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Chapter 1022 - Without End

Willow Deity's body staggered, unexpectedly forced back!

The bell sound rang endlessly, long and drawn-out.

That great bell's 'End' character shone brilliantly, symbols shining, sweeping outwards like water ripples, shaking up one's soul.

These waves then gathered towards one area, all of them moving towards the place Willow Deity was at, not injuring anyone else, targeting it. 

"The Endless Bell is extraordinary after all, worthy of being a supreme treasure, actually possessing this type of power, suppressing this mysterious willow tree!" Someone cried out loudly in joy. 

One had to understand that from start to now, the Willow Deity had acted domineeringly this entire time, pushing back all sides, continuously killing sect master level figures, making everyone shiver with fear, powerless to contend.

But now, there was unexpectedly someone stopping it, moreover seemingly even able to injure it, giving them hope. They were hoping that they could change the situation from this and kill it.

"Endless Bell, ringing through ten thousand ancients, rumored to be like the Three World Coffin, all of them ancient artifacts from the last great era. In that era, their might shocked the world, its reputation well deserved!"

A few people's minds were shaken up. Just now, they were truly frightened badly by Willow Deity, their losses severe.

"Endless Bell has great origins, it is naturally powerful without end!" Western Sect's sect master said. 

He had a Zhang Six Golden Body, entire body as if cast from gold, glistening yellow and releasing a divine and extraordinary aura. He knew about many hidden secrets. 

It was because the reason his sect was what it was today was because there was a place of historical remains that had previously been excavated, the cave of a supreme being from the last great era. This was what they used to establish their sect.

Their sect's inheritance was of the last great era's ancient monk bloodline, a supreme being inheritance whose name shook up the boundless heavenly domain. 

It was precisely because of this that Western Sect's sect master was able to learn some secrets from the cave remains, seeing some recordings of this great bell. 

The name of its previous owner was endless!

An exceptional supreme being, someone who had witnessed long life, previously unmatched in an era, magical power overflowing, divine might incomparable. As long as he took action, he could suppress enemies of all sides.

Unfortunately, as endless time passed, no one knew what exactly happened during Immortal Ancient's final years, damaging even the magical artifacts of unmatched figures. As for those back then, they knew even less about where they went. 

Willow Deity stopped its humanoid body, no longer backing up. A divine disk appeared behind it, within the halo a golden willow tree, making Willow Deity's human body look extraordinary and divine. 

That divine disk trembled, shooting out hundreds of symbols from within. A thousand branches pierced into the bell waves like golden spears. 

Metal ringing sounds were released, dang dang sounding. That was the result of the willow branches striking the great bell, the sounds intense and deafening. 

"End everything!" That figure next to the great bell shouted. He was the bell's present world wielder. 

His status was unordinary, magical force exceptional. 

After this shout, the great bell's radiance became even more resplendent. That 'End' character shone brilliantly, erupting with chaotic light. There were even more complex natural laws, symbols and other things.


A few of Willow Deity's branches were blasted back, unexpectedly becoming a bit dim. Moreover, the 'End' character shone blindingly, releasing terrifying power, truly about to end everything.

"Not good!" Even a few sect masters were caught in the blast wave, quickly withdrawing. Their magical artifacts and others all cracked, about to be erased from existence.

Make all life reach its end, everything reach a conclusion.

This type of profound mystery was definitely horrifying, difficult to stop.


Hundreds to thousands of willow branches shone, and then tens of thousands of golden willow leaves descended, dancing in the void, all of them striking towards the bell and that person. 


The bell sounds became increasingly intense. In the end, the great bell flew outwards, while blood trickled out from the corner of the mouth of this bell's present world wielder. He took steps backwards again and again, protecting the great bell. His face was pale.

Immortal Palace rumbled, chaotic energy surging from within. Formation pattern light rushed out from within, rushing towards Willow Deity. 

Endless Bell's present world wielder even more so released a great shout, rushing forward murderously again. Meanwhile, this time, both of the characters on the bell body shone, moreover interweaving together.

'Without end', these two characters were brilliant, engraving in the void.

The two words no longer appeared as singular units, but instead completely merging together, forming an even more complex profound meaning. 

"En? What is going on?" Someone cried out in shock.

Quite a few sect masters were taking action, wishing to help those two, yet in the end, they discovered that even this void became unstable. They hastily got caught up inside, seemingly entering a dangerous place. 

The 'Without end' two characters displayed might. Time became chaotic, as if they had fought into ice-cold eternity, exiled forever. They felt a sense of endless time, years wasting away. 

Time profound meaning!

They were immersed in an endless banishment!

Those who came close quickly backed up, not daring to approach. 

This bell was too strange. Just now, there was another type of natural law, but now, it immediately touched upon the domain of time.

No one wanted to test the power of time. A single mistake and they would be throwing their lives away. 

Willow Deity also sank into a predicament, banished by time, hacked by endless years. This was not good. If it was anyone else that suffered this attack, they would have long lost their lives. 


Immortal Palace's old sect master's white hair danced about, eyes becoming vicious, aura surging. It was as if a vicious dragon went on a rampage, as if an immortal beast was roaring, releasing extremely dangerous energy.

He continuously displayed precious techniques. Each time the magical imprint changed, it would always be a type of exceptional divine ability, all of them the greatest profound mysteries. 


Willow Deity was struck until it retreated, trapped in the domain of time, surrounded by 'Without end' profound mysteries, and then now encountering this type. It was one disaster on top of another. 

On the other side, the undying existence and others also took action. They couldn't provide Willow Deity with help even if they wanted to, a group of sect masters surrounding them, difficult for them to break out. He unleashed a great slaughter here, raising a rain of blood and reeking winds. 

