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Chapter 1042 - Marriage

The word marriage was actually spoken so openly by Shi Hao. When Huo Ling'er heard this, her face became completely red. She stared at him, always feeling like this fella became more and more unbridled recently.

Only, when she thought about how they were going to separate again, she sighed, not saying anything back. Her eyes became filled with watery mist, looking blurry. 

They were going to have to separate again, while this time, Shi Hao was going even further, heading into the depths of the forbidden region, heading far away from the three thousand provinces, his journey incredibly dangerous.

If he ended up making it back alive, Shi Hao was going to leave this place and head for the world beyond. It was unknown how long this separation would be.

When she thought about these things, Huo Ling'er felt extremely emotional. She had a feeling that after this separation, the next time they meet might seem like forever away, unknown when they'll meet again. 

"You have to be careful!" She said softly yet firmly.

It was because the forbidden region was too dangerous, even sect masters having a chance of dying after entering, let alone someone like Shi Hao. This was a road of life and death, a path that once taken, he could not turn around, whether he would even make it out alive difficult to say.

"Don't worry, no one can kill me. I am quite looking forward to that forbidden region though, who knows, I might discover a few immortal birds and auspicious beasts and bring one back to serve as your mount." Shi Hao said while laughing. 

He was always cheerful, and also quite self-confident, not taking the dangers ahead to heart.

When the blue-pupiled woman heard this, she smiled, her skin not thin at this time either, giggling as she said, "How about you gift me one too?"

"That's a gift for my wife, are you my wife?" Shi Hao asked in a rather lively manner.

"Youngster Shi, offending older sister like this, aren't you scared that I'll find people to tidy you up after you enter the heavenly deity institution?" The blue-pupiled young lady said. 

"Send your army this way, I'll subdue them one by one!" Shi Hao laughed loudly. 

"Fine, you can act as egotistical and unbridled as you want. When the time comes, I will definitely show you special treatment, find a few sisters to properly take care of you!" The blue-pupiled woman revealed a smile, but no matter how one looked at it, it seemed a bit sinister.

"Really looking forward to it! What kind of backgrounds do those sisters have?" Shi Hao laughed in a lowly manner. 

"The daughter of emperors, descendents of long life beings, and true fairies. I just fear that you'll turn around and run when the time comes, not daring to entertain them." The blue-pupiled woman giggled.

"He won't be able to run, definitely be immediately suppressed." That ice-cold woman said. 

"Alright, then you all just wait to welcome this majesty. I will definitely enter the heavenly deity institution, wait for you all to look after me." Shi Hao laughed rather brashly. 

That ice beauty glared at him, while the blue-pupiled young lady was still giggling, saying, "Even daring to exchange your words, sure, when the time comes, don't come crying now. Let's see how you do."

Soon after, they left Central Province. Following Shi Hao's needs, after traveling several hundred provinces, the silver warship stopped.

"We'll meet again at the heavenly institution!" Shi Hao waved his hand, and then brought Huo Ling'er off the warship. 

"Where are we going?" Huo Ling'er asked. Just now when she saw Shi Hao and the two girls bicker, she only smiled, not saying anything.

"To Demon Province to meet my grandfather."

Demon Province, a place that was previously ravaged by the chaos of war. Many great demons appeared in the ancient years, obtaining their reputation precisely in this province. 

In reality, it was rumored that this place had Immortal Ancient Great Era's remains, previously a place where the great battles were incomparably bitter. There were remains of demons with evil energy. 

This was the first time Shi Hao brought someone with him, as well as the first time he brought over a young lady to see his grandfather.

Grandpa Fifteen had long sensed him, flying out from a volcano, his black hair scattering about. His figure was tall and large, extremely bold and powerful. Right now, his blood energy was flourishing, his bronze skin flickering with precious light, his outer appearance only looking around thirty or forty.



They met each other not long ago, not much time had passed since their last meeting. The grandfather and grandson were both extremely happy.

"Who is this girl, could it be?" The Great Demonic God looked at Huo Ling'er, revealing a smile, laughing loudly.

"Grandfather, this is my wife, I brought her here to show you." Shi Hao's skin was always extremely thick, his face not carrying redness, eyes not blinking as he said this. 

Huo Ling'er truly couldn't take it. Was there this type of introduction? This was the first time she was meeting Grandpa Fifteen, yet she was already completely red faced.

"This girl is quite excellent, and if you like her, then grandpa naturally supports you!" Grandpa Fifteen said, his face all smiles.

"I heard about Grandpa Fifteen previously!" Huo Ling'er greeted seriously. She had previously heard of Grandpa Fifteen's great reputation in the lower realm, and even more so learning about how he threw the imperial capital into chaos for his grandson, suppressing enemies on all sides.

Towards this elder, she was full of admiration.

"Fire Emperor's daughter?" When the Great Demonic God learned of her origins, he immediately roared with laughter. Fire Emperor was, in the end, a hero in his generation in the lower realm, an extraordinary individual. 

Grandpa Fifteen had naturally met the Fire Emperor before. Now that he saw his daughter, he was extremely satisfied. Aside from his admiration towards the Fire Emperor, it was also because they both came from the lower realm, both of them viewed as sinner's blood descendants. 

"There's no need to speak too much, we're family now!" Grandpa Fifteen laughed joyously, feeling extremely happy.

Grandpa Fifteen was overjoyed, continuously patting Shi Hao's shoulder, having him prepare some heavenly deity meat and fine wine. They were going to drink their fill today.

