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Chapter 1008 - Nine Heavens and Ten Earths

A metal sword flew through the air, illuminating Azure Province. The sword of a heavenly deity hacked throw the blue dome of heaven, as if a streak of unfading immortal light tore through all of eternity!

When everyone saw this scene, they were all shaken up!

Azure Province, everyone knew who it was that released that sword. It was the heavenly deity known as Sword King, a sword dao heavenly deity whose name shook up the three thousand provinces. He had cultivated the dao for many years, already close to the next cultivation realm. 

The cold sword illuminated Azure Province!

All experts in this province could sense it, all of them feeling great admiration inside. 

However, this battle had just started, yet it quickly came to an end.


In the sky, the sword light collapsed. A metal sword broke, dropping from the sky while carrying blood. Meanwhile, the other half of the sword turned around and shot into Sword King Mu Tie's chest, falling down to the great earth.

"Mu Tie was also defeated, that foreign visitor is too strong, just what kind of identity do they have exactly?"

A few people sighed, developing a feeling of powerlessness. 

The heavenly deities of the three thousand provinces were defeated group after group, simply no one able to match this individual, to the extent where the most powerful couldn't even take ten moves from him. This was too astonishing!

There were heavenly deities that fell, as well those that were seriously injured. The foreign visitors travelled through hundreds of provinces, continuously challenging others along the way. No one was his opponent. 

"Truly boring. Reputations was quite great, so-called number one heavenly deity of a Azure Province or whatever, some Sword King, but nothing more than this!" Someone sneered from above in the sky. 

There was a great dao flower petal above him that scattered down bits of dao laws, the scene making people feel ashamed of their inferiority. That was immortal energy covering him, the most powerful embodiment of those who cultivated their dao to this level!

"I already waited for several days, why haven't your so-called heaven warping geniuses returned yet? What were those people called again? Exiled Immortal, Huang? So dull." He had his arms behind him, as if he was a divine king patrolling the skies, appearing a bit impatient. 

"Lin Tian, this is pretty much the best it'll get. In the end, this place has declined." Someone spoke behind him. There were four youngsters there, male and female, the men like dragons, full of vitality, the women like phoenixes, their magnificent styles unmatched, all of them extremely handsome and beautiful.

Those four were all quite powerful, only better and not inferior to him. Even though they looked calm, they still gave off a mysterious extraordinary aura.

These individuals' ages weren't that great. Compared to normal heavenly deities, they were definitely ridiculously young!

"Too weak." A woman nodded. As she looked at the higher realms' heavenly deities, a cold intent appeared on her face, as well as an extremely clear expression of contempt. 

"You all are too arrogant!" The three thousand provinces' heavenly deities' faces all became red. Being looked down upon like this truly left them without any face. 

"Then just find someone who can fight against us. After travelling through the three thousand provinces, we couldn't even find someone who meets half the qualifications. This already can't even be described with the word weak, but rather that you all are too insignificant!" Another young male spoke, one who had a valiant bearing. There were five-colored divine horns on his forehead. 

"If Emperor Clan's Ye Gongzi came out, he should be able to stop you all, only it is unknown where he is currently." A cultivator from Azure Province said softly. 

Many people were discontent. Looking down on the higher realms like this made a group of heavenly deities feel a wave of rage.

"Correct, if Ye Gongzi came out, he definitely be able to fight against you all!"

In the higher realms, there was an emperor clan with the surname Ye, this clan shaking up past and present. In a certain time, they were incredibly powerful, powerful experts like clouds in their history.

In the archaic years, the clan's Ye Qianyu was a supreme being, previously slaughtering everyone under the heavens, sweeping through all before him, no one his opponent. 

Unfortunately, the moment before he became an immortal, he suffered a strange attack, mysteriously falling.

One had to understand that after crossing Immortal Dao Lightning Tribulation, even the most powerful unmatched supreme being would have their strength wither. Those that could live were already incredibly rare, and they would be in extremely weak states.

