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After logging on again, the group saw the newly spawned Beastmen Skeleton and Beast Skeleton charging towards them. They couldn't help but rush forward to attack the skeletons. Relying on everyone's methods, the skeletons were quickly exterminated one by one.

"Get in!"

They didn't even look at the wandering skeletons in the distance. Lin Fan and the others didn't care about them. Right now, the most important thing was to get rid of Hua Feng's hidden profession.

He slowly walked into the depths of the Beast Soul Valley. Deep in the Valley, there was mud everywhere. If he stepped on it, he would be able to sink half of his foot into the ground.

This was especially true for Bai Chen. As a Knight, he was wearing heavy armor and it was difficult for him to pull out his armor even with a single kick.

The most relaxed one was Lin Fan. With his Soaring Technique, he directly flew through the air, and didn't come into contact with the mud at all.

After a difficult trek, Lin Fan and the others finally walked out of the muddy road. Following that, the road appeared to be a gloomy scene of life, with flowers and grass growing everywhere.

Not far away, there was a small hut.

"Guests from afar, please come in!"

At this moment, the voices in the thatched cottage slowly rang out. After which, the door of the hut slowly opened.

"Let's go!"

Lin Fan and the others looked at the opened door, then looked at each other before slowly stepping into the thatched hut. The scene of entering the thatched hut caused Lin Fan and the others to be stunned.

In front of them, an old man was sitting on a wooden boat, looking at Lin Fan and the others. This old man was currently lying on the bed. His face was pale, but he was smiling as he looked at Lin Fan and the others.

"Cough cough, I didn't think that someone from my beast soul valley would come!"

The old man coughed and looked at Lin Fan and the others with a smile.

"Old sir, you seem to be injured!"

Lin Fan couldn't help but ask as he looked at the old man who was on the verge of death.


"I was severely injured by those damned beastmen!"

The old man's face was pale. He looked at Lin Fan and the rest and said with a bitter smile: "I'm afraid there's not much time left!"

"If you need any help, please speak plainly!"

Lin Fan looked at the old man and said with a smile. His eyes flashed with a glint of light. If the old man was like this, he would definitely be able to trigger a hidden profession quest.

"My staff was taken by those damned beastmen. As long as you can retrieve my staff, I will be able to recover from my injuries. But you are still too weak!"

The old man looked at Lin Fan and the others with a bitter smile.

"I'll give it a try!"

Lin Fan looked at the elder with a smile and said, "Perhaps, we will be able to succeed!"

"Then I'll leave it to you!"

"Those beastmen should be outside the Beast Soul Valley by now!"

The old man nodded slowly, looked at Lin Fan and said with a smile.

"System Notification: Do you wish to accept the old priest's request to complete the four star mission and retrieve the Priest's Staff!"

Lin Fan and the others looked at the system prompt and directly clicked to confirm it. After which, the system gave them the coordinates of the beastmen.

"Sir, we will be back as soon as possible!"

After accepting the task, Lin Fan nodded to the old man, then led the group towards the marked coordinates outside the valley. After walking out of the muddy swamp once again, Lin Fan and the others once again cleared out the periphery, because Lin Fan and the others had just exterminated all the skeletons yesterday, so the number of skeletons that spawned this time was not as many as yesterday.

They were already outside the valley.

"According to the coordinates, this is the vicinity!"

Lin Fan looked at the coordinates and said to the people beside him: "Being able to become a four star mission is still very difficult, so be careful."

"Up ahead!"

Chaotic Sky narrowed his eyes and pointed to a large group of Beastmen wandering in the distance.

"I'll go scout!"

Chaotian licked the corner of his mouth and bent his body. Then, he rushed forward to investigate the enemy's feelings.

Chaotic Heavens quickly returned, and seeing the questioning look in everyone's eyes, he couldn't help but let out a sigh, "35 Beastmen, 9 LV49 Elites, a LV50 Boss, and the rest are LV48 normal monsters!"

Hearing this, Lin Fan and the others' expressions could not help but become serious. With nine elite monsters and a Boss, this lineup was very difficult to deal with!

Especially when everyone's levels were not high, it was even more difficult to deal with!

"It's not that difficult. I'll go lure them away. You guys take this opportunity to lure a bunch of monsters to deal with them one by one. However, you have to be fast!"

Chaos looked at the crowd and said.

"I'll go, my HP is higher than yours, and my defense is also higher than yours!"

Mo Feng thought for a moment, then looked towards Chaotic Heavens and said. Chaotic Strike and Critical Strike were both higher than Mo Feng, and in terms of damage and damage, Mo Feng really couldn't beat Chaotic Strike. However, Mo Feng had a slight advantage in terms of HP and defense compared to Chaotic Heavenly.


"Be careful!"

Hearing so, Chaotic Heaven didn't decline. Mo Feng's speed was faster than Chaotic Heavens, and his defense and HP were higher than Chaotic Heavens. It was more appropriate for him to do this.

In addition, Mo Feng had the Invisible Immortal Ring on him, so he was relatively safe!

Mo Feng shot out explosively, and very quickly, a large group of beastmen were alarmed. Accompanied by the roars of beasts, one beastmen after another rushed towards Mo Feng. Mo Feng also turned around and charged into the distance.

Even the leader of the Boss, the Orc Lion King, was rapidly chasing after Chaotic.

"Frost Roar!"

Lin Fan aimed at this opportunity and used a Frost Roar to bombard the last group of beasts, attracting thirteen beastmen to turn around and rush towards Lin Fan.

Among the thirteen beastmen, there were three elites of the Beastmen.

"Lion Tiger Beastman: Level 49 Elite Monster, 9,000 HP!"

"Snowwolf Beastman: Level 48 Common Monster, 3400 HP!"

Chaotic Heavens went up and blocked one of the Lion Tiger Beastmen. The dagger in his hand continued to attack the Lion Tiger Beast Man, and Bai Chen similarly blocked one of the Lion Tiger Beast Man's attacks. Even Hua Feng used holy words to block one of the Lion Tiger Beast Man's attacks.

The Lion Tiger Beast Man's HP was rapidly falling.

In the air, Lin Fan was bombarded with areof-effect magic one after another, causing the normal monsters to shriek in pain. Very quickly, the ten normal monsters were all killed.

"Boss, hurry up!"

In the distance, Mo Feng's voice suddenly rang out. At this moment, Mo Feng was in a sorry state as he dodged the LV50 Orc King's attack!

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