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Chapter 97

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The seven or eight men who had been beating Sun Jiannan surrounded Xiao Luo at this moment . They were not looking good . They only waited for manager Geng to say a word and they would let Xiao Luo taste the flavor of a fist .

Sun Yu wiped away tears from her eyes and looked at Xiao Luo with stupefied eyes . At the moment, her heart was like an overturned cruet . There were all kinds of flavors except no sweet taste .

Xiao Luo, whom she just met today, and was not very familiar with him . But as a result, she met this incident and felt really embarrassed . She didn't know what to do . Her uncle owed 2 million gambling debts . She didn't have so much money to repay it . However, she couldn't watch her uncle be killed . She didn't want Xiao Luo to get involved in this muddy water .

Sun Jiannan's face was black and blue . There was still a trace of blood on his mouth . Seeing a strange young man standing up for himself, he said, "Thank you, little brother . This is my business . Don't get involved . . . "

As a frequent visitor to the casino, he knows very well the methods of these people . They are monsters who eat people that don't even spit bones . He doesn't want to hurt Xiao Luo .

Manager Geng said with a chuckle: "Do you hear me? People don't accept your kindness . Don't give me a hard time, just delete the video and roll as far as you can!"

This group of people are slick, and the alarm simply cannot deter them .

Xiao Luo also picked up these false ones and asked, "How much does he owe you?"

"Two million!"

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Manager Geng held out two fingers, then his eyes narrowed slightly and smiled thoughtfully, "Why, do you want to return it for him?"

"I have nothing to do with him . Why should I pay him back? Besides, I don't have that much money . "

Xiao Luo said in a non-trivial way, turning the conversation around, "But I know his niece and I can't help it now that we've met . "

Manager Geng and the other seven men looked at him like idiots . They said, "Look at this, I don't know who is the most important person, but I still can't ignore it . You are a poor boy, what kind of fart are you putting here?"

"It is only natural that you should repay debts . What do you want to do?" Manager Geng sneered at a way .

"Give me half an hour, I'll give you two million chips, and his debt to you will be cancelled . " Xiao Luo said .

In fact, he could have taken Sun Yu's uncle by force, but these casino owners are all local strongmen . They will never give up . He can hold off for a while, but he cannot hold off for life . The most fundamental solution is to eliminate the debt between them .

Manager Geng was an expert and suddenly came to himself: "How many games would you like to play in my casino to win 2 million chips?"

"Why, am I not qualified to enter?" Xiao Luo asked .

"Hey hey . . . of course, as long as you are an adult, there will be no problem, just . . . do you have money?" Manager Geng's smile became more prosperous .

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In a senior casino like theirs, every table with a banker is a specially trained gambler who also wants to win 2 million by gambling . This is not nonsense . This is a daydream or his grandmother's dream .

The other seven men also had the same playful smile, which was the funniest joke they had ever heard since they worked in the casino .

Xiao Luo took out a card from his inner pocket: "There are 100,000 in it . Is it enough to enter your casino?"


Manager Geng was stunned and then laughed even more joyfully: "Our initial gambling capital here is 10,000 yuan . Of course, 100,000 yuan is enough . Please come inside . "

He made a gesture of invitation and even offered to send the money . There was absolutely no reason to refuse .

"Xiao Luo, don't go!"

At this time, Sun Yu took Xiao Luo shirt, her delicate face full of concern and embarrassment, "They are specialized in casino, you can bet but the hundreds of dollars should be something you saved up to do something for yourself . Out of ten bets, you'll lose nine, it's impossible to win, you will lose all . My uncle owes them 2 million . I'll just find a way to solve it together with my family . Plus, I only met Xiao Luo today . Xiao Luo doesn't need to do this . "

How could she feel at ease watching this boy who has just known her for a short time pay so much for her?

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Xiao Luo smiled . If he just came out because of his own male chauvinism, he is now determined to help Sun Yu . This girl is really real and definitely plastic and she's a grand bonus of looking very pleasing to the eye .

"It's okay . I don't do anything I'm not sure about . "

When saying this sentence, the prompt tone of the genius system sounded in his mind at the same time: Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining a Gambling ability and consuming 500 points .

"Ha ha . . . the hero is a teenager . This little brother is really, very brave . Please come inside!"

Manager Geng laughed . now Xiao Luo is a customer . His attitude has been reversed 180 degrees and he ordered under a low voice, "Keep an eye on Sun Jiannan and don't let him run away . "

100,000 to 2 million, which is a 20-fold increase, is it possible? Of course, it's 200% impossible, otherwise he will directly announce the closing of the casino . In his heart, Xiao Luo was defined as an idiot, and only an idiot would dream of turning 100,000 into 2 million through gambling .

Therefore, it is very necessary to watch Sun Jiannan closely!

"Let me go, I want to go in together . " Sun Jiannan struggled a few times shouted .

Manager Geng waved and motioned his men to let go of Sun Jiannan .

The three of them went in together just as he wished . First, they could watch Sun Jiannan . Second, they could also see how this young boy lost 100,000 yuan . The money he had worked so hard to save was completely lost in a few minutes . Surely the expression on his face would be wonderful .


The interior of the casino is decorated like a palace . It can be described as magnificent . The floor is spotless and you can see your reflection on it .

Xiao Luo actually has more than 1 . 1 million, but he understands the reason that eggs cannot all be put in the same basket, so the other million is not on the card in his hand . He entered the password, and then replaced the 100,000 inside with gambling chips .

"Xiao Luo, you're embarrassing me with your kindness . "

Sun Yu's heart was extremely anxious, but at the same time she was very touched, but it only made her more uneasy . How could her uncle's debt drag Xiao Luo into the water? Xiao Luo is not yet familiar who she is, and so why is he going this heights?

"Brother, it's not too late to stop now . A hundred thousand dollars is a big sum for us ordinary people . Don't be impulsive . I will bear the consequences I planted myself . " Sun Jiannan's eyes drops .

Xiao Luo smiled and said nothing .

Then, he went straight to a gambling table that guessed using dice .

When he was on the table, he saw the numbers of 1, 3 and 5 dice . The banker covered the box and shook it "clattering" . He closed his eyes and ears and immediately locked the frequency of shaking inside the box . He felt carefully all the conditions of the dice rolling inside .

After exchanging his gambling skills, he closed his eyes and listened with his ears . The box seemed to become transparent . He could clearly see the picture of the dice shaking inside and the number of points displayed .

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