When they left last time, Shi Hao left Grandpa Fifteen with quite a bit of heavenly deity meat, for example, Flood Dragon, Dragon Sparrow, Golden Crane, and others, everything that should be there was there, as well as a bit of sacred wine.

Soon after, the Golden Crane in the cauldron was already cooked, the Dragon Sparrow wing also finished roasting. Even the fragrance of holy medicine wine floated about!

"How about I hold the marriage for you two today?" When he was half drunk, Grandpa Fifteen said this.

Huo Ling'er immediately lowered her head. This was just too rushed! Even though they had to worry about separating, mentioning it like this was still too abrupt.

"Grandpa, there's one thing I haven't spoken to you about yet. I am going to take a special cultivation path and leave for a long time. With the future hard to predict, this isn't a good time to talk about those things." Shi Hao said. 

He secretly told his grandfather that the path was extremely difficult, life and death difficult to predict. With his departure imminent, he didn't wish to wrong Huo Ling'er. What if he couldn't return?

When Huo Ling'er's embarrassment was gone, she also felt rather frustrated and disappointed. Were they going to separate just like that? The road ahead was boundless, when were they going to meet again?

Grandpa Fifteen was a smart person, knowing that he couldn't stop his grandson. That was his path, so he couldn't randomly hold a wedding, because if anything unexpected happened to his grandson, wouldn't that be wronging the young lady before him?

Shi Hao stayed with his grandfather here for two days, and then he left.

Huo Ling'er sighed, feeling emotional. 

"Where do you want to go? I'll bring you there!" Shi Hao said, putting aside his carefree and frivolous attitude, now serious. It was because he was going to leave soon.

"You are leaving again. In the higher realms, this boundless world, I only have father and you to rely on, and now, you are leaving again." Huo Ling'er was dejected, clearly distressed. 

She came from the lower realm, and now, she was no longer the princess of a country. In the past few years, she lived in the Fire Mulberry Forest, wearing rough hemp clothes, quietly waiting for a single person to come back. She was completely isolated from this world. 

Now, an extremely important person was going to leave, filling her with sadness.

"If I can come back alive, I will definitely come looking for you!" Shi Hao said.

"They said that there will be great chaos in the future. Is that true?" Huo LIng'er looked at him. 

If the day came when heaven and earth collapsed, chaos engulfing the world, would they be able to meet again? At that time, where would the two of them be?

"If that day truly comes, no matter where I am, I will return to protect you!" Shi Hao made this vow, his voice resounding, ringing like a divine sword.

"I just want you to be safe…" Huo Ling'er said while carrying tears. She was extremely lonely in the higher realms, not wishing for this important person of hers to leave. 

"I will return! No one can kill me!" Shi Hao said.

He was going to see her off, asking her where she wished to go.

Huo Ling'er remained silent, her expression blank. Where was she supposed to go? Where was her home?

Shi Hao sent her to Sin Province, arriving at Fire Emperor's place of seclusion, wishing for her to stay here and wait for Fire Emperor to return. 

However, Huo Ling'er shook her head, her eyes full of tears, reluctant to part and full of sadness. She insisted on sending him off, wishing to see him enter the uninhabited region's depths. 

"It's too dangerous, I won't feel at ease if you have to return on your own." Shi Hao didn't agree.

"Just stay here, Fire Emperor will return sooner or later, stay with him." Shi Hao said, and then he looked at Little Wolf, saying, "Work hard and cultivate, protect Ling'er well."

Shi Hao stopped here for two days. In the end, he had to leave.

"Just send me to the Fire Mulberry Forest, I want to live there in seclusion." Huo Ling'er suddenly said, wishing to live in that peaceful and tranquil Fire Mulberry Forest.

Shi Hao's mind was immediately shaken, a feeling that was difficult to describe welling up.

The Fire Mulberry Flowers were blossoming, everywhere scarlet red. 

They came here again. A cool breeze blew past, the Fire Mulberry Trees stretching as far as the eyes could see swayed about. Red gemstone-like flowers fluttered down, clear fragrance wafting out. 

In that forest, the fiery red flower petals appeared in large amounts, fluttering all over the skies like a fleeting sunset glow. 

"I really like this place!" Huo Ling'er said softly. She looked at the fiery red ancient trees, and the mulberry leaf picking girls. Her heart seemed to have calmed down again. 

It was because she had memories here, a place of longing and hope. She had previously waited for a person here. It allowed her heart to calm down and feel content.

She never felt that she would return after just leaving this place.

This time, compared to the last, was even more unknown. Shi Hao's life or death was difficult to say. Even if he lived, he was still going to leave this world. 

Huo Ling'er was disappointed and frustrated, her mind at a loss.

When they met again, it really was unknown how many years would have passed. At that time, the entire world would already be in disorder, flames of war everywhere. Would they even be able to meet again?

This reunion, even though it brought her joy, making her feel blessed by heaven, the next time seemed so far away. 

She knew that in the future, many heroes of this world would wither away, blood dying mountains and rivers. In those warring years, everything was unknown. It was hard for Shi Hao to turn back, he had to fight. 

They were going to separate. Shi Hao looked at her silently, not knowing what to say.

"The Fire Mulberry Flowers have bloomed. Year after year, I've waited for your return here." Huo Ling'er said softly, looking at him, her eyes about to see him off into the distance. 

Only, she had a feeling that after this separation, it might very well be forever. 

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