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Chapter 94

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"Face? You told me that you would have a lot of face if you could marry me, Xiao Ruyi . The hospital has long spread your reputation, saying that you are a legend and have been working in the hospital for less than a year and yet you have caught up with this hot girl . " Xiao Ruyi held Tang Ren's ear and looked like an unruly girlfriend .

"Pain, pain, pain, pain, my wife it's going to tear, don't pinch my ear again, it'll tear off . " Tang Ren pretended to be in severe pain .

Xiao Ruyi pie mouth said: "Pain you a big head ghost, I didn't even use force . "

Tang Ren smiled awkwardly: "Wife, if I don't cry out for pain, you will certainly pinch hard . "

"Don't you want to be pinched by me?"

"Willing to, willing to, the wife can pinch how much she wants to pinch, hey hey . . . " Tang Ren appeased .

The girl wearing a white hood and long sleeves next to her smiled with a "sloped" voice and then said with envy, "your feelings are really good!"

"If you can get along with my brother, your feelings will definitely be better than ours . My brother is a super warm man . He can go to the hall, get down to the kitchen, and most importantly, he is very single-minded . As long as he loves a girl, he will never change his mind . He will be good to her all his life and give her his heart and lungs . " Xiao Ruyi loosened Tang Ren's ears and spoke well of her brother Xiao Luo . Of course, her words were somewhat exaggerated .

The girl gave two quick laughs and did not speak . From the bottom of her heart, she had an expectation of Xiao Luo .

Just then, a white corolla stopped in front of them, the door opened and Xiao Luo stepped down from his driving position .

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A black cardigan long-sleeved sportswear with a slightly open neckline reveals a white round neck bottom garment inside . There are two red stripes extending above the cuffs and sleeves of the garment, giving people a very cold temperament .

His facial features are as clear as carvings . His angular face is unusually handsome, with a head of dark and thick hair . Under the knife-shaped eyebrows are a pair of slender peach blossom eyes, a high-pitched nose, and lips of moderate thickness with dazzling smiles .


Xiao Ruyi ran past like a gust of wind, and then rushed into Xiao Luo's arms, just like a little cat lying in her master's arms coquetry .

Tang Ren came up at this moment, smiling and shouting at Xiao Luo, "Brother . "

"What are you holding about, aren't you afraid of your Tang Ren being jealous?" Xiao Luo questioned .

"I don't care . I haven't seen you for so long . I just want to hug you . " Xiao Ruyi held Xiao Luo tighter, in front of Xiao Luo, she is a gentle clever little sheep, not the little bully of Tang Ren, unruly and strong .

Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head .

When the car door opened, Zhang Dashan stepped down from the passenger position and greeted Xiao Ruyi: "Hi, Big sister, long time no see!"

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"Big face, why are you here?" Xiao Ruyi loosened Xiao Luo, .

Zhang . . . Big face?

Xiao Luo's whole person froze, he really don't know his sister called Zhang Darshan big face . The expression on his face, he can't help but ponder, because these three words were incisive . Ah, it's very good of describing Zhang Dashan's appearance and characteristics .

Zhang Dashan's face suddenly turned green, he's petrified in the same place: "Luo Mei, can I have a good time? At least I am also your brother's brother . Any name is better than this, such as Zhang Ge and Shan Ge . Even if it is no better, it is still ok to just call me by my name . "

"I'm sorry, I accidentally spoke my mind when I saw you, but your face is really too big . " Xiao Ruyi said apologetically .

Zhang Dashan felt as if someone had stuck a sharp knife in his heart, and the pain was getting old . Is this an apology? Is this his grandmother's apology? He asked twice in his heart .

Xiao Ruyi went on to say: "I think you can consider getting a thin face needle . Look at the meat on your face . It is as fat as a pig's belly . It's ugly . "

"Poof ~"

Every word of this sentence, like a knife, was firmly stuck in Zhang Dashan's mind . At the moment, he finally understood what "tons of damage" meant .

"Sister Luo, are you sure you are here to introduce your brother to someone, not to attack me on purpose?" Zhang Dashan is nearly vomiting blood . He has a thin face, and the flesh on his face is as fat as pork bellies . WTF IS THIS BLOW .

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Xiao Ruyi turned away from the topic at this moment and drew the girl in hooded clothes to the crowd . She smiled and said, "Brother, this is Sun Yu, the most beautiful woman in our department . " Then she introduced Xiao Luo to Sun Yu . "Yu Yu, this is my brother, Xiao Luo, and next to him is his good brother Zhang Dashan . "

"Hello!" Sun Yu is a little shy and her voice is very small .

Zhang Dashan looked at her up and down . Her long black hair was draped over her shoulders . Her white skin was like an egg that had just been shelled . Her big eyes flickered as if they could speak . Her small red lips were more distinct from the whiteness of her skin . Her figure was lithe and graceful . Her waist was less than Yingying's grip . Her body was full of vitality and beauty .

Pretty girl!

He touched Xiao Luo lightly with his shoulder and made his eyes look again, which means that this girl is good and must be grasped well, brother .

Xiao Luo gave him a look and then nodded politely in response to Sun Yu: "Hello!"

The two people exchanged a polite greeting, and there was no further comment .

Xiao Ruyi broke the embarrassment and laughed: "Now that we know each other, let's go . We're starving to death . "

"What are you waiting for, get on the car . "

Zhang Dashan echoed the words, then got into the passenger set and sat down . When he came, he thought it over . His car was Xiao Luo's tonight . Since it was a blind date, a car was certainly more magnificent, with enough confidence to impress the girls .

"Am I driving again?"

Xiao Luo doesn't have a cold for blind dates . He came here purely to see Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren, so he didn't have much thought for Sun Yu .

"What, this is your car . Who will you drive?" Zhang Dashan yelled at him and kept making eyes at him .

Xiao Luo was speechless .

Both Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren know that this is actually Zhang Dashan's car, but they never revealed it . In this realistic society, a man's car is very helpful to improve the success rate of a blind date .

Five people were sitting on the car . Xiao Ruyi had already figured out where to go to eat, and when she took the job of navigating, she gave directions to Xiao Luo .

Sun Yu looked at the interior of the car and asked curiously, "Should this car cost a lot of money?"

Although Zhang Dashan said the car was his, XiaoLuo didn't have much sense of substitution, so when Sun Yu asked this question, he still drove the car intently, subconsciously thinking it was asking Zhang Dashan .

Zhang Dashan gave him a push, reminding him, "What are you talking about, old man?"

"Ask me what?"

"How much is this car?" Zhang Dashan is anxious for Xiao Luo .

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