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Chapter 1003 - Ancient Land

Everyone speculated that Ning Chuan was in a weak state, greatly affected by Holy Sacrifice, or else normal heavenly deities wouldn't dare chase after him.

Shi Hao knew that this person used the Saint Wood to break into the Holy Sacrifice Realm, becoming a divine king!

"Cannot allow him to escape! Chase!" Shi Hao was in a rush. This was the best chance to kill this person. Otherwise, it would definitely be a great disaster. 

"Are you going to personally take action?" Beauty Clan's ancient ancestor's eyes moved, speaking like this. 

Shi Hao's mind was moved, revealing a look of surprise. "I ask several seniors to head out as well to prevent him from getting away!"


"Let's go and take a look!"

Two sect masters were going to follow along and take a look to see what exactly was going on. 

They continued without stopping to rest, hurrying over to a small world to chase after Ning Chuan. 

That day, Immortal Ancient was thrown into chaos. The small worlds all began to clamor with noise, killing energy surging. Heavenly deities were chasing after Ning Chuan, stirring up great waves. 

The white clothed Six Crown King, how shocking was this? Someone known to be unmatched in his cultivation realm from past to present, never having met someone who was a worthy opponent among his peers.

However now, he was in such a sorry state, being chased after by others. 

There were news that he was originally cultivating in seclusion, but he was unexpectedly discovered by others while in a weaker state, and that was why he ended up being chased by a few people for over hundreds of thousands of li. 

"Huang arrived, going to personally kill Ning Chuan!"

"That young supreme being who crossed heavenly tribulation and became a divine king is going to descend, about to settle his grudge with Ning Chuan! A major event is going to happen after all!"

Many people were discussing among themselves and full of expectation. They wanted to watch these two powerful individuals fight a decisive battle to the death.

However, most people didn't see things in Ning Chuan's favor. It was because even though he was in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, he still didn't cross heavenly tribulation again, so this bit already made him a bit inferior. 

The most important thing was that he was currently in a weak state!

If he couldn't immediately recover, Ning Chuan would undoubtedly die. Who could withstand Huang's power? That was why the timing in his recovery was crucial.

There were rumors going around the outside world that the white clothed Six Crown King was going to die, that this supreme being with fine jadelike skin and a face that was even prettier than that of women was going to fall.

"What a pity it is with Six Crown King, could it be that he is going to fall here? He reigned victorious in six worlds, known to be an undefeated individual, this type of end is just too lamentable."

Even the cultivators of the three thousand provinces were all shocked, all of them revealing complex expressions. A majestic and heroic figure in their hearts had been smashed, making it difficult for them to calm down.

Everyone felt that Ning Chuan might be finished!

"Appeared! Ning Chuan was locked onto by someone, appearing in Green Spirit Realm!"

"Not good, he is undoubtedly dead. He is now being followed, his true body completely locked onto, unable to flee any longer!"

News transmitted outwards, leaving all sides shaken. Cultivators of all sides swarmed over. 

Shi Hao's group slaughtered their way over, their goal to end Ning Chuan's life.


Suddenly, a terrifying fluctuation rushed out. There was actually someone trying to kill Shi Hao, sect master level fluctuations, incredibly intense.

In that instant, everyone became stunned, looking towards the sky with stupefied expressions.

That was a hand that hid heaven and earth, incredibly large, several thousand li in size. It covered everything beneath it, including all of the spectators!

That type of aura was too terrifying, powerful to the point of leaving others feeling suffocated!

An unmatched sect master appeared, coming here to kill Shi Hao, suddenly displaying a vicious attack.

"Its Ning Chuan!" Someone cried out. 

It was because that sect master appeared next to Ning Chuan, clearly traveling together with him all this time.

At this moment, many people's fine hairs stood on end, breaking out into a cold shiver. This was a whole different situation on its own!

Ning Chuan was conspiring together with a sect master, using his body as bait to guide Shi Hao over. Then, the most powerful sect master did everything he could to attack, trying to kill Huang in this way. 

