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Behind the three were Xiao Tian Ya, Hua Feng Wen, and Qu Wu Qing! The three of them didn't look much different from the last encounter except for the mostly inconspicuous anger and helplessness on their face! How could they not be angry when they failed to scare the enemy and even got their comrades killed?

It was one of the sulkiest moments in the three Venerables' lives…

Only the six of them from the three Holy Lands were present, but it was more than sufficient to represent the authority of the three Holy Lands.

When Jun Mo Xie sneaked into the hall, Han Zhan Meng was saying slowly, looking concerned, "… I'm sure all of you know what the root cause and happenings that have led to the situation today are, so I will not elaborate on those. As for the matter about the Jun Family, I suggest we wait and only react. If we participate in any preemptive attacks, I'm afraid we will be blamed for winning with numbers… and the reputation of the three Holy Lands might be damaged…"

Xiao Xing Yun snorted. "So can I take that you mean the Xiao Family has to bear all the consequences because it's all our fault? I see, all you want is to give up on us and hand us over to the Jun Family so that there will be no more conflicts and battles!"

"You're exaggerating what I've said." Han Zhan Meng remained calm. "I'm just trying to say that it's all just karma. I'm sure you know that justice may be sometimes late but never absent! Everyone knows what happened in the past. Are you trying to say that you can bully the Jun Family, but you can't accept the fact that they'll seek revenge one day? So if you can face the Jun Family this time and fight them off, of course I won't be stopping you!" Han Zhan Meng made an awkward smile.

"Then what if we can't? Aren't you still hinting that the Silver City will not help our family even if we are going to be slaughtered?" Xiao Xing Yun laughed coldly and started sharply at Han Zhan Meng. "Am I still exaggerating? Let me ask you! Our family has been so loyal to the Silver City for all these generations, but what do we get back in return? Getting abandoned? No support? Master Han, I am afraid what you have said is too cruel!"

Having been briefed by his father, Han Zhan Meng obviously refused to concede. However, with the support from the three Holy Lands, the Xiao Family was holding on to their firm stance!

So they began quarreling in the hall, which was very unusual.

And an explicit disagreement between the Master and the First Elder was also unprecedented!

Mo Xiao Yao just watched indifferently. He had no intentions of interfering.

"First Elder, do we have to trace back all the things you did in the past?" Han Zhan Meng's wife Xue Shuang Qing frowned. "Did your family consult us when you sent your men for the Jun Family? We only knew when everything had already happened and the rumors had spread all around the continent! Were you being loyal when you made all these decisions without letting us know? Were you being loyal when you refused to stop and return when we asked?

"When you were back, the Master asked you to stop all actions against the Jun Family, but three years later you murdered two more young men of the Jun Family! Do you know how disgusting your bullying behaviors were?

"Ask yourself! Have you ever regarded yourselves as the subordinates of the Silver City? When your lone actions caused so much trouble, triggering their revenge, you expect the Silver City to be responsible for it? What kind of logic is this?

"Now you want us to be your scapegoat while your family can continue growing your secret forces?

"Do you think it's all so easy?" Xue Shuang Qing's face was flushed red.

"But isn't your family the master of Blizzard Silver City? How could you not provide safety for your subordinates? Then what is the meaning of being loyal to you? As a leader, is this the right thing to do? Are you really going to abandon your subordinates and hide behind the walls?" Xiao Xing Yun's eyes flashed as he threw questions back at them.

"If you can't fulfill your duties as the leader of the Silver City, then I will have to ask you to handover the position as the Master and the authority over the Silver City! We can't tolerate a leader who's so weak! Your family brings shame to the Silver City! If you don't dare represent the Silver City, then let us do it!" Xiao Xing Yun looked around at everyone as he said loudly.

"Ha! I only see that all you want is the position of the Master! Your rebellious ambition is finally exposed! Xiao Xing Yun, I'm sure you've been planning for today for a very long time, haven't you?" Han Zhan Meng squinted his eyes at Xiao Xing Yun.

"Han Zhan Meng, stop trying to blame me! You are a useless coward; how could you still be the Master? Just because you're the eldest son of the Han Family? Even the seniors of the three Holy Lands have now witnessed your cowardly agenda of abandoning your subordinates just to save yourself! What else do you want? Do you still want to pressure me as the Master? No, from now on, the Xiao Family no longer recognizes you as the Master!" Xiao Xing Yun snorted coldly.

"Very well, Xiao Xing Yun! You've finally fully exposed your intentions!" Han Zhan Meng stared at Xiao Xing Yun coldly. "Let me ask you! Where's the Third and the Sixth Elder? Did you kill them? Where's Mu Xue Tong and Little Meng? Xiao Xing Yun… I must admit you're patient to wait till now before you revealed your true intentions!"

"Don't try to digress! We're talking about the imminent threat from the Jun Family! How would I know where the group of people led by the Third Elder! are Maybe they are having fun somewhere!" Xiao Xing Yun laughed coldly. "Don't forget, Xiao Han and Xiao Feng Wu are also in the group, so I'm also worried! Oh… did you send men to kill them because you were afraid that we would try to contest your position? It makes sense! You only have daughters so they can't inherit the position! So you're afraid the Xiao Family will eventually inherit your position! How dare you! How brutal! How can you destroy the future of the whole Silver City just because of your selfish intentions!"

Xiao Xing Yun returned favor. Everyone was suddenly a little bit moved by what he said. Some turned to look at Han Yan Meng with a suspicious expression.

What Xiao Xing Yun said about Han Zhan Meng having no heirs had always been something uneasy for everyone in the Silver City.

Han Zhan Meng was so outraged that he trembled as his eyes turned red. He had already sensed something ominous with what Xiao Xing Yun had said! Xiao Xing Yun had said that he didn't know where the Third Elder was, but now he was self-contradictory. What was happening was very obvious…

"Xiao Xing Yun, you're the brutal one!" Han Zhan Meng smacked on the arm of his chair as he stood up. He stared into Xiao Xing Yun's eyes and said word by word, "You will pay the price for what you have done!"

"Pay the price? I've already paid! The Xiao family have done so for many generations!" Xiao Xing Yun laughed madly. "Hundreds of years of subjugation, isn't that enough? Is our loyalty not enough? Han Zhan Meng! You don't have to make more useless effort!"

Jun Mo Xie could not have imagined that he would witness the internal conflicts of Blizzard Silver City. Seeing that everyone from the three Holy Lands was silently watching despite the intensifying quarrel, Jun Mo Xie immediately formed the deduction that the Xiao Family might have reached some consensus with the three Holy Lands! Or why would Xiao Xing Yun be so blunt right now with all the Venerables here? He was not the Master of Blizzard Silver City after all; he would usually not be worthy to even speak loudly in the presence of the Venerables!

Who could have imagined that these dignified guys from the three Holy Lands would actually participate in this sort of private conflict for power…

Xiao Xing Yun, maybe I should give you some awards for your shamelessness!

The group led by the Third Elder had died. The two survivors from the Han Family would not have enough time to come up here. But those from the Xiao Family were still alive despite sustaining permanent injuries. They must be hidden by the Xiao Family somewhere in the City!

I will get them and let them expose your agenda. I will see how the hypocrites from the three Holy Lands react!

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