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Chapter 78

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"Cheytacm 200 sniper rifle has an effective range of 2,500 yards . Yes, quite good!"

Xiao Luo picked up the sniper's weapon that he just had killed, and his mouth slightly raised . This hot weapon made him feel warm-blooded, as if his whole body was burning up .

Through the sniper mirror, since he's on the commanding heights, he swept the nearby surroundings for a moment . He soon found another sniper, a bullet flew out, the huge impact no doubt let the sniper's head burst open .

Then, turning the gun, he pulled the trigger again on the three mercenaries who appeared to kidnap Chu Yue .

"Whoosh ~"

A loaded bullet burst through the heavy space and hissed toward a man .

"Poof ~"

Fierce and unparalleled bullets pierced through the chest of the man walking at the back . The destructive power of terror made the man's chest form a bloody hole . His heart and most of his lungs were carried out by the bullets, and his back was like a pool of erosive objects scattered all over the floor .

The man opened his eyes wide, looked down at his chest stupefied, he didn't say a word nor he could . His body fell straight to the ground, he turned into a corpse . He died unsatisfied .

"Ah ~"

Close to see such a bloody picture, Chu Yue's voice exclaimed, her almond eyes were staring round .

The Black [?] man shouted: "Hide!"

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The thin man immediately reacted and dodged behind a huge rock, but it was still too late . The living exposed in the sight of Xiao Luo was the best sitting target . The bullet of a sniper rifle was like the fangs of a tiger, biting on his thigh .

"Pa Cha ~"

His whole thigh just like being torn down by a strong force, turned into blood "goo goo" and made an extreme wound . Shrill shrieks came from thin man's mouth .

"Slender monkey!"

The black [?] man's face changed greatly, blocking Chu Yue in front of him to protect himself from snipers as he's moving towards the skinny man .

"Don't come here, it's a trap!"

The emaciated man drank bitterly, "The other party deliberately wounded me, the purpose is to expose you to his gun, if you come here, you'll get hit right in the heart . "

The black [?] man immediately stopped all movements, picked up the intercom and called his snipers: "Vultures, vultures, please come in when you hear, please come in when you hear!"

"Don't call, vultures . They've already been killed . " The thun man's voice was hoarse . The sharp pain made him pour out a lot of sweat .

"F . . . , *ck! ! !”

The Black [?] man's face was ferocious as he scolded . The intercom severely fell to the ground, he was completely shocked . He thought that he can easily complete the task, but the result was there was really a hidden master .

He put his mouth close to Chu Yue's ear and shouted with his rough voice in an almost roaring way: "Who is that guy hiding in the dark? Say it! "

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"I don't know, I don't know . . . "

Chu Yue shook her head violently in horror . She really didn't know . She was frightened now, especially when her nose could clearly smell the scent of blood . She was scared silly, frightened, desperate and uneasy . Her heart was filled with these negative emotions .

"Motherf*cker, believe it or not this boss will rape you now!"

The Black [?] man's mood fluctuated greatly . The death of his companions made him like a crazy hungry wolf, which is extremely dangerous .

Chu Yue hurriedly closed her lips, only panic tears were in her eyes .

"Black Tail, take the target away and join the eagle . " Cried the emaciated man, who had lost a lot of blood . He looked tired and pale as paper .

"Fart, let's go!" The Black [?] man said .

The emaciated man smiled miserably: "We have been living a life of licking blood, and we have always been gambling with death . I broke a leg, and even if I left alive, I would still be a cripple . "

"Lao tze no matter this set . . . "

"Black tail, don't forget the rules, go and don't let me look down on you . " The emaciated man snapped .

The black [?] man closed his eyes, and after a painful struggle and hesitation, he finally gritted his teeth and withdrew with Chu Yue .

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Not long after his evacuation, Xiao Luo arrived here from the sniper's spot .

"Is that you?"

The emaciated man looked at him with horror on his face and could not believe it was the young man who slipped away from their eyes and was regarded as a zero threat by them .

"It seems that your partner is not stupid to choose to give you up . " Xiao Luo gave a light evaluation .

The emaciated man looked up defiantly: "The members of our Red Scorpion mercenary group are not in vain . You will definitely pay for it . "

"Is it?"

Xiao Luo's face scornfully sneered, "I don't know if you've heard such a word . "

"What is it?" Asked the emaciated man .

"China, is a forbidden area for mercenaries, intruders, die! ! !”

The last word "death" has a very light voice, but it is full of infinite pitfalls . Xiao Luo's body turned, his left hand suddenly changed to claws, and with the strong wind whistling, like lightning it streaked across the thin man's neck .

"Poof ~"

The flesh, bones and muscles were all broken and torn in this fierce and biting sweep . A bloody hole appeared in his neck, and hot blood shot out .

Xiao Luo didn't even look at the skinny man and started chasing the black [?] man .

In a situ, the emaciated man fell to the ground with his eyes wide open . The blood gushed from him dyed the surrounding large area of land red . His body twitched violently and there was no hope of survival . He could only wait for death in despair and pain .


Wild boar ridge, thick forest layer upon layer, countless tall trees, blotting out the sun; There are moss and bushes on the ground . People can easily get lost if they drill into them . In addition, there are many unknown animals and birds .

When the black man ran nearly 500 meters with Chu Yue, Xiao Luo overtook him .

Xiao Luo was in a full force outbreak, the speed of the rapidly-changing surge made him flash and swept the distance between the other and appeared in front of him . Snorting and a cold hum, he twisted his body and gave a whirl and kicked on the other person's knee, "crack . " The originally straight strong legs instantly bent back, easily like a broken bamboo .

Pain swept through the other's whole body, his body staggered and knelt down . Before the black man could even scream, Xiao Luo's iron leg came up in the air again, hitting his chest . The howling leg wind made him shiver all over .

[it literally translated the n-word thus confirming the other party's race, he is indeed black]

In panic, the black man's arms crossed to protect his chest, as Xiao Luo kicked him directly on his arms .

"Boom ~"

In the event as if it were of a locomotive impact, the black man's huge body flew straight back and hit a big tree before ihe stopped . The inside of his chest churned violently and thick blood burst out . The explosive force of the other side was so horrible that he temporarily forgot the pain on his body and tried hard to see who he was .

When seeing Xiao Luo, he showed the same stupefied expression as the thin man . Who would have thought that a young man who had been neglected by them would become such a terrible opponent .

When Xiao Luo is preparing to give him a fatal blow, with his keen senses, he found from hundreds of meters that there is a large group of mercenaries coming this way . So, he immediately gave up, and embraced the terrified Chu Yue . His feet fiercely stamping the ground . Like a rocket, like a ghost, he disappeared into the depths of the forest .

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