly affected the circumstances for fostering talents, causing the heroes here to be fewer. As such, the standard has been loosened appropriately." Another added. 

"I still feel as if something isn't quite right. Making a trip through the uninhabited region, what one will have to rely on isn't strength but luck. If a few geniuses died tragically because of it, it wouldn't be worth it at all!" Ning Chuan said. 

If they truly ended up running into that mud of inevitable death, then he really didn't wish to go inside.

"We won't force you two to send yourselves to death either. There is a path that is extremely ancient and bleak, leading to a city inside the forbidden region's depths, this road comparatively calmer. You two can borrow that path to head there." One individual on the cliff said. 

"Why must we use this path as the test?" Ning Chuan asked a step further. 

"To allow you two to understand what kind of terror and dangers you will face in the future. The things in the forbidden region will reappear when the world is covered in flames." A middle-aged man on the cliff revealed. 


These words left Ning Chuan and Shi Hao shaken, feeling extremely shocked.

"Alright, whether you are willing to take that path or not, that is for you two to decide yourselves. These Nine Heavens Ten Earths truly don't lack geniuses. There are quite a few young supreme beings who have successfully passed the trial."

"Alright, I'll give this so-called forbidden region a look, see what it has inside." Shi Hao nodded. He was going to make a trip inside. 

It was because he had many questions inside, for example, regarding Willow Deity, Desolate Border, the archaic contract of alliance, and others. They were all things he had to search for the answer himself. 

He had asked those three before as well, but he was only met with silence, telling him to search for it himself. 

"What kind of education can be obtained by entering the heavenly deity institution?" Ning Chuan asked. 

"All types of ancient texts, supreme being precious techniques, even the letters of long life individuals. There are even immortal caves to use for seclusion, as well as cultivation methods that don't belong to this great era. There might even be descendents of true immortals to exchange pointers with!"

He spoke about so many benefits in one go, every one of them enough to make one moved, all of them exceptional natural luck.

Not far out, the blue-pupiled woman's exceptional appearance revealed a smile, winking at Shi Hao and saying, "There are true fairies you know? You can catch them to warm the bed."

Shi Hao was extremely embarrassed, and then Huo Ling'er pinched him again. 

"Let me give you a word of advice. If you don't wish to be beaten until you have to run while covering your head, then you should understand propriety after entering the heavenly deity institution." That ice-cold woman spoke. She had icy skin and jade bones, her style unmatched. 

Shi Hao looked over and said, "How about we exchange pointers for a bit, see if I can capture you two to make the bed and pour water."

On the cliff, the three middle-aged men didn't move, extremely still. 

On the purple-golden warship, the three young men revealed strange looks. As for the two women, they both looked towards Shi Hao, their expressions completely different. The blue-pupiled woman laughed, as if autumn winds blew past tender willow leaves, while the woman with the ice-cold temperament was like a plum flower in the middle of winter, chilly energy spreading over as she looked at Shi Hao, simply about to freeze him over. 

"You two can go make your preparations." A middle-aged man on the steep cliff said. 

"We'll send you two back." On the purple-golden warship, the five young men and women separated into two groups. The three males sent off Ning Chuan, while the two females saw Shi Hao off.

It was clear that they knew Six Crown King and Huang had grudges, not wishing for them to engage in conflict now, with the two sides unable to coexist. 

After heading on their way, the blue-pupiled woman and ice-cold fairy both looked at Shi Hao as they rode on a silver warship. 

"Why is it you two that are seeing me off? Could it be that you two really are going to exchange pointers with me? Let's get this straight, there's no need to lose on purpose if you really wish to pour tea and warm the bed by my side, because there's no hope of you two winning at all." Shi Hao said. 

He already saw that these two women wished to take action along the way, which was why his mouth was especially lowly. 

"Do you think you are all that because you cultivated three strands of immortal energy? Before immortal methods, everything can be destroyed." The cold young lady whose beauty could topple countries said. 

"Truly an immortal's descendant? A true fairy?" Shi Hao looked at her, and then revealed a look of joy, saying, "I haven't captured this type of fatty yet, thanks a bunch for satisfying my dreams!"

That young lady's beautiful eyebrows stood vertically, immortal dao aura fully displayed, white mists pervading the air, becoming more and more cold, as if the lunar goddess descended. 

That blue-pupiled woman was laughing until she was swaying to and fro, completely disregarding her appearance. "You have no shame in even calling this type of graceful and refined fairy a fatty?"

"You all are not permitted to take action." In the distance, the three great supreme being's voices sounded. 

"Hehe, if you don't end up inside the heavenly deity institution, then forget it. But if you do enter, there'll be quite the play to watch. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths have countless geniuses, more than enough for you to play with, all just waiting for you!" The blue-pupiled young lady said.

On the cliff, the three middle-aged men sighed. 

"Perhaps we should relax the restrictions a bit further, not necessarily only granting qualifications to those with immortal energy. There were quite a few supreme beings from the past until now who took some time to develop, only displaying brilliance after hundreds to over a thousand years."

"Alright, then we'll cater towards all of the young experts, not adding any restrictions. As long as they could reach that ancient city, then we'll consider it a success, having the qualifications to leave this place and enter the heavenly deity institution."

The three of them came to this decision. 

On the silver warship, Huo Ling'er was worried, not wishing for Shi Hao to leave, because this path was too dangerous, nine deaths one life. Meanwhile, she couldn't stay at his side.

Her large eyes were entirely red, asking Shi Hao, "Where are you going now? What kind of preparations are you making?"

"Preparing for marriage!"

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