The ones who were saying how Six Crown King was going to fall earlier all became stupefied. Now, they woke up, realizing that this was the burial ground prepared for Shi Hao. 

"Correct, Huang hid in Soul Island, not only having a few sect masters, but also the Great Mountain Protecting Formation, difficult to kill him. Now, it's different!"

The snake was drawn out from its hole, and now it was going to be killed!

A great hand covered the sky, covering Shi Hao's location.

Suddenly, in that instant, a sharp sword radiance rushed towards the sky, hacking towards that large hand, stopping the sect master's might.


The expert in the sky was without fear, and there were others assisting him as well. A cold snort sounded, and then a golden war spear appeared, piercing down from beyond the heavens, the aura ridiculously powerful. It also rushed murderously at Shi Hao. 

It wasn't a single sect master that was like this. For the sake of killing Huang, the other side made ample preparations. 


Then, this place erupted, three great sect masters appearing in the sky, including that Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor. 

There were two sect masters that protected Shi Hao below. It was clear that their strength didn't match up. 

"Yi, not right, hurry and leave!" Suddenly, a shout sounded from above. A sect master grabbed Ning Chuan, quickly fleeing into the distance.


There was someone that released a shout on the ground. In the blink of an eye, three great sect masters appeared. 

"Wasn't there information before that there were only two that came out with him? Why did all five appear?" The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor was furious.

He invited helpers to suppress and kill Shi Hao, ending the Eight Armed Soul Race and other clans' hope. Who could have predicted that things would change like this?

The skies, a rain of blood scattered. There were sect masters that were injured. The three great sect masters were fleeing in a sorry state, not daring to stay here to fight to the death, quickly breaking out.

Shi Hao appeared indifferent. Before leaving, Beauty Clan's sect master already warned him, and that was why he brought two sect masters to follow him. In reality, the great experts secretly all followed along.

"A single carelessness, and something unexpected might have happened." Shi Hao released a soft sigh. 

It was a bit of a pity that they couldn't capture Ning Chuan. The other party wasn't discovered, but rather leaked out his own whereabouts on purpose, colluding with sect masters, guiding him over. 

"I'll kill you next time!" Shi Hao said to himself. 

Ning Chuan stepped into the Holy Sacrifice Realm, his methods heaven reaching. With sect masters sheltering him, if he deliberately went into hiding, it would be difficult to find him. He could only wait for another opportunity now. 

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao secretly went on his way, rushing towards those place of great opportunities.

This was an ancient land, the ground not covered by grass, no bodies of water. It was a great desert that lacked vitality. 

It was to the extent where not even a sun could be seen, constantly engulfed in great winds that blew sand and stone everywhere. 

There were a few cracks and a few black holes in the void that were currently blowing rarely seen black astral winds. These winds could split apart true deities, extremely terrifying. 

He received information about the Heavenly Deity Tree a long time ago, news that he obtained from Burial Realm, to the extent where he even had a damaged ancient diagram. 

Today, he obtained proof after all. The void in this place was unstable with another heaven and earth within it. These astral winds blew out from within. 

Shi Hao stepped forward. He made his way inside, entering through a black void black hole, entering a strange place. 

As soon as he entered, there was a great void crack that hacked over, releasing loud noises as it flew over.

It was as Beauty Race's sect master said, this place too dangerous, the space unstable. When normal deities entered, there was a danger of being torn to pieces at every turn. 

Shi Hao's flesh had experienced the most powerful heavenly tribulation's baptism, now entering the Holy Sacrifice Realm. He was a divine king, so he was naturally without fear.

He made his way over, rushing into the depths of this ancient land, seeing all types of ruined and desolate scenes. 

The great earth was scorched black, as if it had been burned through. It was unknown just how much endless time had passed, now without even a single blade of grass growing. 

Shi Hao moved forward. Hong! Raging flames surged, making even his skin want to rupture. This was Solar Flame Essence, incomparably resplendent, flourishing with golden yellow light.

