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Chapter 1001 - Everyone Joining

Shi Hao felt that that the Eight Armed Soul Race's sect master wasn't enough to kill him, feeling that he should recruit more people and gang up on the Silver Blood Devil Tree Ancient Ancestor, and only then would he be killed, eliminating a great danger. 

Soul Race's sect master immediately stood out. Even though he knew that Shi Hao wouldn't treat them unfairly, right now, he still had to display a type of stance. 

Immediately after, another individual ascended to the stage, figure indistinct, rushing at the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor as expected. 

Immortal Ancient was cursed, and this curse carried an enormous amount of danger. Normally, this level of creature was already extremely few, and even if there was, they couldn't leave the tribe, most of them already muddle-headed and in a deep slumber. 

However, today was special. The great sects were all paying close attention to whether or not Shi Hao could successfully cross tribulation, so sect master level figures personally came here. Now, they were going to take action.

"Dao friends, what are you all doing? Could it be that you are going to let an outsider incite disharmony among us? That Lightning Tribulation Liquid is definitely ours, so why do we need to ruin our relationship?" The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor said. 

"The two of our races have grudges to begin with, so it'll be properly dealt with here!" Soul Clan's ancient ancestor said.

"Everyone, this isn't the only time I will face tribulation. In the future, there will still be the most powerful lightning tribulation. I promise that I will treat all of your clansmen!" Shi Hao declared.


Immediately afterwards, sect masters took action, indistinct figures seemingly berserk as they threw themselves forward murderously. 

"All of you…" Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor was furious, but the circumstances were already beyond his control. He couldn't stay here, turning around to leave.

The battle of sect masters was definitely terrifying. Three figures shattered the heavens, disappearing from this place. Everyone trembled inwardly. 


Heavenly tribulation descended, lightning radiance poured down endlessly.

The tenth heaven's lightning tribulation was much more terrifying than the ninth heaven, but Shi Hao didn't provoke the True Dragon, Heavenly Phoenix and others in the lightning tribulation, let alone touch that immortal stage.

This was a layer of heavenly tribulation that wouldn't descend if not provoked. 

Just now, he provoked a few comparatively weaker lightning creatures, sending down tens of thousands of streaks of electrical light.

This was a disaster. The entire mountain range flickered with lightning radiance, rubble flying everywhere, those enormous ancient trees all pulling out their roots and fleeing towards the distance. 

Shi Hao resisted the lightning. At the same time, the space between his brows shone, his divine senses completely unfolding. 

He locked onto two heavenly deities, both of them transformed from enormous silver trees. Right now, the two were fleeing, rushing towards the distance. 

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Shi Hao's lips, chasing over with extreme speed. He didn't want to completely eradicate them, not wishing to slaughter the innocent, but the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race targeted him again and again, so he had to at least do something.

He didn't wish to kill the old and young, only eliminating the clan's main fighting strength. 

These two heavenly deities were undoubtedly his targets. Shi Hao quickly rushed over, bringing the lightning tribulation with him, chasing up to them soon after. 

This ended without any suspense!


Shi Hao in the lightning radiance didn't even have to make a move, and this heavenly deity was already blasted until its body fractured, and then its body and soul were wiped out.


The Everlasting Immortal Sword pointed out, chasing after a heavenly deity that ran in another direction. Sword radiance shocked the world.

This person turned around, turned into a sky reaching ancient tree, about to seal this sword core and bring it away.


Inside the sword core, lightning radiance erupted. This was the powerful lightning dao Shi Hao infused into the sword, and at this moment, it burst, immediately linking up the sea of lightning in the sky. 

"Not good!" This heavenly deity cried out loudly, quickly fleeing into the distance. However, it was still too late.

Shi Hao already eliminated the other person, now chasing over in this direction. With a raise of his hand, an enormous lightning dao light sword formed, viciously hacking over.


The mountain range was hacked through, turning into flying ashes!

This person vomited blood from his mouth, still wishing to escape. However, Shi Hao's real body arrived, meaning that the lightning tribulation did as well. 


Shi Hao blasted it flying with a single fist, forcing it to cough out large amounts of blood. Its flesh ruptured in the sea of lightning, ultimately turning into a charred corpse, thus losing its life.

This region was in chaos. When Shi Hao returned, the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race were already all fleeing. He didn't wish to massacre this place, only bringing the lightning and bombarding this place, turning all of the mountain peaks into ashes.

The ancient land of a race thus completely disappeared. 

