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Chapter 86

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"Sorry, I took a call and was late!"

After Xiao Luo came to the front of everyone, he apologized to them for letting the whole class wait for him for more than ten minutes . He felt really guilty .

"It doesn't matter, Luo Shen . We don't have to do anything anyway . It's good to breathe fresh air and have a chat here in the back mountain . "

"Yes, if you don't ignore the dead pig directly, he will go looking for trouble, like those stars with ulterior motives on the Internet . "

"No matter how late Luo Shen comes, we are willing to wait, hee hee . . . "

All the girls in the English major spoke out one after another, completely ignoring the time Xiao Luo was holding up .

Compared with them, Anhuan, who learned that Xiao Luo would be leaving, has recently become somewhat reticent and not as active as usual .

And at the back Chu Yue, at the moment of Xiao Luo's appearance has undergone earth-shaking changes, the other day was a big shock to her, and at the sight of Xiao Luo, she originally still have some unease in her heart but now it completely settled down . Xiao Luo can give her infinite sense of security .

"Swindler is really handsome!"

Chu Yue took out the lollipop in her mouth, gawking at Xiao Luo as she whispered her evaluation .

She was dressed in a white pleated gauze dress, with a black and capable short hair neatly curled to her shoulders . Her delicate and beautiful face was as white as a freshly shelled egg . Her eyes were as beautiful as flowers, and her nose was delicate . Her mouth did not have any lipstick, but her lips still looked red . She was charming and beautiful .

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After hearing this, Bai Xeiwen beside her immediately showed a very surprised expression on her face . She heard from Chu Yue's mouth that Xiao Luo's handsome . How incredible it must be, "Princess Chu, did you just say Xiao Luo is very handsome?"

"When did I say he was handsome? You're just hearing voices . "

Chu Yue have a guilty conscience and dare not look straight into the eyes of Bai Xeiwen, in order to hide her guilt, she specially put the lollipop back into her mouth .

Hearing voices? Impossible!!!!

Bai Xeiwen really doubt her hearing, after all, such words as' Xiao Luo is very handsome' from Chu Yue's mouth is really against common sense .

"Everyone keep quiet and listen to Xiao Luo!" Huang Ruoran spoke, letting all the girls quiet down .

Xiao Luo coughed and stepped forward and said, "In fact, I have nothing to teach anymore . It's ok for everyone to play their normal level when singing tomorrow . "

"Luo Shen, Qiu Liang, from the monitor and control major will get naked . We are definitely singing better than their class . " A girl said confidently .

"Confidence is a good thing, keep it!" Xiao Luo said lightly with a smile .

Next, they sang the song "Yellow River" five or six times according to their usual practice . After each pass, Xiao Luo let everyone dissolve . It was all right . There was no need to practice any more . Just wait until tomorrow's competition begin .

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"Swindler!" Just as Xiao Luo was about to leave, Chu Yue stopped him .

"Why?" Xiao Luo stopped and turned to look at her .


Chu Yue stuffed a box of imported lollipops into Xiao Luo's arms, and then like a frightened rabbit, in a panic, blushing and pulling Bai Xeiwen, she quickly left, leaving while looking back to Xiao Luo's side, she could not say how nervous and uneasy she was .

"Wow, what is this?"

Xiao-fei zhu was stunned, he walked over and took one look at the lollipop in Xiao Luo's hand . "US and China sweetcaroline Vampire Love Lollipop, a box of which costs 999 dollars . Princess Yue is willing to give you something she likes . Brother Luo, my good brother Luo, you have quietly captured the heart of our school girl in Hua Ye . If this were to come out, how many boys in Hua Ye would be heartbroken . "

Ding Kai was also shocked beyond words: "There is indeed a big gap . I feel that I can't even see Luo Ge's back anymore . "

He thought he was good enough to pair up with his long-time favorite elementary school sister, but Xiao Luo was even worse . He directly put them in the most difficult pursuit in Hua Ye, Chu Yue, the school girl of no less than 50 boys rejected, and completely dumped them for more than a dozen streets .

Xiao Luo speechless, if she wants to thank him, she can send him money and not send a box of lollipops, he is a grown man . Is he still like a child that eat lollipops?

At the same time, Bai Xeiwen is shocked, she can't believe Chu Yue would give Xiao Luo the box of lollipops .

"Princess Chu, what's wrong with you?" She asked, she had some doubts whether Chu Yue was ill .

"Nothing . Why?" Chu Yue .

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"You just gave Xiao Luo lollipops!"

"What's the matter with this? Isn't it just a box of lollipops and is it not worth a few dollars? I can buy it again . It's very hard for the swindler to guide our choir . This young lady gave him a treat . " Chu Yue said carelessly .


Oh, my God, what is going on? What happened?

Bai Xeiwen can't think the impassability of Chu Yue's change, it's too sudden, too off guard .


On Saturday, at seven o'clock in the evening, the chorus competition officially started .

The venue of the competition was the auditorium in Hua Ye . The staggered lights reflected the delicate stage as bright as day . The stage was full of students, and the first row was a panel of judges composed of teachers . The whole auditorium was full of people . At least 1,000 people gathered here .

One professional after another stepped onto the stage and stood in line to perform choral performances . The neat and loud singing echoed in the magnificent auditorium .

At this time, the English majors are in a flurry, because everyone is here, but the most important one is not here, that is Xiao Luo .

"Xiao-fei zhu . Where is Xiao Luo? " Huang Ruoran anxiously asked .

Xiao-Fei Zhu shook his head: "I don't know . I just saw him here . Did he go to the toilet? Should I look for him in the toilet?"

"There's no time . We'll be up soon . " Huang Ruoran said .

Xiao-fei zhu said: "What then?"

Huang Ruoran's eyebrows almost twisted together . After thinking for a while, she gritted her teeth and made up her mind: "We can only ignore him!"

"Can it be done without the swindler?" Chu Yue joined .

"No, it's okay . "

Huang Ruoran's belief is that at this time, they should not mess around, otherwise they will definitely play out of order after coming on stage . She said to everyone, "No matter whether Xiao Luo is here or not, everyone will sing well, just like we usually practice singing . "

All the girls nodded . The chorus is not only related to class honor, but also related to a bet between Xiao Luo and Qiu Liang . They must sing well .

"Where are the English majors, English majors?" At this time, a teacher came out from the rear of the stage and shouted loudly for the English majors .

"We are here . " Huang Ruoran raised her hand .

The teacher beckoned and waved, "It's your turn, come up and get ready . "

"I see . "

Huang Ruoran took a deep breath and calmed down . "Everybody work hard and make concerted efforts to sing well . Let's go!"

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