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Chapter 1023 - Cease Attacks

"Stay your hand!" Immortal Palace's sect master shouted. He held the copper palace, holding in front of him, defending against the Willow Deity's next attack. 

"As if I'll stop just because you said stop!" Willow Deity's reply was cold. Just like before, his palm and fingers shone, producing a True Phoenix imprint. His fingers rose, as if a phoenix was spreading its wings. 


Multicolored light surged, light overflowing outwards, scarlet mists pervading the air. There was a fiery red True Phoenix that rose into the sky, noble and elegant as it overlooked everything ahead. 


The phoenix beak hacked over like a sparkling divine blade, striking down on that Bronze Palace, making it tremble violently. A rumbling sound rang out, as if it was the sound of the sky opening. It was extremely massive. 

Not only was the Willow Deity's own dao law unmatched, it also had the True Phoenix precious technique. It merely felt that it was not worth displaying before, its palms alone enough to push through all enemies.

It was clear that after Immortal Palace's old sect master and Endless Bell's present world owner made it lose a few of its golden branches, it now became serious. 

The phoenix cry sounded like a clear spring falling on precious stones, like sweet-sounding zither music. This fiery-red True Phoenix, aside from the bird beak being incomparably sharp, there was the pair of shining wings as well. Divine feathers shone one after another, all of them resplendent, killing power even more shocking. 


The Bronze Immortal Palace was struck flying, causing symbols to fill the skies. However, they were still suppressed by the Willow Deity. 

Immortal Palace's old sect master didn't want to give up on this magical artifact out of fear of it being stolen. In the end, he himself was blasted flying as well, the space between his thumb and index finger splitting open, his body shaking, quite a few cracks appearing. 

The main reason was because the Willow Deity's strike was too domineering, its power accompanied by the might of the True Phoenix, tearing through everything before it. It was exceptionally terrifying. 

Immortal Palace Supreme Being's body swayed about, unable to stand still, about to collapse at any time. 

"Something's not right, Immortal Palace senior's body can't go on any longer. He is too old, far inferior to his strength in the past!" Someone said, their face turning pale.

It was because if Immortal Palace's old sect master lost, their situation would also become extremely terrible. 

In the past, Immortal Palace's old sect master was exceptionally powerful back then when his blood energy hadn't declined, surpassing this world, pushing through enemies of all sides. Even the world-shaking, unmatched adversary had been ambushed and killed along with a group of old friends.

One had to keep in mind that Supreme Hall's individual back then was a true unmatched individual. There weren't many in the world that could compete against him. 

Regardless of who it was, being able to fight a great battle against him was a type of great honor. Meanwhile, Immortal Palace's old sect masters managed to kill him together with a few others, enough to prove their might. 

"Perhaps he had suffered a hidden injury from attacking Supreme Hall's person back then, and that is why he is lacking in strength right now, not as valiant as he was in the past!" A few people made this type of speculation. 


Immortal Palace's old sect master found it harder and harder to hold on, the blood energy released from his body becoming increasingly thin and weak. When he was struck by Willow Deity's follow up attack, both the copper palace and himself were blasted flying, his entire body covered in cracks, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood. 

The great bell flew over, providing assistance. 

It was because Endless Bell's present world master and Immortal Palace Supreme Being were two grasshoppers on the same thread, interdependent. He feared that after Immortal Palace Supreme Being fell, he himself would be in huge trouble, and that was why he promptly took action, providing assistance. 

Willow Deity displayed a great divine ability. Endless willow leaves fluttered about, and then Kun Pengs rose up one after another, all of them produced by the willow leaves, rushing towards that great bell.

Soon afterwards, the great bell sounds stopped. It was because a group of golden Kun Pengs produced from willow branches wrapped themselves around it, drowning it out, turning that place into a golden sea, completely sealing it up. 


There were a few golden and refined little Kun Pengs that flew up, diving down and smashing into the great bell owner's body, causing him to stagger about. Then, his right shoulder and arm exploded. 

