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Chapter 95

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To be honest, Xiao Luo don't want to make these false, having a car is having a car, no car is no car, but Zhang Dashan forced the car as his, he is not good at directly explaining the real situation now, otherwise the atmosphere will be quite embarrassing .

"I'll just ask, if it's not convenient, it doesn't matter . "

Sun Yu felt that she had asked a rash question . This was her first blind date, and she didn't know what to say . Just out of curiosity, she couldn't resist asking . Now she feels embarrassed .

"About 120,000!"

Xiao Luo replied, with Zhang Dashan to carry the car, he naturally know how much the car cost .

"It's so expensive, like we nurses, we don't know when we can afford it . " Sun Yu bowed her head slightly .

"Listen to Ruyi, you nurses have a lot of benefits and bonuses . It should be easy to get 5,000 yuan a month . It shouldn't take too long to save enough money to buy a car . " Xiao Luo talked with her . Generally speaking, he felt that the girl was not bad, at least he wouldn't let her dislike him .

Sun Yu said with a wry smile: "I'm different from Ruyi sister, I am new here, and now my salary is just enough to support myself . "

"It's okay, take your time . " Xiao Luo comforted .

"Un . " Sun Yu nodded her head .

Seeing the two protagonists talking, Zhang Dashan, Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren are very conscious of keeping quiet . What they want is this effect .

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After more than ten minutes, they arrived at the destination, its a self-service barbecue shop .

Each person only needs to spend 65 yuan to eat unlimited food in it . Of course, there are various kinds of meat . In addition, there are seafood, cakes, drinks and fruits . The interior decoration is magnificent and looks very classy . Your sixty-five yuan can be used to enjoy a barbecue . Many people are willing to give up the money, so Xiao Luo was already sure to be full when they came in .

They were lucky enough to have people just finished eating on one table and were ready to get up and leave .

"Tang Ren, go and grab that position . If you are robbed by that group of people, you will sleep on the sofa for this aunt tonight!" When Xiao Ruyi saw another group of people staring at the table, she immediately ordered Tang Ren .

Sleeping on the sofa?

How can this work?

Tang Ren was like a full-powered motor, running towards the table like a gust of wind . Fortunately, he did not disgrace his mission . When the group of people just walked to the table, he sat down, looking up and smiling, "Sorry, this table is occupied!"

"The speed of Tang Ren's goods can be wowwing! " Zhang Dashan exclaimed .

"Of course, he is the champion of our hospital's sprint . " Said Xiao Ruyi proudly .

Xiao Luo smiled and didn't speak . In his mind, he just remembered my mother's comment on Tang Ren: he don't look like a 24-year-old man at all, he's just like a high school student .

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Objectively speaking, Tang Ren really looks very small . He is green from head to toe, just like a teenager who is growing up . Looking at his face, it is really impossible to believe that he is 24 years old .


Since it is a self-service barbecue, the ingredients are of course selected independently .

Zhang Dashan directly took seafood, hairy crabs, squid, oysters and so on, which he carried to a large table .

"Big face, can you eat so much?" Xiao Ruyi cannot help but doubt him .

"Of course I can't finish eating it alone . Isn't there your brother?" Zhang Dashan patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder .

Xiao Luo gave him a look: "If you take so much, even with me, I'm afraid you won't finish it . "

"It doesn't matter, I can eat seafood very well . " Sun Yu chuckled .

"How much can you eat?" Zhang Dashan joked .

Sun Yu thought for a moment, then pointed to the large pile of seafood on the table and said, "I can eat at least more than half of the seafood on this table . "

These words startled Xiao Luo . He's afraid most of the girls if encountered won't say that they are especially good at eating . This Sun Yu is different from them . She speaks very straight, which adds a good feeling to his heart .

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"Elder brother, let's take a picture!"

Xiao Ruyi took out her mobile phone and walked to the front of Xiao Luo . Then she pouted, her cheeks bulging like a puffer fish . She took a picture with Xiao Luo and then sent it out a circle of friends . The title was: I and my handsome brother .

"Luo Mei, you are biased . Why only shoot with Lao Xiao instead of me?" Zhang Dashan felt wronged in his heart .

Xiao Ruyi replied to various comments from her circle of friends and then to Zhang Dashan's words: "I can't fit your face on my mobile phone screen . "

Zhang Dashan's face immediately darkened, a pair of lifeless eyes without love showed, this mother did not changed her method of saying his face is big?


Sun Yu told that she could really eat seafood . Soon, the seafood crumbs and bones in front of her piled up into a hill .

"Shrimp is coming!"

At this time, they don't know who shouted, but the whole barbecue shop is boiling up, the originally in focus on barbecue customers swarmed toward the place where the ingredients are placed .

Xiao Luo looked intently and saw that the staff of the barbecue shop pushed a large basin of fresh river shrimp with a cart .

"Tang Ren, go and rob!" Xiao Ruyi commanded loudly .

The wife's the commander, Tang Ren immediately put down his food and picked up an empty plate and turned into a bullet .

However, there is another person who is faster than him, that is Sun Yu . When she heard someone shouting, she ran away regardless of her image, and then grabbed shrimps there with a group of people, without any reserve of beauty .

This really surprised Xiao Luo . although it was only such a short contact, he thought this Sun Yu was quite good .

"Brother, what do you think of Yu Yu?" Xiao Ruyi took advantage of the opportunity to explore Xiao Luo's thoughts .

"She's not faking, it's real," Xiao Luo said .

"I agree with this point, if she were to be replaced by other girls, it would be impossible for them to eat so much seafood in front of two strange men even if they liked it . " Zhang Dashan chewed the seafood and echoed .

"Yes, it was because Yu Yu was real that I introduced her to my brother . "

Xiao Ruyi smiled sweetly, "Yu Yu has just come out to work and is still green in life . In some ways, she looks like a little girl who hasn't grown up . My brother is mature and steady . You make up the most suitable pair, because you can teach her slowly, so that she can take fewer detours . Don't wait until you pay a painful price to know what kind of man is good . "

When it comes to the end, the light in her eyes can't help but become a little dim .

Xiao Luo knew what his sister was saying .

A few years ago, Xiao Ruyi was young and rebellious . She felt that she had grown up . She didn't need the instruction of her family, and she didn't need her family to tell her what to do and what not to do . She often hung out with some boys until midnight . Her aesthetic view was different from that of ordinary girls . Boys who got tattoos, smoked cigarettes and played around were cool and handsome .

In the end, she got sober at the cost of having an abortion . She was very glad to meet Tang Ren, a fool who did not abandon her, loved her and treated her like a princess .

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