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Chapter 1030 - Celestial Clan's Ancestral Land

Shi Hao and the Celestial Clan's grudges truly ran deep. He had previously suffered a great humiliation here, the other party biting the hand that fed them. He was almost killed in the black prison, a memory that was hard to forget.

In the past, he had previously told this clan that he would return one day to settle this grudge. 

"So this is the Celestial Clan's place of residence! It is so grand and majestic." Huo Ling'er said.

Up ahead, the mountain range rose and fell as if true dragons were resting below. It was grand and vast, waves of purple mists rising. There were a few smoke clouds as well that were all produced from spiritual essence.

Needless to say, this was a spiritual earth rarely seen between heaven and earth. 

Moreover, this couldn't be considered the Celestial Clan's important area. Beyond the mountain range were plains with enormous cities one after another, large amounts of Celestials residing within them. 

It was clear that this was their country.

Meanwhile, Celestial Clan had another ancestral land where it was extremely difficult for normal people to enter. They needed to travel through an ancient transport formation. 

Since Shi Hao dared to come, he naturally made sufficient preparations. He had Realm Shattering Symbols, and even more so the golden divine talisman Immortal Ancient's nine great sect masters specially refined for him, one that could allow him to move through many great formations. 

Along the way, they passed the residences of the normal Celestials, directly entering their ancestral land.

"There's a great mountain sealing formation, you have to be careful!" Huo Ling'er worried for Shi Hao, fearing that he might be careless from being hung up on revenge. 

After all, Celestial Clan was a past Emperor Clan, their methods too deep. Even without extremely powerful experts overseeing this place, it still wasn't a place ordinary people could rashy enter.

"Stop sleeping and wake up already!" Shi Hao woke up the Divine Striking Stone. 

During these past few years, the Divine Striking Stone obtained tremendous benefits, obtaining Origin Stone, Heaven's Mandate Stone, and then he even obtained another wondrous stone from the ancient phoenix nest in Immortal Ancient's medicine garden, all of it eaten. 

It really was as it said, simply about to cultivate immortal energy. Spiritual mists surged around its body, rising into the air, it was extremely divine.

In the recent half year, it ate all types of supreme treasures and refined them, turning them into a part of itself, continuously transforming. Its aura was now extraordinary. 

During this process, it would always be fast asleep. If it wasn't woken up, it would pass its time in a daze. 

The main reason was because it had eaten too many heavenly treasures, especially those supreme treasures, all of them directly wolfed down and not truly refined. Only recently did it truly absorb the essence.

That was why it was in a type of wonderful state.

"Trip down memory lane!" When the Divine Striking Stone woke up, it laughed towards Shi Hao, also feeling quite moved. 

Only, back then, Shi Hao was captured here. He escorted Yun Xi several tens of thousands of li, fought continuously with War Clan, and because of it continuously suffered attacks, barely making it out alive. What he received in return wasn't gratitude, but rather humiliation. The Celestial Clan demanded his precious techniques, treated him like a prisoner.

"This time, it's different!" Shi Hao said, his mind stirring with emotions. 

Today, he took the initiative to slaughter his way over. Not even he foresaw this. In just a few years, he was actually able to reach this step.

"Yi, little girl, you've grown prettier! It's been several years, have you missed me?" The Divine Striking Stone then looked towards Huo Ling'er.


In the end, it was struck by Shi Hao as soon as it spoke, making its body release keng qiang sounds, sparks flying everywhere. 

"Brat, did you need to go that far? Forgetting your bro after getting a girl, you really don't have any sense of loyalty!" The Divine Striking Stone shouted.


Huo Ling'er also gave it a slap. Now that she had the cultivation of heavenly deity level, she immediately beat the Divine Stirling Stone until it cried out miserably, grimacing in pain. "You two really are quite the match, huh? Did you forget an old friend like me? Back then when we met in the Hundred Shattered Mountains, we could also be said to have an old friendship!" 

"Even if you speak a bit less, no one will think you're mute." Shi Hao said. This fella dared to say anything, he truly feared that it would shoot its mouth more.

"Ao…" The Divine Striking Stone released a howl like a wolf, saying, "I, the number one stone under the heavens have returned! Celestial Clan, you bastards can start trembling now. Wash your butts, and just wait for your turn!" 

Shi Hao and Hou Ling'er's foreheads were filled with dark lines. This fella always spoke utter nonsense, not knowing what is appropriate for what situation. 

However, right now, they needed its understanding of formations. Even though they had the Realm Shattering Symbol, it was still best to have a formation master at their side to lead the way.

This place was known as Celestial Clan's restricted place, everything within a range of a hundred thousand li surrounded by an ancient formation. Normal people couldn't enter at all. 

However, with the Divine Striking Stone leading the way, as well as the golden Realm Shattering Symbol the nine great sect masters' refined, they made it through more scared than hurt, smoothly crossing this place, entering inside. 

Ancient trees towered into the skies, golden giant elephants, rainbow-colored luans, everything that should be there was there. Not only was this the Celestial Clan's hunting field, it also served as their medicinal garden.

This place covered a hundred thousand li, valuable resources endless, the clan's most flourishing area. 

After arriving in this place, Shi Hao naturally wouldn't be polite. He set the Emperor Butterfly as well as Divine Striking Stone free, bringing Huo Ling'er with him as they picked all types of precious medicines. 

In just the larger half of a day, many places became empty, spiritual grasses all plucked clean!

Huo Ling'er felt a strange sensation. Harvesting divine grass with Shi Hao like this felt like they were doing something wrong, yet it was a strange type of stimulating. 

She was the daughter of a clan's emperor, when did she ever do something like this? It was a completely different experience. 

"We can be considered great robbers now, right?" 

