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Chapter 1028 - Meeting By Chance

She was Huo Ling'er!

Scarlet multicolored light surged, the Fire Mulberry Trees everywhere. The temperature was extremely high, fiery mists pervading the air. 

That young lady was extremely plain and simple, rough clothes covering her body, skin snow-white. She had already revealed her real appearance, eyes carrying watery mist, eyelashes long, gently trembling.

Huo Ling'er's figure was slender, a head taller than normal girls. She had an extremely perfect figure, curves rising and falling, skin sparkling like ivory.

When she recovered her appearance, her entire body possessed spiritual essence. Her heart trembled, walking over one step at a time, looking at the youth before her. 

"Are you still well?" Shi Hao asked. He walked over to meet her. Being able to see Huo Ling'er here gave his mind a wave of warmth that slowly spread.

Someone came looking for Huo Ling'er, wishing to treat her with harm, but in the end, she still continued to defend this place, picking mulberry leaves and waiting for his return. This made Shi Hao's emotions rise and fall. He wanted to say something, opening his mouth, yet not knowing what to talk about.

"I'm fine, just that after leaving the original place, I was scared that you wouldn't find me after returning." She said quietly. 

"It's too dangerous here. How can you stay here alone? They already burned that thatched cottage and small courtyard down." Shi Hao walked forward, looking at her.

"Those two small trees are still there, making it through, so not everything was burned away." Huo Linger laughed, her beautiful eyes watery, but her smile was extremely brilliant. 

"Don't continue taking risks like this anymore." Shi Hao said. 

"I was scared that when you returned, you might think that I was no longer in this world, so I stayed here. I won't stay here anymore." Huo Ling'er said quietly. 

Shi Hao felt moved inside, feeling a wave of warmth. He reached out his hand, helping her wipe away the sweat covering her sparkling white face. This place was extremely hot, yet she picked mulberry leaves the entire day. 

The reunion was extremely ordinary without great sadness or great joy, only a type of warmth, as well as a type of true exchange of emotions, both of them worried for each other. 

"What did you experience in Immortal Ancient? Was it dangerous? I never thought you would come back so quickly." Huo Ling'er said. 

During these past few years, she really was worried, because she understood what kind of place that was, what kind of opponents Shi Hao had to face.

One had to bear in mind that since the past to present, it was unknown just how many heroes' bones were buried there. Now that this battle had erupted again, kings from past and present clashed, so it would definitely be incredibly miserable. 

In her opinion, even though Shi Hao was strong in the lower realm, there was no way he could move unhindered through Immortal Ancient. 

"Don't' worry, I even came back, meaning that those enemies are all defeated. There's not much danger." Shi Hao laughed, not talking about topics that were too serious. 

"I don't believe it. Immortal Ancient is so large, so many opponents, you definitely went through many hardships. However, no matter what, it is good that you returned alive." Huo Ling'er said. 

She didn't know what Shi Hao experienced, but she could guess that he definitely encountered many powerful opponents. She didn't even think about whether or not he could really obtain the number one under the sky title, always praying during these past few years, hoping for him to return alive. 

Today, she finally saw him return safe and sound, able to let all of her worries go.

"Go, I'll invite you to eat Immortal Ancient specialties. There's many delicacies to enjoy!" Shi Hao laughed, pulling Huo Ling'er's hand as he walked. He found a peaceful place with a brook, the flowing water releasing pleasant sounds. 

Huo Ling'er immediately smiled, as if she returned to the lower realm in the Hundred Shattered Mountains. This fella always dared to eat anything since the past.

"This is… pure-blooded Green Flood Dragon?" Huo Ling'er was shocked, and then her expression quickly changed, saying, "It's a heavenly deity?"

She was immediately stupefied, feeling a great pressure that made her heart pound. Even though that Flood Dragon had died, there was still a type of terrifying aura pervading the air. 

Heavenly deities were beings high above all others! When normal deities faced them, they would feel an enormous pressure.

