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Chapter 1024 - Aftermath

Willow Deity spoke up in such a domineering manner, informing the world, how many people dared to lightly provoke it?

That was why everyone present shivered inwardly, their minds greatly shaken. That youth was actually worth it going to war over. If anyone else dared take action against him, they would have to first think about how they were going to deal with Willow Deity’s anger!

This battle came to an end, the disturbance coming to an end. 

There were many cultivators in this part of the uninhabited region, including sect masters from all sides. There were also geniuses who returned from Immortal Ancient Remains, too many people here.

These people were definitely going to spread the news, and it would inevitably produce great waves. 

Many people were unwilling to accept this, especially Sword Valley, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, and the others. Even their sect masters all died. They really wanted to burn down that willow tree and kill Shi Hao, take revenge and wipe out the grudge.

However, they could only hold it in, because if they revealed any killing intent, they would definitely be ruthlessly slaughtered. That Willow Deity was too extraordinary, enough to overlook the higher realms!

There were some who were in grief and anger, some disappointed, and naturally those that were happy as well, revealing smiles. 

Chang Gongyan and Cao Yusheng immediately rushed over, offering Shi Hao congratulations. With this type of master, who dared to rashly bully and humiliate him? Its origins were too great.

From today forth, if nothing unexpected happened, Huang who had been encircled and attacked by experts from all sides could now travel freely, no longer having to worry too much. 

“Aiyaya, it truly is unexpected, a tremendous change in situation!” The little rabbit also jumped over in a lively manner, saying, “I thought you would be chased until you had to flee in a sorry state, no road into heaven and no gate into the earth, I even ended up inviting my ancestral grandpa here to lend you a helping hand at the crucial moment, but I never expected you to be so awesome!”

“What are you even saying!” Shi Hao glared at her. 

He didn’t act that carefree, no did he appear complacent, because this Willow tree wasn’t the true body, just a battle imprint. If others knew about this, it would immediately bring him great trouble. 

In the distance, Xue Lin nodded towards him. A silver-haired elder stood by her side, eyes narrowed towards this side, revealing a smile. 

Right now, there were many people watching Shi Hao, all of them observing him. With the Willow Deity’s protection, he could smoothly grow up. Huang who had cultivated three strands of immortal energy, as long as he was given time, his power was definitely going to shake up the higher realms!

In the rear, Dragon Girl, Luo Dao and the others appeared, surrounding him, chatting with him. Only, Qing Yi was nowhere to be seen.

In the distance, Willow Deity was also surrounded by Immortal Ancient’s nine great sect masters, Qi Daolin, and the others. Peacock Divine Lord especially rushed forward, directly calling it master.

When the others heard this, they all revealed looks of alarm, feeling that this was inconceivable. The Peacock Race was definitely not much weaker than an Emperor Clan. He was actually the willow tree’s disciple?!

It was clear that Huang now had another senior student. It made others feel more and more troublesome.

Qi Daolin laughed bitterly. When compared to the Willow Deity, a master like him really was a bit lacking. However, Shi Hao thanked him, now appearing even more respectful than before, calling him master.

This time, Qi Daolin risked everything to save Shi Hao, truly worthy of respect, someone who Shi Hao had to treat earnestly. 

“Junior disciple, in the future, if there is anything on your mind, you can come find senior.” Peacock Divine Lord privately spoke to him. Shi Hao immediately nodded. 

However, Willow Deity didn’t acknowledge Peacock Divine Lord as a disciple, only previously offering a helping hand before. This couldn’t be considered accepting a disciple. 

Peacock Divine Lord didn’t mind, still treating it with the respect of facing a master. 

When he saw Kun Gate Sect elder, Shi Hao truly felt deeply moved. This was actually the undying existence’s second body! When he was approaching him, he also respectfully expressed his thanks. 

