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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:45 AM
Chapter 79

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A little while later, the one-eyed strong man in the Red Scorpion Mercenary Group, codenamed Eagle, arrived there with more than a dozen heavily armed personnel . When he saw the black man seriously vomiting blood, the one-eyed strong man immediately ran towards him, making it urgent to deal with the wound .

"Black Tail, what's going on, where's the target?" The one-eyed strong man asked urgently .

"The other side has a secret expert . Our team was killed except me . " The black man grinded his teeth .

"S, h*t, how did this happen?"

The one-eyed strong man thumped his thigh fiercely, he was obviously furious, he then asked, "In which direction did he escape?"

The black man pointed to the direction in which Xiao Luo was fleeing: "East!"

The one-eyed strong man waved: "Leave two medics with black tail, and the rest will follow me!"


A line of people answered neatly .

"Black tail, you have a good rest, I will make him regret coming into this world . " The one-eyed strong man patted the black man on the shoulder .

"Be careful, he has a sniper rifle in his hand and is very accurate!" Black Tail warned .

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"I know . "

The one-eyed strong man made a gesture and led a group of people to the east . At the same time, he took out his walkie-talkie and reported it to the leader of the Red Scorpion mercenary group . "Eldest brother, Black tail was ambushed and failed, the target is escaping to the east . "

There was a moment of silence in the intercom, as if the other side was thinking . Then the hoarse voice rang again: "Hunt at all costs!"

Only short four words, but it carried a strong flank and determination .

"Yes . "

In the One-eyed strong man's eyes poured out thick murderous intent . The dozen of people, like a group of hungry wolves, scattered in the thick forest, to Xiao Luo and Chu Yue's pursuit .


The thrilling experience shocked Chu Yue, a girl who had been brought up with a golden spoon since childhood . She didn't even know that she had been saved by Xiao Luo until her nose could no longer smell the body odor of the black man . Then she looked up . At this moment, her whole person was shocked .

"Xiao . . . pretender?"

Her Apricot eyes were wide open, she was shocked by his sudden arrival . Her small mouth almost resembled a small round hole . She have never thought that Xiao Luo actually saved herself, he did not left her behind and ran away himself?

"Miss Chu, if you don't want to be defiled by those big western men, you'd better shut up, otherwise, I don't mind throwing you to them!" Xiao Luo said in a cold way, if he did not promise Chu YunXiong, at such a meeting, he will only walk away . He doesn't like Chu Yue, this girl, and from the bottom of his heart he has no affection for her whatsoever .

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"Pretender, you . . . I . . . I'll bite you to death!"

Chu Yue opened her mouth towards Xiao Luo's shoulder and bit down heavily . Two rows of neat silver teeth, deeply embedded itself in Xiao Luo's flesh .

Xiao Luo suffered from the pain and shook her teeth with his strength . His face was covered with frost: "Do you really think I dare not leave you?"


Chu Yue's charming body shook with horror in her eyes . Then, ignoring the rule that men and women are different, she hugged Xiao Luo like an octopus . "I'll listen to everything you say, pretender, please don't leave me!"

Just the black and bloody images deeply stimulated her brain nerve, the impact for her is no less than the collapse of the world, her spirit is also close to collapse, and the emergence of Xiao Luo is like a rope from the sky after her drowning, something that she can cling to, at the same time she felt very surprised . Whilst in Xiao Luo's arms, she felt a sense of security beyond words .

"You should really thank yourself for having a good father!"

Xiao Luo bowed his head and said while running between the thick forest, if not for Chu YunXiong's recognition, he wouldn't take this task .

Hearing this sentence, Chu Yue froze . It turned out that Xiao Luo was sent by her father, Chu Yunxiong, to protect her .

No wonder that night she and Bai Xeiwen saw the figure that's very much like Xiao Luo's? No wonder Xiao Luo's behavior at school was very strange, making her feel like he was following her? It turned out that everything was because Xiao Luo was ensuring her safety .

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At this moment, she fully understood .

All of a sudden, there is a strange feeling rippling out of her heart,but she's unable to say it, she has mixed feelings .

"Hold on!" A low shout brought her back to reality .

Xiao Luo's frantic body sprang up like a tiger leaping over a stream three meters wide .

Chu Yue can clearly feel the rising and falling process, just like playing on a swing . Oh, no, it is more thrilling than playing on a swing, because she can also see the lower reaches of the stream with a drop of seven or eight meters . The euphemistic stream is like a waterfall hidden in the dense forest in the high mountains .

"Ah ~"

She couldn't help screaming aloud, clinging to Xiao Luo, clearly she's afraid to fall .

"Do you women have no other reaction but scream?" Xiao Luo's face was deadpan and cold, he scolded .

Chu Yue wept with injustice and looked at him with bitterness . "I don't want to either, but I really can't help it . It's too scary . "

"Close your eyes if you feel scary!" Xiao Luo coldly rebuked .

Chu Yue bit her lips, then she buried her whole face in Xiao Luo's chest .

"Found the target, about 500 meters straight ahead, loaded and ready to fight!" The one-eyed strong man clenched his pistol, he accelerated the pursuit, and at the same time conveyed orders to his team members .

For the situation behind him, Xiao Luo is clear enough what's happening . The blackwater mercenaries are really difficult to deal with at the moment . If he's alone, he can easily get rid of them, but with Chu Yue here, it is more difficult . No matter how fast he is, the red scorpion mercenaries won't just slow down because he's carrying someone .

He has to find a way!

Xiao Luo's eyes was looking around, frowning, thinking about a solution . If he can put Chu Yue temporarily in a safe place, he is one hundred percent sure to kill the pursuing mercenaries .

During his retreat, he encountered a small river . Because of bushes, the river was full of mud . As long as people moved around, it would be a great place to ambush .


Xiao Luo's eyes shone at the moment . He looked at Chu Yue in his arms, feeling a bit of mischief after remembering what she had devised during the party and can't help but think of a little revenge .


"Don't hide here, it's very cold!"

The weather after beginning of autumn is neither cold nor hot, but the river water in this remote mountain is very cold . The body of both people, in accordance with the requirements of Xiao Luo, were lying in half of the mud . Chu Yue was shuddering from the cold .

"Unless you want to be discovered by others, you must hide here . "

Xiao Luo handed her a hollow reed pipe and said earnestly, "40 minutes at most, no, I can solve the mercenary problem in about 20 minutes, then you can come out . "

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