He hurriedly supported his only heavenly passage to resist. 

This type of flame was extremely terrifying, but he had experienced the baptism of heavenly dao flames, long adapting to it, so he didn't encounter a disaster here. Otherwise, normal people definitely wouldn't be able to hold on if they entered. 

Along the way, he encountered all types of dangers. He was walking through a ruined ancient land. He truly began to doubt whether there was a Heavenly Deity Tree here.

"Yi, I arrived!"

Finally, he saw concentrated lightning interweaving in the void, berserk thunder rumbling as it hacked down. 

This was a strange place full of berserk lightning that carried the attributes of heavenly tribulation!

When Shi Hao entered he immediately understood. This place was too strange, some places having normal lightning, but some guiding heavenly tribulation that matched one's cultivation realm!

What kind of place was this? It was too terrifying. 

If others entered, a single mistake would result in the death of body and spirit, simply impossible to withstand. 

Meanwhile, he crossed the most powerful lightning tribulation, so he naturally could make it through. Lightning poured down, filling everything between heaven and earth, rumbling as it crashed down.

In this place, Shi Hao saw a lot of shining fine powder on the ground. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that this was bone powder!

Heavenly deity bone powder!

One could imagine what kind of disaster those who recklessly entered this place encountered, what kind of miserable deaths they experienced.

It wasn't that every inch of space could guide heavenly tribulation lightning here, there was normal lightning as well. However, if one wanted to take advantage of this and enter, one would have to rely on luck. It wasn't something that could be predicted. 

"No wonder not many people since the ancient times were able to pick Heavenly Deity Fruits from this place." Shi Hao said to himself. This was just too difficult. 

This region was extremely vast. Shi Hao moved quickly, resisting the lightning tribulation, already travelling several thousand li!

After making it through this region, the clothes on his body long turned into ashes, his skin slightly charred black, but it didn't hinder him too greatly. 

After a bit of rest, Shi Hao continued on his way.

Finally, he saw plants. The earth was no longer scorched black, no flames or lightning radiance. He saw a verdant and lush color. 

Unfortunately, he didn't see any Heavenly Deity Trees here. After strolling around this green area, he was met with the separation of lightning again. 

"Really is weird. Why is there so much lightning with the characteristics of heavenly tribulation? Could it be that a battle in Immortal Ancient Great Era ruined heaven and earth, bringing problems even to heavenly tribulation?"

Shi Hao charged forward again. Two days later, he finally sensed a trace of abnormality.

Up ahead towered a great mountain. It was incomparably massive, as if it was as tall as the heavens, reaching past the clouds. 

There was the aura of a powerful deity. There were plants here, yet there was a lack of powerful individuals, so this naturally made this place extremely strange. 

Shi Hao rushed into the sky, passing the cloud layer, seeing what was above the mountain. He immediately widened his eyes, releasing blazing radiance.

He was immediately filled with a true feeling of happiness!

There was an ancient tree that was upright and strong like a dragon, even thicker than the one he saw in Immortal Medicine Garden. The branches were resplendent, the rays of light dazzling. 

This was a Heavenly Deity Tree!

It was extremely tall, yet it was different from Immortal Medicine Garden's stalk. Its leaves were an earthen yellow, and when it swayed back and forth, it would be suffused with golden radiance. 

When the radiance flickered to its most brilliant, it would appear as if this was an ancient tree created from suns. The golden color carried a blazing radiance, tens of millions of golden leaves fluttered and rustled about.

What made Shi Hao the most happy was that it was full of flowers, moreover many of them, not just a few like what he had anticipated.

Apart from this, upon closer inspection, he unexpectedly saw a few fruits hiding beneath the tree's branches and leaves, shining like suns. Even though there weren't many of them, this was enough to leave him completely shocked. 

Those were Heavenly Deity Fruits!

This was an ancient divine tree with flowers and fruits. It was actually truly found by him!

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