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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:26 AM
Chapter 93

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In the evening, listening to the thunderous purrs of Zhang Dashan in the hall, Xiao Luo couldn't sleep in bed . Chu YunXiong gave him the opportunity to make him indecisive . He didn't know whether to seize it or not . He was reasoning and didn't have an idea .

Forget it, he temporarily will not to think about it, anyway, there are still three days to consider!

Sighing, then opened the genius system to browse .

His points are now at 46,000 points . Most of the abilities in the mall can be exchanged . However, he still adheres to the previous principle and has no intention to exchange at random . The more points he accumulates, the better it is .

The next day, he just bought some good dishes in the afternoon to prepare a table of delicious food for Zhang Dashan . His sister Xiao Ruyi called .

The first sentence is: "Brother, have you changed your number?"

"Xiao Ruyi, you are slow enough . I sent you last night and you didn't return until this afternoon . " Xiao Luo didn't sound good at all .

"I'm on the night shift . By the way, Let's meet for dinner at night, Tang Ren and I miss you . " Xiao Ruyi said in pettish .

Xiao Luo was skeptical: "Are you sure you miss me, or introduce me to someone?"

"Hee hee . . . it seems that nothing can be hidden from my brother's eyes . " Xiao Ruyi xi xi laughs .

"You'd better introduce her to others . I don't need it . "

"Brother, I swear to God, this is a good girl, she's 22 years old this year, 1 . 6 meters tall, looks naturally needless to say, I am sure, is definitely a big beauty, very suitable for you . "

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"I . . . "

"Brother, don't refuse . Besides, I'm not mainly only introducing you to someone . I really haven't seen you for a long time and miss you . "

"If we don't meet, I'll call our parents and say that my brother will not be recognized by me anymore after I get married," Xiao Ruyi said .

Xiao Luo helplessly smiled, he's forced to agree: "Good good, I'll do it then . "

"Hee hee . . . this is my good brother . " Xiao Ruyi that had just succeeded, laughed .

"What time will I see you?"

"I'll see you at the gate of my hospital at eight o'clock in the evening, brother, you should tidy your hair well before you come . it's best to wear a black shirt, because you look very handsome in a black shirt . "

" . . . " Xiao Luo was left speechless .

Hanging up the phone, he walked into the hall, toward Zhang Darshan who's glory is on the sofa, he kicked him .

Zhang Dashan turned around and shouted, "Why? Do you think I am fart, sexy or something? Is it not safe to play a game in your house? Why are you so annoying? "

The last sentence was the feeling of Song Dandan's white clouds talking .

"Ruyi asked me to go to her place . Will you go?" Xiao Luo sat on the stool and said to him while wearing his socks .

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Zhang Dashan sat up: "What are you doing at Luo Mei's?"

"I haven't seen her for a long time . I'll go and see her . " Xiao Luo said calmly .

"Impossible . As far as I know about Luo Mei, she definitely wants to introduce you to your girlfriend . " Zhang Dashan raised his voice .

Xiao Luo looked at him with special respect: "Yes, you can guess that . "

"That is, I have never seen any kind of girl that is my elder sister . "

Zhang Dashan patted his chest and said confidently, "But you this fellow should be very disgusted with this kind of matchmaking introduction . How can you agree?"

"I agreed, mainly to see Ruyi . I haven't seen her for a long time . " Xiao Luo didn't have a good spirit .

"That's exactly what you just said . "

"Are you going or not, give me a good talk?"

"Go, why don't I go if I have no food?"

Zhang Dashan jumped to his feet, took off Xiao Luo's jersey and put on a more formal suit . "But since Luo Mei introduced it to you, you also pay a little attention to it . In case you call a beautiful woman, you can't . . . Heh heh heh . . . you know . "

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His smile is obscene, his expression is obscene, his voice magical, especially his two eyebrows, that kept jumping up and down, belonging to the best of the best .

Know your sister!

Xiao Luo really want to kick this guy's fart .


Jiang Cheng is mainly composed of four major areas, namely southeast, northwest, Guangming and Taihe .

Hua Ye is in the northwest, Xiao Luo lives in the southeast, less than one kilometer from the border of Guangming, while Xiao Ruyi works in the People's Hospital of Guangming .

Xiao Luo drove from his residence to Xiao Ruyi, which took about an hour and a half without traffic jam, so he set off with Zhang Dashan at 6 pm .

"Lao Xiao, you drive, I didn't sleep well last night . I'm going to take a nap in the car . " Zhang Dashan threw the car key to Xiao Luo, he yawned and headed for the passenger seat position .

"Aren't you afraid I'll crash your car?" Xiao Luo joked .

"You will buy me a new one if you crash it . Anyway, your *ss has more than million dollars and will soon become CEO . Among our college classmates, I'm afraid you are the best . Hum, if Zhao Mengqi knew, she would surely cry and give up such a big mountain as you . "

"Hold on, I haven't decided whether to take Luo Fang or not . Let me think it over for two days . " Xiao Luo said .

Zhang Dashan really can't think of his old brother . What is there to think about? It is clear that a piece of pie fell on his head . Do you then let others pick it up?

Sighing: "Well, I won't say it . Anyway, I have decided that I will follow you no matter what you do . We two brothers work together in River City . Oh, no, it is to make some achievements in the whole country . " Suddenly he began to imagine, "If I can be received by the leaders of the country and the family, then Guang Zong will be proud of his ancestors, and I can boast all my life . "

"Look at your fantasy!"

Xiao Luo despised him, the car was slowly moving .

[Guangming District People's Hospital]

A man and two women are waiting at the gate of the hospital .

The man's skin is very white, he gave a little scholar feeling, and a baby face . He looks like a teenager of seventeen or eighteen years old, but his actual age is twenty-four, he's Xiao Luo's brother-in-law, Tang Ren .

The girl standing next to Tang Ren is Xiao Ruyi . She has clean short hair and wears a long-sleeved T-shirt with an enlarged size . The following is a pair of black slim trousers with delicate facial features and a pure girlish feeling of small jasper .

Xiao Ruyi is now saying to the girl wearing a white hooded long sleeve: "Yu Yu, let me tell you something . My brother is much more handsome and very nice than the photo . When you see him, you will definitely fall in love with him . "

The girl bowed her head and smiled shyly, then exchanged pleasantries: "Your brother has a bachelor's degree . He might even despise me . "

"Education is nothing, as long as you have feelings for each other . Am I right, Tang Ren?" Xiao Ruyi glanced at Tang Ren .

Tang Ren immediately smiled and echoed, "Yes, that's right!"

His "right" word reads the second time .

Xiao Ruyi kicked him with one foot: "I've seen a lot of jokes about your head . You don't learn anything but the old woman inside . "

"Wife, you can beat me at home, but how much face can you give me outside?" Tang Ren whispered in her ear .

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