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Chapter 1002 - Great Waves

This instance of lightning tribulation affected too much. Immortal Ancient's natives were all shocked because of this.

As the years went by, who would be willing to step onto a path of muddle-headedness? Who dared to breathe under the shadows of death? No one wanted to have a curse tangling around them, all of them wishing for freedom and light. 

Now that there was this type of opportunity laid out before them, all clans naturally flocked over!

Shi Hao became the center of attention, surrounded by everyone, all eyes concentrated on him.

Of course, it wasn't every clan that sincerely wished him well, with some just putting on an appearance for the sake of acquiring Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

It was because the various clans were all scheming inwardly. If Immortal Ancient Remains split open, linking up with the outside world, once the great sects outside rushed in, there will definitely be great problems. 

They already realized that Shi Hao's relationship with some of the inheritances of the outside world wasn't good, not ending until one side died.

That was why a few sects' heavenly deities acted amicably on the surface, but it was unknown how they would really act at the crucial moment. 

Of course, there were a few great clans who truly bound themselves to the same war chariot as Shi Hao. It was because they still wanted to save their clansmen, wishing well for Shi Hao's future, believing that as long as he continued living, anything was possible. 

This was a type of gamble!

If the sect masters outside slaughtered their way inside, a great clash might break out. However, if they could protect Shi Hao, they would obtain generous reciprocation that would definitely be astonishing. 

Forget about even more powerful Lightning Tribulation liquid, Shi Hao alone was worth the clans' protection. Three strands of immortal energy surrounded his body, if he became a sect master level figure, who would be his opponent?

Shi Hao naturally knew that there were some who were seeking personal gain. Even though there were large amounts of experts around him, quite a few of them heavenly deities, there weren't that many true comrades.

A cold smile appeared on the corner of his lips. "Whoever brings back Ma Yue and Mo Luo's head, I can give the rest of the lightning Tribulation Liquid to their clans."

Even though he had already given out quite a bit of Lightning Tribulation Liquid, he still had a portion on him. Apart from the bit he gave the Eight Armed Soul Race and Beauty Race, the remainder was given to those who truly exerted themselves. 

If they wanted Lightning Tribulation Liquid, they had to prove their sincerity!

There were some who already went out to chase after those two heavenly deities before, but most of them returned, more of a performance than actually investing any strength. 

Shi Hao remembered those who truly chased after them.

Right now, he threw out this bait. A few people hesitated, but some didn't hesitate, once again chasing out.

Centaur Clan and Ancient Fiend Clan's expressions changed, finding it difficult to calm down. Conflicted expressions appeared on their faces. 

Those were their heavenly deities. They didn't wish to see the two of them die.

At the same time, there were some who inwardly cursed those two. If not for Ma Yue and Mo Luo's greed, intercepting Shi Hao to seize his immortal seed, how could it have ended like this?

That day, Immortal Ancient erupted with disturbances!

Shi Hao left for Soul Island. Right now, he completely stood together with the Eight Armed Soul Race. 

"Dao brothers, are you all really going to resign yourselves to this? It is just an outsider who criticizes our Immortal Ancient natives, relying on his Lightning Tribulation Liquid to threaten the different clans and give out orders, how can we listen to him?!"

That day, there were people who visited different sects, contacting them to join together in dealing with Shi Hao. 

It was clear that these were all those who bore hostility against Shi Hao. Powerful conflict had previously broken out between them, for example, the descendents of the seven heavenly deities Shi Hao had previously killed. 

There were other experts similar to the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race. How could these people obtain Lightning Tribulation Liquid from Shi Hao? That was why they did everything they could to incite disharmony and sow enmity against Huang. 

During this time, Ma Yue and Mo Luo even more so secretly visited a few ancient lands, hoping to wake up some slumbering sect masters and have them move out. 

"Huang still has Lightning Tribulation Liquid on him that can save your distinguished self. Having him in your hands is the same as grasping everything, making the clan flourish again."

They were extremely directly, telling them that the curse can be neutralized, now no longer an issue. 

