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Chapter 96

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"The past is over . You and Tang Ren are quite good now . "

Xiao Luo took a sip of green tea . He could see that Tang Ren was kind to his sister . Not any boy could stand his sister's princess temper .

"I also want to tell the truth, Tang Ren is really much better than my big face . Doctors, the treatment may not be so good now, but when the qualification goes up, it will be tens of thousands of dollars a month . There is a lot of room for appreciation . " Although Zhang Dashan does not want to admit it very much, the fact is right in front of him . Tang Ren is really more suitable to be Xiao Ruyi's partner than he is . He can't do it without admitting it .

The dim light in Xiao Ruyi's eyes faded away, and she curled her mouth and said, "Big face, I'm surprised by what you said . "

"I told the truth about the accident, but I didn't exaggerate . "

Zhang Dashan took a squid with a clamp and put it on the iron plate for barbecue . "By the way, do you have any single girls in your hospital? Please introduce one to me . I am still your brother's brother at any rate . My life is a big event . You have to help . "

"Don't worry, if I see someone suitable for you, I will definitely introduce her to you . " Xiao Ruyi squintingly laughed .

At this time, Tang Ren and Sun Yu came back from snatching shrimp .

Sun Yu took back the whole two platters, while Tang Ren took the plate when he went there and the plate empty when he returned .

"Wife, those people are too fierce . I didn't get any of them . "

Tang Ren is like a defeated cock with his head down, then his head up high and his heart filled with determination . "But next time they push the shrimp out, I will definitely grab it for five or six sets . "

"These should be almost enough to eat!"

Sun Yu felt particularly happy and looked at the two plates of live shrimps she had harvested .

Xiao Ruyi did not blame Tang Ren, she motioned him to sit down and smiled: "Yu Yu is so good that even those big men can't beat you . "

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"I couldn't grab it before . When I grabbed too much, I gained experience . " Sun Yu smiled with understanding and could see that she was really happy and got happiness from the shrimp snatch .

"Come on, come on, let's enjoy Yu Yu's victory . "

Zhang Dashan laughed and threw the shrimps into the iron plate for barbecue .

"If you don't have enough, I'll grab it later . " Sun Yu bit her lip and said excitedly, her eyes narrowing to crescent shape .

"If girls are always allowed to take the lead, what else do we men do? If it is not enough, just call Lao Xiao . " Zhang Dashan said .

Sun Yu looked at Xiao Luo and found that Xiao Luo was looking at herself . She couldn't help turning away her eyes quickly . Her cheeks flushed .

Looks like there's a chance!

Xiao Ruyi was overjoyed . She was very confident in her brother Xiao Luo . As long as Xiao Luo was determined to chase after a girl, he would certainly be able to catch up . She was already wondering whether he should make a phone call home and tell her parents that she had introduced a great beauty to her brother .

As for Xiao Luo, his impression of Sun Yu is really good . At the very least, it let him have a deeper understanding of her .


After coming out of the barbecue shop, Zhang Dashan, Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren casually made an excuse to walk away, giving Xiao Luo and Sun Yu a chance to be alone .

Xiao Luo also held the attitude of giving it a try and had a good understanding and communication with Sun Yu .

Sun Yu took the lead in breaking the silence with her bag in both hands and said, "I had a good time today . Thank you for your hospitality . "

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"You're welcome!"

At this time, the misunderstanding was corrected, "By the way, the car is not mine, but my friend Zhang Dashan's . "

He is not used to such deception, which will make him feel guilty .

Sun Yu's enchanting face was full of pure smile: "In fact, I knew it wasn't yours . "

"You knew all along?"

"Well, I saw Zhang Dashan's name engraved on the crystal ball ornament on the front of the car . I think if it was your car, it would have engraved your name . "

Xiao Luo smiled: "You are very careful . "

"Maybe it's because of the profession of nurse . I was careless in the past . I often forgot to take the key with me and was locked out of the house . This kind of embarrassment has happened several times . " Sun Yu smiled gently, and her laughter sounded like a silver bell .

"Did you?"

Xiao Luo was surprised . It was hard to imagine the girl being locked out of the house .

"Well, I don't know what to say . It was a special embarrassment anyway . I spent the night squatting in the corridor and took two panda eyes to work the next day . Thank goodness I didn't make any mistakes . " Sun Yu spoke lightly of her past embarrassing events .

"Do you like the profession of nurse?"

"How do I say, it doesn't matter I like it or not, in fact I don't know what I like to do, I just do nurse first, what about you? Listening to Ruyi elder sister, aren't you an engineer of Huahai group? "

"Originally, but I have resigned, and now I am unemployed . "

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"Do you want to do something you like to do when you resigned?"

"Almost, but I don't know what I like to do . "


So the two talked to each other and then went to Sun Yu's residence .

Jiangcheng is a coastal city and the only city allowed by the state to open casinos . It is a lucrative business . Each district has large casinos . Of course, behind these casinos are organizations or individuals with strong backgrounds .

Guangming District is no exception . While Xiao Luo and Sun Yu were having a good chat, a gang fight was taking place at the gate of a casino in the distance .

It was a middle-aged man with a full face of beard and two broken eyes . He was curled up on the ground and was beaten by six or seven men .

Sun Yu's face changed suddenly, and then she ran recklessly, stopping the men who hit him loudly: "Stop it, stop it, why are you hitting my uncle?"

"Is he your uncle?"

A man in a suit and tie waved his hand to stop and stared at Sun Yu coldly with a pair of triangular eyes .

Sun Yu helped the bruised middle-aged man up and nodded, "Yes . "

"That's right . Your uncle owes us 2 million gambling debts in the casino . Since you are his niece, you will repay the money for him . " The man in the suit said .

Sun Yu turned her head and looked at his uncle with trembling eyes . She couldn't believe that he owed so much money .

Sun Jiannan sighed with great regret and confirmed the truth of what the man in the suit said .

He implored, "Manager Geng, can you give me a few more days, just a few days, and I will definitely return the money to you . "

"I've given you seven days' grace . If you don't pay back the money, I'll have to throw you into the sea to feed the fish . "

Manager Geng said coldly, "But I can show you a clear path . Your niece is very bright and can repay the debt . "

"No, you can do anything to me . Don't hurt her . " Sun Jiannan shook his head like a rattle, he endured all the pain, and stood in front of Sun Yu .

"Yo-ho, you still have a lot of backbone . Then keep fighting . I see how long you can last . " Manager Geng's face became ferocious, he waved his hand .

On hearing this, several of his men came forward and punched and kicked the middle-aged man .

"Stop it, stop it, stop it!" Sun Yu was so anxious that she cried with tearful eyes .

At this moment, Xiao Luo came up and said flatly: "You have no right to beat others . No matter whether he owes you money or not, even if he is in debt collection, you cannot unilaterally adopt extreme solutions . Otherwise, it is against the law . "

Manager Geng was shocked and immediately sneered: "Where did you run out from? "

"I really want to know what place this is, by the way, I just recorded the picture of you beating people, if you don't stop the violence, I will have to call the police . " Xiao Luo took out his mobile phone and smiled .

Call the police?

How fresh this is!

Manager Geng wanted to laugh . This was the first person in more than ten years who dared to challenge their casino .

"Boy, I just said you are counterparts are flattering you, you this is dead end you know? I'll give you three seconds to delete the video, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk! "

Since ancient times, no one who opened casinos has been good . Manager Geng really couldn't understand where this guy got his courage and even dared to record a video of them teaching people a lesson .

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