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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:42 AM
Chapter 82

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"Stop, stop! ! !”

The One-eyed strong man's eyes were wide open, his mind is tight at the moment . The big fellow is not yet dead noted from a hoarse voice coming from his throat . Precisely because he's not dead that the one-eyed strong man didn't dare to shoot . Even cold-blooded war mercenaries have also absolutely no reason to shoot their companions .

However, as the big fellow with the Chinese face got closer, he felt threatened even more, and all the hairs on his body were sticking up . He was very sure that he was absolutely waiting to die . After some ideological struggle, he snapped his teeth and shouted, "Go to hell, you son of a b*tch!"

He pulled the trigger of the sniper rifle .

Almost at the same time, Xiao Luo pulled out the dagger from the chest of the big fellow with the Chinese face, and rushed out of front of him . The sniper bullets passed through the big fellow with the Chinese character face . Xiao Luo avoided danger, and just like a tiger pouncing on the strong man with one eye . The dagger was like exposed fangs of the tiger, spreading cold and sharp awns .

The one-eyed strong man only felt a flash of knife light in front of him, and the strong impact force acted on his sniper rifle . He staggered back a few steps before he could hold himself steady . He looked intently and his eyes were round . The barrel of his sniper rifle was cut off, and the cut off was smooth, just like being cut off by a laser .

"Is the gun broken?"

Xiao Luo was holding his knife, with a ponder smile on his face, just now he don't want to take the one-eyed strong man's life yet, and only allowed his dagger to touch the sniper rifle .

Looking at this young Chinese who is four or five centimeters shorter than him, the one-eyed strong man couldn't believe his eyes . He had just been leading them by the nose . The guy who had cut off more than a dozen of their lives like a ghost was so thin that he felt he could lift him with one hand .

However, as a mercenary team member who has been fighting for nearly ten years on the edge of life and death, the one-eyed strong man quickly calmed down, he threw away the sniper rifle, took out the dagger hanging at his waist, made a fighting gesture, and said maliciously: "China pig, I will make you pay the price!"

"So many of you have died in my hands, are you such an exception?" Xiao Luo disdained and sneered, he easily got wiped the blood away on his dagger .

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"Arrogance requires a price!"

"Er ah ~"

The One-eyed strong man harshly roared, he rushed towards Xiao Luo . His dagger is nothing fancy but it was fast acting like the wind to Xiao Luo's neck, carrying a sharp murderous look, it's here to take Xiao Luo's life .

"You're trying too hard!"

Xiao Luo coldly hummed, his eyes narrowed, just as the one-eyed strong man's dagger is about to stab him, his left foot step backward . His strong body reversed and the other side of the cold dagger brushed past against his chest . At the same time, his own dagger quickly danced out a circle of flowers, beautiful, but it's tip is like a beast's fangs, stabbing into the throat of the one-eyed strong man .

"Poof ~"

Blood seeped in, the one-eyed strong man's body stopped and his wide-open eyes were full of disbelief .

One move, just one move and he lost!

How is that possible?

He is the division leader of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Group, Eagle . He has always been the only one who kills others . Why now he the one killed . . . ?

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The one-eyed strong man looked horrified and puzzled . He couldn't understand why .

Xiao Luo's posture was elegant like a swordsman, his mouth slightly raised, but it added an evil spirit and cold-blooded breath to him .

"You can be reunited with your brothers now!" Smiling, he withdrew his dagger, and blood flooded out from the neck of the one-eyed strong man as it crazyly spewed out .

The One-eyed strong man hoarsely screamed as he fell to the ground . The pouring blood quickly took his physical strength and . . . Soul .

Xiao Luo threw away the bloody dagger and turned to leave .

Back to the river, like fishing for fish, Chu Yue was dug out of the mud . Chu Yue, with her eyes closed, looked as white as paper, her lips purple and were black with cold, and her teeth were chattering incessantly, like the greenhouse flowers hit by the storm, which made people look at her with heartache .

Xiao Luo carried her to the river and washed her dirty body with clean water . Chu Yue, who regained consciousness slightly, opened her big eyes, and there was a pitiful light inside of her eyes . [Wtf? Drama?]

"I . . . I thought you left me . . . "

Talking, tears rolled down her cheeks unwillingly . The experience of this day was enough for her to remember for a lifetime .

Xiao Luo did not have much comfort, but he only gave a light command: "Take off your clothes!"

What . . .

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Chu Yue thought she heard him wrong, the wind as blowing, her body shaking became more severe . Her hands tightly wrapped in her chest . She did not dare to move .

Xiao Luo too lazy to talk to her, and began to take off her clothes .

"What are you doing? Don't touch me, don't touch me . . . "

Chu Yue exclaimed aloud, slapping Xiao Luo's back with force, just like a cat that had its tail stepped on .

Xiao Luo ignored her, he rudely took off her white shirt, but her insides, a black underwear, he did not take off . But still at the moment, Chu Yue's upper body is almost fully naked, her jade skin carried an attractive breath . With eyes without a trace of impurities, Xiao Luo immediately took off his clothes to wear on her .

At this moment, Chu Yue felt an unprecedented warmth . All the coolness disappeared and her body was now warm .

She knew that she had misunderstood this guy . A pair of watery almond eyes stared at Xiao Luo, whose upper body showed clear lines and defining features . She could not tell what she is feeling at the moment, but it's like there's a little deer running and jumping around inside her body .

"If I were you, I would trot around and make my body hot instead of staring at a man in a daze . "

Xiao Luo bowed his head and he lightly said, "People may not get sick immediately after soaking in cold water for a long time, but if they do not keep themselves warm immediately after leaving the water, they will get sick within a few minutes . "


Chu Yue's face flushed, then she slowly stood up and moved cautiously, "Swindler . . . Xiao Luo, thank you!"

[henceforth, pretender is now swindler]

"You're better off calling me swindler . It feels strange to hear you call me by my name . " Xiao Luo said in a frown .

Chu Yue "sloped" and laughed . "I also feel that I am used to calling you swindler and force you to behave better . "

Xiao Luo kept a high and cold attitude and looked at her with a dull facial expression: "Don't smirk, the danger has not yet passed . "

"Ah? Do I need to hide in the mud again? " Chu Yue got a fright .

"No, just follow me closely . "

Xiao Luo coughed, he is just scaring Chu Yue prior . This time though, there may be other mercenaries and even if there weren't . At the moment, they should take the time to evacuate, after all, China's police response even if they're slow, they should arrive at this time .

The two person marched several hundred meters in the direction of the national highway, and a large number of special police officers appeared in the dense forest ahead, searching in a fan shape .

"It's the police, the police!"

Chu Yue was very excited . There is no more exciting time than now to see the police arriving .

"You are safe . If they ask, you will say that a stranger saved you . Don't expose me . " Xiao Luo told her, his feet fiercely stamping the ground and he drilled into the forest . He soon disappeared in the line of sight of Chu Yue .

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