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Chapter 85

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Since Anhuan knew his true identity, Xiao Luo did not deceive her and nodded: "Of course I will leave . I didn't really come to Hua Ye to study . "

"But everyone regards you as a member of the class . If you leave, everyone will be very sad . " An Huan's eyes turned red . This time she was really moved by a boy . When she heard that Xiao Luo was leaving, her heart was very sad .

Xiao Luo shook his head: "You have your own way, I also have my own way to go, but it is not that I will never see you again . It is predestined friends that I will meet you, perhaps in . . . "


Anhuan suddenly jumped up and hugged him tightly .

Without warning, very suddenly . . .

In the face of the sudden embrace, Xiao Luo was stunned . Only a faint fragrance wafted through his nose . An Huan sobbed softly .

"Luo Shen, I don't want you to go, I really like you!"

[sadded 😭]

An Huan's voice choked, she couldn't restrain her real inner thoughts . She just likes Xiao Luo, without any reason, even if she will feel childish in her behavior in the future, it doesn't matter . Isn't that how people grow up?

Xiao Luo had a wry smile, he did not hug her, but only stretched out his hand and patted her on the back to comfort her .

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Young, beautiful, petite and lovely, such a girl throws herself on him on her initiative . It is false to say that he does not have any feelings about it . But his purpose of coming to Hua Ye is not to fall in love with female college students, but to complete a task here . How can he think of anything else? This is also too, against his own principles .


Three days after, the police found nothing of his trace . Xiao Luo was secretly relieved, Chu Yue didn't betray himself .

Chu YunXiong specially called to thank him, at the same time gave the rest of the one million reward also into his account .

In the conversation with Chu YunXiong, Xiao Luo know, the red scorpion mercenary group was completely annihilated . It is said that Gu QianLin with thousands of special police, had fought for two days and two nights . With the death of five special police, and 26 seriously injured, they finally killed the red scorpion mercenary group's remaining six members in the wild boar ridge . The mercenary group leader, red scorpion, jumped off the cliff . His hope of survival is very slim .

In addition, Chu Yunxiong's business rival was declared bankrupt and jailed . That is to say, Xiao Luo could withdraw from Hua Ye ahead of schedule and the task of protecting Chu Yue was completed .

It's done?

Xiao Luo has a kind of unreal feeling, in his mind, he's relieved, because in the future he don't have to go to the classroom anymore .

"Xiao Luo, thank you very much this time . Your help is the reason why my daughter can come back safely . " Chu Yunxiong expressed his thanks again, and the name of "Xiao Luo" also changed to "Xiao Luo" that is more intimate . He was kind and had close relationship .

"Mr Chu is very kind . this is what I should do . " Xiao Luo replied .

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Chu YunXiong appreciated Xiao Luo more, because Xiao Luo didn't take advantage of the opportunity to deliberately close relations with him . This is very rare for young people .

"Xiao Luo, I'll have my driver pick you up tomorrow and we'll talk . "

"I'm sorry, Mr Chu, I have other things to do tomorrow . I may not have time . "

Xiao Luo refused, Chu YunXiong find him to chat, naturally it is to have another arrangement for him, but he didn't want a sponsor, he doesn't like being controlled . Already, having one million start-up capital he can start to do his own thing, although there is no specific plan in his mind yet .

"Xiao Luo, you are very much like me when I was young . I understand you . If you come, I will never let you down . " Chu YunXiong said

After listening to Chu Yunxiong's words, Xiao Luo refused: "I'll think about it first!"

"You must come, believe me, I will give you the challenge you want and give you a broad and free space to play . " Chu YunXiong said persuasively .

Xiao Luo bid farewell slightly, and then hangs up the phone .

Challenge, space!

Chu YunXiong as if he's across a thin layer of window paper, under the glow of candlelight, Xiao Luo can only vaguely see the situation in the room, in analogical terms . But a person's heart itching, is unbearable, and one can be very eager to find it out .

"Does he really know what I want?"

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Xiao Luo muttered to himself, what he wanted was nothing more than freedom, not subjected to people's jurisdiction, but also a challenge, a career for which he could fight for his whole life .

"Forget it, let's go and see it tomorrow!"

Having made up his mind, he went downstairs . All the English majors were waiting for him to guide the chorus . Tomorrow night is the time for the chorus competition .

It was on the lawn in the back of the school or beside the pavilion that was full of books and spirits .

"Xiao Luo is here, everyone stand in line!"

Huang Ruoran was the first to see Xiao Luo . She immediately called all the girls sitting on the lawn chatting to stand up .

The girls quickly stood in line, smiling face by face to greet Xiao Luo .

When Xiao Luo said they would defeat the monitor and control major, they all expressed deep doubts . However, after Xiao Luo's guidance these days, their chorus level has been improving every day . Especially yesterday, Qiu Liang, the monitor and control major, turned green after listening to their chorus of "Yellow River" in her class, and the monitor and control majors also changed practice location l and are now singing in a local place .

Qiu Liang also commissioned Zhao Shijie, the monitor of the monitor and control department, to come and ask if he could cancel the bet on that day, which was a great relief when he thought about it .

It can be said that Xiao Luo's prestige in the class will never be worse than Huang Ruoran after this .

"Brother Luo, my good brother Luo, why is it that you only come here now? Everyone has been waiting for you for half a day . " Xiao-fei zhu complained .

The result was immediately bombarded by all the girls in the class .

"Luo Shen will come whenever he wants, you pig! "

"That is to say, the dead pig has clearly come to rub against Luo Shen's heat . "

"Pig head is unkind, too unkind . "


Xiao-fei zhu's expression on his face was as ugly as eating peppers, and he wants to complain but was weak . Why did he provoke public anger?

Ding Kai glanced at him: "Don't look at me, who knows what's in your head, who's bad, Luo Ge, who can be blamed for being stupid and forcing yourself to be an idiot . "

"Kai Zi, you don't feel psychological imbalance? At least the three of us are national treasures in our class . why is the gap so wide? " Xiao-fei zhu said with a sad face .

Ding Kai suddenly smiled triumphantly: "Hey, hey . . . thanks to Trogo, I also made the hot search list of the Hua Ye Forum . Recently, I successfully won the junior high school girl whom I have long admired . The gap between you and me is really not the same . "


Xiao-fei zhu was big eyed, with face full of surprise . He and Ding Kai are fat and thin and are called the English major's "Grostique Twins . " It is also known that the two of them can never get a girlfriend but . . . Ding Kai has a girlfriend now, but he still got none, he felt the damage . . .

It's tons of damage!

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