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Chapter 1117 - Free Squadron Is Destroyed

Great Xia destroying Maldives had caught the world off guard.

When the world was mocking Great Xia and sending their condolences, let us not care where Maldives was for now, as such a news was enough to strike back at those people with bad intentions - Great Xia was not weak.

Along with the news sinking in, news regarding Maldives was released by the media. Their strategic value to Great Xia was also analyzed and released to the world.

"It was obviously a well-planned battle for Great Xia to take down Maldives, and the goal was to stabilize the Indian Ocean trade route. Hence, we can see that Great Xia has not given up on the trade route." Some medias read it as such.

However, the media only read what was on the surface.

Apart from being an ocean resource point to Great Xia, Maldives had the strategic value of being a jumping board for them to attack the Peacock Dynasty and truly stretch into the Indian Ocean.

Along with Maldives being destroyed, China's honor points reached 90. They just needed to destroy one more country to obtain the second country weapon.

Ouyang Shuo returned the Xuanyuan Sword to Xuanyuan Hill right after the first country war month.

Following which, as long as Great Xia took down Luzon, they could get 100 points. With Great Xia's contribution, the second country weapon would belong to Ouyang Shuo; this was almost certain.

With that, Ouyang Shuo did not need to go to Xuanyuan Hill to seek the sword during the next country war month.

Going back to the topic, Maldives was just a small game region. Great Xia taking it down was not enough to reclaim the loss of face due to opening up the Gibraltar Straits.

Many people still did not have high hopes for Great Xia.

Even the starter of all this, Jack, smiled when he got the news. He did not really care about it. Instead, he focused on the Australia matter.

However, what happened next totally forced Jack to the edge of the cliff.

10th month, 12th day.

Australia Lord Avera used the reason of there being limited iron ore and the supply chain having problems to send a letter to Great Xia. He announced that they would prioritize TWP members, so their provision to Great Xia would be limited.

This was the iron ore restriction order.

With the order given, the amount of iron ore Australia provided to Great Xia was reduced to 5% of the original.

"We have no choice, as the production is limited. Please understand us." Avera said in a fake manner.

When Ouyang Shuo got the news, he was surprisingly not angry and laughed coldly, "Another valiant warrior who sacrifices himself for Silver Hand. He does not know how the word death is spelt."

"Does Avera really think that with Silver Hand behind him, Great Xia cannot do anything to them?" A cold light flashed through Ouyang Shuo's eyes. Now, he was tempted to kill, "Since he's asking for it, do not blame me."

One small Australia was not much to Ouyang Shuo.

Australia had a total of two million players. Although their land was huge, their population was scarce. Avera's territory army was only 100 thousand men along with 200 thousand imperial guards.

More importantly, Australia did not have a navy, so how could they be the opponent of Great Xia?

Furthermore, Australia's nearest neighbor New Zealand had yielded to Great Xia. Great Xia just needed to use Auckland as a jumping board. If they planned the matter well, taking down Australia would only be a matter of time.

But on that day, a certain piece of news spread out.

That afternoon, Australia Lord Avera and Java Lord Uwais made a joint statement that from then on, the two of them would form a blood alliance. They would advance and retreat together.

"When one is attacked, the other would help without any conditions." That was what they mentioned.

When Ouyang Shuo received the news, his eyes froze, "So that was the plan? It seems like Jack is manipulating everything. If not, Avera would not be able to get Uwais's help."

The strong Java was Avera's shield.

For things to develop to such a stage was a worry for Great Xia. Different from Australia, Java had 20 million players, as it was the big boss of ASEAN.

Great Xia's current strength was not enough to attack Java.

With that, Great Xia's iron ore and coal imports were going to be restricted in the short term. This was really going to affect their core military industry as well as the industrialization.

However, Ouyang Shuo was not worried at all.

"Jack, you have calculated everything, but in the end, you forgot something." One had to say that Jack had done a lot of work on the China Region. However, he had missed out on something in the end.

Great Xia's iron ore and coal production ability was not high.

It was not that they did not have enough iron ore and coal in their border, but due to the limited number of minefields, they could not meet the needs of Great Xia.

However, one must not forget that Great Xia was attacking Jin Country.

Jin Country was located in the north part of China, and there was the traditional Chinese coal and iron ore production in that area. As long as Great Xia took it down, their bottleneck would be solved.

Australia could not hold Great Xia by the neck.

"Jack, I accept your moves. Let's see how you will take mine." Ouyang Shuo stood by the window. At this moment, his eyes were glowing.

Based on the progress, the Great Xia squadron should have started fighting with the Dawson Dynasty.

Ouyang Shuo's prediction was correct.

The day when Australia launched their iron restriction order on Great Xia, the combined squadron tore off their disguise and launched their attacked on the Dawson Dynasty Free Squadron.

The vanguard consisted of the 10 magic powered submarines. In one swoop, they destroyed three flagships of the Free Squadron. Following which, the two Flying Squad braced the cannon fire to bomb the Free Squadron.

Under the twin blows, the Free Squadron was in a mess.

At this very moment, the combined squadron main force viciously surrounded and attacked. They were like an ambush of fierce tigers, and they ripped the 1st and 2nd divisions of the Free Squadron into shreds.

Although the Free Squadron resisted, there was nothing they could do to escape the fate of destruction. Within a short day, the famous Free Squadron had both its wings cut off.

Just as Great Xia's combined squadron launched the attack, the 3rd and 4th divisions of the Free Squadron that were patrolling the seas sailed toward Hawaii. However, they were a day away.

Getting the news, the combined squadron did not hesitate and quietly surrounded them.

10th month, 13th day, pretty much like how the previous day went, the 3rd and 4th divisions were buried in the ocean.

During this battle, the combined squadron even captured the Fleet Admiral of the Free Squadron. They had captured a big fish.

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