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Chapter 1005 - Witch

It really was strange. Why did this figure look a bit familiar? Upon closer inspection, he seemed to have met this person before.

Shi Hao muttered to himself, looking again and again. 

However, that was still a figure reflected by the All Life Earth, so it was a bit indistinct, not a true body.

In the pure land, there were many plants, many of which were old medicines that were several tens of thousands of years old, no lack of holy medicines here. This place was full of sweet fragrance and flowing light, incomparably divine. 

Shi Hao got closer. He supported his single heavenly passage, cautious as he approached, but there weren't any dangers here. 

Despite this being the case, he still acted extremely carefully. It was because this touched upon All Life Earth, something that he absolutely had to be careful with. Its existence here was too important.

It was rumored that it could nurture all living things, maintaining a state of undecaying. Even if a corpse was buried inside, after endless years, it would revive and resurrect.

There was even less of a need to speak of its other wonderful uses. This type of thing was priceless even back in Immortal Ancient, normally speaking always grasped in the hands of unmatched experts. 

It was said that before immortals kings fell, they would always try to find this type of supreme treasure and bury oneself inside, yearning for the undecaying and a chance at resurrection. 

Of course, this type of revival wouldn't be as simple as a year or two, possibly several tens of thousands of years, perhaps even the length of a great era.

When Shi Hao thought of these things, his mind naturally trembled. Could it be that something was buried inside?

In the past, inside the Immortal Medicine Garden, he had seen All Life Earth as well, grasped by the 'White Tortoise Carrying Immortal'. Back then, Shi Hao had previously suspected that the long life medicine might be produced by a great immortal king.

However, there was no proof, only speculation.

Now, he saw quite a bit of All Life Earth before him, enough to compare to the amount in Immortal Medicine Garden, the scope about one zhang. 

"Don't tell me that there is a female immortal queen buried underneath!" Shi Hao said softly, his mind becoming a bit nervous. 

He already walked forward, facing this expanse of divine earth. 

All Life Earth was like sand, each granule sparkling, suffused with blue light, and erupting with dazzling brilliance, creating a hazy expanse. Smoke rose like multicolored clouds, overflowing with multicolored light and essence. 

Regardless of how one looked at it, it was extremely pure and holy, not like earth, but instead like the combination of all types of precious gems that were crushed and then later stored here.

Shi Hao used magical force to separate the All Life Earth, digging into it bit by bit, wishing to see what exactly was underneath.

Suddenly, after undoing a bit of sand, he saw a snow white jade foot. It wasn't large, but sparkling and pure white like a jade sculpture.

"Fucking hell!" Even though he had previously guessed that there might be a corpse buried underneath, when he truly dug something out, he was still startled. 

Shi Hao carefully touched it. It was soft and gentle, seemingly still possessing heat, full of elasticity.

He couldn't help but sigh. All Life Earth was astonishing after all, able to prevent a creature from decaying. Even after all this time, it still didn't rot, still looking like it was full of life. 

Was it really an immortal king?

In the present world, there weren't any immortals anymore, there was no way anyone could reach that step. There would never be that type of person seen again.

"There are no living immortals, but being able to take a look at a dead immortal isn't bad either!" Shi Hao said to himself. He wanted to see what an immortal king that was still intact was like, what kind of places they were different in. 

Only, he was a bit suspicious. This immortal king didn't release any terrifying aura, nor were there any world shocking fluctuations that were released. It was a bit different from the immortal corpses he saw before. 


Suddenly, a streak of sword light swept out, hacking at Shi Hao's shoulder. With a pu sound, bloody light surged. If not for him dodging fast enough, his head would have been removed. 

This sword radiance was extremely sharp, able to hack through all before it. 

Shi Hao's expression fell. He was already standing a hundred zhang away, his movements incomparably fast. 

"There are formations?" His eyes flickered with radiance. 

He displayed magical force from far away, separating the All Life Earth. This was originally a profound and complex formation, but due to some unknown reason, that formation was damaged, now already in a bad state.

It seemed to have gone through flames, those formation materials all melting. 

"Good thing something happened to it, or else it really would be troublesome." Shi Hao said. 

This time, he didn't act politely. After walking over, he directly grabbed that woman's ankles, directly pulling her out.

It had to be said that this woman had a perfect body, her jade foot perfect, and then the pair of legs that were revealed were long and straight, snow-white like jade, wonderful to the point of leaving others in admiration. 

