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Chapter 91

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For Chu Yue, Xiao Luo originally thought he hated her, but when he was about to leave, he found that the dislike was so insignificant compared with the mixed feelings of separation .

Chu Yue's whole body was wet with rain . When a gust of wind blew, her body could not help shuddering . Like a flower in a storm, she was sad, helpless and pitiful . She was supposed to be enjoying the moon and stars from high above . Now she is praying for Xiao Luo to return like a poor wretch . She can't forget the warmth and security that the boar ridge man gave her . She wants to use all her strength and hold it tightly .

Xiao Luo's heart was uncomfortable, not only to Chu Yue, but even with Huang Ruoran, AnHuan any of them, he will be the same .

However, he cannot turn back . He is not from the same world with them . He just passes by their world . He is just a passer-by . How can a passer-by miss the scenery on the road too much?

His face was cold, his heart was hard, and he said in a reprimanded tone: "Miss Chu, you are really childish . You know, I hate you very much . You are a self-righteous stupid woman . You will always be like a little child . Girls of your age don't eat lollipops all day long .

Apart from you, do you think your teeth are good enough, or do you think eating lollipops is cute? I tell you, you are a wonderful flower . The most ridiculous thing is that you even gave me a lollipop as a gift . Are you sure you are really the campus flower of Hua Ye, not a joke? "

These words, every sentence and every word are like a dagger, deeply rooted in Chu Yue's heart .

She looked at Xiao Luo with her eyes wide open and sad . Tears mixed with rain rolled down . Why? Was it all her own wishful thinking? Was she so miserable in his mind?

"Go back, continue to be your big lady, don't come to me again, the last person I want to see is you!"

Xiao Luo was afraid to be soft hearted, so he knocked hard off her hand, he also didn't look back as he walked towards the taxi .

"Swindler . . . Xiao . . . Xiao Luo . . . "

Chu Yue after a few steps, stumbled, but finally stopped, self-effacing looking at Xiao Luo's leaving figure .

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Xiao Luo took the taxi, told the driver to drive the car away, took out his cell phone and made a phone call to Chu Yunxiong, informing him of Chu Yue's location .

Looking back, through the back windshield of the taxi, he saw Chu Yue standing in the rain, shivering, howling and crying .

Alas . . . . . .

Why did you come to me?

Xiao Luo sighed deeply, he completed his commission, he did the job concerning the big miss . Now, it's irrelevant, they must become strangers, a peaceful leave, is not good?

"Brother, that girl is not bad looking . I can see that she likes you very much when driving after you in rainy days . " The driver looked at Xiao Luo in the inside rearview mirror .

Xiao Luo smiled and did not answer the driver's question .

Do Chu Yue like himself?

He doesn't know .

Do he like Chu Yue?

He don't like her, at least not so far . He just don't hate her as much as he did after the dance .

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The falling rain seems to never stop .

When he returned to his rented house, Xiao Luo began to clean it up as he left for nearly a month . The furniture was covered with a thick layer of dust .

He took a shower, sat on the bed, took out his mobile phone and dialed the telephone of Zhang Dashan .

"Hello, who is this?"

Zhang Dashan often receives phone calls from strange customers, so when an unrecorded number is called to him, he greeted politely .

"It's me, Xiao Luo!" Xiao Luo said .

"Lao Xiao ah, WTF? How did you change your phone number? " The sound immediately became rough and loud .

Xiao Luo replied, "I didn't need the previous mobile phone number . As for WeChat, I also applied for another one . Please add it quickly . "

Changing his contact information, in order to cut off everything in Hua Ye .

"Lao Xiao, what's wrong with you?"

"Can't you say nothing, and just add me . " Because of Chu Yue, Xiao Luo is a little bit upset .

"Sh*t . "

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Zhang Dashan hurled abuse, "Where are you now? I'll come to see you . I just came to the city . "

"Chu Yunxiong's entrustment was completed ahead of schedule, and now I am in my home . "

"Ok, I'll be right there . By the way, get me a nightgown and let me stay at your place tonight . I won't go back . "

Finished saying that, before Xiao Luo could reply, Zhang Dashan hung up .

Xiao Luo was speechless, and then sent the new contact information to all the contacts stored on the mobile phone in a group . His hand speed was too fast, and the result was it was sent to a person who he should not have sent it, namely Zhao Mengqi .

He is also very speechless to himself . He should've just deleted Zhao Mengqi's contact information and saved trouble now .

To his surprise, Zhao Mengqi returned a message in seconds: How have you been recently?

Xiao Luo took the palm of his hand and slapped his forehead . He was a big head . He was really looking for trouble .

He did not need to reply to this message .


An hour later, Zhang Dashan arrived with a case of beer and a lot of snacks .

Xiao Luo's rented house is on the top floor, one room and one hall, accounting for only half of the total area of the top floor, while the other half is like a super-large outdoor balcony . The floor is paved with red ceramic tiles . It doesn't need to be cleaned . The rain basically made it very clean so you can walk barefoot on it in sunny days .

It rained today, so they had to put the table under the aluminum eaves and turn on the lights . It also had the atmosphere of having a midnight snack .

"Are you going to drink and vomit?" Xiao Luo looked at the case of beer on the floor .

"Throw up, am I such an egg? I never throw up when I drink beer . How much I drink will soon be converted into urine . "

Zhang Dashan was eating a chicken leg and his mouth was greasy . He was dressed casually today . His short sleeves, shorts and slippers were too sharp to be described in words . He threw his mobile phone to Xiao Luo . "Tell me, how is this woman looking?"

A picture of a woman is displayed on the mobile phone . It is obvious that she has a beautiful face . Looking at the picture alone, Xiao Luo shook his head . Because the woman's mouth is too big and her facial features are not so good . She has a bitter taste . However, he cannot rashly evaluate it . If she is Zhang Dashan's newly-handed girlfriend, wouldn't he hurt Zhang Dashan's self-esteem if she doesn't look good?

"What do you think?"

"I asked you, why did you ask me in turn?" Zhang Dashan shouted loudly, and the meat scraps in his mouth sprayed randomly .

"Then who is she?" Xiao Luo is still cautious .

Zhang Dashan said: "My immediate superior . "

Your immediate superior?

Xiao Luo thought, he thinks it's meaning to the boss .

He Nodded: "Not bad . Nose is nose, face is face, eyes are eyes, very feminine in the workplace . "

When Zhang Dashan heard this, he immediately became angry and pounded the table: "Your Temperament is an egg, is she a temperamental as a dead chicken looking woman? Lao Xiao, are you blind and can't see what a big mouth she is? You can put two black c*cks in her mouth at the same time . You even said that she has a lot of temperament and I love it like that . "

"What's the matter with you? As soon as you get there, I'll listen to you, so explain . " Xiao Luo was ignorant .

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