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Chapter 1000 - Precious Liquid Crisis

The pond cut from rock looked simple and ancient, dull without luster. There was only a type of ancient feeling of accumulated time.

This was an immortal pond within a sea of lightning, the Lightning Tribulation Liquid different from the past. Five colors shone in a hazy manner, immortal mists surging, auspicious light rising. A sweet fragrance wafted through the air. 

This stuff was truly precious. Shi Hao gulped it down one mouthful after another, feeling his body quickly returning to its peak. Regardless of whether it was his flesh or primordial spirit, they were all nourished, the hidden injuries from before completely disappearing.

When he saw the countless blazing eyes all around him, he didn't bat an eyelid. He closed his eyes, sitting down here, carefully comprehending the world's natural laws.

He received great benefits in the tribulation this time. His flesh and primordial spirit continuously broke apart, and then were continuously pieced together, refined hundred times over. The lightning refined his flesh, tempered his primordial spirit, this was an ancient technique that was extremely beneficial for him. 

Immortal Ancient Great Era was powerful, having those with long life was precisely because the world's environment allowed for this. All those who weren't ordinary had to face lightning tribulation!

In this world, the laws of the world didn't permit such a thing. Regardless of who it was that guided tribulation, the lightning that was brought down would be incomparably vicious, exceeding the heavenly judgment of the past. 

Every inch of Shi Hao's flesh was shining, the light within his body swirling, mysterious symbols erupting, making him appear more and more powerful and unordinary. 

He could feel himself becoming more powerful. Three strands of immortal energy moved above him. He could vaguely see signs of great dao flowers condensing. 

Divine King Tribulation, it was passed just like that!

"Divine King, a young cultivator who is only twenty years old, this has truly shaken up all of past and present!"

He really was ridiculously young. To have this type of cultivation at this age was extremely terrifying. Older generation individuals could only release a sigh. What kind of monster was this?!

Yun Xi stood in the distance, her expression complicated. This old friend was too heaven defying, successfully crossing tribulation, this was the Divine King!

She immediately thought of many things. They had previously traveled together for several tens of thousands of li, the two of them walking quite close together, yet in the end, due to her clansmen's actions triggered a series of events. She sighed softly. 

When she saw the seated figure in the sea of lightning, without even thinking much, she knew that Celestial Clan now definitely felt extreme regret. They wronged this benefactor of theirs that shocked past and present.

Who could have expected this youth to rise up so quickly, never dying all this time, continuing to charge forward, already reaching the position of Divine King at the age of twenty!

"Yue Chan, is there really nothing between you and him?" Heaven Mending Sect's heavenly deity said softly. 

"Granduncle, if you speak any more nonsense, I won't speak to you again!" Yue Chan was truly angered badly. This granduncle of hers actually favored Huang this much. 

"You are still young, thick-skinned. You are embarrassed, but that is only natural. However, I am your granduncle, so you can talk to me about anything. Even though you are the holy lady, if there is anything between you and him, it's not like the things are completely inflexible. We can go ask the sect master and have him decide what to do. This type of youngster, even though his age is so young, his strength is so astonishing. If he can join our Heaven Mending Sect, everything would be worth it!" This seemingly young heavenly deity spoke. 

Dark lines appeared on Yue Chan's sparkling white forehead. She almost smashed her beautiful fist into her granduncle's face.

She and Shi Hao were like water and fire. Too many things happened. For her to surrender and be wrongly roped in, that would truly be unendurable. 

However, each time she thought back to her experience in Cold Realm, as well as her matters with Qing Yi and Shi Hao, she would feel rattled, gnash her teeth in anger. 

"Sigh, my master said that someone who really can eat will sell me off. Don't tell me that it'll really be this scoundrel?!" Cao Yusheng sighed, staring at Shi Hao. 

"I truly never thought that he would reach this step!" Dragon Girl's beautiful long hair scattered down to her waist, her beautiful eyes blinking, She exchanged a look with Chang Gongyan, both of them extremely shocked.