The witch came, giggling as she teased Shi Hao, saying, “This time, the wind really shifted directions, from a rat trying to cross the street to a great figure’s disciple, haha…”

“Hey, miss, watch your words.” Shi Hao shot her a look, and then he looked towards Sky Severing Sect’s sect master, saying, “Senior and I have previously met.”

He took the initiative to get closer to this sect master. All those who came with good intentions he treated seriously.

“Wu.” Sky Severing Sect’s sect master nodded. Even though he hadn't taken action, his name shook the world under the heavens, his entire being located in primal chaos, extremely mysterious. 

“Right, what kind of a mess of a relationship are you in with Heaven Mending Sect’s holy lady? Does she truly have one?” The witch stirred bad waters, putting on a mysterious appearance, blowing a sweet scent by Shi Hao’s ears that was like that of an orchid’s, slowly fluttering by his nose. 

Those present were all experts, which one of their senses weren’t sharp? Their divine awareness were all extraordinary, all of them able to clearly hear her words.

The witch was doing this on purpose to incite Yue Chan and mock Heaven Mending Sect. 

Many people revealed looks of shock, looking towards Heaven Mending Sect’s direction. 

Yue Chan’s snow-white jade face immediately flushed with a strange expression, her eyes filled with light as she stared at the witch. Sparks could vaguely be seen between their eyes, these two natural adversaries. 

“Yi, she is getting angry, could it be that she is getting jealous of me? But I don’t have any relationship with you!” The witch tried to stimulate her again, blowing wind by Shi Hao’s ears.

Shi Hao immediately tilted his head, his ears and those bright red lips touching. The witch quickly backed up, glaring at Shi Hao, convinced that this fella definitely did it on purpose. 

“I feel like its is reasonable. Sect master, your distinguished self should think it over and have Huang marry into my Heaven Mending Sect.” Yue Chan’s granduncle secretly transmitted, speaking to Heaven Mending Sect’s sect master. 

However, he forgot that everyone here were experts, some people able to intercept these words, moreover magnify it so that quite a few people could hear them.

Yue Chan’s face immediately became red, glaring angrily at her own granduncle. This was just too aggravating!

“Hehe…” The witch laughed, looking at Yue Chan in ridicule. Whenever the other party felt bad, she would become extremely happy.

In the distance, Immortal Heavenly Deity appeared, at his side Qin Hao, as well as Shi Ziling and his wife. 

When Shi Hao saw this, he rushed in that direction. 

“Child!” Qin Yining cried out, quickly rushing over, face full of tiers. For them to reunite and meet again this time felt like a scene out of a dream.

“Mother!” Shi Hao walked forward.

Shi Ziling also rushed over, hugging his own son. The family was now together, their hearts full of emotions, endless regrets and sorrows. 

“Child, let me have a proper look at you.” Qin Yining said while crying.

In the lower realm, they had been separated by life and death. She watched as Shi Hao was buried in the earth, and then she stood guard over his grave, powerless to do anything. She was full of shame and guilt inside. 

After arriving in the higher realms, her face was bathed in tears, her heart filled with regret, self-blame, living everyday in guilt. She was full of disappointment and despair. 

Now that she could see her older son again, it filled her with joy and emotions. She couldn’t help but cry out with joy.

Even Shi Ziling’s eyes carried tears, unable to hold them back. He forcefully slapped Shi Hao’s back. His oldest son rose up, slaughtering his way into the higher realms, rising up from his generation, looking down on the higher realms’ three thousand provinces, his accomplishments leaving him happy and shocked. 

“Big brother!” Qin Hao spoke up from the side. 

Meanwhile, Immortal Heavenly Deity was also looking at Shi Hao. This youngster had truly stirred up great waves, making him sigh deeply. A youth charged into the higher realms alone, unexpectedly turning the sky and earth upside down!

Immortal Heavenly Deity had also wanted to come over before. Qin Yining had long begged for him to take action. However, Willow Deity was there, so his face remained expressionless, his heart full of conflicting emotions.

