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Chapter 1010 - Fighting Ning Chuan

While fighting a great battle in heavenly tribulation, not only did the two have to deal with the creatures produced by lightning, they also had to fight intensely against each other. 

This was especially true for the region around the lightning pool. Even though this layer of heaven was rather calm, there were many creatures here. Once they were provoked, it would become even more frightening.

"Reincarnation Fist!"

Shi Hao shouted loudly. His fist shone, and at the same time, time fragments danced about, as if they blasted apart the past, present and future, erupting with his movements. Light surged endlessly, his entire being seemingly igniting.

Heaven and earth seemed to be pierced through. The lightning was forced back, fragments of time disappearing. His fist carried divine chains of order, striking towards Ning Chuan. 

"Heaven Diagram Severing Past and Present!"

Ning Chuan shouted. A Heaven Diagram rose behind him, the supreme being technique he had since birth. That diagram was engraved into his back, within it the sun, moon, and stars, the starry sky and cosmos.


This scroll unfolded, as if a great world was descending, surrounding this place. 

It was as if the two of them were standing in the cosmos, great stars moving one after another in the great space's darkness. Heavenly streams poured down one after another. 


Shi Hao went berserk, a fist striking through a star, rushing murderously at Ning Chuan. 


Ning Chuan shouted. The void exploded, the universe broken apart. Shi Hao seemed to be separated on the other side of shore. 

Moreover, at this time, great stars rumbled, stars igniting one after another, illuminating the ice-cold universe. They smashed down on Shi Hao's direction. 

Humans had their limit. When one had to resist the cosmos, they just seemed a bit too insignificant. 

"Sinner's blood descendant, just a trifling being like you even dare take on the great universe as your enemy?!" Ning Chuan's voice was ice-cold. He was like an unmatched divine king that was overlooking the world, suppressing Shi Hao. 

"Come back and talk big after you've truly refined a part of the universe. This is nothing more than some shitty scribblings!" Shi Hao said. 

He opened his Heavenly Eyes, not being confused by what he saw. His Reincarnation Fist became more and more resplendent, blasting through the universe, smashing apart stars one after another, slaughtering his way over towards Ning Chuan. 

"Cut apart the clouds in the sky and break through the ninth firmament!" Ning Chuan's cold voice sounded. His incantation power and magical imprint combined. That Heaven Diagram swayed, the stars in the cosmos shining.


In that instant, the stellar streams in the Heaven Diagram formed a Stellar Sky Divine Sword, hacking down towards Shi Hao, hacking open the ninth firmament. 

At the same time, Shi Hao's fist broke through the void's restriction, blasting through an expanse of stars, fighting his way over.


Blood blossomed, shooting out from Shi Hao's shoulder. The Stellar Sky Divine Sword cut open his shoulder, injuring his flesh. 

"Not good!"

Someone cried out. Shi Hao's well-being was connected to the lives and deaths of too many people. Quite a few natives were still depending on him for survival.

"Hehehe…" There were some who laughed, partial towards Ning Chuan's side. It was because they discovered that Shi Hao's fist was still a bit of distance from Ning Chuan in the end, not hitting its target.

"Haha, Huang is still a bit inferior to Ning Chuan. Even though he could cross the most powerful lightning tribulation, so what? It still isn't enough!" Someone laughed loudly in an undisguised manner. 

These included the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race and the others. They were all incomparably hopeful. 

However, Ning Chuan's expression changed. His body swayed, quickly moving backwards. Then, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood, white hair appearing at his temples, aging a bit. 

"That is… stealing time! The fist didn't arrive, but those time fragments still shot out, landing on Ning Chuan!"

A few people saw through this technique, all of them shocked.

This was just the start, yet both of them were injured, especially Ning Chuan who continuously coughed out blood. 

"Huang's battle experience is too abundant. Blood was drawn from his shoulder, but that's nothing more than a superficial wound, the dao not seeping into his muscles and bones. However, Ning Chuan suffered the power of reincarnation, the injuries deep!" 

"That isn't entirely the case. The strike Huang suffered was definitely not that easy to take. That is the Stellar Sky Divine Sword produced by the Heaven Diagram, the injuries definitely reached his bones!"

There were some discussing, analyzing this battle. 

"Sinner's blood descendant!" Ning Chuan's expression changed. The Reincarnation Fist was extremely sharp. Even though the fist didn't arrive, the time fragments still entered his body, the attack formless. 

His flesh was growing dim, his temples graying. A few wrinkles also appeared on his forehead. 

Fortunately, he stopped this type of transformation, not allowing himself to continue aging!

However, there was one thing that was a bit frightening. The Reincarnation Fist was not only related to time, it also possessed astonishing destructive force, causing him to continuously cough blood, his injuries not light. 

