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Chapter 1004 - Heavenly Deity Tree

He really did find it!

Shi Hao was shocked, feeling even more joy. When he saw that ancient tree that towered majestically above the divine cliff, his heart was full of excitement. 

He closed in step by step, able to sense the aura unique to deities from extremely far away. The ancient tree's  golden leaves, flowers, branches, and fruits all flowed with dense spiritual essence. 

It was extremely tall, and also extremely thick. The tree bark was cracked apart like palm-sized scales. The entire tree was a golden color.

"Youngster, you are quite the lucky individual, actually reaching this place." The ancient tree spoke. 

It was clear that this Heavenly Deity Tree wasn't an ordinary medicinal herb, but a true powerful creature. Just the fruit it produced alone was enough to make one become a heavenly deity, let alone itself. 

"Senior and I have previously been acquainted!" Shi Hao was extremely polite. 

He already saw that this ancient tree was much more powerful than the stalk he saw in immortal ancient garden, because that tree suffered serious injuries, the trunk about to break. 

The tree before him was like a dormant Golden Heavenly Dragon!

"Sigh, the heavens truly are unfair, your strength already comparable to that of heavenly deities at such a small age, while I've cultivated for endless years in vain, unable to break through." The ancient tree said with a sigh. 

As a Heavenly Deity Tree, it could produce great dao fruit, making others become heavenly deities. How heaven defying was this?

However, it was restricted by the world itself, cultivation extremely difficult for it. Its road had long been broken, unable to become a true unmatched expert. Right now, he was just at the peak of heavenly deity level, a single foot in the sect master level. 

However, generally speaking, it was still more fortunate than other divine medicines, still having powerful strength.

One had to bear in mind that regardless of whether it was the Void Sky Divine Vine, Tribulation Crossing Divine Lotus or other divine medicines, or even the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal, a long life medicine, even though they possessed heaven defying medicinal nature, it was impossible for them to cultivate on a deep level, their strength not great. 

"Even though we can cultivate, we are restricted from birth, unable to achieve long life. Meanwhile, senior is a heavenly deity, yet has existed since the ancient past, great age continuous, able to watch as heavenly talents return to the yellow earth one after another, truly transcending above." Shi Hao said. 

"You have quite the way with words. My situation is nothing more than this, the bitterness I am aware of. If not for being planted in tribulation earth, I would have long been seized by another and planted like divine medicine," said the golden ancient tree. 

It was several dozen zhang in height, its branches lush and flourishing, entirely golden in color. There was a type of divine aura, its shining leaves supporting the clouds. 

"It's nothing much. Since you could come here, then the two of us are brought together by fate. I will gift you a Heavenly Deity Fruit, help you stabilize your dao and become a heavenly deity." It spoke like this.

Shi Hao's mind was burning with passion, he naturally wished to break through as quickly as possible as well. Time didn't wait for him, the more powerful he was, the better. It was because he knew that chaotic times were coming, and only one's own cultivation was reliable, only then could he live.

He tactfully asked whether he could obtain a few more fruits. It was because he saw that this tree had more than one or two of those golden frutis. 

"As luck would have it, there is only one fruit that is mature. The others, if not only flowers, are still underripe, useless if taken." The golden ancient tree shook its head, its branches releasing hualala sounds. 

Shi Hao humblingly asked what kind of effects there would be after eating the Heavenly Deity Fruit.

"At the very least, it would prevent hundred disasters from invading, dirt and gas not approach the body," said the ancient tree. Apart from being able to immediately become a heavenly deity, there were these wondrous effects too. 

"What does senior mean by hundred disaster from invading?" Shi Hao asked. 

"It can avoid lightning, stop flame tribulation, resist water calamity…" The Heavenly Deity Tree explained one after another.

When Shi Hao heard this, the expression on his face immediately moved. It could avoid lightning tribulation, how could this be okay?! He had to cross tribulation in every single cultivation realm, use it to temper his body. 

"Senior, that lightning tribulation…"

"Oh, I forgot, this great era rarely has lightning tribulation. These medicinal effects wouldn't affect anything, one does not need to worry." The ancient tree said.