Things already reached this point, everything clear. They couldn't stop the Willow Deity's rampage, everything here about to end.

"Dao friend, please cease your hand!" The white-colored old tortoise spoke up again. It also advised like this even when the Willow Deity was at a disadvantage, and now when the situation had changed, he also advised like this.


The Willow Deity pointed outwards, expanse after expanse of willow leaf shaped golden imprints shot out, sharper than blades as they hackeds towards those two experts' bodies. 


Scarlet light surged, blood flying outwards. Both individuals released muffled grunts, extremely serious injuries appearing on their bodies. There were some areas where deep white bones could be seen.

These were heavy losses!

Everyone sighed with emotion. Time could seize everything. If those two were both still young, they definitely wouldn't be like this. Back then, they were also extremely powerful, overlooking the higher realms' three thousand provinces. 

Now, it was extremely clear that they were all going to fall of their divine altars. 

The Willow Deity treated these two coldly, emitting killing intent. However, right at this moment, a shining law decree fluttered down from the void. 

It was extremely ancient, a bit tattered, but there were a few mysterious ancient words right now on its surface, every single one brilliant, illuminating the heavens. 

"What type of character form is this?" Shi Hao was shocked, unable to recognize it at all.

"Immortal Ancient Great Era's characters!" Someone cried out in alarm. 

There were no lack of informed individuals here, knowing how ancient those words were. However, they couldn't recognize many of them, unable to understand their meaning.

This was a law decree. It descended, fluttering over to Willow Deity, clearly for it to read.

Willow Deity read it carefully, and then it frowned. It looked towards the boundless outer space. This decree came precisely from that direction.

"Asking me to let them off?" It said to itself. 

Everyone's minds jumped. Who exactly was there in the heavens above, to drop this type of law decree, asking Willow Deity to be magnanimous?

Everyone shivered inwardly. They never saw anyone. 

Then, heaven and earth trembled, an ancient battle-ax appearing. It was damaged, carrying chaotic light. This ax rushed over from the horizon, swaying towards Willow Deity, nodding its head and sending greetings like a person. 

In addition, in the ancient batle-ax's surroundings, there were a few words that appeared, engraved in the void. They were similarly ancient words from the last great era, seemingly conversing with Willow Deity. 

This left everyone shocked, feeling a wave of fear. 

Two mysterious creatures, definitely unmatched experts. They unexpectedly both declared their position, coming to negotiate with Willow Deity. Who were there? What kind of identity did they have?

"Let's end things here. If these people don't head to the Desolate Border and show some results, we'll continue then!" Willow Deity said. It then rose up, not unleashing a great massacre.

Immortal Palace's old sect master's face was extremely unpleasant. This was true for the great bell's master as well. They were previously unmatched, overlooking the world under the heavens, auras devouring mountains and rivers, yet today, they needed to plea for leniency and assistance from someone else. 

On the other side, undying existence and Qi Daolin's direction, those who who had surrounded them couldn't advance or retreat. When they saw the situation in Willow Deity's side, all of their hearts went completely cold.

This was especially true for those experts who had always wished to kill Shi Hao. At this moment, their expressions were incomparably ugly.


The undying existence displayed might again, attacking enemies again. There were sect master level figures who died under his hands again. It was unknown just how many he killed already. 

"You!" The others were furious, but what could they do? The other battlefield came to an end, and Willow Deity was now walking in this direction, so they were definitely even less of a match.

"Where did you all get the confidence from to casually label them as sinner's blood descendents?" Willow Deity came, its expression cold as it stared at a few people, looking down on them. 

On this side's battlefield, the feeling of uneasiness spread. Those that were fighting intensely against the undying existence, Qi Daolin, Peacock Divine Lord, and nine great sect masters immediately shivered with fear.

They really were in an impossible situation. They wanted to withdraw, but they were trapped by the opponents. 


Willow Deity took action here, impaling an individual to death with a golden willow branch. 

"We are willing to cease our attacks, end the dispute!" Someone cried out loudly.