Shi Hao's bones released pi pa sounds, sending that sword flying. Blood shot out even higher from his shoulder, clearly injured. However, his entire body shone, quickly healing those bones. 


With this roar, Shi Hao's energy devoured mountains and rivers. The area below his feet shone, golden lotuses appearing all around him, planting themselves in the cosmos. He stepped on the sun, moon, and stars one after another, rushing towards Ning Chuan. 


Behind him, the great stars formed by the Heaven Diagram were trampled apart one after another, as if a dragon or tiger was going on a rampage. He rushed murderously at Ning Chuan, unleashing a great attack. 


The two of them continuously clashed, fighting a life and death battle. 

They fought until they went berserk, both of them risking it all.

"Not good, Ning Chuan had just finished crossing tribulation, his body still extremely weak. He might not be able to stop Huang. Huang is too ferocious!" Someone's expression changed. 

"No harm, Huang had just crossed tribulation as well, and he hadn't had much time to recover either. Now, he even charged into Ning Chuan's heavenly tribulation." 

"Heaven Diagram suppress!"

Ning Chuan beckoned over, and then the heavenly stars moved about, all of them flying towards his hand. They then formed a great cosmos stellar diagram, supported in his hand. 


It was as if he supported a universe, slapping towards Shi Hao. 

This type of scene was too terrifying, as if he was a giant splitting heaven and earth apart, raising the universe in one hand, smashing it at a single person!

Kun Peng method of destruction!

Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng, rushing into the ninth layer of heaven. He unfolded his golden feathered wings, slapping the heavenly stars apart. The enormous body crushed the cosmos until it fissured. 

"Still not enough, suppress!" Ning Chuan roared. 


The entire universe was sent downwards, smashing down onto Shi Hao's body. 

Shi Hao's entire body flew outward, opening his mouth and coughing out blood, suffering serious injuries. 

This was Ning Chuan, his strength powerful, able to injure even Huang. He was fully deserving of his unmatched name as Six Crown King.

Only, before others could even released a cry of joy, the battle situation changed again. The sky was full of golden feathers, and there were black-colored ocean waves that rose. 

Shi Hao stabilized his body, and then he displayed the Kun Peng's greatest profound mysteries. A black-colored great fish rose up from the waters, resonating with the Golden Peng in the sky. 

One hand great yin, one hand great yang, Kun and Peng rose up together, displaying undying power. 


Following Shi Hao's light shout, he moved through the sky, penetrating the cosmos. He continuously took action, the Kun Peng magical imprints all striking down on Ning Chuan. 


Ning Chuan flew outwards, his mouth coughing out blood. 


Ning Chuan's forehead shone, dragon patterns covering it densely. He released a great roar, and then it was as if the void image of a True Dragon appeared. He formed a fist imprint, releasing an ultimate attack!

"Do you think you are Ten Crown King, wanting to display Dragon Fist? Come back after you learned the complete precious technique!" Shi Hao sneered. 

"En? Not right!" Right at this moment, many people were shocked. That wasn't a dragon! Even Shi Hao was astonished. Wind raged around this fist, terrifying beyond belief. 

A white Qilin appeared, roaring with Ning Chuan's attack. The wind of a king stirred about, the aura matchless!

"The dragon patterns on the forehead were actually Qilin patterns!" Someone cried out in alarm. 

Ning Chuan had fooled everyone. He never displayed it in the past, only displaying this type of exceptional divine ability now. One had to bear in mind that the Qilin precious technique was one of the vicious ten exceptional arts!

Just what kind of background did he have? This was his innate divine ability, something he had from birth. How could he directly inherit the Qilin Technique?


Qilin Fist, blood energy surging, the wind produced by the fist tearing through the heavens. It was too terrifying. 

Ning Chuan's appearance was normally fine and elegant like jade, cultured and refined, yet right now, he had the aura of a king. His entire body was covered in blood, hair scattering down. His gaze was like cold electricity as he fought intensely against Shi Hao. 

"Qilin Fist? So what?!"

With a raise of his hand, he operated the Willow Deity Technique. His entire body erupted with golden light. When a fist blasted out, hundreds and thousands of golden divine chains of order struck out with his fist. 

The two fists collided. A hong sounded, blasting apart the heavens. 

In the end, the tenth layer's sea of lightning was guided over, making this place completely chaotic. 

"Not good!" 

Everyone became shocked. This sea of lightning was the most terrifying, within it immortal birds, divine beasts and others. Once it erupted, it was difficult to resist. Apart from this, there was the Immortal Killing Stage that was even more immeasurable. 