"However, Huang walks too closely with Beauty Race and the Eight Armed Soul Race. Based on their arrangements, there is no way to make them leave, only by forcefully seizing and capturing Huang!"

The places Ma Yue and Mo Luo sought out were all ancient lands that carried grudges with the Eight Armed Soul Race and Beauty Race, all for the sake of stirring up conflict and hoping that they could restrain the two sect masters.

They offered the temptation that they could kill Huang and directly acquire the Lightning Tribulation Liquid, not having to die rigidly like a tree. It was because they had a substitute, for example Ning Chuan, who they were proactively contacting.

A storm was brewing in Immortal Ancient, all sides unable to remain calm, all because of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. This led to the awakening of a few sect masters from their slumber. 

There were too many natives, clans towering in large numbers. However, sect masters weren't that many, if not dead, they went made or muddle-headed. Only a few could still appear. 

This was a violent commotion!

Shi Hao naturally heard the news, his eyes becoming ice cold. Those two had to die, actually daring to add fuel to the flame. 

That day, the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor personally moved. Those two were nothing more than heavenly deities, not placed in his eyes at all. No one expected them to actually dare stir up conflict, angering the elder. 

A great murderous intent surged, spreading through Immortal Ancient!

There were some who saw sect masters clash, fighting above barren lands, fighting until the heavens collapsed and earth split. 

There was actually someone who could resist the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor, exceeding everyone's expectations.

However, after the curse was eliminated, the Soul Race's number one expert's strength became even more terrifying, able to take action without any restraint, winning over his opponent. 

Then, a sect master bled. After his spiritual body was killed, this matter immediately triggered a huge commotion. 

That person disguised his spiritual body as the true body to tangle around the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor, his true body unexpectedly already secretly charging murderously towards Soul Island, truly about to attack and cut off Shi Hao, seize his Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

Only, he miscalculated. Beauty Clan's sect master was overseeing this place, and the two sect masters rumored to have long left also appeared, still staying here as guests!

Everyone knew that Shi Hao saved a total of four sect masters. In the end, there were three here!


An intense battle broke out. This person's blood dyed the heavens. After losing an arm, he broke out with heavy injuries.

The Eight Armed Sol Race's ancient ancestor, after killing that person's spiritual body, found traces of Ma Yue and Mo Luo. He displayed power even from endless distance away, blasting their bodies until they split apart, almost exploding.

However, he still didn't act and deal the killing blow in the end, instead handling the task to the heavenly deities who had been chasing after them all this time. 

Those individuals felt grateful. With those two heads, they could exchange them for Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

"No, you all cannot be like this! We are heavenly deities, all Immortal Ancient natives, how could you do this?!" The two of them were horrified, couldn't help but cry out like this.

However, those heavenly deities' expressions were all cold, long aware that these two had previously forfeited a great opportunity out of greed. They looked down on these two, suppressing and killing them without mercy. 

When the two heads were brought to Soul Island and displayed before Shi Hao, he gave out the Lightning Tribulation Liquid as promised.

This matter's effects were great, the reactions of various clans different, all of their minds jumping. 

This was especially the case for the geniuses of the three thousand provinces, all of them breaking out in cold sweat. Those were heavenly deities! Yet Shi Hao didn't even have to take action himself, the heads brought before him just like that. 

Everyone trembled in fear. Right now, who dared offend Huang? If they truly made him discontent, just the slightest suggestion from him might have people fighting for his sake!

That day, Gu Jianyun withdrew from Immortal Ancient, leaving quickly and decisively from this place. 

An ancient king, a powerful individual who had previously crossed lightning tribulation ran just like that, not even leaving behind a single word. This made even more people's hearts tremble, feeling stupefied. 

"Seal up the entrance, don't let that Little Six kid leave!" Shi Hao said. 

When these words sounded, it triggered a huge uproar. Everyone knew that Huang was going to take action against Six Crown King Ning Chuan, already showing this type of intention. He was about to act decisively. 

