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Chapter 999 - Tribulation Conclusion

Five great heavenly deities arrived, their speed extremely fast, completely outside of everyone's expectations.

The creatures formed from lightning rushed over, striking down on their bodies, making them release a muffled groan, staggering backwards, scorched traces appearing on their bodies.

They didn't resist, allowing that lightning to descend. It was because going against it was the same as interfering with the heavenly tribulation, an action that would incur bad results.

Whenever others interfered with a lightning tribulation, the lightning would always deliver heavenly punishment of the corresponding cultivation realm.

Why would they dare do something like this? They would rather let themselves be hit by this electricity, not resist it, forcefully endure it as they rushed towards Shi Hao, and then take action against him. 

It was because they already saw that this ninth heaven lightning tribulation was a bit strange, not that powerful. With Shi Hao's decline in cultivation, the lightning also became considerably weaker. 

This was the optimal situation for kiling Huang!

They forcefully resisted the lightning, and then they attacked the Divine Flame Realm Huang!

One had to understand that they didn't fear the curse power, as they were heavenly deities from the outside world, able to resist the dense curse power. It was because they had never been affected before. 

Soul Race's people came, but they were extremely worried. Only the old heavenly deity Shi Hao rescued dared go inside, the others were at their wits end. It was because the curse was just too dense. 

Their sect master's magical force was heaven reaching, but right now, he was also stopped, unable to set foot inside.


Shi Hao turned into a streak of light, charging through the lightning, avoiding the pursuers behind and the creatures formed from lightning. This was a life and death crisis. His speed was increased to the limit. 

Fortunately, the speed of the creatures produced by lightning also decreased, not as great as their original lightning form. Otherwise, with the speed of lightning, who could deal with that?


Despite this being the case, this was still a great disaster. Lightning erupted, all types of plants took root in SHi Hao's surroundings, sweeping through his body, blasting him until his flesh was mangled, bones broken, his body left in a terrible state.

His dao was weakened, magical force declined. Right now, he was a Divine Flame Realm cultivator, so this was definitely a death trap. 

Even though the heavenly tribulation also weakened, it was still far above his cultivation realm, impossible to deal with. Any random plant creature produced by lightning could kill him. 

"The situation doesn't look that good, hurry and kill him!"

The five great heavenly deities' expressions changed. It was because they realized that even though they hadn't resisted the heavenly tribulation, allowing it to land on their bodies, it still wasn't enough. It was as if they were guiding some kind of karma onto themselves. 

They suspected that if they continued tarrying about, it would be equal to being completely caught up and participating in the tribulation.

When that moment arrived, it would become incomparably terrifying. They would be facing tribulation corresponding to their own heavenly deity level, meaning that they would undoubtedly die!

One had to understand that they definitely weren't Huang, no way they could cross heavenly deity tribulation!


A heavenly deity acted viciously, displaying power and slaughtering his way over to Shi Hao in an extremely violent manner. Natural laws turned into a web, within the brilliance stellar light. 

Shi Hao's mind jumped up and down intensely. Even though he had extreme speed, escaping extremely fast, he was still affected. Large mouthfuls of blood flew out from his mouth, his entire body flying out. His body's injuries were severe.

"Hurry, he can't hold on much longer!"

Another person shouted. The divine sword in hand shone, a heavenly deity sword. It hacked open the void, slicing forward. 

This was a streak of enormous unmatched sword radiance. It pierced through heaven and earth, landing on Shi Hao's body.

Shi Hao did everything he could, avoiding this attack, but powerful killing energy still swept over, This was formless killing intent. His body released large amounts of blood, almost being hacked in half. 

Dark red blood dyed the skies red. Shi Hao was almost killed.

In the distance, cries of alarm sounded. Yun Xi's hand covered her mouth, the space between Yue Chan's brows shone. Cao Yusheng clenched his fists, Chang Gongyang's pupils contracted… everyone's reactions were different. 

"Huang, could it be that he is going to fall?"

Some were shocked, others anxious. 

"Haha, he won't be able to escape!" There were naturally those that were laughing loudly, taking joy in his disaster. At this state, what else can he do to turn things around?

"What a pity, how lamentable. This is the result of those who are too arrogant and conceited, just having to cross tribulation, moreover the most powerful heavenly tribulation. Who does he think he is, a War Immortal?" Someone ridiculed, feeling incredibly carefree. 

Needless to say, everyone could see that Shi Hao's current situation was utterly terrible, about to die at any moment.

"Get lost!" Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity roared. He already took action, but what could he do against five people? They were all heavenly deities, so there wasn't much he could do. 

"Ancient treasure activate!"

Someone said with a low shout. They definitely couldn't allow Huang to die. At the same time, the allies they invited over were also laying formations, finding a way to join in and neutralize the situation.


However, in the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, those five heavenly deities went mad, attacking at Shi Hao. Even though they didn't hit their target, the blast waves still heavily injured him again.

This time, Shi Hao broke at least a dozen bones, his body covered in wounds, the damage to his flesh severe.

He inwardly grinded his teeth, not saying anything, continuing to run.

"Not good!"

The expression of one of the five great heavenly deities became pale, releasing a cry of alarm. It was because even though they didn't resist, by chasing like this in the lightning, he was still considered to have participated. Lightning was rushing towards him.

They quickly withdrew, freeing themselves from the heavenly tribulation range.

However, one of them was still caught. Just now, he had attacked the most, ultimately suffering the lightning's attacks. 

In that instant, lightning flourished with radiance, the heavenly deity level heavenly tribulation descended. With a hong sound, lightning radiance drowned out this place. That person cried out loudly, but before he could even struggle a few times, he already exploded.

In the distance, everyone became quiet, turning silent, their entire bodies going cold when they saw this.

