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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:39 AM
Chapter 84

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Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai saw Xiao Luo asleep as soon as they came back, they also don't know what happened . In their minds they're guess is something's wrong with the watch transaction, but this time is not the good time to ask . They consciously turn down the sound of the game music, in case of disturbing Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo slept until more than eight o'clock in the evening . He didn't even get up when Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai called him to dinner . The two brought him a meal bag, but when he got up, the food was already cold and bad .

"Brother Luo, my good brother Luo, what is wrong with you?" Xiao-fei Zhu asked .

"Tired . "

Xiao Luo stretched out his arm and said, "After a nap, I feel much better now . "

"Brother Luo, didn't you go to see the person who bought the watch? Why are you so tired?" Xiao-fei Zhu doesn't understand .

Ding Kai also looked at Xiao Luo doubtfully, to be honest, when Xiao Luo came back they were really startled, because Xiao Luo's body was with thick Aurs that made them feel cold, this is also the main reason why they didn't dare to ask him at that time .

Xiao Luo motioned with his hand: "Don't mention it . I was stood up . I waited there all afternoon . "

It turned out to be so!

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai suddenly realized, this explains why Xiao Luo didn't look good when he came back . To be stood up by others, and still waiting there for several hours, if they were there, they would've just left .

"By the way, do you know which restaurant outside the school has better taste?" Xiao Luo was hungry, he have to find something to eat .

"It's the first one on the right, out of the school gate, and it's definitely delicious . " Xiao-fei zhu immediately spoke .

Ding Kai despised him and said, "Brother Luo, don't listen to him . He only said so because of the stall owner's daughter is delicious in his taste . "

"The stall owner's daughter?" Xiao Luo frowned .

"It's a 15-or 16-year-old Loli, she often go to the stall to help . She looks sweet, and her skin is white, Zhu gave her a name, Fried Flour sister . " Ding Kai explained .

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[wee wooo weee woo]

"Kai Zi you shut up, I just recommended to somebody else's Fried Flour sisters' stall and buy her Fried Flour! Am I that kind of person? " Xiao-fei zhu rebuked .

"Aren't you?"

"Am I?"

"You are . "

"Your sister ah, my skin is really itching right now? Every day I'm insulted in front of Luo Ge . You have ruined this boss's image as a wise SHEN WOO . "

"Big fool!"

"Gaah, I can't bear it anymore . "


The two eventually became a pair . Both of them used monkeys to steal peaches and stole from each other . The assailants often made strange sounds . The sounds were so fascinating .

[@ka touching their DragonBallZ]

Xiao Luo had a layer of goose bumps on his body, he left the bedroom alone with a sigh .

Influenced by Xiao-Fei Zhu, he went to the noodle stall and really saw a sweet-looking girl who was there to help . Her beautiful eyes were pure . But at his age, he had absolutely no evil thoughts about this little girl .

[or does he?]

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He walked over and ordered a piece of meat fried rice cake, then found a place to sit down .

In Jiangcheng, there are countless small stalls like this . Although they are not very conspicuous, it is not difficult to earn tens of thousands of yuan per month, and most of the delicious food comes from here .

"Hey, Luo Shen!"

Just then, a sweet voice sounded .

Xiao Luo only smelled a faint sweet wind, then saw An Huan sat down in his opposite position .

Her skin is white, her facial features are delicate, the tip of her shawl's black hair is slightly curled, her ears are wearing shiny white earrings, and her smile is very clever, small and exquisite .

"Luoshen, you also eat here?!" An Huan asked .

Xiao Luo couldn't help laughing, thinking: Why can't I eat here?

He opened his mouth and said, "An Huan, what's the matter, something wrong?"

"Yes, Lord Luo, you have forgotten that you promised me one thing . " An Huan nodded .

"Is there? What have I promised you? " Xiao Luo frowned .

An Huan curled her lips in some disappointment: "At the back of the school, didn't you promise to teach me Kung fu?"

It turned out to be this!

Xiao Luo finally remembered, at that time he didn't want to take it seriously, so he naturally forgotten about it .

With an embarrassed smile he said: "I'm sorry, there are a lot of things recently, I forgot . "

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"It doesn't matter, Luo Shen just teach me . "

An Huan smiled sweetly, just like a carefree elf, who has no worries . "There is a saying that it is better to choose a day than to bump into it, Luo Shen, teach me now . "

Xiao Luo frowned: "I haven't eaten yet, what will I teach you when I haven't even finished eating?"

"Then, you eat and then teach me after, hee hee . . . "

An Huan said to the wife of stall-owner that Xiao Luo's portion of fried rice cake to be packed in a white snack box and the money was paid by her .

Xiao Luo was not bashful and did not refuse . He stood up from his position, AnHuan took his hand and took him to the school playground .

"Ahem . . . Anhuan . . . "

"What's the matter?"

"Can you loosen my hand?" Xiao Luo was not used to being held by a girl .

An Huan chuckled: "Luo Shen, you are so shy . You can't get pregnant by pulling your hand . Why do you mind?"

Xiao Luo was speechless .

When they came to the playground, An huan was full of joy and asked, "Luo Shen, what should I do?"

"Run two laps first . "

Xiao Luo found a stone stool to sit down, he then slowly opened the snack box .

"Ah? Two laps? Do I run around the playground? " An Huan's face turned pale .

"Yes, Kung fu can't be learned overnight . First of all, you have to exercise your physical ability, practice your basic skills and then learn other skills . If you have seen the TV series of special forces, you must know that you need to go through hell-like training to develop a strong skill . " Xiao Luo said while eating his steaming rice cakes .

An Huan's black pearl-like eyes turned and said, "Luo Shen, do you have the martial arts of double cultivation, let's double cultivate?"

Finished saying that, her cheeks reddened, like ripe red apples .

Double Cultivation?

"Ahem . . . Ahem . . . "

Xiao Luo choked and violently coughed, he is not a nerd who only read holy books . Besides, even if he doesn't know, Zhang Dashan also imperceptibly instilled him a lot of knowledge between men and women . Double cultivation, he naturally know what it means, it's more than men and women, it's the harmony of Yin and Yang, to achieve the goal of common progress .

"Luo Shen, are you all right?"

Seeing that he coughed badly, An Huan quickly patted him on the back .

Xiao Luo waved his hand to stop her and said primly, "An Huan, what do you really want to do? Do you watch too much martial arts TV? "

"I told you earlier, I just want Luo Shen to be my boyfriend . " An Huan said in an innocent way .

"Then I also said earlier that we are not suitable . " Xiao Luo put down the fried rice cake and said solemnly .

"Why? Is it because I talked to Song Jianan, so you . . . "

"Don't think much about it, falling in love is a normal thing for you college students, and it is also a required course during your college life . I have no intention of despising you . "

Xiao Luo interrupted, "I am not from the same world as you, and it is unnecessary to intervene in your life . I just pass by your world and will leave soon . Therefore, don't treat me as someone you can fall in love with . You still have a long way to go . "

"What, Luo Shen, you . . . you will leave?" Anhuan's smile suddenly converged, her whole body shocked .

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