Everyone was stupefied. This was but the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race, known as a matchless holy land, yet it was destroyed just like that. 

Shi Hao was extremely calm. He produced a jade cauldron, and then began to collect Lightning Tribulation Liquid. It was because he didn't want to waste any more time and end things.

Soon after, the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor and another sect master returned, on their bodies some blood. 

Did they settle things? This was what everyone was wondering. One had to understand that these two were chasing after the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor. This was a great matter that shook up all of Immortal Ancient. What were the results like?

"He is quite cunning, fleeing too fast. However, he suffered serious injuries, his chances of surviving not high, at the very least unable to fight for a year or two." The Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor spoke, feeling a bit regretful.

However, after carefully thinking about it, it was enough. After all, this was a sect master who was incomparably powerful, how could he be easily killed?

If not for the curse in his body, the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor definitely wouldn't die, able to live through it. However, Immortal Ancient was different. Once one received heavy injuries, their bodies would be corroded by the curse, easily falling.

The blood on the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor and that sect master's bodies were all from that Silver Blood Devil Tree, not their own. 

Thus, the lightning radiance around Shi Hao disappeared, the entire tenth heaven completely disappearing. 

In that instant, great banners fluttered about, formations sealed the heavens, surrounding him.

This was a great formation the Eight Armed Soul Race and a few other clans worked together to set up, something they discussed with Shi Hao beforehand to protect him out of fear of outsiders stirring up trouble.

At this time, two sect masters walked forward, both of them carrying looks of joy, their minds stirring greatly. 

Not every sect had sect master level level figures, and those that could fight were even fewer. Now that there were two people standing guard here, it could definitely be called a top level fighting force. 

"Little friend has heaven warping heroicness after all, even able to make it through Divine King Tribulation, shocking past and present!" Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor said with a sigh of praise.

"A true talent, a giant among men, is little dao friend married? I have a descendant who is incredibly beautiful, known as a world-shocking divine beauty…" The other sect master was extremely direct, laughing loudly as he spoke. 

Their admiration was sincere, and at the same time, they really did wish to rope in this youngster, because their clansmen numbers were enormous. If they wanted to rescue all of them, how could one or two instances of lightning tribulation be enough?

The two of them both wished to establish good relationships with Shi Hao, because only then could they change the fate of their clan.

"Seniors do not need to be polite. Please dissolve your curses!"

Shi Hao produced a jade cup, the cup extremely small, less than an inch in size. They both had a cup of Lightning Tribulation Liquid handed into each other's hands. 

"This senior is?" He recognized Soul Race's ancient ancestor, but he didn't know who the other was.

"He is Beauty Clan's old clan leader." Soul Race's ancient ancestor said with a smile, accepting the jade cup, downing the five-colored liquid with a single gup. He immediately sat down to operate a mysterious art. 

Beauty Clan's expert didn't move, staying here to offer protection as to avoid outsiders attacking secretly.

The Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor had previously became muddle-headed, rescued by the bit of Lightning Tribulation Liquid he offered up.

Now, the five-colored Lightning Tribulation Liquid was clearly better than the last time, the medicinal effects even greater. That was why even though it was just a small cup, it displayed tremendous use.

In that instant, his body released waves of black haze that turned into dark light, burning here. 


A great roar sounded. The Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor opened his eyes, then rose up into the air, stirred up and excited. He couldn't help but release a great roar, shaking up the world until groups of mountains collapsed.

The curse that had trapped him for so many years was now completely cleansed!

"Old friend, help protect me… I ought to do the same!" Beauty Clan's sect master's voice was trembling a bit. When he saw someone he knew succeed, great waves stirred within his mind as well.

A moment later, another great roar sounded, a second sect master neutralizing his curse. 


At that moment, all of the great banners and formation stages were put away. This place became calm. These two great sect masters didn't need these things at all.

They neutralized their curse, becoming far stronger than in the past. When taking action, they didn't have to feel any misgivings anymore.

"Fellow dao friends, please step forward." Shi Hao said. He rushed towards the great sects that had previously always protected him, smiling towards those great sects he had relations with, preparing to gift out the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. 

The Eight Armed Soul Race, Beauty Race, and others all swarmed over, those people so excited they were shaking, incomparably hopeful.

The two great sect masters stopped the chaotic masses, pointing towards the heavenly deities inside to have them walk up. These were the top level fighting strength, so they should have their curse neutralized first.

