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Chapter 1040 - Heavenly Deity Institution

Shi Hao's fingers exerted quite the force, clamping down on his arm. Both sides were operating secret techniques, clear sounds of joints cracking could be heard. 

Lin Tian struggled, but his expression immediately changed. The other party's strength was too great, as if he was shackled by immortal dao chains, making his arm feel sharp pain. 


Dazzling light surged between the two, the light from precious techniques and symbols. They attacked intensely. 

Following a pu sound, a streak of bloody light flashed. Lin Tian leapt up, rushing into the sky.

Everyone looked at those two. Who won that short exchange? 

"His forearm!" A few people cried out in alarm. 

"Huang is too powerful!" Many people were truly startled.

In Shi Hao's hands was a forearm dripping with blood. This was forcibly twisted off.

In the sky, Lin Tian's face was warped, his forehead full of sweat, caused by intense pain. He lost his forearm, suffering serious injuries. 

It could be said that this was his greatest injury since birth. In his ancient land, he was incredibly arrogant. Even though he had suffered defeats, there was no way he would lose an arm.

Everyone erupted into commotion, all of them greatly shaken!"

"Lin Tian was injured, losing his forearm!" Without a doubt, this was explosive news, because he continuously defeated everyone in the three thousand provinces, no one his match. 

In the higher realms, it was unknown just how many heavenly deities were defeated under his hands, the most powerful one unable to withstand more than ten blows.

Now, this type of thing happened, everything they believed overturned. The unapproachable, almost unmatched Lin Tian was defeated just like that, having his arm torn off.


Lin Tian released a roar, his voice like a dragon's cry, like thunder. Everyone felt their blood surging, their bodies shaking, a bit unable to hold on.

He was defeated just like that. He first suffered greatly under Ning Chuan, and now, the one who seized his five-colored war chariot took his arm. He felt a serious sense of defeat.

"You are Huang?!" Even though he already had his suspicions, directly shouting out like this was a different matter. 

"Correct, that's me." Shi Hao replied. He looked at the forearm in his hands, and then operated a technique to make it display its original form. However, he discovered that this was the original form.

"Truly disappointing, humanoid, here, take it back!" Shi Hao flung out his arm, throwing that forearm into the sky. The blood that scattered outwards was exceptionally brilliant.

Everyone shivered inwardly. What kind of terrifying bloodline was this, containing immortal dao energy? No wonder it was so powerful. 

However, it was precisely this person who was defeated under Shi Hao's hands, leaving others shcoked.

Lin Tian grabbed his arm, his face flushing green and then white, but in the end still connected the arm. Divine light flashed, and then symbols erupted. His arm became just like before again.

In reality, even if Shi Hao didn't return it to him, his flesh could regrow, only needing to use up a bit of innate essence blood. 

This place immediately became quiet. Everyone knew that Shi Hao returning that arm wasn't some express of goodwill, but rather that he really didn't care that much about the other party. Even if he was at his peak state, he was still without fear.

On the five-colored war chariot, the Tongbi Divine Ape was struck dumb. In his eyes, his master triumphed in every battle, defeating all opponents, yet now, he was defeated like this.

Lin Tian first lost under Ning Chuan's hands, and then he had an arm torn off by Shi Hao, suffering the greatest defeat. 

"Lin Tian, come back!" On the purple-golden warship, that blue-eyed woman spoke, having him return and not fight any longer.

That woman's hair was bright like silk, her eyes like the purest blue sea, releasing divine light. She looked at Ning Chuan in Qilin Ridge, and then at the calm Shi Hao. 

"I never expected there were these types of individuals in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, we even though that this ancient land already completely declined." She said softly. 

Even though Lin Tian was unwilling to accept this, feeling great resentment, after a brief moment of hesitation, he still returned to the purple-golden ship. 

The first reason was because the woman's status was unordinary, exceptionally powerful, her words carrying a set amount of weight, the second reason was because Lin Tian already knew that he indeed wasn't those two's opponent. If he continued fighting, he was definitely going to suffer greatly. 

Not far out, Ning Chuan looked over towards Shi Hao. For him, this was his greatest adversary! 

Shi Hao also looked towards that white clothed male, not displaying killing energy, but his eyes flourished, his entire being rising, ready to attack at any time!

