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Chapter 89

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It happened that he took a seat in a bad position, which was very embarrassing!

Quantity is how strong Xiao Luo's heart is . At the moment, he feels on pins and needles prick it .

Just as he was about to get up and change his position, Chu Yunxiong waved his hand and stopped him: "It doesn't matter what seat we sit for now, it's just the two of us . "

Xiao Luo coughed a few times to calm down: "I don't know what Mr . Chu called me to do this time?"

He just wanted to cut to the chase and didn't want to be polite to Chu YunXiong .

Chu Yunxiong seemed to expect that he would ask like this, laughing: "Well, I recently bought a company and just lack a person to take care of it . Are you interested?"

Xiao Luo's eyes brightened: "What company?"

He felt that this would be an opportunity, at least not from scratch, but from the bottom . The most important point is that although he wanted to make great efforts and create a vigorous career, he did not have any specific plans in mind .

"Luo Fang!"

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"Luo Fang? The company in Jiangcheng that makes bread and cakes? "

Xiao Luo was surprised and lost color . After years in river city, he naturally knew Luo Fang, a large company specialized in baking cakes and having more than 70 chain stores in river city . His ex-girlfriend Zhao Mengqi liked eating cakes very much, so he didn't go to and from Luo Fang's stores less .

Chu Yunxiong nodded: "Yes, that's right . The name of the company still has a word" Luo" . It seems to be predestined friends with you . "

"But I remember the owner of Luo Fang's name is Fang . "

"Well, it's called Fang Changmiao!"

Chu Yunxiong took a sip from the cup and said slowly, "You should know about the food safety incident in Luo Fang six months ago?"

"It seems that an old man died in a store in Luo Fang after eating a piece of bread . The media also exposed the matter . " Xiao Luo said .

Chu Yunxiong said noncommittally: "As a food company, food safety and public praise are greater than the sky . The death of the old man directly caused Luo Fang's public praise to drop to the bottom and lost a large number of customers . In six months, Fang Changmiao changed from a boss with a value of 200 million to a poor man with a debt of 10 million . " With a sigh, "Shopping malls are like battlefields . Many people are still brightly dressed one second before and may be defeated the next . Even eating and drinking are a problem . It is very cruel and ironic . "

"Since you bought Luo Fang, why don't you let Fang Changmiao continue to manage it? Compared with me, who has little experience, he should be the most suitable candidate?" Asked Xiao Luo .

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Chu Yunxiong shook his head and held out his fingers . "There are two reasons for not choosing Fang Changmiao . First, as far as I know about him, he is not reliable . He is likely to kick down the ladder and speculate . I don't want the company I bought at a big price to return to his hands at last . "

"The second and most important point is that the food safety problem in Luo Fang is subconsciously believed to be the cause of the boss . Only when the boss is replaced will the customer re-establish trust in Luo Fang with the attitude of giving it a try . "

Xiao Luo nodded, Chu YunXiong undoubtedly hit the nail on the head, indeed . When Luo Fang appeared that incident, even he also think that the boss is the reason . If he replace the boss, Luo Fang is still the original Luo Fang, but for customers, Luo Fang will get innovation, the food must follow the innovation, and they will try again .

"Xiao Luo, I said I trust you, so help me carry on the burden of Luo Fang!" Chu YunXiong smiling, said .

Xiao Luo shook his head and declined, "Mr Chu, although this is a very good job, I hope to have my own career . "

Work and career are two completely different concepts . The former is bound by the boss, while the latter is the boss himself .

Chu Yunxiong laughed: "Outsiders say my eyes look at diamonds and jade very accurately, just like sun monkey's golden eyes . In fact, I think I can see people very accurately . Your free and easy confidence and unique temperament are beyond the reach of ordinary people . At a young age, I have my own ideas and persistence . I really value you . "

Xiao Luo kept silent, a big boss is a big boss . It really let a person have a kind of feeling in the fog, he can't touch the actual situation .

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"The last call, I also told you, I will give you the challenge and space you want . You are not my employee . If you take over Luo Fang, you will be the real owner of Luo Fang . " Chu YunXiong added .

The real owner of Luo Fang?

Xiao Luo's heart quivered, he quietly looked at Chu YunXiong, waiting for his below .

"I am only responsible for dividends and you only need to give me two achievements of my total profits every year . " Chu YunXiong said as he looked at Xiao Luo .

"Mr . Chu, you are no different from the shareholders, Luo Fang is bought by you, you . . . " Xiao Luo spoke to remind, although he knew he didn't need to remind Chu Yunxiong .

Chu Yunxiong interrupted with a wave of his hand: "I am a businessman and a father . You have protected my daughter . In return, I will help you as much as I can, and Luo Fang is my sincerity . "

Xiao Luo then finally understand Zhang Dashan's words . With Chu YunXiong, climbing a relationship is really a struggle for decades less .

He said: "I want to think about it first!"

Of course he has to consider, Chu YunXiong gave a big piece of cake, but he also has to weigh whether he can eat that much, if he can't eat, wouldn't it be very embarrassing .

"Yes, I'll give you three days to think about it . "

Chu Yunxiong was generous and patient with Xiao Luo . "As long as you promise, I will remit another 10 million yuan to Luo Fang's finance as funds for its follow-up operation . Whether Luo Fang can get out of the river depths depends on your ability . "

Xiao Luo nodded to show that he was clear .

After exchanging a few commonplaces with Chu YunXiong, he got up and left . As a big business tycoon, Chu YunXiong is someone he can look up to and trust himself so highly . To tell the truth, Xiao Luo's heart had endless gratitude, and he also sincerely feels admiration for Chu YunXiong, he's a self-made legend in the flesh!

When he went downstairs and saw the falling rain, Xiao Luo's brow wrinkled up . He didn't like rainy days, especially on today's somewhat special day . He stopped a taxi, got into it and headed for his 561-month rented house .

Just before he got into the taxi, he arrived seeing Chu Yue, who was driving a red three-series BMW .

"Swindler!" Chu Yue saw Xiao Luo who took the taxi and knocked down the window with a loud cry .

Why is she here?

Xiao Luo muttered something in his heart, then, as if he had not heard it, rushed at the taxi driver and said, "Drive!"

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