The lower parts of her legs were revealed, the crucial parts and others covered in dark gold armor. Her snow-white skin and armor flickering with dark light mutually reflected, setting off her body's magnificence. 

This woman was pulled out by Shi Hao, her waist, chest, and upper body just as perfect as predicted, and now that it was in his hands, the body seemed even more flawless.

This was an exceptionally fine woman, one who would truly tempt the hearts of the world!

Even with Shi Hao's picky eyes, he still sighed with amazement, becoming a bit absent-minded. It was a country toppling beauty after all, her appearance extremely perfect.

This woman was too pretty. Shi Hao earnestly tried to pick a flaw, but he still couldn't find any.

She was full of life, as if still alive, her skin warm, possessing astonishing elasticity. 

Her beautiful eyes were tightly shut, like a sleeping fairy, peaceful and serene, as if she would wake up at any time. 

This was a sleeping beauty. She didn't move at all, resting on this sand. 

Shi Hao was sure that it was the first time he saw this person's appearance. 

"What a pity that she died, or else this type of exceptional beauty might very well be a true immortal. If I could keep her by my side as a servant girl, just the thought alone would move one's heart!" Shi Hao said. 

Of course, this was just his own nonsensical wishful thinking. There was no way he could directly say this to a living true immortal, but saying a few sentences like this randomly was still okay.

"Yi, something's not right!" Shi Hao turned pale with fright, taking two steps backwards. It was because he discovered that this woman's long eyelashes were moving, as if her eyes were going to open. 

Moreover, he felt a wave of extremely familiar feeling!

How could this be? This woman, even though her appearance was matchless, a truly gorgeous beauty, he had never met her before. This appearance didn't match any of his acquaintances.

Why did he feel such a familiar feeling?

Ripples undulated. This woman shone, her flesh sparkling, and air began to pass through the end of her nose, starting to revive!

Shi Hao was shocked. She… was really going to come alive?

"It's not immortal dao aura, could it be…" Shi Hao seemed to have thought of something, quickly taking action, making imprints and pressing forward, about to be pressed against her vitals.


In that instant, this woman opened her eyes, her pupils deep like a starry sky, flickering with intelligent radiance. Her head of beautiful hair danced about, her entire being giving off an extraordinary otherworldliness. 


What kind of expert was Shi Hao? Three strands of immortal energy surged, suppressing forward, surrounding her entire body, preventing her from escaping.

This woman was too strange. He wanted to get the preemptive strike in.


He never expected that this woman would have also cultivated immortal energy, her fine jade fingertips releasing a streak of divine light. Moreover, there was a terrifying stone bead that brought her body away, quickly evading outwards.

"Little thief, you dare mount a sneak attack on me!" Right at this moment, this woman spoke up with anger, but also a bit of surprise.

He felt more and more familiar. Shi Hao stopped his steps, becoming a bit dumbstruck, continuously staring at her. 

Eventually, he woke up, saying, "It's you?!"

This woman was standing on the All Life Earth, her figure tall and slender, almost the same height as Shi Hao. Her skin was snow-white and shining like ivory, curves rising and falling.

She had a head of black beautiful hair, her figure impressive, possessing a type of world shaking temptation. 

"You ungrateful fella, actually coming to my place of seclusion, and even trying to plot against me." The woman was discontent, her eyes flickering with brilliance. 

Her long black hair reflected light like a mirror, scattering down to her waist, forming a black and white contrast with her fine jadelike skin. Together with the golden armor that covered the crucial areas, it gave her a type of completely unique exceptional style.

"Witch… it really is you?!" Shi Hao was a bit speechless. He never expected he would dig up Sky Severing Sect's witch here. 

This young lady was opposed to Yue Chan. Regardless of whether it was in the lower realm or the higher realm, the two were always tangling with each other.

Ever since he entered Immortal Ancient, Shi Hao knew that he would run into her sooner or later, but a few years passed in the blink of an eye with no news of her, only now did he unexpectedly find her.

Who would have thought that she would bury herself in All Life Earth. 

"I am cultivating in seclusion." The witch gave him a look, her entire being giving off an astonishing spirituality, as if she was a crafty sprite, aloof and otherworldly. 

"Why do you seem a bit different from before?" Shi Hao had too many questions. The witch's temperament was exceptional, but her appearance was definitely different from the past.

