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Chapter 1006 - A Drop of Emperor Blood

The source energy cauldron that had always left him with great restraining fear was unexpectedly here, precisely underneath this All Life Earth? How could Shi Hao not be shocked!

"You aren't trying to dupe me, are you?" Shi Hao looked towards the witch. This witch was extremely crafty, nothing she said necessarily true. Moreover, what was beneath the earth was clearly the sign of a human and not a cauldron. 

The witch's wonderful figure moved about, black hair scattered down, her large eyes intelligent, bright like a moon, aloof like an exiled immortal. At this moment, she revealed a smile and said, "What benefits are there in deceiving you?"

She always wore a black-colored long dress in the past, her skin like beautiful jade, incredibly alluring. Now, her white clothes were even purer than snow, this type of otherworldly temperament was a bit different. 

"Are you trying to steal your enemy's style?" Shi Hao looked at her. 

"Hah, back then, just a few spiritual bodies were enough to deal with her. Right, that little Yue Chan girl, how is she now?" The witch's figure was tall and wonderful. She collected her beautiful hair, her eyes moving around, her exceptional fairy-like appearance changed, immediately revealing a provocative and enchanting beauty that moved hearts. 

Shi Hao looked at her. This witch was just like in the past, always cheery, slippery, a difficult character to deal with. 

"Yue Chan's body back then wasn't a true body either, dividing into a main and second body. You should already know this, that we only captured the second body." Shi Hao said. 

"Aiyou, so affectionate when you mention her, could it be that you really did something crazy with her? I truly never expected this. Back then, you were just a little kid, not even reaching my shoulder in height, having such bad thoughts when you were so young, you actually did do it? Yue Chan really is pitiful, corrupted in the hands of a little brat, truly the downfall of a fairy of this world!"

The witch's figure rose and fell. She shook her head, putting on a mischievous expression. However, her large eyes flickered with radiance, extremely happy, clearly secretly taking joy in Yue Chan's disaster.

Dark lines appeared on Shi Hao's head. What kind of attitude was this? In the past, he indeed hadn't matured yet, his age not great, but his height definitely wasn't short, how could it only reach her shoulder?

"You are going to mock me as soon as we meet, is that how it's going to be?" Shi Hao's expression was unkind, staring at the witch, eyes sweeping past her ivory-like pure white body that was undulating with curves, grinding his teeth.

"Tell me, tell me, how is the one defeated under my hands?" The witch was extremely happy.

"She… is doing very well!" Shi Hao said. 

"Yi?" The witch seemed to have discovered a new world, her expression becoming strange, her long and curved eyebrows moving, starting to giggle as she said, "There really was an affair?!"

Those words immediately made Shi Hao's eyebrows jump. He glared at her.

"I never expected that little brat back then would be so daring, truly daring to do bad things!" The witch shook her head, continuously laughing.

"You should speak less nonsense!"

"Embarrassed? I can tell with one look from your expression that something wrong definitely happened between you two. Haha… this really is interesting. I want to see how Yue Chan will try to act like a calm and untainted fairy before me next time I meet her." The witch's smile was extremely brilliant.

Shi Hao immediately became speechless. Only after a long time had passed did he say viciously. "Actually, I've always had quite the interest in you. How about throwing yourself into my arms?"

"Little fella, get as far away from me as far away can be!" The witch's smile didn't decrease, but she was quite calm. 

"How much older are you than me?" Shi Hao walked a circle around her, and then said, "Your body is quite something, different from that sect's fairy, all types of grace to it."

Since the witch dared to ridicule and make fun of him, Shi Hao naturally didn't mind taking advantage of her as well, take some liberties with her.

"Little thief, you should just go find your fairy. This aunt doesn't have time to bicker with you, I have to cultivate and become an immortal. In the future, I wouldn't mind paying Yue Chan a visit, haha…" She smiled in a rather carefree manner, her tall body moving about, extremely easygoing, as if a tender and beautiful Immortal Devil Flower was swaying gently, beautiful and seductive. 

Shi Hao took action, grabbing forward at the witch's sparkling white lotus arm. Three strands of immortal energy swirled.

"Hey, there's something more important, I don't want to fight with you!" The witch activated immortal energy, and a stone bead appeared, displaying might. A mist appeared, bringing her in retreat.

They didn't waste time, starting to dig at this place. The All Life Earth was collected by Shi Hao and placed in that bone cauldron.

Sure enough, the thing below had a mysterious power, pulling at the All Life Earth, making it harder and harder to remove.


In the end, the true appearance of what was underground appeared. 

"Immortal king?" The witch was shocked, even her withdrawing her smile, treating this seriously, fearing that something unforeseen might happen. 

The bright and multicolored All Life Earth below had a single person laying there, motionless. The armor was dim, full of cracks, not a trace of light. 

However, it gave others a mysterious, inviolable pure and holy feeling. Even though it had long become damaged, it was still unordinary. 

"Is it really an immortal king?" Even Shi Hao was moved.

He always heard that only true immortals had All Life Earth, used to plant long life medicine and bury one's body. It was extremely precious, able to maintain an undecaying state. 

Now, the legends proved true. Shi Hao revealed a grave expression, staring at the person below.

Both him and the witch did everything they could to collect that shining earth, completely exposing that immortal body.

"A female immortal?"

"Yi, not right, there's no corpse, where is the actual person?!"

They suddenly trembled. That armor was extremely ordinary, as if someone was wearing it, not caving in as it rested in the earth. However, after all of the earth was cleaned out, they discovered that there was only an armor. It was in human form, yet there was no owner present.

This armor had previously belonged to a woman!