"Don't worry, already killed it a long time ago. Let me refine its vicious energy, and then we'll turn it into a delicious dish soon." Shi Hao said. When he carried the Flood Dragon, it was like cleaning a snake, directly skinning it and cleaning it by the brook.

This scene left Huo Ling'er stupefied. That was a heavenly deity! This fella was preparing it in such a daring manner, going to stew it. 

"What exactly did you experience in Immortal Ancient?" Huo Ling'er sat by the brook, her voice trembling.

"Apart from cultivation, it was just fighting and killing, it really was dry and dull." Shi Hao explained in a simple manner, not wishing to hide anything.

"Did you kill many opponents? I remember Immortal Palace Inheritor, Ning Chuan, and many exceptional figures all wanted to treat you unfavorably." Huo Ling'er said. 

"Those people, some were defeated, some killed, and some eaten by me." Shi Hao said, his smile extremely brilliant. "I already said that I was unstoppable in Immortal Ancient, ultimately winning, rising up above everyone else. No one was my opponent."

"You… are number one under the sky?!" Huo Ling'er was greatly shocked. 

Back then, Shi Hao truly was valiant in the lower realm, but after he arrived in the higher realms, everything became different. With so many races and talents, even the most powerful geniuses might be drowned out. 

How could she have predicted that he would be so powerful, unexpectedly dominating Immortal Ancient, becoming unmatched in the struggle against the most powerful?!

Shi Hao told her many things in detail, from when he added the three thousand dao flames to his body, to the bloody battles with ancient freaks, and then to the hunt of heavenly deities, his relationship with sect masters, as well as crossing heavenly tribulation and others. 

Huo Ling'er was extremely fascinated as she listened, at the edge of her seat, from time to time feeling worry, other times feeling happy, sometimes frowning, emotions rising and falling. 

When she finally heard of his success in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, killing heavenly deities, Huo Ling'er was greatly shaken, her beautiful eyes widening, revealing astonishing brilliance. 

She was truly moved. How old was Shi Hao? He was just over twenty, yet he already slaughtered the higher realms' heavenly deities. What kind of might was this?

Needless to say, he was definitely going to overlook the world under the sky, dominate the three thousand provinces, becoming one of the higher realms' most powerful individuals!

However, soon after, she released a light sigh, her eyes growing dim. How could she catch up to Shi Hao's footsteps?

Even though Huo Ling'er was unordinary, the Vermilion Bird bloodline within her revived, that was still a brilliance from the lower realm that wouldn't illuminate the higher realms' three thousand provinces. 

Moreover, even if the true Vermilion Bird was reborn, it would likely only be at the same level as this youth right? His natural talents were so extraordinary, definitely comparable to the Heavenly Phoenix, Kun Peng, and others' heirs. 

Forget about everything else, just her cultivation alone was currently much inferior to Shi Hao's. 

When she thought of the past, and then the distant future, Huo Ling'er already felt a bit emotional. She felt like she was getting further and further away from Shi Hao, the gap in cultivation growing larger and larger, becoming like a heavenly moat.

"You can even kill Heavenly Deities, meanwhile me…" Huo Ling'er hung her head, her eyes carrying tears, sparkling and flickering. She felt like the day would come when Shi Hao would ascend into the ninth heaven, while she would try to run with everything she had, yet unable to catch up. 

What will it be like in the future?

She felt incredibly dejected. She waited so long, now finally seeing Shi Hao's peaceful return. It was originally supposed to be a happy and joyous event, but after the happiness just now, she now felt so dejected.

"What are you thinking about? The two of us both came from the lower realm, we've already made it this far. Do you think I would care about how your cultivation is?" Shi Hao said, grabbing her delicate hands. 

"You are like a young Kun Peng, sooner or later spreading your wings into the skies into the boundless cosmos, while I am like a delicate and weak Fire Mulberry Flower, unable to leave the surface of the earth." Huo Ling'er said while shedding tears. 

She knew that with Shi Hao's talents, this type of ferocious advancing speed, how could this world hold him back? He was definitely going to leave into the distance, head into an even larger great world. 

"I can bring you with me into the nine heavens!" Shi Hao said, looking into her eyes. 

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