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Chapter 1029 - Journeying Together

Huo Ling'er's mind was greatly shaken, her beautiful eyes misty. She opened her mouth, wishing to say something, incomparable warmth filling her heart.

The current her found it difficult to calm down. 

Only after a long time had passed did she recover. She looked at Shi Hao, thinking about too many things. 

He could kill heavenly deities at the age of twenty, this type of talent was rarely seen through past and present. Huo Ling'er knew that this was likely some kind of record, a type of legend!

She knew that Shi Hao would definitely rush even higher, with many years ahead of him. Meanwhile, she couldn't reach that type of height. Perhaps many years afterwards, when her hair began to turn white, he had only experienced a tiny amount of his life. 

The greater the strength of the cultivator, the longer their lifespans would be. Huo Ling'er felt that her own strength was too low. Even if she did everything she could, there was no way she could catch up to his footsteps.

In reality, she felt that in the very end, when she gazed into the distance, she would only see an indistinct rear view. 

"Just saying those words to me is already enough to make me extremely happy." Huo Ling'er said. 

She wasn't going to think about it any more. To travel together, being at each others' sides, that was already enough. She looked into the horizon, gazed at the evening sunset, wishing to say something, yet found it difficult to say anything. 

"What are you thinking about? Cultivation being high or low doesn't mean much. With me here, would you even need to fight?" Shi Hao tried his best to speak with an easygoing tone.

"What is your dream?" Huo Ling'er asked. 

"What are you talking about, dream, that word is too heavy." Shi Hao laughed and said. 

"I'll change my words then, what do you want to do in the future?" Huo Ling'er asked.

Shi Hao understood what she was trying to say. He looked into the west's dark red clouds, the entirely red setting sun, allowing his thoughts to run freely. He entered a period of silence. 

He wanted to challenge the Desolate Border, continue from there, enter the world the Willow Deity saw. He was going to fight there and change the world. 

Right now, it was still extremely far away, but sooner or later, he would have to face it. He had no choice but to prepare for it!

Huo Ling'er knew that he had a goal in his heart, one that was great, far, definitely incomparably difficult to attain. She couldn't help but release a sigh, feeling that she would definitely be a burden if she followed him. 

"Whatever it is you wish to do, you should just do it." She said softly.

"We're thinking too much, it's still early. I want to fight at the Desolate Border, unravel the mystery of endless time, hoping to understand the reason for Immortal Ancient Great Era's destruction. I want to know why immortals fell, and I am even more curious as to why there are no more long life individuals in the present age." Shi Hao said to himself there.

All of these things were impossible to achieve right now. He could only become stronger step by step. 

Huo Ling'ers mind was greatly shaken. She never thought that Shi Hao would take that  type of path, truly something of a magnificent scale. The future path was definitely incomparably distant.

"Alright, the Flood Dragon meat is done, and the Dragon Sparrow also finished roasting. Hurry and eat." Shi Hao called Huo Ling'er over. 

Huo Ling'er's eyes were previously carrying a bit of mistiness, a bit sad and emotional, but right now, she released a laugh. It really was hard to change this guy's nature, he was just like before. 

The specialty he brought out from Immortal Ancient was actually heavenly deity meat. This guy was completely a foodie.

If others found out that heavenly deity meat was being eaten, it would definitely scare people to death, leaving all sides greatly shaken. 

Meanwhile, this meat also allowed Huo Ling'er to see a step further Shi Hao's extraordinary cultivation, hunting down heavenly deities not just for food!

"Here, a gift for you!"

When they finished their meal, Shi Hao said it like this.

Huo Ling'er was currently seated, refining spiritual essence, because after eating heavenly deity meat, for her it really had powerful effects. She had to operate bone texts to help digest it.

"What kind of gift?" Huo Ling'er was curious. 

Was it something else to eat? She had these suspicions.

With a shua sound, multicolored light flickered, dense spiritual essence pervaded the air. An ancient cauldron appeared, within it sparkling sand, precisely the All Life Earth. 