"How can I not worry? I need to cross tribulation!" Shi Hao said. 

"What? You said you crossed heavenly tribulation?" The heavenly deity tree was shocked. He thought that Shi Hao was lucky, unexpectedly entering from the outside world and not entering by resisting the heavenly tribulation. 

"I already crossed heavenly tribulation three times." Shi Hao nodded.

In that instant, he felt a powerful divine consciousness sweep over. Then, this ancient tree reached out a golden branch, placing it onto his shoulder. 

"What powerful flesh, a primordial spirit that has experienced the cleansing of lightning tribulation!" The Heavenly Deity Tree immediately felt a different aura upon contact, feeling greatly shocked.

Shi Hao didn't resist, because he had strength comparable to a heavenly deity. In addition, he saw that this old tree didn't carry any killing intent. 

"Senior, you have stayed here for a long time, already becoming unfamiliar with the outside world. Are you willing to follow me?" Shi Hao probed. 

Now, he felt like the Heavenly Deity Fruit wasn't that useful for him. However, he could help the old friends close to him. This was definitely an unmatched divine tree.

He was comparable to a heavenly deity to begin with, so if he ate the fruit, it wouldn't hold too much meaning. Moreover, if he couldn't guide the heavenly tribulation later, then that would be extremely troublesome. 

That was why he felt that cultivating on his own was still better. Suddenly reaching the heavenly deity level just didn't make him feel good. 

However, this tree still possessed extremely great temptation. If he could bring it back to Stone Village, make Grandpa Chief eat a Heavenly Deity Fruit, then he wouldn't have to worry about the problem of growing older day by day.

Stone Village had so many people, for example, if those uncles and companions all ate a Heavenly Deity Fruit, not only would they become strong, they could also protect and watch over each other, not having to watch as their loved ones aged and died one after another. 

As for his own grandfather, the Great Demonic God, Shi Hao believed that he could cultivate to the heavenly deity level on his own. If he really couldn't he could naturally take a Heavenly Deity Fruit as well. 

That was why at this time, he stared at the ancient tree. Unknowingly when, his eyes already released a green light of desire, truly wishing he could immediately dig this tree up.

"Youngster, what are you thinking?" The Heavenly Deity Tree began to shiver from being stared at. He always felt like this youngster wasn't of the kind sort, making it feel incredibly uneasy.

"Senior, the outside world is going to end up in chaos. The Archaic Alliance, Desolate Border, vast uninhabited region, and others, every single one of them are starting to erupt with chaos, the world about to enter disorder. This place of yours will no longer be a pure land. The space Immortal Ancient Remains reside in has already developed a large crack, about to be linked up to the outside world. Senior has to make preparations." Shi Hao said. 

"What are you saying? What happened to the outside world?" The Heavenly Deity Tree revealed a serious expression, carefully asking.

When it understood the situation from Shi Hao's mouth, the old face that appeared on the trunk was incredibly overcast.

These types of things happened in the outside world, Immortal Ancient even about to no longer exist. That meant that this ancient place that wasn't disturbed by the outside world would most likely become connected to the three thousand provinces. 

"It would be good if there was a path to that place of long life." The Heavenly Deity Tree said to itself. However, it knew that this was most likely unrealistic.

"Senior, the younger generation wishes to lead the way, inviting senior to go out." Shi Hao said, feeling more and more passionate.

"With just your strength at the Holy Sacrifice Realm, how will you protect me? There is definitely a group of sect masters outside. When the time comes, there will definitely be someone to seize me, plant me inside of a medicine garden." The Heavenly Deity Tree said. 

"Senior, I am only twenty years old, yet I already have this cultivation. What if I am given a few more years? One needs to look further." Shi Hao said with a smile. He already set his resolution to bring out this ancient tree.

Twenty years old, comparable to heavenly deity, this truly was shocking. Even in the last great era, this was quite unordinary. 

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao didn't hide anything anymore, revealing three strands of immortal energy, forming a great dao flower petal above his head. The sun and moon's essence shone, the essence of heaven and earth swirling and moving about. The dao of heavenly laws were also echoing. 