When suffering from plotting at this type of situation, corroded by a mysterious power, it wasn't that Sovereign Ye Qianyu wasn't strong enough, but rather that the tribulation exhausted too much of his divine force. 

Since the past to present, the clan had produced many experts. In this era, there was an outstanding figure that even appeared to be named Ye Gongzi, someone who was known to be comparable to Sovereign Ye Qianyu. 

He possessed heaven warping talents. No one knew just how powerful he was exactly, but those who had traded blows with him believed that he was definitely the number one heavenly deity in all of the three thousand provinces.

He had never suppressed himself, not intentionally doing anything for the sake of entering Immortal Ancient, allowing his cultivation to take him where he needed to go. 

"What a pity. Ye Gongzi went to explore immortal dao remains, walking through the great wastelands, isolated from the outside world. Otherwise, he would definitely hurry back." Someone said with a sigh.

"What Ye Gongzi, if he is that strong, we'll see him sooner or later." Lin Tian felt disdain. In his perspective, the heavenly deities of the three thousand provinces weren't anything special at all, that he alone could suppress and kill them all.

"Heng, do you truly think Ye Gongzi is gullible? Rumor has it that he is related to Sovereign Ye Qianyu! Once he returns, you all will know how formidable he is." Someone secretly sneered. 

At this moment, the others truly wished to immediately invite out the most powerful geniuses in Immortal Ancient. Being looked down upon by these foreign heavenly deities truly made them feel too embarrassed.

Of course, the ones that left the cultivators of the three thousand provinces feeling the most apprehension were still the three middle-aged men behind. They were deep and immeasurable. When they opened and closed their eyes, their pupils seemed to contain the cosmos and stellar streams, terrifying beyond belief.

This was the reason why the three thousand provinces weren't willing to ruin all relations. These three were too powerful, unfathomable and enigmatic. 

"If not for us coming to take a look at the Desolate Border you all are in charge of guarding, we wouldn't have even learned that the channel had been broken. When the great disaster rises again, it will affect the nine heavens and tenth earth." Lin Tian said, full of contempt, not showing the heavenly deities of the higher realms' three thousand provinces any respect.

"We admit that you all are powerful enough, rarely meeting your match, but don't you think your words are a bit much?"

"Now, I almost don't even hate Huang as much, truly want him to come out from Immortal Ancient and fight against these people!"

The crowd clenched their fists. Even the disciples of a few great sects that bore hostility against Shi Hao really wanted to invite that hateful Huang, inviting him here to fight.

It was because they had already heard that he stepped foot in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, becoming comparable to a heavenly deity, definitely having the strength to overlook others, possibly able to fight a decisive battle against these foreign vicious individuals. 

"You all speak of the Desolate Border, about defending it, and then saying the world beyond, who exactly are you all?" An old heavenly deity asked. 

"You all forgot the past, not knowing where you all are? Truly laughable and lamentable." A beautiful young lady spoke. There was a great dao flower petal above her hair as well, one that scattered down chaotic energy.

"Tell us!" The cultivators of the higher realms were naturally discontent.

"Laughable, the people of the three thousand provinces really did forget about the past." At this moment, a middle-aged man that came from outside the three thousand provinces spoke. When his eyes opened and closed, the nascent energy of all things were produced!

"Three Thousand Dao Provinces, this place has quite a history. What are you trying to imply?" An old heavenly deity asked.

This name was too old, not many people remembering it. People normally only called it the higher realms' three thousand provinces. 

"What qualifications do you all have to act so arrogant? Aren't you all some savage creatures that previously fled towards the stars?" There were heavenly deities that shouted like this. 

"What a joke, you are treating us as the desolate stars' barbarians?" That middle-aged man shook his head, now confirming that the people of this realm had forgotten too much. 

"The heaven and earth was originally complete, but after the battle of Immortal Ancient Great Era, this realm was ruined, because those creatures were too powerful…" Another middle-aged man spoke, slowly narrating. 