Meanwhile, inside the cauldron was a small tree that was full of flowers, as well as quite a few underripe fruits. 

"I ask senior to bestow me a fruit!" Shi Hao greeted, and then reached out his hand.

That little tree swayed, and then the golden leaves blossomed with multicolored light, becoming more and more holy. A fruit fell from the treetop with a chi sound, golden yellow and surging with holy radiance.

Shi Hao accepted it, and then handed it to Huo Ling'er, saying, "Take it."

"What is this?" Huo Ling'er was shocked. Could this be a divine fruit? This was what she guessed.

"You guessed right, it's divine medicine. Hurry up and eat it, I'll help you stand guard." Shi Hao said, carrying a smile as he encouraged.

Huo Ling'er shook her head, saying, "I think it's better if I don't. Right now, I am without sickness or calamity, eating it like this is too much of a waste. You should keep it at your side so that you can quickly recover if you are ever seriously injured."

"I don't need it, hurry up and eat it already!" Shi Hao urged.

Under his continuous insistence, Huo Ling'er had no choice but to start eating this golden fruit. When it entered her mouth, sweet fragrance assailed her senses, and a wave of heat entered her body. 

Immediately afterwards, endless symbols surged, entering her blood and bones, cleansing her flesh and tempering her muscles and bones, reconstructing her body. She was immediately submerged under golden light. 

"What is this? Why do I feel like I've been reborn, my cultivation rapidly increasing, magical force also starting to strengthen?!" Huo Ling'er cried out in alarm. She didn't know what was happening. This type of situation was extremely strange.

What is this? She asked Shi Hao, finding it hard to calm down.

"Heavenly Deity Fruit, it can allow your cultivation to quickly catch up and exceed me." Shi Hao said with a smile. 

"It's that kind of this, this world… really has Heavenly Deity Fruits?!" Huo Ling'ers voice was trembling. She couldn't help but cry out in shock.

This type of fruit was too precious, allowing the ordinary to immediately transform. Even if one didn't have cultivation, as long as they ate this Heavenly Deity Fruit, they could immediately become a heavenly deity.

Huo Ling'er underwent clear changes. In the following day and night, the Vermilion Bird bloodline was opened up another step, her flesh becoming perfect, sparkling white and brilliant. 

Fiery light flickered, burning her body, making her flesh and spirit undergo shocking changes.

This was Heavenly Deity Fruit. It had wondrous effects that produced instantaneous effects.

"Am I really going to succeed?" Huo Ling'er was moved. She felt her cultivation immediately become who knew how many times greater, it was just too fast!

In this world, everyone felt that the Heavenly Deity Tree was priceless, more precious than any other divine medicine. It was because it could allow a great sect to quickly flourish. 

Everyone knew that eating a fruit could create a heavenly deity. When this continued for a long time, who could compare to that sect?

"Aiya, did I really become a heavenly deity?!" When Huo Ling'er finished this process, she was incredibly excited and moved. Shi Hao gave her such a precious item, granting her the cultivation of a heavenly deity. 

She got up, carefully controlling her power, now finally certain that she became a heavenly deity, transcending above. She could now look down on all of her peers.

All of this was because of the young man before her. 

"You don't have to worry about your cultivation anymore, right?" Shi Hao said with a laugh. 

Huo Ling'er's heart pounded greatly. Immediately becoming a heavenly deity, this was simply unimaginable, too ridiculous. 

"Thank you!" Huo Ling'er said. 

Even though she knew that by becoming a heavenly deity, in the future, she would still be surpassed by Shi Hao, she still couldn't suppress her joy. 

"Let's go, we're leaving this place." Shi Hao said, about to bring her away. 

"Where are we going?" Huo Ling'er asked. After becoming a heavenly deity, her previous worries seemed to have weakened. Right now, she was full of life, lively and excited. 

Of course, this was only on the surface. Deep down, she knew that she could only accompany Shi Hao for a set amount of time. Compared to his endless and brilliant life, her road and time wouldn't be too long. 