Not everyone was Huang, able to cross tribulation. This really was the case as expected. This person only lasted a moment, and then lost his life.

Meanwhile, at this moment, Shi Hao felt a strange sensation. His magical force was climbing, rising up from the depths. His strength was recovering.


Shi Hao released a great roar. His body was recovered, injured body treated, blood energy surging. Then, he divided into four bodies, sending out three spiritual bodies to fight with him. 

"Not good!" 

Those four individuals began to break out in cold sweat, quickly running.

Huang recovered, unexpectedly stepping foot into Holy Sacrifice Realm again, becoming comparable to heavenly deities.

In this cultivation realm, he had the bearing of an unmatched being.

Regardless of whether it was Immortal Palace's heavenly deity or Underworld Clan's heavenly deity, they were both killed by Huang. He carried out a blood purge in Immortal Ancient, killing a group of experts. 

How could these four heavenly deities not be scared?

They originally wanted to take advantage of his weakness to end his life, but who would have expected that he would recover so quickly, returning to the Holy Sacrifice Realm!

This was simply a disaster!

Four great heavenly deities ran, but Shi Hao's true body and three spiritual bodies turned into four streaks of light, chasing after them.

This was an iron-blooded hunt. Their magical force was heaven reaching, but they ended up encountering heavenly tribulation, encountering Shi Hao. They could only escape.

"Not a single one of you can leave!"

Shi Hao transmitted sound to the Eight Armed Soul Race and the others to move aside. There was no need for them to take action.


His true body took action. A fist smashed out, heaven and earth losing color, wind and clouds changed. Reincarnation, Kun Peng, and other techniques merged, shattering the void!

That heavenly deity cried out loudly. Even though he did everything he could to resist, his body was still covered in a fine layer of cracks, and then he began to quickly age.


Shi Hao then released another fist, a completely red fist penetrating his body, drawing large amounts of blood, rushing past. This person exploded on the spot!


On the other side, Shi Hao's spiritual body's hand held the Everlasting Immortal Sword, activating an unmatched method, using the Lightning Emperor's secret method to spur on the sword core, fighting intensely against a heavenly deity. 

In the end, the sword core turned, cold light illuminating everything. With a pu sound, that heavenly deity's head was removed, blood rushing several dozen feet into the air.

Then, heavenly tribulation descended, blasting that corpse to pieces.

"None of you can leave!"

The other two heavenly deities were also intercepted, fighting an intense battle against Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao stood there, supporting his only heavenly passage, preventing all methods from approaching. Meanwhile, golden willow branches shot out from his body one after another like divine law chains, piercing through a heavenly deity, bloody holes covering his body. 

That person cried out loudly, but his struggle was futile, dying here.

There was one last person left. When Shi Hao recombined with his spiritual bodies, the moment they merged, he displayed the Eight Ninth Heavens Art, sweeping outwards.


After crossing this trial, he could continue ascending into the heavens. 

Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood. He sat down, adjusting his state to its peak. Brilliant colors appeared on the surface of his skin.

Finally, he rose up, walking towards the heavens. There was another region above the ninth heaven. 

This was the tenth layer of heaven, as well as the final heavenly tribulation. 

However, this place was extremely special. Ancient trees towered, countless city watchtowers could be seen, all types of immortal caves suspended high up in the sky. There were even more so flying birds and walking beasts. There were even True Phoenixes, Dragons, and others. 

Creatures wandered about this place, all of them extremely powerful. Even though there was danger, those creatures normally wouldn't attack him. 

Shi Hao had previously thought to himself that if all these creatures were to act out, it would be difficult for even him to make it out alive. It was because those creatures were too powerful, with no lack of immortal birds and long life beasts among them. 

Meanwhile here, there was an ancient platform that was majestic and grand, releasing the most dazzling light. 

Immortal Killing Stage!

There was ascension light rising there, terrifying killing energy pervading the air. Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao wouldn't dare enter. Just the bit of energy it released already made his body feel like it was going to collapse. 

Shi Hao made his way around. He encountered danger here, but it wasn't that scary, still enough to deal with. 

Up ahead was an ancient pond. Five colored multicolored light rushed into the heavens, vague brilliantly colored mist pervading the air. Chaotic energy drifted about, looking incomparably divine and auspicious, scattering all of the curse power.

Immortal Pond!

In legends, this was an unmatched precious pond, within it Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

This was the third time Shi Hao saw it. This pond wasn't that large, several square feet in size. Inside was five-colored liquid, extremely viscous like jade elixir. 

Things were already like this, so Shi Hao knew that he had succeeded. He could be considered to have passed the heavenly tribulation this time.


He tried a mouthful. It was incomparably fragrant, the sweetness moistening his throat. His inner injuries and fatigue disappeared without a trace. 

In the vicious battle, during those fights, he paid an enormous price. Even though he used the secret method to activate bone texts and treat himself, it would still inevitably wound his source energy.

However now, he obtained five-colored Lightning Tribulation Liquid. These things already weren't problems!

Shi Hao laughed. With this Immortal Pond in hand, all injuries could be treated. He couldn't help but look into the distance. All of the natives' eyes became red, staring at him.

Forget about heavenly deities, even the Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor's eyes were blazing like a sun.

This was their life saving divine liquid, it was just too important!

Meanwhile, the great heavenly deities of the other clans couldn't sit still, feeling incomparably nervous, truly wishing they could immediately throw themselves over. Everyone expressed good intentions towards Shi Hao, hoping that he would gift them some Lightning Tribulation Liquid.

Among them, Centaur Clan's Ma Yue and Fiend Race's Mo Luo's expressions changed, feeling incomparable annoyance and regret, extremely unwilling to accept this.

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