It was because he had previously fought greatly against the Willow Deity, clashing fiercely. It truly was difficult for him to meet it now. 

Only now when Shi Hao took the initiative to come over did his face reveal a hint of emotion.

“Your mother came from the Qin Clan, so our clan’s gates will forever be opened to you. You may return at any time.” Immortal Heavenly Deity said. This could also be considered a type of declaration of where he stood.

Behind him, Quite a few of the Qin Clansmen’s expressions were unnatural. They had previously looked at Shi Hao with hostility, making acting and scheming murderously against him. 

Shi Hao nodded, expressing that he was going to go back later to visit his parents.

However, he still had his own principles. He wouldn’t join the Qin Clan, not borrowing their power. He reached where he was today not by borrowing outside force. 

At the same time, he became alert inside. Immortal Heavenly Deity had previously implanted a piece of immortal bone in his younger brother, and in the past, he had never treated this with too much importance, but it just always gave him an uncomfortable feeling. 

“Immortal Mountain having my younger brother is already enough. I believe he will rise up in the future. If there is a need, I will also look after him!” Shi Hao’s words could also be considered a declaration of stance.

Even though it couldn’t be said for all grudges to be dissolved, it was close. He also hinted that his mother, father, younger brother, and others all had to be unharmed, and only then would this be the case.

“Child, you aren’t going to walk with us?” Qin Yining said through teary eyes. 

“My teachers are waiting for me, have things to tell me. I might be led away to gain experience.” Shi Hao said, looking towards Willow Deity and the others.

“My child has grown up, he should have his own heaven and earth. It is only reasonable for him to go on his own journey.” Shi Ziling said. He also wished for his oldest son to be like a Great Peng, spread his wings powerfully over ninety thousand li and not stay in one area.

It was because he vaguely felt that Shi Hao being outside was far better than staying in the Qin Clan!

“There was previously a little girl who took care of me when I was young, not abandoning me. I heard that she is in the Qin Clan. I hope that she can live a peaceful and joyous life!” Shi Hao said incredibly seriously. 

This wasn’t a request, but it was even more important, because this was the first time he acted this serious. He brought up this matter before his mother, father, Qin Clansmen, as well as Immortal Heavenly Deity in an extremely serious manner. 

“Her name is A’man, she entered the higher realms with my grandfather. I’ve lost touch with her. She is inside the Qin Clan!” Shi Hao added. 

Speaking up to here was already enough.

“We will immediately send people out to search for her and bring her to your side!” Someone said. It wasn’t easy for Immortal Heavenly Deity to express anything, after all, his status was too great, but those in the rear understood the situation, making this type of promise.

“It is enough as long as she is doing fine. I will first go to see Willow Deity. When the time comes, I will come to the Qin Clan to find her!” Shi Hao said. 

“Shi Hao, have you heard? There are a few shameless individuals who came from beyond. They swept through all of the higher realms’ heavenly deities, unmatched the entire time, showing contempt for the cultivators of the three thousand provinces, mocking and humiliating us. This cannot be tolerated!” Cao Yusheng walked over and said. 

The little rabbit also cried out with wawa sounds, incredibly angry.

“It’s not like I am someone from the higher realms, so what does it have to do with me? I came from the lower realm!” Shi Hao didn’t mind it in the slightest. 

“You aren’t treating this like a big deal, but they will still come looking for you. I heard that the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths ancient realms are all going to join together to establish sacred academies, immortal academies, heavenly deity institutions and others. They look down on the cultivators of the three thousand realms, treating us without any respect. If you want to go, you will definitely have to fight.” The witch said. 

“Anyone who makes things difficult for me, then I will fight against them with my identity as a lower realm individual!” Shi Hao said, still not taking this matter to heart.

Right at this time, Willow Deity moved its hand, green light sweeping outwards, bringing Shi Hao into the skies!

Qi Daolin and the undying existence also went along, their group disappearing from this place. 

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