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Chapter 1021 - Sect Masters Chaotic Battle

The Willow Deity entered the Immortal Palace. The group of people behind it took action!


Inside the Immortal Palace, that seated figure formed an imprint, a Nine-Headed Undying Bird flew out, rushing out from the magical imprint and smashing towards Willow Deity. 

One of Willow Deity's feet stepped into the Immortal Palace. When it raised its hand, light flickered, a gentle and sparkling hand hacking forward. 


The nine-headed bird was immediately cut down, nine heads falling. 

The nine-headed bird was originally made of bone texts, the embodiment of a great divine ability. At this time, it was struck out from the sky by an attack from Willow Deity, quickly crumbling apart.

Everyone's expressions changed, all feeling like it was too powerful, that this was a bit ridiculous. 


Both of Willow Deity's legs stepped onto the palace, slaughtering his way in after all, powerful to a ridiculous degree.

The copper palace trembled, the copper walls shone. Countless symbols appeared, as if beautiful immortal flowers were blossoming one after another, scattering down endless brilliance. 

All of the light were formed from natural laws. Right now, they rushed at Willow Deity, surrounding him, trying to dissolve his existence. 

The Willow Deity released a light scoff, its body surging with auspicious light. Then, hundreds and thousand of golden chains surged, all of them striking down on the bronze walls, making the entire ancient palace shake greatly. 

It stopped this attack, and then walked forward. It raised its hand, wishing to kill that ancient seated figure.

It was just that easy, not stopping at all, no hesitation, its actions powerful as it attacked that enemy.


It was just a single palm, yet it already struck through that seated figure, immediately making him fall. 

"What? Immortal Palace's supreme being suffered a palm and collapsed!"

"How could this be? That is the supreme being of an entire era, absolutely invincible, rarely encountering opponents in the higher realms. How could he have been blasted through by someone's palm?"

That figure collapsed, as if a corpse fell flat in the copper palace. 

The others all stopped moving, their faces full of shock, great waves stirring within their minds. Immortal Palace's supreme being was killed just like that? It was as if they were dreaming!


Suddenly, Willow Deity revealed a startled expression, quickly halting its steps. 

At this time, the Bronze Immortal Palace suddenly rocked back and forth, terrifying energy pervading the air. A crystal coffin flew out, smashing towards Willow Deity. 


Brilliant radiance erupted between the two of them, both the coffin and Willow Deity's bodies shaking. This flying coffin was clearly an incomparable attack. 

If not for the copper palace being so sturdy, known as a higher realm supreme treasure, this place would have definitely be destroyed beyond recognition. Despite this being the case, the energy that was released from the copper palace still shattered the sky dome. 

Willow Deity's figure stabilized, while the crystal coffin released a kacha sound, exploding open. A shocking energy storm erupted. 

The crystal coffin exploded, a white-haired elder rushing out from within, his skin wrinkled. He looked extremely old. For the sake of maintaining his vitality, he sealed himself in the crystal coffin.

His eyes were like golden lanterns, bright and full of expression. They were sharp, his gaze like electricity. His entire body's aura was too powerful, enough to devour mountains and rivers. When one was even looked at by him, they would feel as if their flesh was going to explode.

Even the sect masters present felt their hearts pound, feeling waves of chilliness. This was an ultra powerful great figure. 

He was Immortal Palace's supreme being, the shadow that was previously seated was a fake. This was his real body. He immediately took a step out of the copper palace, and then with a turn of his hand, sealed the door, trapping the Willow Deity here. 

He activated this magical artifact with full strength, making it shine, surge with flames. It was as if a fiery furnace was formed, burning the nine heavens. 

The Willow Deity was inside the copper palace, naturally suffering the most terrifying part of the attack. 


Willow Deity took action, a palm slapping out, striking towards the palace door, about to slaughter his way out. 

"Everyone, what are you staring blankly for? Help senior refine this willow fiend, kill it here! Do not waste time!" Someone shouted, reminding everyone that this was a rare opportunity. 

In that instant, symbols surged, the light rolling between heaven and earth. Smoke clouds rushed everywhere, heavenly stars appearing; the irregular scenes were shocking. 

All sect masters were taking action, wishing to seal Willow Deity to death, imprison it in the copper palace. 

Unfortunately, they were left disappointed. Willow Deity dared go inside, so there was no way it was putting itself in a place of death. Thousands of branches shone, immediately rushing out. With a honglong sounded, they struck down on the copper palace. 


A great noise erupted, the entire copper palace leaning to its side, and then flying outwards, smashing into the crowd.

"Hurry and dodge!" Someone cried out loudly.

This was but one of the ten great weapons, a sect's supreme treasure! Now that it was smashing down like this, bone texts shining, it could definitely kill sect masters. 

There were still some who moved a step late, smashed rotten. Before this powerful supreme treasure that was concentrated with symbols, even sect masters would die if they were hit.

Immortal Palace Supreme Being's expression changed. The one trapped inside was too tyrannical, impossible to refine in a short time. Moreover, it was moving around with this precious artifact. 

Should this continue for a long time, who would this precious artifact belong to? This was hard to say!

It was because Willow Deity was extremely powerful. By forcefully moving the precious artifact, it might truly end up refining it. 


Immortal Palace Supreme Being did everything he could to display secret methods, forcefully summoning the copper palace, moreover opening up the seal, shaking Willow Deity out.

He was extremely worried that the other party would hide inside and refine his precious artifact, becoming its new owner.

"Willow tree, do you truly believe yourself to be unmatched under the heavens?" Immortal Palace Supreme Being shouted. 

"Just come!" Willow Deity only had these two words, not saying anything else. 

Wide sleeves fluttered about. It already rushed over, fighting a great battle against the age old supreme being. 