The ancient world of the past had been broken through, becoming the nine heavens and tenth earth, which was also nineteen worlds of different strength. 

The higher realms' three thousand provinces was one place out of the ten earths, the name being -- Three Thousand Dao Provinces.

"Nine Heavens Ten Earths?!"

Everyone began to tremble. There really was this type of saying, but they all thought that it was just an empty legend, never expecting that they really represented nineteen ancient lands. 

However now, everyone became stupefied. Was what these foreign visitors were saying true?

"Three Thousand Dao Provinces, this was originally a rich and powerful place. I never expected that after all this time passed, it would fall to this extent." That middle-aged man said coldly. 

"In the past, the supreme beings of the past worked together to support this place with three thousand dao, using it to suppress the Desolate Border. However now, the great calamity is about to arrive, and it is definitely because of the Desolate Border the Three Thousand Dao Provinces are guarding. The bitterness of Immortal Ancient Great Era's battle will definitely reappear. When that time comes, what will we use to resist? There aren't even immortals to be seen now!" Another middle-aged man from beyond this world spoke coldly. 

"What are you all saying? Why are you trying to scare people?!" There were some who didn't believe. 

There were many that were incomparably shocked, their faces turning pale.

"It seems like the Three Thousand Dao Provinces has encountered major issues. The future great chaos will definitely start from this ancient place!" One of the middle-aged foreigners spoke.

"Where is the Desolate Border? What kind of enemies are there? Is it scary?" The people here didn't believe at all.

"The great Immortal Ancient Great Era where there was a group of long life individuals, true immortals, it was because of them that it was destroyed. You tell me if it is scary or not. They broke the perfect heaven and earth into the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!" The middle-aged man shouted.

Based on what he said, when that heaven and earth collapsed, the fine fragments and dust turned into the stars they now saw in the sky. 

"Immortal Ancient Great Era's enemy, they… aren't a part of the perfect heaven and earth, needing to enter from the Desolate Border?" Someone spoke out of shock. 

"Defeated, the Three Thousand Dao Provinces is finished!" A middle-aged man directly came to this conclusion, continuously shaking his head.

"The reason we came is just to select those we could use, asking the most powerful sect masters to join, also to train some youngsters to carry out a deeper level of cultivation. Only, it now seems like that'll be quite difficult."

Based on what he said, great disturbances had happened in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths recently. The other worlds walked together, opening up the ancient transport formation. 

It was especially the case for the most powerful heavens in the Nine Heavens, where there were supreme beings who proposed to establish Martial Manors or Immortal Academies and others, then selecting the most powerful young experts to train them. 

"Goddess Academy, selecting the most powerful young heavenly deities in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths to continue their studies?"

"Holy Academy, those who aren't the most talented unable to enter?"

The following pieces of information shocked the heavenly deities of the higher realms until they were all stupefied. Was what they said true? 

Three Thousand Dao Provinces was a place that had declined, above it were still nine layers of heaven!

Nine Heavens Ten Earths, just how vast of a world was this?!

If it was this type of selection of the best, the geniuses of the three thousand provinces might not stick out at all. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths had more than ten worlds, each of them flourishing from past to now! Just the thought alone left everyone shaken up.

This selection of the best was truly something of a grand and magnificent scale!

Everyone became dumbstruck, finding it hard to immediately digest all of this information.

Some people wiped at their cold sweat. They finally knew that the skies were going to change. The three thousand provinces were large enough already, yet it was just a single world. There were many other more terrifying ancient worlds. 

Now, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths' supreme beings were all discussing with each other regarding how to deal with the great calamity, making preparations. 

It now seemed like the foreign visitors were just sizing up the cultivators of the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. Those youngsters weren't even the most powerful individuals. 

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths were all gathering to establish an academy. The most powerful geniuses that were selected, just how heavenly defying would they be?

Everyone trembled with fear, their hearts greatly shaken!

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