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Chapter 83

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Chu Yunxiong came to boar ridge as soon as he learned of the attack on Chu Yue . When the police found Chu Yue, he also arrived .

More than 50 dressed in standard suits and cold-faced men stood with their hands behind their backs . Chu YunXiong stood in front of them . He was not tall and can be considered slightly fat . His face engraved with traces of years showed a young and gentle smiling face because he saw his daughter Chu Yue intact .

"Old fool, I thought I would never see you again, waaaaahhh . . . "

Chu Yue threw herself into Chu YunXiong's arms and burst into tears . Her delicate body trembled like a frightened deer . The afternoon's experience frightened her . She witnessed the images of the dead and realized what a life-and-death cruel battlefield was . She felt that she had walked once from hell .

"It's okay, everything is over, it's okay!"

Chu YunXiong dotes on his daughter and clapped Chu Yue in the back for comfort . His turbid eyes emerged deep remorse, he brought all this disaster to his daughter, if he can, he would rather take it all but can't . If Chu Yue had an accident, he will never forgive himself .

"Gu Qianlin, we found the bodies of 17 foreigners . According to the weapons they wore and carried, they should be mercenaries . "

On the other side, police officer Wang is reporting to Gu Qianlin what he knows so far . "Our special police are conducting a blanket search of boar ridge . If they find anything new, they will report it to us immediately . "

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"Who killed the 17 mercenaries, Chu Yue's bodyguard?" Gu Qianlin asked .

Police officer Wang shook his head and said, "No, miss Chu Yue's two bodyguards were shot in the body and passed out . "

"If it weren't them, who could it be? Is there anyone else at the scene besides Chu Yue and her bodyguard? " Gu QianLin had a face of doubt .

"This is not very clear . Fang Chongqiang, who called the police, said only that a group of mercenaries were going against miss Chu Yue and did not mention anyone else . Our special police have not found anyone else so far . " Police officer Wang said .

Gu QianLin furrowed her eyebrows, looking at Chu Yue, if she wants to find out who killed the 17 mercenaries she must aske Chu Yue is the most direct method . But she also isn't the most fearless in the face of more than 50 men in black bodyguards who looked cold and grave . So she must ask carefully . She slowly walked to Chu Yue's approach and asked sincerely: "Miss Chu, can you tell me who saved you?"

Chu Yue was about to say Xiao Luo's name subconsciously, but suddenly realized Xiao Luo's instructions when he left . Although she did not know why, she stopped the car immediately and shook her head . "I don't know, I . . . I don't know anything . "

"Officer Gu, my daughter is frightened . If you want to question her, you should wait for some time!"

Chu Yunxiong guarded Chu Yue behind him . His words showed a tone that no one could disobey . Then he ignored Gu Qianlin and said to Chu Yue, "Yue-er, let's go home . "

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Accompanied by Leng Zuo and Leng You, the two super bodyguards, they entered a Land Rover . More than 50 bodyguards, such as well-trained soldiers, got into the car without warning . A line of motorcades drove off .

"Gee . . . this style is really beyond our reach, it is boss Chu for god's sake!"

Police officer Wang and the other police officers watched with fascination . They're afraid they can't have such a style for the rest of their lives . More than 50 bodyguards, all retired special forces, are also authorized by the government and the government to carry guns, not to mention in Jiang City . But even across China, businessmen with such special treatment, you can only count them with ten fingers .

"If you are envious, you can submit your resignation to me and I will approve it immediately . You can go to business like Chu Yunxiong . I wish you success in advance . " Gu QianLin said with both hands on her waist .

Police officer Wang put aside his envy and smiled awkwardly: "Gu Qianlin, I'm just joking . " Then with serious face, he stood up straight, held out his bosom and righteously said, "I, Wang Hanxuan, from the first day in the police, the police had become a lifetime, I and sin are sworn in!"

Gu Qianlin kicked him up rudely: "Who shouts slogans and do things underhanded . Stop with these empty words, do you hear?"

"Yes . "

Wang Hanxuan endured the burning pain and responded loudly .

At this moment, the intercom rang with the report of the special police sub-team leader: "Six armed elements have been found, they are escaping to the southwest!"

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Gu QianLin frowned, she picked up the intercom, her tone firmly said: "Be careful with the ground, professional mercenaries will set mines in the process of escape, don't get caught . "

"Yes, Officer Gu!"

"All teams will obey orders and immediately gather in the southwest direction . They must leave the militants behind!"

After the order was issued, Gu Qianlin put on her bulletproof vest and led the team to reinforce her . Wang Hanxuan and other police officers were stunned by her strength and thought to themselves: This is really a Lady Enforcer . She is ridiculously beautiful and too strong .


Xiao Luo is naturally in the police's encirclement, but he has knocked out a special police officer and quickly changed into the other's clothes .

After wearing the bulletproof helmet, it will be difficult for other special police officers to find out that he is fake for a while . While the special police officers' attention is all in the southwest, he quietly came to the periphery of the encirclement and then left the wild boar ridge along a path .

"I hope that Chu Yue did not betray me, or else there would be trouble!" Xiao Luo muttered to himself .

If the police know that he killed 17 mercenaries alone, he's afraid he will be included in the list of dangerous people by the police . He is not a retired soldier or a member of any political or government organization, but he has such strength . He's afraid they'll torture him to make him confess everything .

The police are still paying little attention to him, and he is afraid that he will be blacklisted by the government, so his every move in the future will be minimal .

However, if ever it got to a point he got caught, no one would believe that he got the system and would just think of him as deranged and is a Mental Patient!


Stealing in a farmer's house in a small mountain village . . . He took a suit and changed his clothes . Finally, he hitchhiked back to Hua Ye . It's the first time he killed someone, he didn't feel much when he killed them, but now he felt a little uncomfortable .

"System, what is wrong with me? Has not the Mercenary King's constitution changed my mind? How can I still feel unwell after killing people?" Xiao Luo laid in bed and asked .

"Ding, although the Mercenary King's constitution has changed the mind of the host, you are still you, and is still more or less won't be able to change the fact that you killed for the first time . It is normal to feel unwell . " The clear female voice of the system sounded in his mind .


Xiao Luo, then felt relieved, at first he was worried that he would become another person because he had acquired various abilities . Now it seems that he is overworried . All he has acquired is ability, and his identity, ego and superego will not be affected in any way . He will always be him .

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