In that instant, the heavenly domain was torn apart, crazy winds blowing about. Blood rain poured down, lightning interweaved. Heaven and earth became pitch black, as if judgment day had arrived.

They had just traded blows, yet the world already displayed abnormal changes, incomparably shocking, exceptionally vicious. 

This was an intense battle between supreme beings!

Immortal Palace's ancestral master didn't disappoint everyone, more and more precious techniques appearing, forcefully facing Willow Deity, not being defeated and nursing a grievance like the others, fighting intensely. 

"It's stopped! We should go up as well!" Someone shouted. 

"Let's kill the undying existence and eliminate them as to avoid the undying existence interfering here!" There was someone who proposed this. 

In reality, there were some that rushed towards Shi Hao, making this place's situation dangerous.

"All of you who don't want any face, accept death!" The undying existence shouted. He brought Shi Hao from Qi Daolin's side, protecting him and fending off those people. 

The undying existence had been fighting this entire time against a few experts, already killing several giants.

Apart from him, there was also the Green Sky Peng, Great Golden Winged Peng, Peacock Divine Lord, as well as Immortal Ancient's nine great sect masters. They were not a small number at all!

"If you want to kill Huang, you have to first pass by us!" The nine great sect masters took action. When they saw the Willow Deity, they felt more and more that they made the right choice.


The undying existence attacked, directly shattering a sect master's arm. He then charged murderously. 

At his side, the Great Golden Winged Peng and Green Sky Peng didn't fall behind, following their ancestral uncle in facing the enemies. 

The nine great sect masters even more so worked together to fight the enemies, stopping those who rushed over.

Peacock Divine Lord, for the sake of paying a debt of gratitude, fought for Willow Deity. He also took action from the side, five-colored divine light overflowing, his might oppressing this place.

A great chaotic battle erupted!


Suddenly, a great bell sound rang through the air. That enormous bell with the 'Without' character that had appeared a long time ago, but never took action released dao sound.

Following an oppressing loud sound, the great bell descended, smashing towards Willow Deity. 

At the same time, Immortal Palace Supreme Being also attacked, striking out with the Bronze Palace that was now shrunken down to the size of a fist. 

Two great supreme treasures attacked and suppressed together!

Willow Deity's circumstances weren't looking that great, encountering true opponents. Meanwhile, the other party had these types of unmatched weapons. 

"Everyone, there is no need to go to war, it will be good if both sides take a step back. The desolate border is going to become chaotic, there is no need to engage in internal strife like this."

A snow-white old tortoise appeared in the distant sky, speaking like this and urging everyone.

This tortoise had lived for an incomparably long amount of time, one of the higher realms' oldest creatures. Its seniority was terrifyingly high, immediately drawing many sect masters' attention. 

However, they didn't stop. 

"Tortoise brother, this matter cannot be reconciled. It is best if you just watch from the side!" Immortal Palace Supreme Being spoke like this.

The great battle was vicious. A dao bell and copper palace began to resonate, rushing forward murderously together. 

"There is no room for peace, only a battle, fight for what's upright and honorable!" Willow Deity shouted. 

Since the other side wasn't willing to stop, it naturally was without fear as well, fighting both of these enemies by himself, attacking until the sun and moon lost color, the heaven and earth ravaged. 


A myriad of willow branches shot out, all of them turning a silvery-white color, carrying electrical radiance as if lightning was descending. Leaves fluttered about, as if Heavenly Phoenixes were dancing about one after another. 

Ancient sacrificial voices could vaguely be heard, as if they heard the prayers and cries of the earliest people.

In the distance, the nine great sect masters were shocked, muttering, "It truly is ancient ancestor guardian spirit!"

Ever since they saw the Willow Deity, they were already shaken up. How, when they heard this sacrificial voice, they found it even harder to calm down, willing to fight with their lives on the line for Willow Deity. 


A willow branch brushed past Immortal Palace Supreme Being's ears, carrying a string of blood, almost severing him at the neck!


The great bell ran in a long and drawn-out manner. The massive dao bell flew over, helping Immortal Palace Supreme Being neutralize the dangers. 

Willow Deity continuously released heavy blows, attacking endlessly, striking down on that great bell, making that bell seem to cave in.


Precious light rushed into the heavens. A 'Without' character appeared on the great bell, releasing strange natural laws, as if it could make all things return to nothingness, dissolving all tangible matter.

Willow Deity was surrounded by the 'Without' character's profound mysteries. It was also shaken, but it quickly became clear-headed again. All types of diagrams and symbols appeared from its entire body, the reappearance of the sacrificial imprints. 


Willow Deity blasted that great bell upwards, the 'Without' character unable to injure him. 

Next to the great bell, a figure appeared, supporting this bell in rushing over murderously again.

This time, on the other side of the great bell, in an extremely indistinct region, another character appeared, releasing blazing radiance. 

Everyone knew that there was a character there, but it was difficult for outsiders to see it clearly, unable to understand it.

Now, the second character appeared on its own.

It was an archaic character: End!

It was clear that this was also still just a true meaning one speculated from seeing that engraving. 

The two characters, when lined up together, formed 'Without end'!

"Endless Bell?" Many people cried out in alarm. They had previously heard of this name from excavating ancient remains. This wasn't something from this great era.  

"Had my suspicions before, but I never expected it to be true. It really is the Endless Bell!" 

That 'End' character flew out, releasing brilliant multicolored light, ending everything, making Willow Deity stagger and almost fall.

One had to understand that this bell was damaged, not a flawless precious artifact, yet it still had this type of power.

"Without end? There are many secrets left behind, there are rumors that 'Without end' cannot represent all of his dao, and only after comprehending the 'Beginning' profound mysteries would it be enough!"

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