Rising up in one world, overlooking the heavens above and earth below, this was Huang. He forged his own path, just too astonishing. 


Shi Hao widend his eyes. He already drank a lot of the Lightning Tribulation, confirmed that his dao had strengthened. Even if he continued drinking, it wouldn't benefit much, so he stopped.

"I reckon that in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, my cultivation has stabilized greatly. I should be able to remain at the heavenly deity level for an extremely long time and not suddenly drop."

This was a feeling Shi Hao developed. He believed firmly that this was the breakthrough of Holy Sacrifice Realm. When one's strength would no longer fluctuate between strong and weak, one would directly become a king among heavenly deities. 


Shi Hao was shocked. Five colored brilliance rose from the immortal pond, turning into faint mists and drifting into the distance. Was this Lightning Tribulation Liquid evaporating?

Such a thing had never happened before. Why was it like this today?

Soon after, he discovered that the lightning was abnormal, releasing pi pa sounds. The calm tenth heaven unexpectedly surged, lightning becoming vicious, surging intensely.

"There is someone seizing my Lightning Tribulation Liquid?" Shi Hao was furious. 

The vague mists seeped out, all heading in a certain direction. Even though it wasn't much, just the beginning, it still left him alarmed. This person's methods were unordinary!


Shi Hao took action, sealing the immortal pond, not allowing the mist to drift out. These were all extremely precious liquid, a single drop enough to make the heavenly deities in Immortal Ancient submit.


This heaven and earth seemed like they were going to overturn. There was a type of powerful attraction force that tore at the void, distorting the heavenly domain, forcefully seizing the Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

There were even more experts among the natives that were eager to give it a try, trying to obtain a cup of the soup. 

That treasure bowl was polished from five-colored divine bone, rushing out from the dark clouds. It was enormous like a mountain, releasing brilliance that illuminated the sky.

There was even a mysterious power inside the mouth of the bowl. Natural laws interweaved, devouring the essence between heaven and earth, wishing to forcefully seize the Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

This was the model example of picking the fruit of others' efforts. After Shi Hao successfully crossed tribulation, finally seeing divine liquid, someone tried to seize it away. 

This naturally incurred an uproar, making Immortal Ancient's natives agitated.

As for the Eight Armed Soul Race and others, they were even more shocked and angry. They protected Shi Hao, yet someone dared to stand in the way and seize the divine liquid, forcefully interfering and sticking their hand in. How could they accept this?

"Lightning Tribulation Liquid belongs to us. It can neutralize the curses, ask him to hand it over!" Someone said in the darkness. 

Shi Hao's eyes became cold. He stood at the Immortal Pond's side, rigidly sealing down the precious liquid, not allowing it to flow out.

That treasure bowl really was astonishing, the might it displayed making even heavenly deities gasp with admiration, exceeding their power. However, it was also because of this that it drew lightning, about to face disaster.

The one who hiddenly took action immediately felt apprehensive, releasing the treasure bowl, not daring to get too close. If he ended up guiding over the heavenly punishment that matched his cultivation realm, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine. 

"Hand over the Lightning Tribulation Liquid. It belongs to our Immortal Ancient natives!" Someone shouted, eyes burning with passion.

This was a great roar, indeed raising quite a bit of support from different people. They desired new life, wished to neutralize the curse, no matter who it was that caused it to appear.

"I was wondering who it was. Silver Blood Devil Tree Race, you all really are something! Wishing to seize Huang's Lightning Tribulation Liquid? However, I really want to see if you all can succeed."

At this moment, Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor spoke.When this voice sounded, all sides were shaken. 

Soon after, Shi Hao understood as well. Not long ago, when those five great heavenly deities entered the heavenly tribulation to kill him, there was a sect master that interfered, stopping the Soul Race's ancient ancestor from providing assistance. It was precisely this person. 

"Silver Blood Devil Tree Race!" Shi Hao's eyes became more and more cold.