Everyone could feel a suffocating pressure, all of them nervous. They couldn't help but step backwards, separating from this this region enveloped in the aura of experts.

Only when they retreated far enough, after that pressure disappeared, did they release a breath of relief, moreover becoming excited. Could it be that Huang was going to fight a decisive battle against Six Crown King?

Quite a few people knew that they were like water and fire. One threatened to suppress the sinner's blood descendants, while one had directly interfered with the other party's tribulation. 

In fact, Shi Hao had previously fought Ning Chuan until he was seriously injured, bleeding as he withdrew. This was something many people had heard about. 

It was clear that this was an instance of humiliation Ning Chuan would carry for the rest of his life. He had suffered greatly during that battle. 

Now, the two sides confronted each other, formless domains appearing. It was as if there were sparks flying about, a battle about to erupt at any time. 

However, neither of them took action, because there was a purple-golden warship not far out with five great experts, one more formidable than the other.

"We'll settle things next time!" Ning Chuan said.

Shi Hao laughed, but didn't say anything. He turned around towards that purple-golden warship. 

"Both of them are outstanding talents, supreme beings of an area, having the qualifications to enter the heavenly deity institution." On the warship, a purple-haired young man said. 

This exceeded everyone's expectations. They originally thought that there would be an intense battle, the the foreign guests would take action together to deal with Shi Hao and Ning Chuan, but this didn't happen. 

"This is enough?" Someone muttered.

"Correct. As long as one of you can defeat Lin Tian, or defeat any one of us, then you have the qualifications to enter the heavenly deity institution, leave the Three Thousand Dao Provinces." That blue-eyed woman spoke. Her skin was snow-white, extremely beautiful and moving. 

However, who among them could defeat any of them? Even if they looked around and scoured the higher realms, it would only be Shi Hao and a few others, right?

Everyone felt quite downcast. It now seemed like there was definitely no hope of entering the heavenly deity institution. This was a path destined only for the most powerful.

"What kind of benefits are there in entering the heavenly deity institution?" Shi Hao was quite direct. 

On the purple-golden warship, Lin Tian glared at him, extremely unconvinced. Even though he was defeated, he still didn't accept it, full of anger. 

"The Nine Heavens Ten Earths are far more vast than you can imagine with many secret texts. There are exceptional experts from all different worlds. As long as you enter the heavenly deity institution, all of these would be displayed to you." That woman said. 

"Are there chicks?" The Divine Striking Stone said.

On the warship, that blue-eyed woman was stunned, her face becoming rigid. 

No matter how thick Shi Hao's skin was, he still felt rather humiliated, scolding, "What are you randomly spouting." He then explained to Huo Ling'er at his side that this stone loved to shoot its mouth, always like this.

Who knew that the woman on the purple-golden warship would laugh, regaining her composure and saying, "There naturally are. Am I not one myself?" She unexpectedly wasn't angered, her smile sweet. Immortal dao aura appeared. 

"Together with that ice-cold woman behind you, that's just two…" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Huo Ling'er pinched Shi Hao's waist, saying with a suppressed  voice, "This was all taught by you right?" 

"What is this guilt you're placing on me? This fella was a good-for-nothing to begin with, has nothing to do with me!" Shi Hao defended his innocence. 

"Why did I hear that you had previously shouted that among the ancient freaks, the men will all be suppressed and killed, while the women will all be captured to warm the bed? Moreover, you really are still doing things like this." Huo Ling'er said by his ears. 

"I indeed killed a few ancient kings, but I never captured one to warm the bed…" Shi Hao said quietly, and then he said in a lowly manner, "How about you help me warm the bed tonight?"

"Go die!" Huo Ling'er's pretty face flushed red, and then she said, "You didn't capture any to warm the bed because there weren't many females among the ancient freaks to begin with, you didn't meet any."

"Nonsense, isn't Dragon Girl a young lady? I've met her before." Shi Hao muttered. 

Others couldn't hear, but the five individuals on the warship's divine senses were powerful, completely able to hear their conversation through the symbols around them. 

In that instant, the five of them didn't know whether to laugh or cry, feeling a wave of speechlessness. 

"I heard that the first time you met Dragon Girl, it was in the vicious nest. Back then, you even caressed her butt!" Huo Ling'er said. 