As long as they walked through this together, then that was enough! Huo Ling'er said quietly to herself.

"Other end of the world, anywhere under the sky!" Shi Hao replied.

He brought Huo Ling'er into the heavens, travelling into the distance. They were going to journey the world, visit all the magnificent mountains and rivers.

As Shi Hao and Huo Ling'er traveled together, many things happened in the outside world. 

All types of events in Immortal Ancient Remains were spread around, triggering a huge commotion. There were a few geniuses whose reputations shook the world, and there were also those who were drowned out by the brilliance of others.

There was one more matter that wasn't less important than the events that took place in Immortal Ancient. The foreign guests didn't leave, waiting for all of Immortal Ancient's geniuses to come out. 

"All of the kings that returned from Immortal Ancient, the so-called heavenly warping talent are nothing more than this! Too weak!" The foreign youngster Lin Tian said.

During these past few days, he walked around with a sword in hand, chasing after the powerful geniuses that returned, wishing to have a go at them, but in the end discovered that they were really just too weak.

"The Three Thousand Dao Provinces truly have declined, becoming more and more lacking!" The other foreign guests also spoke like this. 

This truly was the case. In the past few days, the geniuses that came back weren't their opponents at all, the difference too great.

"The Three Thousand Dao Provinces are done for, the inheritance severed. The past experts only left behind a few weak descendents." This already wasn't ridicule, but serious disappointment. 

The foreign youngsters already condensed great dao flowers from immortal energy above their heads. They traveled unhindered through the higher realms, no one at their level able to match them. 

"Where are that so-called Exiled Immortal and Huang? Have them come out and fight, test them out a bit" They even knew about this. 

Only, no one knew the Exiled Immortal's whereabouts, and Huang didn't show himself either. No one came to meet their challenge.

"Haha…" That person shouted loudly. If the Three Thousand Dao Provinces didn't have geniuses that were too powerful, then there was no reason for them to waste anymore time. 

At this moment, everyone thought about Huang, wishing for him to take action and suppress them all.

Only, would Huang appear? Would he even come out to fight?

Right now, quite a few people were thinking about this powerful individual. It was because they felt that if he took action, he could definitely settle things with these bastards. 

The foreign guests slaughtered the three thousand provinces' cultivators until they didn't dare display any anger. They weren't their opponents at all.

"These people truly are too weak, can't even take a single hit. If you all only have this type of performance, yet you want to enter the heavenly deity institution, it's just impossible." The foreign guests showed great contempt for this place. 

"The three thousand provinces' geniuses as too lacking, none of them able to take a single hit!" They all spoke like this. 

In the outside world, wind and rain swept about.

Shi Hao and Huo Ling'er wandered about the mountains and rivers, feeling rather carefree and pleased. 

"What are you thinking about?" Huo Ling'er asked. 

"I am thinking about that hateful Celestial Clan. It is one thing to deal with me, but they actually tried to capture you too." Shi Hao said. 

He thought back to those people he met in the Fire Mulberry Tree Forest. Apart from Sword Valley, Fire Cloud Cavern and those other large sects' disciples, there were actually also Celestial Clan cultivations. 

Moreover, it was Celestial Clan who found this place first, leaking out the information. 

"What are you going to do?" Hou Ling'er asked. He was definitely going to do something. 

"Go to Heaven Province. I already said back then that I would definitely pay them a visit one day. This time, I'm going to go demand an explanation!" Shi Hao said. 

Soon after, they borrowed the large scale transport formation to arrive in Heaven Province, which was the great province Celestial Clan resided in. 

"Won't it be too dangerous?" Huo Ling'er asked. 

"No harm, the Celestial Clan's guardian spirit is heavily wounded and dying. Last time, he was too crafty, fleeing away, but his combat strength is already lacking." Shi Hao said. 

He arrived in a place where mountains rose and fell like dragon veins. Shi Hao stopped in the distance, looking forward as he said, "Celestial Clan, I've returned!"

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