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Chapter 1011 - Sweeping Through Immortal Ancient

A white Qilin rose up, releasing tens of thousands of streaks of light. It tore apart the heavenly domain and dove down!

Ning Chuan's white clothes danced about, his face handsome without the slightest flaw, more beautiful than many girls, supporting this white Qilin. The Qilin released a great roar, charging over murderously. 

This was a great decisive battle. Great flames of rage burned within him. 

Shi Hao stole his Lightning Tribulation Liquid, simply intolerable. What was Six Crown King? He emerged unmatched in six eras, known as the greatest in that time. No one at his cultivation realm or below could match him.

"Huang also displayed might, starting to fight with his life on the line!" Someone sighed in admiration.

Shi Hao rushed forward, supporting a Kun Peng. It was incomparably massive, spreading its wings and splitting the skies. Golden light rushed out in tens of thousands of streaks, ocean waves flooding outwards. 


This was a world shocking great collision that made even heavenly deities tremble. The divine force was incomparable, the natural laws between them endless!

The two fought intensely, blood splashing outwards, divine light released in tens of thousands of streaks, bone texts interweaving, blasting apart the void.


The heavenly tribulation ended, so how could the sect masters sit still? There were people who moved, their objective clearly the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

The Silver Blood Devil Tree, Rainbow Giant Tiger and other supreme experts rushed out together, truly wishing to immediately kill Huang, seize the Lightning Tribulation Liquid he obtained.

However, how could the Eight Armed Soul Race's number one expert, Beauty Clan's clan elder and the others just watch from the side? The came precisely to provide Shi Hao with support, protect him at his side. They rushed out together, rushing murderously at the Silver Blood Devil Tree and others. 

In reality, they all carried grudges to begin with, so this just happened to be an opportunity to unleash a world shocking confrontation.


Sect masters took action, making heaven and earth split apart, cold winds roar, a blood rain pour down. Any random strike was enough to produce many heaven and earth strange changes. 

In the surroundings, everyone trembled, their legs and stomachs cramping up, unable to stand still. All of their faces were pale white like snow. There were some who couldn't take the pressure, dropping from the sky. 

In that instant, experts fled in disarray, rushing towards the distance out of fear of being caught up in the blast waves. 

Everyone hid at the limits of the horizon, watching this exceptional confrontation.

"Huang, he defied the heavens, actually crossing heavenly tribulation together, seizing a large half of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, domineering to a ridiculous degree!"

"This… is there still heavenly reason? He can just casually cross tribulation, never dying. He succeeded again!"

Everyone could only sigh with praise. This type of extraordinary practice truly felt ridiculous. One had to understand that that was the most powerful Divine King Tribulation, something normal people couldn't understand. 

This was a nine deaths one life heavenly tribulation, yet Huang could repeatedly cross it! It truly made others feel like he is a monster!

"This fella is so strong!" The witch muttered, her beautiful eyes flickering about, as if this was the first time she discovered Shi Hao. The young man was a promising talent when he was in the lower realm, while today he could be considered to truly be shining, forcefully facing Six Crown King, shaking up Immortal Ancient. 

On the other side, Yue Chan also revealed a look of shock. The legendary Ning Chuan, the unmatched king that was known to be unrivaled in six eras, was stopped by the brat she detested. Moreover, from the looks of it, Ning Chuan was even injured, losing most of the divine liquid. This truly left others feeling a bit alarmed. 

Everyone present released a sigh. Huang's rise was already unstoppable, rushing up in one world, crushing the nine great heavens. This was an undefeated legend!

The two of them fought intensely, not affected by their surroundings. 

Shi Hao wasn't worried at all, because his side had more sect masters. Meanwhile, Ning Chuan also forgot about everything else, not showing any more misgivings, erupting with true rage.

"Those two have trump cards. I feel like both of them can escape under the hands of sect masters, which is why they are fighting a great battle!" Chang Gongyan said, coming to this conclusion.

Dragon Girl, Cao Yusheng, Xue Lin and the others all nodded. These two were extremely powerful individuals, representing a battle at the peak of this era!


Shi Hao's palm slapped forward, carrying endless power, as if it could strike down stars from the sky. Heaven overflowing radiance engulfed the heavens, illuminating the eternal. 


Ning Chuan used the Qilin Fist, fighting a bloody battle against him. Fist met palm, symbols rising and falling like ocean waves, violently surging up and down. 

Shi Hao didn't display the Eight Nine Heavens Art, while Ning Chuan didn't use the Nine Five Supreme Being Heavenly Art, because these two methods were too astonishing, the consumption tremendous. They needed a long time of preparation to complete, or else casually releasing them wasn't as efficient as just using unmatched precious techniques.