"What kind of material is this? Could it be some type of Immortal Gold?!" Shi Hao touched it, and then he pinched it. In the end, he discovered that even though this armor was long covered in cracks, he still couldn't move it. 

It was simple and ancient looking, not having any brilliance. However, there was no need to doubt that these were exceptionally precious battle clothes. If it wasn't damaged, it would definitely be world shocking. 

"It makes sense if one just thinks about it. In the past, there was an immortal dao fairy that knew she was going to die, so she buried herself here. However, where is her true body?" The witch said. 

Then, she turned her slender and elegant body, looked towards Shi Hao and said, "The All Life Earth is yours, but I want this armor."

Shi Hao gave it a try, but this armor didn't show any reaction, already half ruined. Apart from being sturdy, there wasn't anything else special about it. However, he knew that it was definitely strange. He didn't compete with her and nodded.

It was because he also had a set of tattered armor, one that seemed to be related to the Lightning Emperor, so he might as well give this one to the witch. She was the one that discovered this place first anyway. 

"Yi, there is a shower of light, ascension radiance. Did she ascend or ascend to heaven?" The witch was shocked. 

Shi Hao was also shocked. This armor was shining strangely, a bit of light and mist drifting out from within, as if a perfect body scattered away here. 

This type of scene was a bit strange, and also extremely shocking. 

"When an unmatched expert dies, some are willing to leave behind a mortal envelope, while others wish to dissipate, return to heaven and earth. This is likely the latter." Shi Hao said. 

"What a pity, to be able to reach that cultivation realm, she was definitely an exceptional woman of her era. Only, to die silently and without any news like this, not even the All Life Earth could do anything? Not even her name was left behind in this world." The witch sighed with amazement. 

"Where is the heaven and earth source energy cauldron you spoke of?" Shi Hao looked at her with an unkind expression. This evil woman was definitely using him to help her dig up this All Life Earth. 

This armor originally possessed a mysterious power, sucking down on the immortal earth. However now, it no longer released a domain, returning to normal.

"Several years ago, I saw it fly over and enter this place. As for how it disappeared afterwards, I have no idea." The witch shook her head. 

She vowed that she wasn't lying, that she truly saw that cauldron, that she came precisely after following it here. 

Shi Hao believed that she wasn't lying. If she didn't see the cauldron, there was no way she could describe its appearance. 

The two of them continued digging, wishing to collect the remaining earth as well.

"Yi, still not easy to dig up. Could it be that there's still something else below, sucking down on this earth?" Shi Hao's mind was moved. 

The All Life Earth was one zhang in width, and also one zhang deep.

After completely digging it up and collecting all of the earth, the two of them finally saw the very bottom, both of their expressions changing.

It was a drop of blood, bright like a fire diamond, bright red and resplendent, divine multicolored light rushing into the heavens. As soon as it emerged, it released an immeasurable power!

Shi Hao and the witch backed up, feeling incomparably shocked. What kind of expert was this exactly? It was just a drop of blood, yet it made their fine hairs stand on end, as if they were facing a stampede of vicious beasts. 

The drop of blood was resplendent and astonishing!

Moreover, what they couldn't help but feel shocked over was that there was no killing energy. This was just a harmless drop of blood someone left behind, yet it unexpectedly had this type of mysterious pressure. 

If not for being comparable to the heavenly deity level, Shi Hao believed that any true deity and others would be forced to kneel down here, their bodies trembling uncontrollably.

This was simply outrageous, too shocking!

What kind of blood was this?

"I've seen it before. This is the blood on that source energy cauldron, bright red like a blood diamond, previously shining on it, illuminating the heavens." The witch spoke, a rare instance of not laughing, her expression serious.

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, staring at this drop of blood, unexpectedly not able to see through it. It had wisps of chaotic energy swirling around it. He couldn't tell what kind of natural laws and order there were inside. 

Even the Heavenly Eyes were ineffective, this was a rare thing!

"Not belonging to the past, not belonging to the present, returned to see me, what exactly are you trying to do?" Shi Hao said softly, his expression cold. 


Suddenly, this drop of blood erupted with surging energy, as if it sensed something, unexpectedly becoming like ocean waves, shaking up this place until space trembled, trembling greatly, about to collapse. 

"What kind of person is this?" The witch was shocked, widening her beautiful eyes and staring at that drop of blood. 

"Comparable to Willow Deity?" Shi Hao's heart was pounding. 

He had a type of feeling that if the Willow Deity truly revived, it should possess this type of might.

"The person the cauldron was carrying descended in the All Life Earth to recover, because this earth can prevent one from rotting, nurturing all life and objects." The witch came to this conclusion.

Shi Hao nodded. This should be the case. 

"Did you see the owner of the cauldron? What kind of appearance did it have?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Extremely blurry, not easy to say. The first time, it seemed to be female, but fragments of time danced about, and then she became indistinct. Then, it seemed like I saw a male." The witch said without certainty.

She felt that the cauldron was extremely sinister, as if it came from the past, making even time become unstable. It was difficult to say what kind of feeling it was. 


Immediately afterwards, that drop of blood became even more astonishing, releasing a sky tearing fluctuation. In addition, it released waves of crying sounds, shaking heaven and earth. 

Vaguely, Shi Hao seemed to have heard a magnificent army with thousands of men storm past, shouts of war shaking the heavens!

Moreover, in that instant, he saw a male, not extremely clear, but he seemed to be looking right at him face to face, standing tall from tens of thousands of realms away. 

He was like… a Heavenly Emperor!

Shi Hao's gaze was like lightning as he stared at that person. He himself also surged with a wave of mysterious energy!

The witch was shocked, because at that moment, she unexpectedly couldn't approach, pushed out. That aura was too terrifying, able to easily make heavenly deities and others bow down.

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