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Chapter 1007 - Not Existing in This World

This drop of blood was like an entire world, sky shaking war cries sounding from within. It was as if there were great armies fighting within, moreover many of them unimaginably powerful figures.

A drop of blood floated in the sky, as if reflected the past, present, and future. 

Shi Hao didn't move, staring forward. There was an indistinct male figure who towered between heaven and earth, above his head a cauldron that released source energy. It was even flickering with nine types of Immortal Gold radiance!

This male wasn't moving at all It was as if he crossed over endless time to gaze at Shi Hao. Those eyes were incomparably deep, giving off indescribable mysteries and information.

However, Shi Hao couldn't understand it. His mind was full of apprehension, unable to see through the type of information the other party wished to pass on. 

He had a feeling that the other party really wanted him to know, but he couldn't understand him.

"Not existing in this world, not belonging here, no way to explain…" He seemed to have vaguely heard a rumbling thunder sound. Immortal dao heavenly tribulation crashed down, this indistinct voice sounding in between it. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He stared at that person, wishing to see through and understand him. 

That person was bathed in thunder radiance, expression becoming even more complicated. However, he just couldn't speak, unable to open his mouth.

Was this really just a drop of blood? Why was it this strange type of scene?


A long and drawn-out bell sound rang through this battlefield, as if shaking up the river of time, interfering with the stability between past and present. There was a person sitting there, back to everyone. He was currently carrying out a technique, taking action together with others to push out a cauldron, making it rush out from a passage. Fragments of time scattered down like rain. 

"That cauldron, is that the same one?" Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. 

A sigh sounded. There was a female emperor, her style unmatched. In her hand was an immortal artifact that changed into a sword, a ring, a mask, releasing unmatched brilliance. She was also taking action, striking towards the passage, assisting that cauldron's flight. 

"Yi, that's Cao Yusheng?!" Shi Hao was shocked. He saw someone else that was too similar to the little fatty, but he was even fatter. That person was in his middle years, a daoist priest. He was also taking action and helping. 

Shi Hao saw gods and devils fall, blood dyeing the nine heavens and tenth earth. The scene was too terrifying. A few great figures stood tall, fighting murderously.

Time became indistinct, the stars turning, as if millions and millions of years had passed. Shi Hao's eyes were in pain as he stared in that direction, all the way until only a cauldron was left, resting not too far from him.

There was one more person standing below the cauldron, figure even more indistinct. He was a Heavenly Wmperor who overlooked the nine heavens and tenth earth. However, he couldn't open his mouth here. 

In front of him, the gods and devils all looked insignificant, too inferior, all of them needing to bow down, kowtowing towards him. He didn't have to display anger to exert intimidation, his Heavenly Emperor aura matchless.

"What do you want to say to me?" Shi Hao couldn't help but shout.

He had a feeling that this person came here to tell him some extremely important matters, but due to a few reasons couldn't open his mouth and say it. 

"Is it because you are only a drop of blood that you cannot explain anything?" Shi Hao asked.

He felt that this matter was too important. He could feel a vague type of feeling that he had to understand and get to the bottom of this. Otherwise, there would be a great disaster in the future!

Moreover, this type of great disaster would engulf the heavens above and earth below, the effects incomparably deep. 

Did this person come here to tell him? Why couldn't he communicate with him? 

The witch was pushed by a wave of power into the distance, unable to get closer, only able to watch. She was extremely shocked. What kind of person was that? Why was he so powerful? He exceeded any person she had ever met before.

"Far greater than a sect master, a Heavenly Emperor!" The witch had this type of feeling. That person's aura was too great! Even though he didn't speak, just silently standing there, he could still overlook time and space, suppress the heavens. 

She was shocked. Why wasn't Shi Hao affected? Meanwhile, that person didn't look down on Shi Hao, instead seemingly trying to communicate with him, yet unable to all this time. 

Was there something wrong with this world, or was she going crazy? How could there be such a terrifying expert in this world, exceeding the limit? It was impossible to understand.

Finally, the cries of war disappeared, all types of scenery disappearing. That person and the cauldron became dim, turning into a streak of flowing light, fading away. 

That cauldron from back then had visited this place!