Soon after, this place overflowed with divine light. A few more heavenly deities immediately appeared, neutralizing their curses. Blood energy surged, shaking up this ancient place.

This was a major event!

No matter how many years passed, no one would forget that this youngster distributed Lightning Tribulation Liquid, helping the natives neutralize their curses, making many people shed tears of joy.

They didn't know how many years they had been waiting for this already, always wishing for the day they could return to normal, no longer bound by a mysterious power and become like those of the outside world.

That day was recorded in the annals of history, leaving a heavy mark in this great era!

Even though this great era had reached its end, it was still an extremely brilliant event.

"Everyone, we cannot feel optimistic about the situation yet. Immortal Ancient remains have displayed cracks, powerful experts of the outside world might enter. We have to think of ways to have the most powerful people neutralize their curse power first." Soul Race's ancient ancestor spoke. 

They had to start from those with the greatest strength as to cope with unforeseen developments. 

After obtaining their clans' agreement, quite a few heavenly deities immediately appeared, all of them sitting in the void, clouds and mists surging. Soon after, their curse power was neutralized.

The natives from many great clans who came here received benefits. That is those who were friendly to Shi Hao, none of them with the problem of their clans' heavenly deities secretly stirring up trouble.

Of course, there were a few clans whose eyes were red, but they could only stare helplessly. 

These races had previously all either attacked Shi Hao or had disagreements with him, so they were naturally excluded.

Soon after, this place erupted with activity. 

Shi Hao was crowded at the center, surrounded by a group of heavenly deities!

Right now, that youth looked extremely great and divine. He helped a few people with their curses, naturally obtaining their sincere gratitude and support.

"Not good!" Quite a few people people who bore hostility felt fear. 

It was because more and more people gathered in Shi Hao's surroundings, heavenly deities standing in great numbers. How could they not be scared?!

In the end, there were even another two muddle-headed sect masters who were saved!

Four great sect masters stood together there, making others truly shocked, sighing with astonishment. 

"Little friend, our Centaur Clan and Ancient Fiend Sect were always actively taking action to protect little friend. We must ask for help in neutralizing the curse power."

The two clans couldn't sit still any longer. They hurriedly walked up, because they seemed to have been forgotten.

I have previously said that Centaur Clan's Ma Yue and Ancient Fiend Race's Mo Luo had tried to kill me, so it is impossible for me to give out Lightning Tribulation Liquid unless they die." Shi Hao calmly said.

"You… want to tyrannically abuse Immortal Ancient? Do you think everyone will obey your orders?" Ma Yue transmitted sound. 

"Just an outsider, by what qualifications do you have to act so unbridled? Lightning Tribulation Liquid is something everyone in Immortal Ancient needs, doing things this way is forcing us." Mo Luo also transmitted sound. 

This time, Shi Hao didn't have to speak, nor did the four sect masters say anything. A few heavenly deities directly took action, rushing forward murderously.

Those two individuals' expressions changed, immediately fleeing for their lives. 

In the distance, the cultivators of the three thousand provinces were all stupefied. Huang gathered such a great amount of power just like that?

Regardless of whether it was Yun Xi, Yue Chan, or the others acquainted with Shi Hao, they were all shocked. 

This kind of force, if brought out from Immortal Ancient, would definitely stir up a great storm. 

It was because this power was still growing!

As for facing tribulation, the reason why Shi Hao obtained comparatively more Lightning Tribulation Liquid was because the effects of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid far exceeded that of the past, helping many people neutralize their curses. 

At this moment, he directly gifted a bit of the Lightning Tribulation Liquid to the Eight Armed Soul Race, Beauty Race's true deities and others. 

"Little friend, do not be like this, it's too much of a waste." Soul Race's heavenly deity urged, hoping to save a few more heavenly deities and make their strength greater. It was because if there was conflict with those of the outside world, they would be able to protect their clansmen. 

"Soul Clan, Beauty Clan and the others had previously protected me sincerely. This precious liquid has to be distributed!" Shi Hao said. 

This was something he had to do. Those close to him were special, the clans that had previously made a great effort to protect him all obtained special care. 

When he did this, there would be even more people who came, hoping for the next time he gifted out Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

Sure enough, this triggered a commotion. More and more people rushed over, experts filling this place like clouds. There were heavenly deities everywhere, surrounding him within!

"This kind of alliance, this enormous strength, it will definitely stir up a terrifying storm in the three thousand provinces!" Someone sighed with amazement.

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