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Chapter 87

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The stage light in the auditorium is bright . Compared with the stage, the light in the auditorium is dim .

Xiao Luo is now sitting in a low-profile position in the last row of the audience . He will leave tonight . Before he leaves, he will enjoy the chorus of the English major . After all, this is what he directed .

"A group of girls actually chose a song called Yellow River . I think they definitely can't sing well . How can a girl sing this song with vigour?"

"I think so, too . I'm afraid the English majors have to be at the bottom!"

Next to them, two boys were whispering about the performance of the English major to be played .

Xiao Luo couldn't help but say: "The momentum of the song is not sung by voice . Many revolutionary red songs are sung by women . They can still sing the momentum and inside information of the song . There are no inappropriate songs in the world, only people who don't know how to sing . "

The two boys looked at him and smiled playfully .

"Dude, it seems that you know a lot about music, you're from music department?"

"No . "

"So you are an amateur and a member of the Music Association?"

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"No, I was just passing by . "

Thus, the playful smile on the two boys' faces became even more prevalent .

"You are not a music student or a member of the performing arts club, so what qualifications do you have to comment on?"

"Just a layman, but pretending to be a music master . "

Xiao Luo was not angered either . He kept a faint smile on his face and only replied, "Because I guided the chorus of the English major . "

Between the two boys' faces of consternation, a student announcer came out from behind the curtain of the stage, smiling broadly and holding a microphone, and said: "Please enjoy the song "Yellow River," chorus of class, Grade 16 English major . Command, Huang Ruoran; Monoluoge, Chu Moon! "

The big red curtain was slowly pulled open, revealing the familiar faces of English majors . Everyone was in high spirits, smiling, and stood in line with Xiao Luo's previously adjusted formation .

Huang Ruoran, dressed in a formal suit and high heels, stepped out of the background, bowed deeply to the audience and then turned to face her classmates . At this moment, the accompaniment of "Yellow River" flows out gently like mountain streams .

Chu Yue was in the middle of the queue . When the accompaniment sounded, she read aloud: "The Yellow River is a long flowing history . The Yellow River, the mother river of Chinese people; Your bosom is nestled up to 1 . 3 billion Chinese children, and your blood is connected to 6 . 6 million Chinese land .

Coming from the snowy mountains and grasslands and the Dadu River, we looked back at history with solemn and stirring songs . Coming from the barrage of bullets and the blockade of the Japanese aggressors, we fought bravely with songs . Descendants of the dragon united to defend their hometown, the Yellow River and our great motherland . "

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The mood was vigorous, brimming with tenacity and strong rendering power . Before the chorus started, this recitation had already aroused the blood of all the audience present, as if seeing the picture of revolutionary fighters courageously killing the enemy and the rise of China .

Xiao Luo showed a satisfied smile . Chu Yue was really suitable to be a reciter .

Huang Ruoran began to command with both hands, and a loud and neat song rang .

"The wind is roaring, the horses are shouting, and the Yellow River is roaring . . . "

At first, the singing sound was like a wild horse running on the vast grassland, followed by several horses, and finally a large group of horses galloping along the rolling Yellow River . Accompanied by the instruments, the strong collision of high-pitched and low-pitched sounds made people seem to see the rolling waves .

The two boys who had just questioned the English major froze, and the whole audience froze . They had never heard such a magnificent chorus before . Their voices seemed to turn into waves, one after another, shaking everyone's eardrums .

In the middle of the journey, it was suddenly pulled up like thunder, like a magnificent music feast, which exploded in everyone's mind . Originally, it was accompanied by a bay of fine water, but it had already turned into a vast river, unstoppable, advancing bravely along the torrent .

This is shocking and incredible!

When the chorus was over and Huang Ruoran turned to bow to the audience and thanked them, it seemed that the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard in the large auditorium . All the more than 1,000 people in the hall were staring at the stage with gaping eyes . The pentium singing still lingered in their ears, lingering sound and inspiring their souls .

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The English major students looked at each other, but they were nervous . They didn't know what was wrong with the audience . Did they sing badly?

"Pa . . . Pa . . . "

At this moment, the teacher judge sitting in the center of the first row stood up and became the first person to applaud in the auditorium, breaking the eerie silence . Then, other judges and students all stood up and applauded . People were boiling and the warm applause swept through the hall like a storm .

Everyone expressed their high recognition for the English major chorus with fierce applause and cheers .

So far, no class chorus performance has been highly appreciated by these teachers and judges . Until the English major came to power, they conquered everyone present with their exciting recitation and surging singing .

"It is simply incredible that a group of girls can sing Yellow River so well!"

"Yes, they are full of vigour and emotion, especially their singing style, which is similar to the waves . "

At first, the two boys who questioned the English major were amazed . They subconsciously looked at Xiao Luo's position, only to find that the position was empty . Xiao Luo left unbeknownst to them .

Of course, several people were happy and several were sad . Qiu Liang, a monitor and control major, was white and had an ashen complexion at this time . He was very sure that they had lost . The English major was several grades higher than their monitor and control major in terms of both the opening recital and the command, or just the overall chorus level . According to the previous gambling agreement, he was going to strip naked and run around the campus .

At this moment, Xiao Luo has been dragging luggage, leisurely walking on the main road of the school .

Just like he came before, he quietly left, waved his sleeve and did not take away a cloud . He has no regrets, he has left at least some things, such as this chorus, and he firmly believes that the English major will be ranking first .

Just, his mind might have some mixed feelings .

Slovenly and stingy Xiao-Fei Zhu, Ding Kai who is not very talkative and thin like a monkey, the strong Huang Ruoran, the petite and lovely An Huan, and the unruly and rude Chu Yue, etc .

There are ups and downs in these days in Hua Ye . It is impossible to say that there is no emotion .

However, everything will be diluted by time . He has his own things to do, and Xiao-Fei Zhu and them also have their colorful college life .

At the school gate, a black Bentley was parked firmly there .

"Is it Mr . Xiao?" The driver respectfully asked .

Xiao Luo nodded: "Hello . "

The driver opened the door: "The boss has been expecting you for a long time at Tianxiangge Hotel . Please get on the car . "

"Please . "

XiaoLuo finally looked back at Hua Ye before he walked into the car .

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