"Truly hateful. After cultivating that heavenly art, the formation and my clothes were all burned away." The witch muttered, feeling great discontent. Fortunately, she wasn't completely stripped, the dark armor still remaining.


White colored clothes fluttered about, covering her body. However, it was still quite revealing, but she didn't mind this.

"Today can be considered our first true meeting." The witch said, her teeth sparkling, red lips bright. 

"You evil woman, you… in the past, they were always spiritual bodies?!" Shi Hao's head was covered in dark lines. 

It truly was hateful. This woman was too lowly. Their many meetings were all with spiritual bodies?

The first time they met was in the Northern Sea's Kun Peng nest. Back then, she was a crafty and lively young lady. The second time they met was in Stone Country Imperial Capital, back then a nine-tailed fox fairy. After that, she displayed three different appearances, just as crafty and beautiful, previously working together with Shi Hao to capture Yue Chan. 

He thought that he had already seen the witch's true body in the third meeting.

"This is my true body, always using spiritual bodies to contact you before. You are so crafty, if I'm not guard, how can that be okay?" She laughed, her beautiful eyes moving about, a look of not being concerned in the slightest appearing on her face. 

Who was the one that was crafty? Shi Hao clenched his teeth. It was clearly this girl that was slippery like a loach. They already worked together so many times, yet she never revealed her true body.

If not for digging her up this time, who knew when he would truly know what she really looked like. 

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, releasing brilliant divine light, making sure that this wasn't a spiritual body but a true body.

"Little Stone, you dare take advantage of me!" The witch quickly moved her body, as well as released resplendent symbols to interfere with his Heavenly Eyes, preventing him from seeing through.

"You tricked me for so many years, yet you still have the nerve to say that I am taking advantage of you?!" Shi Hao's expression was unkind. 

"Hey, we haven't met for a few years, so how are things with you and Yue Chan?" The witch changed the subject. She also took the initiative to wave towards him, smiling sweetly as she said, "Don't be so inflexible, old friends meeting again should be a joyous matter. I'll gift you a natural luck, you can have this All Life Earth." 

"I would have brought it away even if you didn't tell me to, I have a great use for it." Shi Hao wasn't in a rush to ask her why she was here. He produced a bone cauldron and began to collect the All Life Earth.

"En? Why is it so heavy?" After collecting only half, he discovered that something wasn't right. Even while exerting force, it was difficult to collect it all. 

"Let me give you a hand!" The witch giggled.

A few minutes later, Shi Hao began to sweat. The witch was also sparing no effort, just like him, expending a lot of foundational energy. 

Shi Hao's expression was unkind. "We just met, yet you are already trying to exploit others, you even have the shamelessness to call me an old friend?"

"Don't be so stingy, back then, I gifted you a delicate and pretty Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady, yet you aren't even willing to help me move a bit of sand, truly no conscience." The witch said.

This earth definitely had something underneath that possessed a strange force, restricting the All Life Earth, preventing it from being completely taken away.

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao collected seventy percent of the sand, and then he saw a human outline appear in the sand. 

He was immediately shocked, looking towards the witch.

"The one laying below is the true owner, an immortal king?!" Shi Hao looked like he had seen a ghost, this All Life Earth truly having a creature buried deep inside.

The witch was quite daring!

"Don't look at me, if it wasn't for cultivating a certain heavenly art, you think I'll be willing to lay here? I need the All Life Earth to make sure my body doesn't break." The witch rolled her eyes at him, muttering like this. 

"How did you come in here?" Shi Hao asked, not immediately digging this thing out. 

"I saw a blood soaked heaven and earth source energy cauldron that carried people. It shattered space, and after chasing it, I ended up here." The witch said. She was quite relaxed, as if she wasn't concerned at all. Her large eyes moved about, small waist stretching, appearing extremely easygoing. 

"What did you say?" Shi Hao immediately thought of the cauldron he saw on the ancient altar at the bottom of Burial Realm's Black Abyss. It didn't belong to the past or the present, but it came for him!

"It… where did it go?!" Shi Hao immediately grabbed the witch's snow-white arms.

"Hey, hey, hey, aren't you grabbing the wrong person? I am not Yue Chan!" She was graceful like an immortal, immediately moving over, glaring at him. 

"Look, just beneath the All Life Earth." She added.

Shi Hao was stupefied, looking beneath her feet with shock.

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