Only, the cauldron had long shattered the void and left, only leaving behind a drop of blood that reflected all types of scenes of the past. 

What he saw just now wasn't the real person and cauldron, all just engravings.

"Why? Even after so many years had passed, that person almost knew that someone was going to come here, coming here to see him?" The witch was truly confused. 

All of the fluctuations disappeared, only a drop of bright red emperor blood left.

Shi Hao reached out his hand, wishing to touch it.

This blood was extraordinary, making even deities tremble. However, for Shi Hao, it was extremely peaceful, not injuring him, not producing any reactions against him. 

"Careful!" The witch spoke out in warning, rushing over. Before she approached, she already felt all of her fine hairs stand on end. It was too terrifying.

Shi Hao spread out his hand, wishing to place it in his palm. However, he was quickly stunned. His palm moved through the void, not touching that drop of blood. It almost didn't seem to exist. 

Why was this the case? It was truly incomprehensible. He tried several times, but he just couldn't grasp it in his hand. 

This blood was floating, accompanied by time fragments, as if it didn't belong in this world, as if it stopped somewhere in an eternal unknown place. 

These changes exceeded Shi Hao's understanding. Why was this the case?

Was this a drop of blood or an imprint? He almost couldn't say for sure, unable to see through it. 

However, there was one thing that he could be sure of, that it didn't belong to this era!

This touched upon time and heaven and earth dao, strange and astonishing.

No matter how Shi Hao took action, he just couldn't control it, unable to seize it from the fragments of time, only able to watch it rise and fall. 

"Strange!" The witch said. She thought for a bit, and then said, "How about trying to collect it with All Life Earth?"

Shi Hao nodded. He produced that bone cauldron. Inside of it was precious earth that released auspicious light.

"Yi, it moved!" Both of them were shocked. 

This drop of blood landed on the cauldron, entering the All Life Earth, thus disappearing. 

The two of them looked at each other in dismay. It was just too strange.

Shi Hao carefully and delicately stored the cauldron. Carrying it felt like carrying an immortal dao mountain peak, feeling extremely heavy. The main reason was because of the pressure he felt inside. 

It was because he felt that this drop of blood was too important, trying to give him information. Even though he couldn't see through it right now, the day would come in the future when he will understand. 

He definitely couldn't lose it, which was why he treated it with such care!

Was this a drop of blood from the future? Shi Hao became silent. What was going to happen in the future for someone to go this far?!

Only after a long time had passed did he recover. He shook his head, temporarily putting this aside.

"Hey, you're back. What kind of insights did you gain just now?" The witch was curious, asking him.

"The heavens wanted me to discipline an evil woman like you, not wishing for you to stir up chaos in this world." Shi Hao casually said.

"Go die!" The witch said. 

The two of them picked a few holy medicines in this ancient land, and then prepared to go back, no longer wasting time here.

"So much lightning tribulation, yet you are actually unharmed. The most powerful lightning doesn't bring you any damage?" The witch widened her beautiful eyes, revealing brilliance.

They naturally encountered large amounts of lightning when breaking out.

"I was born to be a Heavenly Emperor, what can this lightning count as?" Shi Hao boasted shamelessly.


A streak of lightning blasted his face, in the end producing an area of scorched blackness. His hair stood up strand by strand, his appearance as miserable as it could get.

The witch was stupefied, and then roared with laughter. "The skin on your face really is thick, not even thunder able to hack through it, lightning unable to pierce through, admirable!"

Shi Hao operated the Willow Deity's divine method, eliminating the burn marks, restoring himself to normal. He raised his fist and smashed it towards the sky, resisting the lightning, bringing the witch out. 

The witch couldn't help but feel shocked as she looked at Shi Hao's three strands of immortal energy. She had to admit that this fella now rose up. In the future, there definitely wouldn't be many who could match this youth. 

"How exactly did you cultivate those three strands of immortal energy? How many strands of immortal energy did Yue Chan cultivate, and how is she?" She asked.

"Secret. If you want to know, then be my servant girl for a few years, I'll teach you." Shi Hao said with a laugh. 

"A man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Hooking up with Heaven Mending Sect's fairy is one thing, yet you even dare to speak randomly to me." The witch ridiculed, rolling her beautiful eyes at him. 