Sure enough, there were heavenly deities who immediately walked out to search for Ning Chuan's whereabouts. 

Everyone knew that if they wanted to obtain Lightning Tribulation Liquid from Shi Hao, they had to display their sincerity. Even if they didn't kill Ning Chuan, they could still find his whereabouts and tell it to Huang. 

Of course, there were some who had long tied themselves to Shi Hao's side, wishing to directly kill Ning Chuan, searching everywhere for him.


Deep into the night, someone attacked Soul Island, almost breaking into Shi Hao's place of seclusion. Fortunately, there were sect masters overseeing the place, stopping their attack.

Shi Hao frowned. The situation was a bit complex and dangerous. 

Even though in the eyes of the three thousand provinces' cultivators, he currently wielded tremendous power, a twenty year old youngster already enough to order heavenly deities of all sides, he himself knew that he was currently propped up on a stove and roasted, things not all that optimistic. 

Once Immortal Ancient opened and the sect masters of the outside world slaughtered their way inside, he would most likely be in danger.

Aside from this, there were other sect masters in this ancient land, for example, the one that had just attacked secretly, targeting the Lightning Tribulation Liquid he had on him. It was because they bore enmity against the Soul Clan, so they had no choice but to forcefully seize him. 

If they continued like this, a slight carelessness might result in danger to his life. 

There was good news as well. The next day, a sect master paid a visit, already at the brink of muddle-headedness, asking Shi Hao for help. There were now five sect masters that stood at his side.

"There are two or three sect masters that cannot be converted into friends, related to the heavenly deities you killed, close friends with the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor." Beauty Race's number one expert said. 

Shi Hao frowned and said, "I do not want to remain in Soul island. Are there any places that can stop the steps of sect master level figures?" 

"There are a few places, but it's too dangerous." Soul Race's ancient ancestor said.

However, when Shi Hao heard him describe those places in detail, he was immediately moved. He wanted to search for opportunities to begin with and seize natural luck. It was now the perfect time to go on his way.

Why did he enter Immortal Ancient? To temper himself and transform, search for all types of great treasures. 

He received news about a few secret places from the sect masters' mouths. Those areas were quite strange, the space not stable. It would be dangerous for cultivators at any cultivation realm. 

"There is a Heavenly Deity Tree? I have to go!" Shi Hao said. 

When he received news that there was a Heavenly Deity Tree in one of the places, and that another place had the cave of an immortal, he was immediately moved. He had to pay them a visit no matter what. 

He had a feeling that he was going to leave Immortal Ancient soon. Before leaving, he had to carry out a final 'sweep' of this place, seizing all possible natural luck.

"Sigh, only saw a single stalk of immortal medicine, that White Tortoise Carrying Immortal. If I captured it, that would've been good!" This was Shi Hao's desire. He really wanted a stalk of long life medicine, bringing it out from Immortal Ancient. 

"Let me tell you a secret. This world has four Heavenly Deity Trees, their attributes different. If they combine and produce the mother tree, they will become a true long life medicine!" Beauty Race's sect master said. 

"What, there is this type of saying?" Shi Hao was stupefied. 

"Correct, it is divided into earth, fire, wind, and water. It was originally an unmatched immortal medicine, but in the end, it was divided into four stalks by someone with tremendous magical force." Another sect master added.

Shi Hao thought for a bit. He had previously seen one that was together with the 'White Tortoise Carrying Immortal'. 

Now, he seemed to have obtained some information about another Heavenly Deity Tree, how could he not be moved?

"When Immortal Ancient is cut open, that white tortoise will definitely appear. I need to think of a way to get that tree from it," Shi Hao said. 

"Reporting, Ning Chuan's whereabouts have been found, currently being pursued by several heavenly deities!" Suddenly, someone ascended onto the island and reported this information. 

Shi Hao originally wanted to leave, but when he obtained this piece of information, he immediately became extremely pleased, saying, "I'll get rid of him first."

Even Ning Chuan was being hunted down, the effects of this matter tremendous, shaking up Immortal Ancient. 

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