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Chapter 92

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When Zhang Dashan drank five or six bottles of beer, he became a little drunk and only knew how to shout loudly .

"The dead chicken woman, every day she made this boss to wear small shoes . As you know, my basic salary is just over 3,000 yuan . The bulk of my salary is in performance . If performance is deducted from my salary, I will have to drink northwest wind . Last month she said that Lao Zi's task index was deducted before it was completed .

Last month, I said that it was my reason that caused the bank to lose a customer performance deduction . I also accepted it, but this month, I not only completed the specific targets, but also pulled an extra 5-6 million in bank deposits . But the result was, the dead chicken woman said that she forgot to report it . The performance was kept for the end of the year, thus I went over to her family thoroughly . "

Zhang Dashan poured out his bitterness at Xiao Luo . Although he looked bohemian and heartless every day, he was really unhappy and depressed at work .

"If I had known this was the case, I should have told the truth just now . Your immediate superior is really ugly . " Xiao Luo drink a mouthful of beer .

"Mom egg, you make a fool out of me . If I said she is my girlfriend prior, will you think even her ugly mouth is very good-looking? I think not . Old Xiao, next time I give you a picture of a woman, can't you just tell the truth, and don't pull some whites?" Zhang Dashan was speechless .

Xiao Luo didn't even know what to say, he just kept quietly drinking .

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"By the way, I greeted the whole family of the dead chicken woman and her 18 generations of ancestors in front of all my colleagues today, killing me heartily . " Zhang Dashan suddenly dropped .

"Poof ~"

Hearing this, Xiao Luo immediately sprayed the beer he had just drunk into his mouth, and his eyes widened in shock: "What is your situation and are you not going to continue working in the bank?"

"Egg . This boss's luggage is in the car already . "

Zhang Dashan unpacked a bag of melon seeds and cracked it with relish . "I am unemployed now . I will come to you regardless if you didn't call me today . I should have stayed with you during the job search period . "

Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head, looking at his brother that lost his job in the bank, his mind also is not in a good mood . He is very clear how Zhang Dashan get the job, he prepared hard for half a year and passed the entrance examination of the bank . In the bank, he struggled for a year to get the qualification, because Zhang Dashan has no background, and had to rely on his own efforts, and many newcomers who entered later than him, as long as they got some relationship can become a full member in two just months .

It can be said that everything now has been stepped out step by step by Zhang Dashan, and the result is now, it was all gone up in smoke . It is impossible to say that Zhang Dashan is not miserable in his heart, or else he would not have brought up so much beer .

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Zhang Dashan is like a drunken red-faced Guan Gong, complaining incessantly: "This is really a f*cking era of father-fighting . The father of the dead chicken woman is the local district chief . If it weren't for this relationship, she wouldn't have climbed to that position according to her ability . It's only a 'dream on' to her! "

At the end of the day, I took a sip of water at the ground, and I don't know how much I spit on that woman .

Xiao Luo sighed and said, "I have something to tell you, you can give me some help deciding . "

Then, he relayed what Chu YunXiong today said about Luo Fang giving it to his care .

Zhang Dashan was immediately agitated and full of excitement: "Ain't that a good thing, this is a 'big' good thing, just like a pie in the sky, Lao Xiao, I said prior, you and Chu YunXiong should climb a relationship, and at least get less struggle for decades . And now? In just a less than a month's time, you directly, from a sesame seed of Huahai group of engineers, jumped to the position of a boss, one of the successful people . "

"Do you think I should promise?" Xiao Luo looked up and asked .

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With a wave of his hand, Zhang Dashan said firmly, "It's brain damage to refuse!"

Xiao Luo's face has a black line down, he really want to refuse, because he doesn't want to owe Chu YunXiong .

"I know you don't want to be controlled, but the boss Chu said that he would only be a shareholder who takes a back seat and only have to wait until the end of the year to give him 20% of the profits . This is equivalent to directly giving Luo Fang to you, and you are the real boss of Luo Fang and the CEO . You shouldn't even consider this kind of good thing and just agree . Should I say your head is funny?"

"If a pie falls from the sky, one must pay attention to whether there is a trap at one's feet . Chu Yunxiong is a businessman, and a businessman will pursue the maximization of benefits . Do you think he will give such a large Luo Fang to an outsider and only willingly take 20% of the profits?" Xiao Luo still maintained a rational mind .

"Lao Xiao, businessmen are generally divided into three stages, the first stage, the original accumulation stage, by hook or by crook to earn money, carrying no conscience, against morality, and as illegal laws can be; The second stage is to instruct unsuccessful businessmen to emphasize honesty and not violate basic business rules .

In the third stage, they begin to repay the society, do charity, donations and so on, in order to make up for the damage of the initial plunder of the society, this is to comfort themself . These three stages, which all successful businessmen must go through, respectively correspond to the three states of unsuccessful businessmen, successful businessmen and big businessmen . "

Zhang Dashan earnestly said, "Chu Yunxiong is active in all major media . The reason for this is that he has returned gifts to the society . He has already achieved success . In the vast and vast country, who are more successful than him? I think only with ten fingers they can be counted . By this time, he is no longer pursuing maximum benefits . He wants to see the young people he sees succeed more . This is the point of his achievement . "

"Do you mean he wants to see me succeed and get a sense of accomplishment here?" Xiao Luo was doubtful .

Zhang Dashan snapped his fingers: "That's what it means . " He sat down again with an expression of begging, "I don't care anymore . I'll follow you later . When you become CEO, then I will at least have a vice president position, so that I can also enjoy the pleasure of training people . "

"Don't expect too much from me, I haven't decided whether to promise Chu YunXiong yet . " Xiao Luo poured a basin of cold water .

"Lie in the trough, you're considering a chicken hair! Does this need to be considered? What the hell are you thinking? "

"I want to do something on my own and not rely on anyone . "

"Lao Xiao, the survival law of this society is that you use me and I use you . It is an honor to be used . It shows that you have the value of being used . Even if you take 10,000 steps back, you say you want to do something yourself . Do you really think you can do something well?" Zhang Dashan mercilessly knocked on Xiao Luo's forehead, to wake him up .

Xiao Luo shook his head, he really can't think well, he also have no plan yet .

"This is not enough . Take care of Luo Fang first and think slowly . It's not too late to do it after you have a plan . I'll follow you during this period of time . If you leave Luo Fang one day, I can also support you . It helps me as well as you . It's the best of both worlds . Why not?" Zhang Dashan said as he was so excited that he even woke up from being drunk .

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