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Chapter 90

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"Brother, that girl seems to be calling you!" The taxi driver turned around and pointed to Chu Yue in the distance .

Xiao Luo shook his head and denied: "You are mistaken . I don't know her . "

"Oh . . . "

The taxi driver nodded suspiciously and then moved the car slowly .

Xiao Luo put his elbow on the car door, his hand clenched and his chin propped up . He looked out of the window with indifference . The rain was falling . It was easy for people to calm down and think about things . The atmosphere of the past, present and future slowed down the fast-paced life .

"Stop, stop!"

Chu Yue screamed and shouted a few times, but the taxi did not mean stop, with tail lights, it slowly headed for the distance . She stamped her foot with anger, slammed on the accelerator and ran after the taxi .

Although the performance of the two cars is not comparable at all, the taxi driver's skill is excellent, and there are fewer cars on the road on rainy days at night, so the taxi speed is very fast . Chu Yue chased the driver for a long time before catching up, and she honked her horn to signal the driver to stop .

"This is . . . "

The driver looked at the unknown car, a three-line BMW in the rearview mirror with a puzzled face .

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Just as he was about to pull over, Xiao Luo took out a hundred dollars from his pocket and said to him, "Get rid of the car behind you . This one hundred dollars is yours . "

What's the situation? Why does he feel he met someone who's making a movie?

The driver couldn't help muttering in his heart that he was a fan of drama and had seen all kinds of TV plays . Now the situation is very similar to the plot in a romantic TV play he had seen before .

However, he soon recovered and said with a bitter face: "No, this is the city . The speed limit of 40 and 70 miles is already the limit . If I increase again, I will be fined and deducted points . "

"Five hundred!"

Xiao Luo was too lazy to talk with him, he directly to took out four additional one hundred bills .

"Come on, brother!"

The driver immediately put on the high gear and stepped on the accelerator . The engine roared . The speed of the taxi soared from 70 to 100 in the blink of an eye . The maximum penalty for speeding is 300 . There is no penalty for paying for mobile phone software . He can earn at least 200 more . If he is lucky and not photographed, he will earn 500 more . Driven by such benefits, he still didn't care about the traffic rules anymore .

Watching herself getting more and more far away from the taxi, Chu Yue gritted her teeth with anger . She switched the vehicle to sports mode . The red BMW immediately like it got injected with a stream of energy, just like a phantom of the opera, chased up toward the taxi .

Only two or three seconds it passed the taxi, and then with a beautiful tailspin it stopped 50 or 60 meters in front of the taxi, and the whole car lay across the road .

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"Ah ~"

The driver was frightened . The emergency brake was applied . The road was slippery in rainy days . Even with the anti-lock system, the car slipped out under the emergency brake, dragging out two scorched marks on the ground .

Fortunately, the two cars did not hit . The taxi stopped at a distance of five or six meters from the red BMW, and the driver broke out in a cold sweat .

At this moment, Chu Yue pushed open the car door and stepped down from the BMW . She ran to the front of the taxi and shouted at the taxi, "Get out of here!"


Who is it, the man behind?

The driver's face was appalled, and he looked in the inside rearview mirror at Xiao Luo, who was sitting in the back seat .

At this time of Xiao Luo can't mention how depressed he was . The driver was wearing a seat belt, but he did not and with the emergency brake, he's caught off guard and hit his forehead firmly behind the front seat, although there is no redness and swelling but his forehead is burning with pain .

"Swindler, come out!"

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Chu Yue was still standing in the rain shouting . She didn't hold an umbrella and just let the rain fall down on her . Her white school uniform got wet . Her black undergarments on her chest and clothes were looming out . The white skin inside was tightly attached to the clothes . Her perfect figure curve was thus outlined .

Her Black hair hung limply and her white face was covered with rain beads, making people feel distressed .

The door opened and Xiao Luo walked down from the car with an umbrella expressionless .

Holding an umbrella in one hand and putting one hand in his trouser pocket, he walked towards Chu Yue . He was as graceful as a polite gentleman, but the black shirt and black casual pants, all dressed in black, gave him an aura of evil charm .

"Swindler . . . "

At the sight of Xiao Luo, Chu Yue's face was beaming with joy . Despite her wet body, she went to Xiao Luo and took Xiao Luo's hand . "Let's go, come back with me . Everyone is waiting for you . "

Her current mood is like when a precious thing that has been recovered . Her panicked heart has completely settled down after seeing Xiao Luo .

However, Xiao Luo just stood motionless, despite her pulling, he didn't move .

"Go back? Back to where? Hua Ye? " Xiao Luo had a mocking smile on his face .

"You . . . Aren't you sent by my father to protect me?" Chu Yue's big almond eyes stared . She twist her head with consternation as she looked at him, her heart had a knife mercilessly pierced in it .

"You are now safe and no longer need my protection . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

Chu Yue froze, as if her soul flashed away from her body, her brain blank . She doesn't know what to say to retain Xiao Luo, she doesn't even know why she would run here desperately, is it just because the man saved her from those demons?

No, no, for the first time, she began to try to like a boy, but the boy faced her with indifferent expression and cold tone .

"Go back, go back to school . "

Xiao Luo urged her to completely erase the ripples in his heart, and his face was cold as frost . "I have my own things to do . As a student, you should also have your own things . Don't waste your time on an outsider!"

Having said that, he turned around and walked away without a trace of remembrance . Even if he felt somewhat reluctant, he must cut off all this and start a new life .

However, Chu Yue reached out and grabbed him by the arm .

Sobbing, she said: "Let's . . . go home together, I beg you swindler . . . I was not good before, I shouldn't have done that to you, now I know I'm wrong, I say sorry to you, don't go, don't leave us . . . Xiao-fei zhu, Ding Kai, Huang Ruoran, they are all waiting for you . . . "

She can't say how sad she is, she also don't know what's the matter with her, she is so proud, but why is she in front of a boy crying, this is unbecoming of her, her delicate makeup already spent on her face, revealing a pale face .

Xiao Luo turned his head and looked at her clothes wet and messy hair, but there is no way to comfort her .

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