"Fairy on the left, witch on the right, if they are both servant girls, then I can also be considered to have defied the heavens right? Haha…" Shi Hao laughed loudly.

"You can stop dreaming! Hurry and walk!" The witch urged. Her white clothes were pure like snow, figure graceful, clothes fluttering about. When she was calm, she was like an exiled immortal, when she smiled, there was a bewitching beauty. 

"What dreaming? In the future, I'm definitely going to suppress witches like you. When the time comes, don't come crying and screaming to be a servant girl at my side!"

Two days later, they made it out, arriving at the ancient land where the Heavenly Deity Tree resided. 

The witch was immediately stunned. On the majestic mountain, an ancient tree shone with dazzling golden light as if it was cast from cold. It was extremely luxuriant, divine fruits hanging from it. 

This was a Heavenly Deity Tree? She recognized it, and then crazy desire appeared in her eyes, running forward to compete with Shi Hao over the tree.

"Witch, you dare stab me in the back, do you want to immediately become a servant girl at my side?" Shi Hao shouted.

"Little friend, you really did find All Life Earth?" The old tree spoke, reaching out a golden branch and asking him.

"Correct!" Shi Hao produced a bone cauldron. 

"Aiya, I really am taking a great loss. Half of that All Life Earth belongs to me, old tree deity, why don't you follow me? I promise that you'll exist throughout the ages, have long life and never decay!" The witch shouted.

With a shua sound, the Heavenly Deity Tree shrunk, becoming only a foot tall, entering the cauldron and taking root in the All Life Earth. It felt extremely comfortable, the golden light it released even more resplendent.

"Let's go!" Shi Hao said. 

The witch couldn't calm down inside. This hateful fella, the All Life Earth he took away was actually to subdue this old tree. Wasn't she losing out too greatly here?

"This won't do, half of this tree belongs to me!" The witch seemed to have gone mad, hanging by Shi Hao's side without leaving, moving with him out from this ancient place.

They returned to the normal small worlds. 

"Did you really set your resolution to follow me, willingly become a maid?" Shi Hao teased. 

"Go die, go die, go die!" The witch shouted. 


This world trembled greatly. Many of Immortal Ancient's small worlds all became unstable, as if everything was going to be split open. 

"What happened?" Shi Hao's expression changed, asking those around them.

"It has been going on for many days already. The sect masters of the outside world are going to enter, about to break into Immortal Ancient!" A native spoke, his expression panicked. 

Great changes were about to take place!

Sect masters were going to descend into Immortal Ancient! This was definitely going to affect many things.

"Perhaps I should leave. I pretty much obtained all of the natural luck I can get." Shi Hao said softly. He had to make a decision.

He knew that there would be many dangers when leaving, that there would be an intense confrontation. 

When Immortal Ancient's great crack was completely opened, that was the time to escape. Of course, he had to join up with Immortal Ancient's sect masters, going to fight until he went mad!


The outside world could not remain calm. The mysterious guests that did not belong to the three thousand provinces, those youngsters, only a single person took action, yet the heavenly deities of the three thousand provinces were already forced back, no one his opponent. 

"This place you all stay in really is declining. You're going to try protect the Desolate Border like this?" That young heavenly deity shook his head, looking down on the people here greatly. 

During this time, they travelled through many places throughout the three thousand provinces, yet in the end, they found that not a single heavenly deity was that youngster's opponent. 

For the higher realms, this was a type of humiliation. 

"You all forget this ancient place's history by now right? Not even knowing where we came from. This place truly has declined." That young heavenly deity shook his head, immortal energy swirling about around his body. 

"Speaking such conceited nonsense, are you really going to challenge all of the heavenly deities under the heavens? Just wait a few more months, there'll definitely be someone who will come to defeat you!" A heavenly deity from the higher realms said.

This was a confrontation between heavenly deities, sect masters never taking action. It was because there were extremely powerful individuals among the mysterious guests as well. 

"Good! Let me see who else in this ancient land is worth me trying my hand against." That young heavenly deity laughed in contempt.

"There is! Six Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and Huang, if just one of them comes out, they will definitely be able to beat you!"

Only, quite a few cultivators of the three thousand provinces became silent. Would Huang even be able to come out? Would those sect masters let him go?

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