Shi Hao began to sweat buckets, turning around and saying, "Which scoundrel is leaking secrets, uhh, I meant to say, which bastard is speaking nonsense?"

He immediately looked at the Divine Striking Stone, his expression unkind.

"Don't look at me, it was the Emperor Butterfly that gave it away!" The Divine Striking Stone said. 

Shi Hao glared at it. This fella was definitely doing this on purpose. Was this basically proof?

On the purple-golden warship, the blue-eyed woman laughed, opening her mouth and saying, "The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths are boundless, not strange to see even the descendents of a true immortal. It is entirely possible for an immortal family's lady to be in the academy."

She displayed what was like a smile yet not a smile, looking at Shi Hao and saying, "Do you dare catch them to… warm the bed?"

Shi Hao stared at her. This woman was definitely doing this on purpose, intentionally creating trouble for him. 

Sure enough, Huo Ling'er reached out a dragon claw, clamping down on his waist, making him grimace.

"Someone like you, even though your aptitude isn't bad, if you don't stay within your bounds after entering the heavenly deity institution, you'll definitely be beaten into a sorry state!" There was an ice-cold woman on the warship. She was like a glacier, difficult to melt, but indeed exceptionally beautiful. 

"Forgot the introductions. A true immortal has appeared precisely in this little sister's ancestors." The blue-eyed young lady introduced while laughing. 

"The two of you already have the qualifications, are you willing to proceed?" The purple-haired young man on the purple-golden warship spoke, interrupting their chitchat.

"Where to?" Ning Chuan asked. 

"To see a few great figures. They have some words to speak to you all, perhaps even being able to pay your respects under them, becoming their disciples." Lin Tian said coldly. 

Even though he was defeated, he didn't dare treat this matter carelessly, because he was following orders to select candidates. 

"Fine, let's take a look then." Shi Hao nodded.

"Please ascend the ship!" Someone said.

Shi Hao waved his hand, sending the Tongbi Divine Ape out, saying to Lin Tian, "Returning to you!"

However, he put away the five-colored war chariot, not acting polite at all. Then, he placed his arm around Huo Ling'er's waist, bringing her onto the purple-golden warship.

Ning Chuan also ascended onto the ship.

Below, everyone was startled and envious. They were going to become disciples of a master just like that, leaving the three thousand provinces? This was too fast, completely different from what they had imagined!

The warship left into the distance, instantly disappearing, penetrating the void. 

This place erupted with activity, the news as if they spread wings, flying in all directions, transmitting throughout the three thousand provinces. 

Huang and Ning Chuan were selected, about to enter the heavenly deity institution, perhaps leaving this great world, shaking the world under the sky. 

On the warship, Huo Ling'er felt rather uncomfortable, because the five of them looked at her, and then looked at Shi Hao, clearly disapproving of him bringing his significant other. 

However, the five of them didn't explicitly reject this.

After who knew how much time had passed, they rushed into Central Province, arriving before a steep cliff, seeing three individuals.

Those were three middle-aged men, these individuals like the unmatched supreme beings consecrated in temples, their appearances dignified, not moving at all, surrounded by chaotic energy and wisps of immortal dao energy.

Shi Hao was immediately shaken. These great figures were definitely terrifying!

"Are you two willing to take me as your master?" One of them spoke.

"I already have a teacher." Shi Hao replied.

"Wu." That person nodded, saying, "I know of you, related to that willow tree. I won't force you. This is definitely not a decision that can be made through force."

His words left Shi Hao shocked, now more confident that he had to visit the world beyond, enter that heavenly deity institution, because he could understand Willow Deity through them. 

"Can I bring my family with me?" Shi Hao's skin was extremely thick, asking like this.

The three great supreme beings' expressions were strange, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. In the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, when the other heroic talents saw them, which one of them weren't watching their actions carefully? This fella actually dared to ask like this.

"Do you think you are going on a scenic tour? You are going to cultivate, a place that is incomparably dangerous, with layers upon layers of challenges, you yourself might not even be able to survive." One of them said. 

"Where are we going?" Shi Hao asked.

"First, to understand the archaic contract of alliance, an ancient city. This is a test towards you two. Only after succeeding can you enter the unmatched academy!"

"What?!" Shi Hao was shocked. He thought for a bit, now truly feeling like he had to proceed. If he continued down this path, many of the questions he had inside would obtain answers. 

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