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Chapter 88

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Outside the car window, it was the familiar night scene of the River city . Xiao Luo sat in the back seat and looked at it quietly . his eyes were full of sadness and melancholy . at the same time, he also had the courage to look above the world and challenge the future .

The trip to Hua Ye is over and another journey is about to begin!

In addition to his emotional attachment to Xiao-Fei Zhu and his party, he is more longing for the future, like a martial arts expert after returning from learning skills, looking forward to making great efforts and creating a vigorous career .

[Hua Ye]

English majors are all anxious like ants on a hot pan . . .

"I can't get through . Luo Ge's cell phone is turned off!" Xiao-fei zhu frowned and took the phone away from his ear .

What happened?

Everyone is like so, how can he be missing? But also at the critical time of the chorus .

"Had his Wechat and QQ been contacted?" Chu Yue said in an urgent way .

Xiao-Fei Zhu spread out his hand: "I contacted him, but he didn't return . "

"Can't it be something?" Wang Lingling speculated .

"Crow mouth, Ah you!"

"Luo Shen is so powerful, what can happen?"

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"That is, Wang Lingling, you don't think in a good way . "

All the girls accused Wang Lingling one after another, but after the accusation, they had to face such a question, that is, where has Luo Shen gone?

Huang Ruoran said to Zhu Xiaofei, "Go to the dormitory and find out if Xiao Luo is there?"

Xiao-Fei Zhu nodded . Just as he was preparing to go back to the dormitory to have a look, An Huan, who had not spoken, flushed her eyes and said, "You don't need to go . Luo Shen must have already left . "


This sentence was like a bomb to everyone, and they all looked at Anhuan .

An Huanhuan raised her head, bit her lips and shouted: "Luo Shen is different from us . He is not a student . He came to our school to protect Princess Chu!"

What . . .

The crowd opened their eyes wide and were shocked by what An Huan said . Aren't he a student? He came to their class only to protect Chu Yue . Does it not mean that Xiao Luo is a bodyguard?

Thinking of Xiao Luo one-on-one hitting the Sanda club, it seems that this is true, it's not something that An huan fabricated at random .

"Princess Chu, is it true what Huan Huan said?" A girl who has a crush on Xiao Luo approached Chu Yue and asked eagerly .

Chu Yue at this time, her brain is blank . . .

Leave? Did he just leave?

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Her soul seemed to be evacuated in an instant, and her heart was empty . She could not tell what it felt like . She had not yet expressed her gratitude to Xiao Luo . Why did he leave? Why is it so sudden?

"Impossible, An Huanhuan, will you stop playing such jokes?" Xiao-fei zhu cannot accept Xiao Luo's departure .

"I also hope I am joking, but this is the truth, Luo Shen told me himself . " An Huanhuan finally failed to hold back her tears, and two lines of tears slipped down from the corners of her eyes .

"I don't believe it!"

Xiao-fei zhu turned and ran to the dormitory, he didn't believe Xiao Luo will take his leave, and he more doesn't believe that Xiao Luo is Chu Yue's bodyguard .

"Zhu!" Ding Kai followed up .

Huang Ruoran looked up at the dark sky, held out her hand and caught a few drops of rain like goose feather: "It's raining . "

The drizzle was silent, falling down like elves!

At this moment, the hearts of all English majors are heavy to the extreme .

A teacher came up from the side door of the auditorium with an excited smile and announced to the English majors, "The evaluation result is out . Your English major is the first in this chorus competition!"

First place?

Originally, this was an exciting glory . After all, it was not easy for everyone to get it through hard work . However, Xiao Luo's departure made this glory lose its due light . If only Xiao Luo could share it with them .

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Chu Yue hurled abuse at the crowd and ran out of school, regardless .

"Princess Chu, what are you doing?" Bai Xeiwen urgently asked .

"I'll get that b*stard back!"

Chu Yue kept running, she was going to get Xiao Luo back, anyway, their glory must have Xiao Luo to share with them, even if only one second, one minute is enough!

The teacher looked puzzled and thought: What's wrong with the English majors? How do they not feel happy to have won the first place?

At this time, everyone's mobile phone prompts for new messages to be received .

Taking out their mobile phones and looking, it is a group message, sent by Xiao Luo . . .

"I think I should congratulate you on your excellent performance on the stage and believe you will have a good result . Huanhuan has already told you, I am different from you, I am not a student, I am just a bodyguard, now my task has been completed, it is time for me to leave . Life is like a journey . We all have our own pursuits, no matter how far we go, our friendship will not fade . Goodbye, everyone! "

"Luo Shen . . . "

Girls are emotional animals . After reading the message sent by Xiao Luo, many people cried .

Huang Ruoran was no exception . Her eyes turned red . She just swallowed her tears .

"What's the matter with you? Aren't you ranked first? " The teacher frowned and was confused in his heart . Why did they cry?

"We won the first place, we are happy, happy to cry, waaaah . . . "

An Huanhuan gave herself a high-sounding reason and began to cry .

The other girls couldn't help sobbing when she was around .

The teacher's face was full of consternation: I'll go, can't I? Are people crying when they are happy?

[Tianxiangge Hotel]

In an antique room, Xiao Luo and Chu Yunxiong sat at a large table, which was filled with various delicacies and fine wines .

As Chu YunXiong's bodyguards, Leng Zuo and Leng You was also in the room, looking cold and grave, their body with a sharp breath . The two men were not very satisfied with Xiao Luo's behavior . As soon as he came in, he sat down on the table with a fart and a share . This did not matter . But to simply eat the dishes on the table regardless of whether Chu boss was present or not . This was too rude .

However, in Chu YunXiong's view, Xiao Luo's unpretentious behavior is due to his own heart, which is much better than other hypocritical and polite people .


Xiao Luo put down the bowl and chopsticks, wiped his mouth with a napkin, wearing a face of satisfaction .

"Xiao Luo, do you know what your seat is according to etiquette and customs?" Chu YunXiong ourtenant looked at him .

"I don't know . "

Xiao Luo shook his head, then with two quick Laughs, "Can't be . . . on the table?"

Although he doesn't know what seating positions each position represents, he can come out of the countryside at least a little and sit in all positions, except this one, because sitting in this position is very exquisite, either a person of high moral standing, or an elder, or it is very impolite .

Chu YunXiong noncommittally nodded his head .

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