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Chapter 1009 - Seizing Lightning Tribulation Liquid

Immortal Ancient Remains

Shi Hao and the witch walked together, drawing quite a bit of attention. Quite a few creatures revealed strange expressions as they watched from the distance.

"Just what kind of heaven angering thing did you do? Why do I feel like they are a bit scared of yoU?" The witch said strangely.

"Why don't you take some time to think about who you are talking to? I am unmatched in the world, number one under heaven! They aren't feeling fear, but rather respect and adoration." Shi Hao said extremely narcissistically. 

"Hah, my senses are sharp, clearly heard others swearing, cursing a devil king like you. You even have the shamelessness to act so proud of yourself?" The witch's voice was full of disdain. 

Her black hair hung down to her waist. She wore white clothes, skin snow-white and sparkling, face refined and beautiful, a single smile enough to topple a country. It was impossible for her not to draw attention even if she didn't want to.

When Shi Hao heard this, he looked towards the distant sky and said, "Archaic Divine Ape's descendant, do you want to offer your monkey brains to me?"

There were several Golden Ancient Apes. When they heard this, all of their faces turned pale, quickly escaping. They cursed in secret, never expecting him to sense it from so far away. 

"It seems like you are quite infamous in Immortal Ancient. Those divine apes were scared away with just a shout from you." The witch clicked her tongue, speaking in admiration. 

"This is a brilliant reputation won through battles. Back then, seven great heavenly deities tried to kill me, but they were all sent straight to hell." Shi Hao said with a laugh.

The witch didn't seem too interested at first, but later on, she saw that all of the cultivators felt great reverence towards Shi Hao. She knew that this was true, and that there was a great problem that she still didn't know about.

Soon after, the witch saw geniuses from the three thousand provinces, seeing some familiar people. She discovered that these people were even more scared of Shi Hao, staying far away. 

The witch called over a few people she truly was familiar with.

"Holy lady, you've cultivated in seclusion for several years, only appearing now, we all thought that something unexpected happened to you!" Those people were shocked, recognizing that she was Sky Severing Sect's holy lady. 

"What holy lady, this is a witch we are talking about, okay?" Shi Hao corrected.

Those people's expressions all became unnatural, their faces turning a bit stiff. This individual was too ridiculous, slaughtering the deities of Immortal Ancient until no one could say anything. Who wasn't scared of him?

"Why are you all so scared of him? Isn't he just someone whose cultivation was a bit stronger? Could it be that he will also eat you all?" The witch was curious. 

Those people all wanted to cry. How could they dare speak bad about him in front of his face? However, this person really did eat experts frequently! From Flood Dragons to Pi Xiu, and then to Dragon Sparrows, he ate whatever was strong. 

He had slaughtered out a great reputation during the past few years in Immortal Ancient, and he also obtained his great reputation through eating. It made those who saw him feel their legs and stomach cramp up, because none of them were humanoid creatures. 

"Hey, what are you all this scared for?" The witch was discontent. 

One of them transmitted in secret, saying, "Holy lady, he really will eat us! Don't ask anymore, I plead you to hurry and stay far away from him! Who knows if he is hungry right now or not? If he is, you will most likely be in danger." 

The witch almost laughed from annoyance. She saw that these people felt a great fear towards Shi Hao, all of them ranting and raving in fear while standing near him, their bodies all uncomfortable. 

"Is he really that dangerous?" The witch asked. 

"He is! He even eats deities, let alone us! He is the most dangerous living being!" One of them secretly transmitted sound.

"You are a Five-Colored Deer right? I heard that it's quite the mending food, talking behind my back like this, could it be that you want to donate some deer blood to me?" Shi Hao asked. 

His divine senses were powerful. In such a close distance, he could seize these individuals' divine will conversations. 

When the Five-Colored Deer young lady heard this, her pretty expression immediately paled. She cried out loudly, her knees becoming weak, almost sitting down on the ground, her face as pale as snow. 

"Alright, don't scare her anymore. All of you, tell me what is going on." The witch said.

Soon after, she finally understood how savage Huang was right now, continuously killing heavenly deities, a group of heavenly deities sent by the outside world's sects killed, their numbers at least ten. 

Moreover, there were a few powerful species that were all roasted and eaten.

The witch's expression was strange, this fella really was… savage. After not meeting him for several years, he became ridiculously powerful. Three strands of immortal energy supported his body, astonishing after all.

Regardless of who it was that heard that this youth was treating heavenly deities as food for the first time, they would all be stupefied, even the crafty witch feeling a bit perplexed. 

"What kind of treasures did you get from those heavenly deities' bodies exactly? Are you going to gift me any?" The witch asked.