Generally speaking, that was a technique that supported precious techniques, and not a true offensive divine ability. 


Reincarnation symbols appeared in Shi Hao's hand, condensing into a divine sword, the light intimidating. It hacked forward. 


A massive Qilin staff appeared in Ning Chuan's hands, a derivation of the precious technique. It brandished over, colliding with that divine sword, sparks flying everywhere. 

This battle represented the highest level of confrontation at this cultivation realm, making everyone's hearts and minds tremble.


The Reincarnation sword and Qilin staff clashed. This was not only a clash of magical force and dao, but also a comparison of vitality and will. The two of them fought until they went berserk.

Shi Hao's hair flew about chaotically, a layer of gold appearing around his body as if cast in gold. He erupted with power, his right hand holding a divine sword, left hand a fist as he rushed murderously at Ning Chuan. 

Meanwhile, the Six Crown King on the other side had also lost his previous aloof expression, fighting until his eyes were red. Qilin patterns were on his forehead, on his back the Heaven Diagram, his entire being erupted, using the most powerful fighting strength. 

"Ning Chuan and Huang are going at it, truly fighting a life and death decisive battle!"

"What? Two exceptional heroes are clashing? Go, we cannot miss out on this, we have to go watch!"

News got out, spreading in all directions. Many small worlds in Immortal Ancient knew about this, and quite a few people hurried over. They knew that this was likely the final battle of Immortal Ancient's end!

Perhaps it could even be said that this was the final exciting battle!

"He… is fighting against Six Crown King, can he win?" When Yun Xi found out, she was a bit stumped for words. She then rushed towards that place.

"Huang, is he really going to defy the heavens? No one can stop him, and now, he even went out to challenge Six Crown King!" There were ancient freaks that released a great sigh. One had to understand that in their hearts, Ning Chuan was unmatched. Now, an up-and-coming youngster was actually powerful to this extent. 

The geniuses of the three thousand provinces were all moved, hurrying over. They were going to watch this ultimate battle.

This was true for Immortal Ancient's natives as well, every single one of them rushing towards that small world. It was because apart from the two great geniuses that were there, there was also Lightning Tribulation Liquid, making their blood surge. 

More and more people came, this small world becoming packed with people.


The two geniuses tore at each other, the fight vicious to the extreme. Shi Hao became more valiant the longer he fought, his fist strength world shocking. When his fist smashed outwards, even the moon would explode if it was struck.

They fought risking everything, they already fought bloodily for over two thousand moves, both of their consumption great!

Both of them had just crossed heavenly tribulation, not having time to recover. It was because there was no time at all. If not for the fact that they both drank a bit of Lightning Tribulation Liquid, the bones in their bodies would all be broken. 

This was especially true for Shi Hao. He faced tribulation two times just now, currently extremely exhausted. 

Fortunately, the Lightning Tribulation Liquid's effects were astonishing, allowing him to recover quite a bit. 

Ning Chuan was furious. This was his Lightning Tribulation Liquid! He felt incomparably aggravated when he saw the other person drink it. 

"Sinner's blood descendant, filthy blood flows through your body. You are just like you ancestors, shameless and without virtue, accept death!" Ning Chuan roared.

"You so-called dog fart Six Crown King, if you want to die, I'll grant your wish!" Shi Hao's eyes released cold electricity.

Both of them displayed secret methods, displaying the most powerful attack. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao released a grunt, his entire body becoming golden, releasing divine auspicious brilliance, turning into a Heavenly Dragon and charging forward. 

"Not good!" Ning Chuan's expression changed. The precious technique he released was actually disappearing with the wind, breaking down, quickly disappearing, unable to reach Shi Hao. 

Magical immunity!

This was a strange method, and right now, it displayed astonishing ability, immediately causing Ning Chuan's heart to churn, his expression changing on the spot. 

Shi Hao had this type of ability, but after coming to Immortal Ancient, he never truly used it, because he was waiting for an opportunity, leaving it behind for a guaranteed kill!

If he casually displayed it, others would be on guard, difficult to truly display its exceptional effects. Only when he ran into Ning Chuan today, when both of them had already fought bloodily to this extent, did he suddenly display it. 

Sure enough, all of the precious techniques Ning Chuan displayed temporarily lost effectiveness, as if they lost magical force, having their dao shaved off. His eyes glared with anger!

"What is going on? What happened?" Everyone cried out in alarm. 

