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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:48 AM
Chapter 77

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Chu Yue pressed down her fear and ran towards Fang Chongqiang . However, she couldn't run a few more steps . A sniper bullet cut through the void . Without exception, it bombarded the road in front of her . A loud "bang" sounded as it hit the solid cement road and made out a pit . Dust filled the road immediately . Countless pieces of broken cement slag flew violently, scaring her to stumble and fall to the ground .


Fang Chongqiang tried to rush out of the car to save Chu Yue, but was stopped by a bodyguard .

"The target of the other party is Miss Chu . It is very dangerous for Master Fang to run out!" The head of the bodyguard said with a serious face . His task was to ensure the safety of Fang Chongqiang and Fang Shulan, and the safety of others was not among his considerations .

"But . . . " Fang ChongJiang was thrown into a dilemma .

At this moment, the pale Fang Shulan screamed hysterically: "Drive, get out of here, get out of here!"

She just wants to leave this hell of a place at once . As for Chu Yue's life and death, how can she worry about it?

The Black-clad bodyguards led their escape, a bodyguard waved his hand, and the driver drove away immediately . In the twinkling of an eye, there was no shadow left of them . They were attacked by mercenaries who were hidden in the dark . The other party's target was very clear . They came to attack Chu Yue .

"Fang Chongjiang, Fang Shulan, you . . . "

Chu Yue can't believe Fang Chongjiang would leave for their escape . You know, Fang Chongjiang's father and her father are very close friends . However, her two bodyguards have been seriously injured, leaving her alone, this is simply ignoring her life and death when they left on their own .

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Twisting her head to look, she found Xiao Luo also missing .

At this moment, despair filled her whole mind and felt abandoned by the world .

"Xiao Luo, you are . . . . , even you ran away!"

She don't know why, being abandoned by Xiao Luo is far more painful than being abandoned by Fang Chongqiang's and his sister . With a bitter curse, the unique beauty's face slipped down into tears .

"You're not running? You're really waiting to get shot?"

A stiff voice sounded, obviously a foreigner was speaking Chinese .

Three tall western men came out of the thick forest, each with a rifle and an unknown field suit .

Gao Yang and Gao Jian drew their self-defense pistols from their waists to fight back . The black men put the dark muzzle on Chu Yue's head . A cold voice with no emotion sounded: "If you don't want your young miss to die, put down the gun!"

This is a group of outlaws with a bloody smell scattered all over their bodies . Gao Yang and Gao Jian were immediately fixed on the spot and obediently put the pistol on the ground .

"You know how to flatter!"

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Another strong man grinned and walked past, picking up his rifle butts and banging them on their heads, blood spattered immediately . The two men fell into a pool of blood, their consciousness became not fuzzy, and their sight became blurred .

"Gee, this chick is much more beautiful than the photo!"

The black [?] man grabbed Chu Yue's chin and ignored her gnashing expression . He chuckled, "Especially this small mouth, it's really the best . "

While talking, his big hands fiercely grabbed her hair, at the same time got her face close to his crotch region .


Shouted Gao Yang and Jian, like two wounded lions, but before they could get up from their pool of blood, a kick swept their bellies respectively, the huge impact force made them bend over like prawns, with severe pain, their facial features distorted and made uncontrollable grunts .

If they hadn't been wounded by bullets, they wouldn't have been so miserable . They didn't even have room to resist, but they had already fallen into the hands of the enemy . What else could they do besides regret?

At this moment, the black [?] man took out his walkie-talkie and said to his partner, "Scorpion, Scorpion, this is Black Tail, the target has been captured, the target has been captured!"

"Very well, we will meet two kilometers to the southwest . Eagles have come to meet you . Please come to me as soon as possible . " A hoarse voice rang out from the intercom .

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The black [?] man replied, turning off the intercom, but with a playful expression on his face, "The boss is really . . . , just catching a little girl, does it need to be this so exciting?"

"Let's be careful and don't be careless . That Ma Zhengfeng failed because he made this mistake . Let's not repeat his mistake . " The thinner man said .

"Yes, Chu Yunxiong is a tycoon . He knows clearly that his daughter is not safe recently . He can never send only two bodyguards to protect her . There must be others hiding around . " Another man also echoed aloud .

The black [?] man disdained and hummed lightly: "If there is someone else, they already had come out early, you wouldn't think the boy who just ran away was her bodyguard?"

The thinner men looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, apparently thinking it was a joke .

The Black [?] man was referring to Xiao Luo, their snipers can easily kill everyone just now, but their task this time is not to kill, but to kidnap, so there is no disorderly killing, plus the boy's body looks very weak and simply can't get into their eyes . He belongs to the zero threat level, they denied from the bottom of their hearts that he is Chu Yue's bodyguard .

"Let's go and join the eagle!"

The Black [?] man grabbed the face of despair of Chu Yue, to the depths of the forest line, as mercenaries, their retreat route naturally will not be an ordinary national highway, the forest is their paradise .

"Miss, miss . . . "

Gao Yang and Gao Jian tried to struggle to catch up . The man closer to them swung his rifle butt and bombarded them on the back of the head . They fainted directly .

"Let go of me, let go!"

Chu Yue screamed in panic . Her watery almond eyes were full of tears . For the first time, she felt that her father was right . She shouldn't have left so many bodyguards away from her .

"Little girl, if you struggle again, I don't mind letting you taste my fierceness, your Daddy's Great Wall is long enough, it's very big, and it is also very interested in gourmet like a little girl like you, he he . . . "

The Black [?] man laughed . It frightened Chu Yue and did not dare reply .

Seeing the subdued Chu Yue, the man waved towards their snipers in the forest and motioned for them to retreat .

However, one of the snipers is now wearing a face full of horror . His eyes staring with big eyes as he caught a glimpse of a scarlet blade coming out of his mouth . Viscous blood is pouring outward, that is his blade, but why did it came from behind his neck and into his mouth?

His eyes were still wide open, but his brain stopped thinking in a very short period of time . Death did not give him any extra alms . As his life was dying, he had no other thoughts but doubts . He had no idea how he could have been killed . He occupied the commanding heights . He should have been able to know in the first place if any living person passed by . How did the other person sneak into front of him silently?

He can't understand, he can't believe it!

[Tl: not sure if he's actually black hence the "[?]" ]

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