"We are robbing the rich to help the poor, it's a chivalrous thing." Shi Hao spoke righteously, correcting her. 

"Something is wrong, what is happening? We lost many wondrous medicines, someone is stealing medicines!" There were experts protecting this place. They quickly discovered the abnormalities, shouting loudly and raising alarm. 

This triggered a great disturbance. Who dared behave atrociously in Celestial Clan's important location? This was truly vermin, leaving them shocked and furious.

Shi Hao raised his head towards the sky. In the boundless heavens, the clouds above, there was an ancient giant city protected by a great formation. It was like a city of immortals. 

That was precisely the City of Heaven, Celestial Clan's most important place. All of the higher level and most powerful individuals resided here, high up above, overlooking this expanse of great earth.

"Are we going to break in from below?" The Divine Striking Stone was eager to give things a try. Even though Shi Hao didn't bring up the matters back then, the Divine Striking Stone also felt stirred up. 

There was clearly kindness shown, fighting a bloody battle for several hundreds of thousands of li, yet he received such unjust treatment, making even the Divine Striking Stone gnash its teeth in anger, wishing to immediately break into the City of Heaven. 

"We'll just wait right here. If one comes, then we'll deal with one!" Shi Hao said. 

He wasn't willing to rashly take risks. Even though he felt tremendous resentment and indignation, that city was extremely important, something the archaic Six Great Celestials established. 

Even though he had great treasures and his strength was also powerful, able to kill heavenly deities, rashly entering the city would still likely leave him in an unfavorable position, ultimately be trapped and killed by the Celestial Clan's great formation. 

"Which little thief dares behave atrociously in my Celestial Clan's restricted land, daring to steal medicinal herbs? Tired of living?" A great shout sounded from the skies above. 

A group of true deities appeared, searching through this place to find that person. 

Moreover, the person in the lead even more so held a bone mirror, illuminating all directions. Its effects weren't as great as the Heavenly Eye, but it could find many hidden people, one of Celestial Clans' ancient treasures. 

"Stupid thief, I really don't know where you got such great courage, actually sneaking into my clan's ancestral land, not knowing the difference between life and death!" 

In this group, a young true deity sneered, because it discovered clues of the medicine stealer with the bone mirror, leading a group of people and rushing over.

While shouting stupid thief, the secret treasure in its hands released a loud blast of lightning, directly taking action and attacking. 

"That bastard, daring to call us stupid thieves, is he tired of living?!" The Divine Striking Stone was furious. 

During these past few years, it followed by Shi Hao's side, could be said to be comrades in arms. They had seen too many great scenes, bathed in the blood of heavenly deities as they advanced. How could they fear a trifling true deity?

Shi Hao brought Huo Ling'er here, allowing the lightning to hack down. It was completely useless, because all of the lightning was like spiritual essence, absorbed by his pores. 

"You…" That person was shocked, hurriedly stopping his figure.

Moreover, he saw Shi Hao's true appearance, immediately becoming stupefied, and then his face became deathly pale, losing all color.

He hurriedly rushed over for the sake of getting achievements. When he shone with the bone mirror, he didn't pay close attention at all, only now realizing who was it that came. 

"What's wrong?" The relatively young experts who rushed over afterwards asked. 

However, when they arrived and saw Shi Hao, they were similarly shocked. How could it be this killing disaster?!

These people all staggered, almost falling from the sky, truly frightened badly. In this Celestial Clan important land, how many people were there who didn't recognize Shi Hao?

One had to bear in mind that the clan's most powerful six geniuses were all defeated, including the number one in the younger generation You Yu. Even after merging with the Heaven's Mandate Stone, he was still beaten until he was half crippled before Supreme Being Dao Rite.

"How could you dare come to my Celestial Clan?" Someone shouted, clearly trying to show strength while feeling weak inside. 

"Naturally to settle things. Back then, you all did all those immortal things, today, I came to demand an explanation!" Shi Hao said. 

He raised his hand towards the void, and then his finger shone. Several divine rainbows shot out, piercing through the void.

Ah… Those people cried out loudly, no way of resisting at all. They were struck at nearly the same moment, blood blossoming as they fell from the sky, landing on the ground. 

Even though they didn't die, they were clearly already half crippled!

"If I killed them all, I'll look ruthless and bloodthirsty, but how can I not kill them? Have all your heavenly deities just come out and accept death!" Shi Hao muttered. 

Huo Ling'er gripped one his his hands, telling him not to act too heavily on emotions.

"Huh? Who are you?" The other deities in the sky saw this scene, and then all of them were incredibly alarmed. 

"Heavens, he's Huang, Shi Hao who came first in Immortal Ancient Remains! He came here to get revenge!"

Finally, someone recognized Shi Hao, immediately crying out in alarm, triggering a huge commotion.

Huang's name had long shaken up the three thousand provinces. Now, every sect had heard about the great might he displayed in Immortal Ancient Remains. 

During these past two weeks, who didn't know about Huang? His name could be said to have shaken up the world under heaven, his name spread everywhere.

During these past few days, the Celestial Clan was in unrest. The dao protector came back in a dying state, while the youth from the past had already grown up to the point where no one under heaven didn't know about him, truly casting a shadow over their hearts. 

They long had a premonition that Huang would come knocking on their doors one day. 

However, they just never expected that this day would come so fast!

In the sky, above the city walls, a purple-clothed young lady was originally watching the setting sun, but in the end, she was startled by the activity below. She looked downwards, carefully observing what was going on.

"It's him!" Yun Xi was shocked, her emotions rising and falling, feeling an indescribable type of feeling and emotion. Soon after, she then saw the tall and slender young lady in fiery-red clothes next to Shi Hao. 

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