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Chapter 80
Chapter 80: Hunting (1) .

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Chu Yue's heart struggled for a moment before finally deciding to listen to Xiao Luo, hiding in the dirty mud .

"Don't forget me, I'm afraid I can't climb out!"

She's slowly moving backward, with her voice of that of a fly, but her words clearly crept into Xiao Luo's heart, perhaps every man will have affection for this kind of beauty .


Xiao Luo covered her body with mud and hid her whole body . Then he ran to the river . The river was not big and the water was not deep, only reaching his thighs .

"Pa Pa ~"

A burst of footsteps came into Chu Yue's ear, just like someone walking in her ear, which scared her out of breath .

The one-eyed strong man looked at the muddy footprints along the rock, big and small, his eyes narrowing slightly, and said coldly: "They have indeed gone from here, what a cunning fellow . As long as he walks down the river, we will definitely not find him in a short time . Quickly, we will scatter and separate in a downward direction . As long as we follow the muddy place in the river, we will find them . He is carrying a woman, and it is absolutely impossible for him to be faster than us . "

A line of people then hurried downstream .

Experience is a good thing, but sometimes it can kill people . For example, now, Xiao Luo exactly wants them to spread out .

Without Chu Yue's restraint, Xiao Luo's speed of running has increased by two times . He's like a ghost in the dense forest, gone out of sight, as he starts his hunting .

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"It's really weird, where the hell is that guy? After such a long chase, I didn't even see a shadow! "

"Well, it's amazing for him to be able to avoid us with a woman . "

The members of the two red scorpions mercenary group searched around and felt very unlucky . They didn't notice that a vine quietly reached down from the branches of a tree and went to the head of one of the red-faced big fellow .

He felt his neck tighten, the red-faced man subconsciously raised his hands to his neck, but a powerful force pulled him up . His neck, tied to the rope, made it difficult to breathe, he can't even make a sound . Panicking, he struggled, he stretched out his hand in attempt to reach his companion, but his companion has already walked out two steps away, his hand just missed a few inches .

His face red and eventually became pork liver in color, helplessly looking at his companion walking forward .

"Whew ~"

His whole person was hung on the tree, the light passing through the thick leaves . The red-faced big fellow saw a cold indifferent face . With eyes filled with horror . He can no longer breathe and felt his body becoming colder .

The red-faced big fellow looked at Xiao Luo, full of pain, his hand trying to press on the intercom . But he is currently being held by Xiao Luo so it's practically futile . He could no longer move, his struggling hands and feet became more and more weak . He realized the more he struggled the tighter he felt on his neck, he felt the coming of death through hypoxia .

The white man walking in front finally sensed something was wrong and turned his head . Hey, where is partner?

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"Red Ghost? Red Ghost? "

He shouted two times, but no one responded . His voice came out as if it had been swallowed up by a monster hiding in the dark, even without any response . This, he is completely out of his mind, while closely guarded around him, he reported to the one-eyed strong man through the intercom .

"Eagle, Red Ghost is gone, Red Ghost is gone!"

"What missing? Red ghost is behind you . The positioning system shows that the two of you are in the same position!" The one-eyed strong man's voice rang out from the intercom .

As a mercenary group with excellent weapons, there are also advanced positioning systems . A person is a red dot, which is displayed on the watch .

What? Coincidence?

The White man was surprised and broke out in a cold sweat . He subconsciously looked up and saw a figure hanging in a tree, it is his companion, the red-faced big fellow . That red-face of his is now pale is full of horror . His tongue was out hanging .

"Ah ~"

He felt his scalp tingle, his instinct made him let out a scream, he fell back .

"White Ape, what happened, quick, answer?" In the intercom, the one-eyed strong man's voice was close to roaring .

"Red ghost was hanged in the tree, request support, request support . . . "

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White Ape's teeth kept gritting, but before he could finish, a sharp dagger came out bloody from his chest, and then pulled out rapidly from his back . The knife not only penetrated his chest and back, but also pierced his heart accurately .

"Poof ~"

Hot blood shot out from the wound, the expression on that white face solidified, his eyes wide open, he looked horrified as he fell in a pool of blood .

"White ape, please reply when you hear, please reply when you hear!" In the earpiece intercom, it echoed with the one-eyed strong man's anxious shouts .

Xiao Luo was deadpan . Lifting his right foot, he mercilessly stepped on it . The intercom immediately broke into pieces, the inside of the precision components scattered everywhere .

"Eleven more!"

Xiao Luo raised his eyes to the dense forest in the distance, mumbled to himself, then jumped onto the tree like an ape spirit and disappeared . Only a few leaves were shaken off the branches and fell down like goose feather .


The one-eyed strong man cursed, and then ordered his members, "Everyone, get to the positions of White Ape and Red Ghost, now, now, go!"

"Yes . "

A series of responses rang out from the intercom .

At the same time, the police who received Fang Chongqiang's report sent out a large number of police officers, ringing a shrill alarm and heading all the way to boar ridge .

"Gu Qianlin, the other party has a sniper rifle, it seems they are not ordinary criminals, we shou . . . "

"No matter! Who dares to do things in our river city wantonly . They really don't pay attention to our policemen and police officers! Give orders to all the major sub-bureaus to send elite police officers to Wild Boar Ridge as soon as possible to form a tight encirclement, not to mention people, not even a flying insect can escape . "

In a police car, dressed in a police uniform, Gu QianLin commanded .

Fresh and beautiful appearance, spirited figure, neat short hair, bun on the ear, her quietly elegant eyes are as pure as water, but at the moment it shone with justice .


The One-eyed strong man and a line of people are heading for the location of White ape and Red Ghost . But suddenly, the intercom successively sounded the voice of an unknown situation, like the hoarse voice of a duck with its throat cut, the red dots, some of their members that's supposed to rendezvous, one by one stopped .

"Damn, what the hell happened?"

Although they know the situation is certainly not good, the one-eyed strong man still want to see what happened .

When they arrived at White ape and Red Ghost's location, they saw White Ape lying in a pool of blood while Red Ghost was hanging from the tree . The whole party's face changed color and looked aghast . At the same time, there were only eight people left who really got together .

For them at this moment, all trees were alarming, as if the enemy were moving in the deep forest .

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