Ning Chuan's body grew dim, precious techniques all disappearing. Meanwhile, Shi Hao's radiance flourished, all types of precious techniques appearing.


The Kun Peng fist was truly domineering. When it descended, it carried an expanse of golden feathers, and there was also a boundless black sea surging; it was terrifying to the extreme. 

This fist's power flooded outwards, blasting Ning Chuan until he flew outwards. He lost the protection of natural laws and precious techniques, taking this attack forcefully with his flesh, relying on his fists and other parts to block this attack.


He first spat out a large mouthful of blood, and then the sound of bones fracturing continuously sounded. His body almost exploded, suffering serious damage from this attack.


Shi Hao raised his hand. A golden willow tree appeared behind him, and then along with the display of his secret technique, hundreds of golden divine chains of order flew out. Pu pu sounds rang out, some of them impaling Ning Chuan's body, causing his entire body to bleed. The scene was too horrifying.

"Heavens, what is going on? Why did Ning Chuan suddenly lose?" Many people cried out in alarm.

Ning Chuan's eyes were ice cold, doing everything he could to resist. More than ten bloody holes appeared on his body. Even though he struggled free, this injured his foundation, the wounds truly severe. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao raoared. Like a heavenly horse leaping over the moon, he already arrived, a foot trampling downwards. Lightning erupted endlessly as he stamped down towards Ning Chuan. This time, he displayed the Lightning Emperor's precious technique. 


Five-colored thunder hacked down. Ning Chuan's white clothes were burned to ashes, the crown of his head struck with lightning. If not for his arms protecting it, he would have most likely been in danger!

Despite this, his powerful flesh was still damaged, scorched black and cracking. His bones were fractured and muscles torn, his condition extremely terrible. 

Yun Xi just happened to rush over. Just like many people, when she saw this scene, she was incomparably shocked. Was Ning Chuan being suppressed and beaten by Huang?

"Huang, you've angered everyone!" Ning Chuan roared. 

His left arm was shining, becoming sparkling and resplendent. It was accompanied by immortal energy and immortal light. The fluctuations it released went from weak to powerful, becoming terrifying to the extreme. 

Everyone became shocked, including sect masters and others.

The magical immunity was actually broken!

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. What was that?

"True Immortal Hand Bone!" Someone cried out in alarm.

Everyone could clearly sense that immortal dao aura. That hand of his was special, immediately becoming transparent. The bones inside swirled with immortal light, the power world-shaking. 

It was precisely because of this that the hand bone revived, forcefully breaking Shi Hao's magical immunity state.


Ning Chuan pressed his palm forward. His body was trembling, the entire arm contorting, moreover releasing a kacha sound. It unexpectedly broke.

Using this hand bone placed an unimaginable burden on him. It was because he was forcefully using immortal dao power.

This wasn't an ordinary True Immortal Bone, within it was condensed the most primitive, most powerful imprint. Otherwise, how could it display this type of power?

Everyone shivered inwardly!


Heaven and earth shattered, not much able to stop it. Even sect masters' expressions changed. This place became nothingness, returning to primal chaos. 

Shi Hao moved away. His speed was too fast. He sensed the aura of danger, a single warp bringing him to the edge of the horizon.

"Ning Chuan, hand over your life!" Then, he circled his way back, attacking Ning Chuan murderously. 

It was because he already saw that this hand bone was too tyrannical, even Ning Chuan who was powerful to this extent finding it difficult to operate.

At this moment, Ning Chuan's face was snow-white, his entire body's spiritual essence almost sucked dry. That arm's bones were broken at several places.

He released a sigh. After crossing tribulation today, he still hadn't solidified his cultivation. He was careless during this intense battle, putting him at a disadvantage, one mistake after another. He had to leave.

Otherwise, he might be killed by Huang. 


He supported the True Immortal Hand Bone again. It blasted through heaven and earth, tearing through the void. It was useless even if sect masters sealed down the void.

One could imagine just how unordinary this hand bone was. The only flaw was that its consumption of divine force and dao was too great, and the burden it placed on the body was too much. 

For the sake of activating that hand bone, his own arm was even broken.

"You won't be able to leave!" Shi Hao followed, chasing after him to hunt him down. 

That day, Immortal Ancient was shaken up. Huang chased after Six Crown King, leaving all sides greatly shocked. All eyes were focused on this matter.

"He finally reached that step, able to sweep through Immortal Ancient." Some of the geniuses of the three thousand provinces released a sigh of admiration.

Even Ning Chuan was defeated, running like this, so who could match Huang? Who could stop his footsteps?

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