"I can treat you to a great feast!" Shi Hao said, naturally talking about heavenly deity flesh.

They didn't waste time here, quickly leaving. Even though Shi Hao currently didn't fear heavenly deities, he still didn't want to be attacked by some sect masters who harbored ill intentions. 


The great crack that cut across Immortal Ancient's great void crack became even greater, shocking everyone. 

Shi Hao frowned. He had to think of a way to struggle free!

He returned to Soul Island, inviting his acquaintances, for example, Cao Yusheng, the little rabbit, Chang Gongyan, Xue Lin, Lan Yichen, and others, discussing some matters with them. 

Then, Shi Hao met with a few sect masters, speaking some of his thoughts. He wanted to cross tribulation again, help some of Immortal Ancient's experts neutralize their curses. 

"You are still going to cross tribulation? Entering the Heavenly Deity Realm?" They were shocked, asking like this.

"No, how can it be that fast? If I continue to cultivate like that, my dao foundation won't be stable. It is just too fast and violent." Shi Hao shook his head. 

Holy Sacrifice Realm, a level where one suddenly became strong and suddenly became weak, there was no way he could cross this dao threshold in one go. He still needed to solidify his foundation. 

He could guide lightning and forcefully summon lightning tribulation, and then withstand it to acquire Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

Shi Hao felt that things were pressured, he had to gather some powerful sect masters to protect him at his side. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for him to slaughter his way out of Immortal Ancient!

And how was he going to move the hearts of sect masters? It was naturally to give them what they desired most. All clans' eyes went red at the mere sight of Lightning Tribulation Liquid, difficult to resist its temptation. 

Of course, this didn't include those who already crossed his bottom line, the races whose relationship with him could not be reconciled. 

"Little friend, you are going to cross Divine King Tribulation again?" The five great sect masters were immediately shocked. One had to understand that Shi Hao's tribulation was the most powerful heavenly tribulation, being able to make it through once was a miracle on its own, yet he wanted to face it again. 

Was this self-confidence, a type of arrogance, or was he not treating his own life as anything important?

"Everyone, please help protect me. Also, please tell seniors' old friends to come and watch." Shi Hao said. He was implying that they could invite others, roping in sect masters to move together when the time came. 

The number of sect masters in Immortal Ancient were extremely few. If they didn't die, then they went mad. Those that could still be saved were already not that many.

However, there were definitely some more people. When the five great sect masters heard this, even though they were worried for him, fearing that he would fail and end all hopes for their clansmen, they still felt a bit of excitement. If he really could continuously cross tribulation, then wouldn't that mean that they would no longer lack Lightning Tribulation Liquid?

"Fine, we will invite some others!" The five great sect masters left. 

Several days later, Immortal Ancient was shaken up. There was someone crossing tribulation, clouds everywhere moving. 

"Heavens, how could it be Huang again?"

"He's mad! How many days has it been since the last? He is going to face tribulation again? Don't tell me that he is entering Heavenly Deity Realm!"

Immortal Ancient erupted into commotion, everyone feeling that this was inconceivable. 

Everyone was completely stupefied!

Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, Dragon Girl and the others were all speechless as well. They stared at that figure in the sea of lightning in a daze. 

The witch's small mouth was completely open, also feeling as if she was looking at a ghost. This fella was a bit too ridiculous! Facing Divine King Tribulation again, was he tired of living?

One had to know that the divine king tribulation was different from all other tribulations. One's cultivation in the Holy Sacrifice Realm wasn't stable, possibly falling down to the Divine Flame Realm while crossing tribulation. If they were struck by a streak of powerful lightning at that moment, then both their body and soul would be wiped out. 

Qing Yi also came. Yue Chan also appeared in the distance. The two of them exchanged a look.

"Older sis Yue Chan, has everything been well? When will you announce your marriage with Shi Hao to the world?" The witch waved her hand, smiling extremely happily, incredibly brilliantly. 

Yue Chan raised her head, just happening to see the witch who went missing several years ago. She immediately clenched her teeth. If not for her, how could her other body have gotten tangled with Shi Hao, how could have things become so complicated?

Heaven Mending Sect's heavenly deity also heard this. He didn't feel angry, instead feeling rather happy, saying, "Chan'er, do you really have a close relationship with Huang? Relax, there's no need to be embarrassed. This granduncle will bear witness for you. When we go back, the sect master can choose another holy lady and recruit Huang into our Heaven Mending Sect!"

Yue Chan almost offended her superiors, nearly smashing her beautiful fist into her granduncle's face. She released a cold snort, and then turned around. Her figure sparkled, bright like a moon, aloof and exceptional. 