"Little friend, you have so much Lightning Tribulation Liquid, you do not need it yourself, so why don't you gift it to your fellow cultivators, saving us from disaster? When the time comes, many people will feel gratefulness towards you." Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's sect master figure said.

He displayed his true body. This was an elder, but his mind was hale and hearty. Behind him was an enormous silver-colored ancient tree that reached into the sky, brilliant light shining as it swayed. 

"I naturally know how to handle my own matters. You don't have to trouble yourself with who I gift it to." Shi Hao said calmly. This sect master already took action against him several times.

First, it was Soul Island, wishing to forcefully capture him. Then, during the chaos when heavenly deities from the outside world entered, he had previously reached out a large hand to kill Shi Hao. Now, he was going to interfere with his tribulation. How could Shi Hao treat him with any good intentions?

"Little friend, one needs to have a charitable heart… So many fella daoists have endured the torment of their curse, are you just going to watch them suffer while having such a large amount of Lightning Tribulation Liquid before you, not wishing to save them?" The Silver Blood Devil Tree's ancient ancestor sighed. 

"Old fella, you really know how to uphold justice, using my things to buy favor, roping in everyone, now even labeling me as the one of injustice." Shi Hao coldly replied. 

Then, he continued, "I won't keep the Lightning Tribulation Liquid for myself, gift it all to the natives. However, there is definitely no portion for your Silver Blood Devil Tree Race, not even a single drop!"

Shi Hao spoke extremely directly, revealing a cold smile. 

"Little friend, your heart is too cold, how can you do this? If you really are benevolent, then you should evenly divide the precious liquid, gifting it to all different sects and not just a few that you casually choose." The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor said, his voice cold. However, he was roping in some people, driving a wedge between others. 

"If you want it so badly, I'll deliver it straight into your clans. I want to see if you all still want it!" Shi Hao said. He began to move through the void, bringing the sea of lightning, thus disappearing.

This clan wanted to kill him several times, this old thing even more so, in spite of his identity, not only secretly wished him harm, now even having this type of attitude, wishing to forcefully seize it, wishing to turn all of Immortal Ancient's natives against him. How could he allow this matter to end like this?

Shi Hao was extremely decisive, rushing towards the Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient land.

The tenth heaven didn't disappear yet. He moved through an expanse of mountains. This place was resplendent with silver light, divine multicolored radiance rushing into the heavens.

Silver Devil Trees stretched as far as the eyes could see, taking root in the mountain ridge, spiritual essence flourishing without end. 

Apart from this, there were large amounts of palaces, suspended islands, and others. This was this clan's important place.

"Younger generation, you dare?!" Many people chased over. The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor naturally knew what he was going to do. This fella wanted to incur heavenly tribulation again.

"Why wouldn't I dare?" Shi Hao said coldly. 

The tenth layer of lightning sea was originally extremely peaceful, but right now, he blasted towards a few creatures, immediately triggering a commotion. Endless lightning poured down, hacking towards the mountains and rivers.

"Hurry and retreat!"

The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor roared, immediately panicking. This youngster's decisiveness and viciousness exceeded his expectations, actually daring to incur lightning tribulation as if he didn't care about his life. 

Meanwhile, he didn't dare go up, because once sect master heavenly tribulation descended, he would inevitably die. The curse power in that type of heavenly tribulation would make his body and soul scatter.

"Younger generation, if you dare do this, there will be no place in the nine heavens and tenth earth that will permit your existence!" The Silver Blood Devil Tree Race's ancient ancestor roared angrily.

"Is that so? You did all that, yet I can't even do this bit?" Shi Hao's voice was ice cold as he gazed into the distance, staring at all the cultivators that hurried over. "No matter who it is, anyone that wishes this old thing's downfall is my friend. I will give their clan Lightning Tribulation Liquid!"

Shi Hao's voice shook the skies. There were many clans in Immortal Ancient, definitely not lacking experts!

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