Perhaps they could eliminate Willow Deity. Quite a few people saw hope, all of them taking action from the distance, adding magical force to that great bell, assisting its user. 


A few of the golden branches Willow Deity activated exploded into dust, golden leaves withering as well. This result wasn't too good. 


A dong sound rang out. The Bronze Immortal Palace and that Endless Bell moved together, the two great supreme beings joining forces to suppress Willow Deity. 

Together with the other sect masters' help in dealing with Willow Deity, this place became more and more dangerous, the situation extremely terrible. 

Willow Deity fell back, a few of the golden branches breaking, leaves damaged, dancing about in the wind. 

The golden liquid on the leaves shone like blood, drifting about, displaying a somewhat tragic beauty. 

Everyone saw that Willow Deity had likely encountered some type of problem, possibly being suppressed and killed here. 

"Everyone, let's just sit down and have a chat, there is no need for this internal strife!" In the distance, the old white tortoise spoke, trying to advise against this one more time.

"Guardian spirit great one!" On the other side, the nine great sect masters that were currently fighting felt anxious, doing everything they can, rushing to this side out of fear of something unexpected happening to Willow Deity. 

"What is the use in saying these things now? Use this chance to suppress and kill it!" A sect master shouted.

"Correct, they cannot be let go! Regardless of whether it is this willow tree or the undying existence, or that young generation -- Huang, all of them will be killed to prevent them from becoming a future disaster!"

They intensified their attacks, hoping to wipe out the enemy in one move. 

However, the main force of this place, Immortal Place's old sect master and the master of the great bell's faces became incredibly grave, not as easily as what everyone thought.

It was because the two of them were doing everything they could, their own exceptional divine abilities continuously displayed, the two immortal dao magical artifacts also shining, surging with heaven overflowing divine force, yet they still couldn't suppress this willow tree.

If things continued like this, if that willow tree broke free, it would become extremely disadvantageous for them!


In reality, willow deity broke free even faster than their expectations. With a vicious shake, withered leaves flew about chaotically, some of the golden branches snapping. However, it broke free from the natural law domain.


Immortal Palace's old sect master staggered backwards, blood trickling out from the corner of his mouth, the dao robe covering his body exploding, clothes becoming ragged. He was in quite the sorry state.

Meanwhile, on the side, the great bell's owner was also like this, his mouth and nose dripping with blood, corroded by magical force, struck flying by Willow Deity, becoming injured here. 

"Not good, hurry and retreat!" A few people cried out loudly. 

"You all don't wish to lower your spears?" Willow Deity asked, its voice still just as calm as before. It stepped forward, sweeping its eyes over everyone. 

Everyone became shocked, forced into retreating.

"Since it is the case, then it will be blood that will stop the conflict!" Willow Deity said.


Immediately afterwards, its imposing manner completely changed, its entire being shining, the light spheres formed from three thousand worlds entering its body, becoming imprints. It was as if an ancient armor was worn, the colors brilliant, aura matchless. 

Willow Deity slaughtered forward, entering the masses like a tiger among wolves. There were no golden willow branches that flew out, nor were there any other symbols, only the pair of sparkling white palms. 


These palms were too powerful, unstoppable. It had just started attacking, yet blood was already seen, a sect master blasted flying.


Someone activated a magical artifact to protect the body, stop this attack. 

In the end, Willow Deity's palm struck out, that ancient cauldron exploding with a honglong sound, breaking into hundreds of fragments. A powerful magical artifact was thus destroyed.

Then, Willow Deity turned its hand, slapping forward. No matter how the other party's magical force flourished, how great his speed was, it was still difficult for him to free himself from this domain. 


This person was blasted into a meat patty, his primordial spirit then dissipating, dying here. 


The great bell rushed over again, but in the end, Willow Deity's palm flew out, making the heavenly domain rupture. His palm and fingers left behind a deep imprint in the great bell. 

The great bell's owner flew backwards, but was still swept by the palm and fingers. With a pu sound, his shoulder deformed, entire being continuously swaying, the bones in his body releasing pi pa sounds. Large mouthfuls of blood were coughed out from his mouth. 

"Not good, this is an unmatched dao. He entered a type of unusual state, only enemies in his eyes, forgetting all else, difficult to resist. The dao of his previous incarnation is awakening." A few people cried out in terror. 

"Dao friend, how about we just end things here today?" Immortal Palace's sect master opened his mouth. He was an ancient supreme being, someone who had lived for endless years, experienced too much. 

When he saw Willow Deity's current state, he immediately shivered inwardly. It seemed like it would be difficult to win today. Unless they invited a long life individual, the willow tree who had immersed himself into the unmatched dao couldn't be kept in check at all. 

"Do you think it'll end just because you say it will? I still haven't killed enough!" The calm Willow Deity unexpectedly replied like this, making others horrified. Everyone's fine hairs stood on end.


Willow Deity's white clothes fluttered about, walking forward. It looked like an exiled immortal, untainted by a speck of dust, aloof and otherworldly. Its palm and fingers shone, releasing five-colored divine radiance. 

Immortal Palace's old sect master shouted, continuously producing magical imprints to contend against it. 


However, Immortal Palace's ancient ancestor's mouth coughed out blood. His arm contorted, suffering a great loss in this intense trading of attacks. 

"You've become old." Willow Deity said. With a hong sound, it looked down from above, a palm slapping down, blasting Immortal Palace's ancient ancestor until his mouth tasted fishy, blood continuously coughed out.


Then, Immortal Palace's old sect master's battle clothes were destroyed, hair dishevelled. He was blasted until he flew outwards. 

This battle had already ended. Everyone knew both of these powerful individuals who grasped the Bronze Immortal Palace and great bell were no match, meaning that the others were likely not much better off.

Perhaps, large amounts of heads were going to tumble!

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