Heavenly tribulation swept out, lightning radiance shooting out in tens of thousands of streaks, shaking up all directions. 

There were naturally many experts that arrived, but they didn't interfere. It was because when Shi Hao crossed tribulation last time, it was obvious that those who got caught up would naturally also be struck by the lightning. 

The sect masters that were invited over were all nervous, but they were also extremely excited. It was because Shi Hao crossed tribulation quite smoothly, not falling. 

"Soon, he is going to succeed!"

When Shi Hao was close to the end of crossing tribulation, the natives in Immortal Ancient all erupted into commotion. If Huang could continuously cross tribulation, then wouldn't that mean that everyone could be saved?

"Why isn't there a lightning pool?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

This truly was having high expectations for nothing. He made it through the lightning tribulation, but there was no immortal pool, no Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

He understood that the heavens would only grant that much. There was no way there would be unlimited Lightning Tribulation Liquid, granting it only once every cultivation realm. 

This left everyone shocked. Shi Hao released a deep sigh. 

The sect masters of all sides were extremely disappointed, but their eyes quickly lit up again. The individuals who were invited immediately flew over, willing to join Shi Hao's side. 

It was because none of them were confused. This youth was too heaven defying. Others didn't dare face tribulation, yet he dared to do it again, moreover succeeding.

People like this weren't arrogant, but rather that they truly had extraordinary ability. If he entered the Heavenly Deity Realm in the future, he would definitely make it through that most powerful heavenly deity tribulation!

When that time came, there would definitely be their share of Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

Through this event, they could see Shi Hao's incomparable potential. It was worth the cost to invest in him. 

This time, there was no Lightning Tribulation Liquid. Shi Hao's injuries couldn't be considered light, unable to recover in the first instant. He sat there, quietly treating his injuries. 


Heaven and earth moved, the lightning resonating.

"What is going on? This is a fluctuation coming from Immortal Ancient's great crack. Why does it seem like thunder?" Someone cried out in shock. 

"Crossing tribulation, there is someone else who is crossing tribulation!"

Soon after, news traveled out that Ning Chuan was crossing tribulation, choosing to also start when Shi Hao was crossing tribulation. 

It was clear that he was on guard against Shi Hao and those sect masters around him, wishing to avoid them, and that was why he chose this moment.

"Hm? The opportunity has come! Let's slaughter our way over!" Shi Hao chose to take action, rushing in that direction in spite of his injuries.

The sect masters all looked at each other in dismay, following along. The others were also shocked, all of them flocking over. 

Everyone knew that things were about to become lively.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way over to that small world, the group of people following behind him. 

Shi Hao knew that this time, the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's  and other sect masters would definitely be guarding that place, that it would be extremely dangerous. However, he had the Eight Armed Soul Race sect master and others, so he was clearly without fear.

"Kill!" Under the cover of those great sect masters, Shi Hao rushed into the heavenly tribulation. 

Others didn't dare enter, fearing this lightning, but he didn't care. He was going to kill Ning Chuan and seize his Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

"Sinner's blood descendant, you dare!" The white clothed Ning Chuan's body was covered with bloodstains. He glared furiously at Shi Hao. 

If he had a choice, he wouldn't cross tribulation here. However, the entrance that connected to the outside world was guarded by people Shi Hao sent out, with sect master's spiritual bodies watching over it, locking it down. 

In addition, the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race  and the others demanded that he cross tribulation in Immortal Ancient, vowing that they would protect him. These people naturally had their own selfish motives, all for the sake of neutralizing their own curse power. If they allowed Ning Chuan to escape Immortal Ancient, then things would no longer be in their control.


As soon as Shi Hao hurried over, he displayed a matchless divine ability, rushing murderously at Ning Chuan. 

Heavenly tribulation surged, lightning radiance shooting everywhere!

Ning Chuan's eyes were red. He was crossing tribulation, yet the other party dared to charge here and face tribulation as well, regarding him like a disgrace. 

"Sinner's blood descendant, hand over your life!"

"Little Six kid, you're nothing more than a fart! What sinner's blood? As for who hands over their life, we'll find out after this battle!" Shi Hao's every movement carried matchless divine might.


They fought until they weren't far from the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. Shi Hao directly brought out a cauldron to seize it.

"You dare!" Ning Chuan roared in anger. He also brought out magical artifacts to collect it, at the same time fighting ferociously against him. 

"Why wouldn't I dare?" Regardless, Shi Hao already seized some of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. When he took action now, he didn't feel any restraining fear, because he already obtained a great harvest. 

"Kill!" Ning Chuan shouted loudly. He, who originally had a fine jade-like appearance, was currently a mess. His entire body was covered in blood, fighting intensely against Shi Hao. 

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