Things already reached this point. If they continued fighting, it was just courting death, meaningless. Even Immortal Palace's old sect master was defeated, so who else was Willow Deity's opponent?

Unless they invited those people from legends, but they had long disappeared for who knew how many tens of thousands of years.


Willow Deity took action again, his targets still the experts of the inheritances who had previously called Shi Hao a sinner's blood descendant. With just a few moves, another person died here, only leaving behind a blast of bloody mist.

"Why are you still taking action? Didn't you say you were going to stop attacking?" Someone cried out loudly, feeling great fear, continuously backing up.

However, the undying existence, Green Sky Peng, Qi Daolin and others were still fighting!

"Will things stop just because you say they will? Right now, I am demonstrating that 'sinner's blood descendant' isn't something you all can label." Willow Deity said calmly.


It took action again, a divine rainbow shooting out from its palm, blasting another sect master dead.

Right at that moment, Willow Deity arrived in this place, continuously killing three people, truly raising panic. 

Only now did it stop attacking. 

On the side, the nine great sect masters who came from Immortal Ancient Remains were all stirred up. This was the guardian spirit they had previously worshiped! It really was heaven-defying to the point of making them moved. 

Meanwhile, the undying existence was a bit discontent, secretly transmitting sound, saying, "Why are you stopping?" He really wished to kill a few more, come to a conclusion.

"Do you really think I came with my true body? No one has been able to return after entering the Primordial Gate. If nothing unexpected happens, my true body will never appear in this world again." Willow Deity secretly replied. 

"What? This isn't your true body? Then you are?" Even the undying existence never expected that the Willow Deity he saw wasn't the true person.

"I previously left behind a bit of battle imprint. When Immortal Ancient Remains opened, the golden willow tree branch the natives worshiped is me. The amount of time I can remain here is limited." Willow Deity replied in secret.

Shi Hao heard this, because Willow Deity was also speaking to him, not hiding anything, telling him the truth. 

"Willow Deity!" Shi Hao was shocked, at the same time feeling grieved inside. This wasn't the true Willow Deity, just a powerful battle imprint, an embodiment. Once it revived and fought, it would soon disappear. The true Willow Deity had already entered the Primordial Gate, never to return. He would never be seen again in the mortal world, could no longer be searched for in the present world or the future world, forever departing. 

"Willow Deity, I will definitely go to the world in your eyes, I will go look for you!" Shi Hao vowed inwardly. 

Right at this moment, the white tortoise walked up. Sky Severing Sect, Snow Phoenix Race's old sect master, and even Heaven Mending Sect's sect masters walked up. 

In fact, there were quite a few individuals who walked over together. 

There were some who didn't take action, but they had also clashed with the Willow Deity before in the lower realm. 

However, right now, the intention of these people's arrival was clear, coming to mediate things, asking for a ceasefire. 

In reality, there were some who wanted to take action for Shi Hao, willing to protect him. However, when Willow Deity came, they lost the chance to speak up.

Only now did these people declare their positions.

"This battle will end here!" Willow Deity said. 

All sides reached an agreement.

"However, there is one point that I have to make clear. Shi Hao is my disciple. From today on, if anyone dares to bully, those from above, suppress my disciple, then that is the same as declaring war against me!" Willow Deity spoke again.

When these words sounded, all sides were greatly shaken. 

There were some who understood the inside details, knowing that the Willow Deity and Shi Hao had a close relationship in the lower realm. 

However, there were many people who heard this for the first time, all of them greatly moved. They originally thought that it took action for the undying existence, who would have thought that it was purely for that youth.

"Three thousand provinces, in this world, regardless of which inheritance it is, if they dare bully those below them, I will inevitably pay them a visit and wipe out their inheritances!" Willow Deity added in the end. 

Everyone became shocked. This was a tyrannical and domineering declaration. One could imagine what kind of position this youth had in the willow tree's heart.

This was the same as declaring to the world, warning all sects that anyone who dared rashly take action, scheme against Shi Hao, Willow Deity would wipe out their inheritance. It was tyrannical and domineering!

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