The Heavenly Deity Tree couldn't remain calm anymore, shocked to the point of immediately jumping up, the roots pulled from the earth, breathing hurried. Its tree leaves shook intensely, the entire tree resplendent with golden light.

"Three strands of immortal energy, you actually reached this step. Even in the last great era, few young supreme beings could be like this!"

This left it feeling deeply shocked, greatly moved. In this place where heaven and earth were changing, gradually reaching the end of a great era, he could actually still meet a genius cultivator like this. This truly left it shaken up. 

The Heavenly Deity Tree's attitude immediately changed. Previously, it could remain calm, but now, it was extremely stirred up, feeling that it encountered a 'ridiculous' expert, perhaps it could follow him out.

Then, the two, one old one young, began to discuss among themselves. 

The Heavenly Deity Tree swayed about, those golden leaves releasing a bit of dew that carried faint wine fragrance, inviting Shi Hao to drink a cup. 

"This won't reject lightning tribulation, right?"

"There is no need to worry, it is just the sweet dew of heaven and earth that has been brewed into wine." The old tree said.

Even Shi Hao never expected things to go this smoothly, already convincing the Heavenly Deity Tree, having it quite possibly following him. 

The Heavenly Deity Tree had some misgivings, telling Shi Hao that it was too luxuriant, that if he followed at Shi Hao's side, it would be too eye-catching. When the time came, there would definitely be sects fighting over it. 

It could shrink and hide in spatial magical artifacts, but this would affect his growth, the Heavenly Deity Fruits easily coming off, so it wasn't a good way.

Shi Hao frowned and then said, "Is there no other way?"

It was such a large ancient tree. Unless it was planted in Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Palace, or Underworld Earth, these types of places, there was no way he could keep it in his hands. It would too easily draw the greed of others. 

"If you can find All Life Earth, even if I shrink to a foot tall, I can still flourish inside, my dao able to forge ahead, able to produce fruits again and again."

"I have All Life Earth!" Shi Hao said. He thought back to the earth he obtained from Jun Dao's hands, but he already gifted it to the little rabbit. 

The Heavenly Deity Tree told Shi Hao that there was All Life Earth in the depths of this ancient land as well, and it was also suspected to carry a great secret from the last great era. 

Shi Hao went on his way. Since there was All Life Earth, then it was best not to pass on this opportunity. If he could find it, then he'll be able to directly bring the old tree away, not having to worry about being discovered by others. 

The Heavenly Deity Tree warned again and again that it was going to be extremely dangerous, not even it daring to charge forward. There was the most powerful lightning tribulation along the way!

Shi Hao smiled. He made it here precisely through the lightning tribulation, already crossing tribulation three times. For others, it might be a place of inevitable death, but he didn't fear it at all.

Sure enough, in this mountain valley, there were some places that were extremely peaceful, plants verdant and lush, but there were other places scorched black, lightning pouring down endlessly.

Shi Hao frowned. The lightning tribulation in the very depths was terrifying after all, truly having the most powerful lightning hacking down from time to time. There were even some creatures formed from electrical arcs, baring their fangs and claws as they rushed at him. 

There were safe paths as well, but they would immediately be covered in lightning. If one wanted to make it through, if one didn't rely on great luck, then they had to have secret treasures, or be powerful enough themselves. 

After advancing for several days, Shi Hao saw a stone arch bridge that led into a pure land. The plants inside were sparkling and translucent, multicolored light flourishing. 

Shi Hao stepped onto the bluestone, heading inside. In the end, the lightning blasted him until he was charred black. If it was an ordinary person, they would have definitely exploded on the spot. 

While still far away, he saw a bit of scenery in the distance. In the depths of the pure land was a piece of wonderful land with all types of irregular scenes. Brilliant auspicious light flowed about, incomparably divine.

"All Life Earth!" Shi Hao cried out with joy.

At the same time, he was extremely shocked, because that All Life Earth produced many strange scenes, extremely mysterious. 

The most shocking thing was that the earth was flickering with specks of multicolored light like a mirror, reflecting the figure of a woman. 

"Why does it seem a bit familiar?" Shi Hao was immediately a bit stupefied, feeling like he recognized her. 

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