"Huang, you dare!" Ning Chuan berated. 

It was because while the two were fighting the intense battle, Shi Hao stole Lightning Tribulation Liquid. Ning Chuan himself was also collecting divine liquid. Due to interference from both sides, both of them only acquired some of it. 

This made Ning Chuan fight until his eyes went red. It was because this was originally his. It no longer seemed complete even if a single drop was seized by Shi Hao, a type of humiliation for him. 

There was a whole pool of precious liquid, yet during this intense battle against Shi Hao, Shi Hao actually seized more than him!

Vicious ten precious technique -- Qilin divine ability reappeared!

Ning Chuan's killing intent overflowed. A snow-white Qilin roared after he produced a fist imprint, vivid and lifelike, rushing forward murderously. At the same time, there was the divine diagram on his back, waves of flames surged beneath his feet, all types of precious techniques being displayed. 

To his side, a Golden Crow cried out, dragons and tigers struggled. Of course, it was still the white Qilin that took the lead. The scene was extremely terrifying. 

Shi Hao's fists shone, his left Reincarnation Fist, right Lightning Emperor Fist. Behind him was a golden willow tree. He rushed forward murderously. 

Not good!

Right at this moment, those who were watching their great battle all cried out in alarm. It was because there was a True Dragon that rose and a Heavenly Phoenix flying about in the tenth layer lightning world, diving down towards them.

The two of them were fighting an intense battle, triggering great trouble. The creatures in the sea of lightning were provoked. Even though they were all produced from lightning, it was still as if they were alive, divine abilities immeasurable. 

The True Dragon rushed towards Ning Chuan, Heavenly Phoenix towards Shi Hao!

The two were fighting a great battle, yet they still had to fend off the creatures in the lightning. It was becoming more and more chaotic. Aside from this, there were other creatures that were rushing forward as well, placing the two in a dangerous situation. Their bodies were covered in blood.


This was especially the case when the Immortal Killing Stage shone. Sword energy was released in thousands of streaks, sweeping through the heavens, causing both of their expressions change. They quickly moved out of the way.


Both of their bodies were brushed, blood flowing in streams. It was terrifying to the extreme.

Right at this moment, the two of them seemed to have roared at the same time. It was because they both rose to their most powerful state, preparing to display their most powerful techniques.

"Nine Five Supreme Being Heavenly Art!"

"Eight Ninth Heavens Art!" 

The two of them roared loudly, signifying the release of their most powerful extreme arts. These were techniques that supported other precious techniques. Now that they were all activated, it signified that their most powerful precious techniques were all going to appear.

The Eight Ninth Heavens Art operated the Kun Peng Technique, Reincarnation Technique, Lightning Emperor Technique, Heaven Calamity Light, Willow Deity Technique…

This place surged, precious techniques overlaying, absolutely incomparable in power. 

Even though this heavenly art had flaws, not perfect, activating it in Shi Hao's current cultivation realm was enough. The flaws wouldn't affect much. 


Heaven and earth became chaotic, primal chaos surging.

This was the scene the Eight Ninth Heavens Art produced. 

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Nine Five Supreme Being Heavenly Art appeared, similarly terrifying. It supported many different supreme precious techniques, as if an immortal dao supreme being was descending into this world, sweeping through everything under the heavens!

After this attack, heaven and earth became blurry, nothing visible.

Only much later did everyone discover that the two of them were both staggering, their bodies in tatters. Shi Hao was already sitting in front of the lightning pool, seizing Lightning Tribulation Liquid in an absolutely unrestrained manner. 

"Ning Chuan's flesh is inferior to Huang's, suffering a great loss!" Someone said with a sigh. 

"Huang has crossed Divine King Tribulation before after all, his flesh sturdy to an unimaginable level. He naturally has the upper hand!"

Everyone stared at this battlefield. There were some who became nervous, some who became excited. 

"Ah…" Ning Chuan released a great roar, flames burning the nine heavens. That was his Lightning Tribulation Liquid, yet it was being stolen by Huang right now. 

However, his injuries were too severe, his combat strength declining greatly. 


The Immortal Killing Stage swayed, immortal light erupting. The tenth layer lightning tribulation faded, the lightning pool also becoming indistinct.

"Don't run, I still didn't finish collecting!" Shi Hao shouted, feeling extremely unwilling. 


Ning Chuan in the distance was so angry he spat out a mouthful of blood. That was all his, yet Huang actually had this type of attitude.

"I am going to kill you!" Ning Chuan roared furiously, his entire body's spiritual essence surging, erupting. He rushed over murderously again.

"I want to completely end your life too!" Shi Hao sneered. He put away the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, directly slaughtering his way over towards Ning Chuan. 

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