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Chapter 76

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The silver-haired youth and Fang Shulan also felt it, but they didn't believe that Xiao Luo had this ability, much less that Xiao Luo dared to kill them .

"Son of a b*tch, you can't scare people . These eight are not the same as those waste guards in Jiawei Villa . If they want to kill you, it is as easy as running over a bedbug . " Fang Shulan said loudly to embolden herself .

"Is it?"

Xiao Luo smiled, the next second, his figure disappeared in a situ, into a black flash of lightning . Moments after, he came to Fang Shulan's front, a big hand, like pincers grabbed Fang Shulan's white neck .

A strong sense of suffocation welled up in her brain . Fang Shulan's feet were almost fully suspended from the ground . Severe pain swept through her whole body . Looking at Xiao Luo, who was so close to her and having an indifferent face, she felt sincere fear .

The Silver haired youth got frightened, the eight black bodyguards are also horrified, Xiao Luo's speed is too fast, it's almost the same as a blink of an eye before he caught Fang Shulan, letting them no time to respond .

"Let go . . . let go of my sister!" The Silver-haired youth was nervous as he shouted .

Xiao Luo paid no attention to it all, he only raised his head and stared at Fang Shulan coldly: "I only need to exert a little force, and your throat will be pinched off by me, and your life will be lost . You can't even control your life now, and you still say you want to kill me?"

Fang Shulan was like a lamb with a hungry wolf biting her neck . She struggled desperately, her face turned red like pork liver . She was shut, and her eyes only showed strong fear .

Her elder brother, the silver-haired youth, was in a hurry and shouted at the eight black-clad bodyguards, "What are you still doing? Kill that bastard! Kill him!"

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The Eight bodyguards at this moment just returned to their absolute being . They immediately rushed at Xiao Luo, they were also extremely fast if not compared to Xiao Luo .

Just when the conflict was imminent, a red three-series BMW rushed over and thrust itself into the center of the two sides . With a screeching brake, several black tire tracks were marked on the ground and stopped firmly .

The door opened and Chu Yue, dressed in an embroidered white shirt and a cool emerald veil, came down .

Her Black hair is tied into a nifty pigtail . A few wisps of hair are swaying gently on her forehead like white jade, which makes it clear, beautiful and free from vulgarity .

"Stop it, stop it!" Chu Yue cried .

"Oh, miss Chu is here . " Xiao Luo's smile was extremely ironic .

Chu Yue shouted at him: "Put her down . . . Xiao Luo, quickly release Shulan . "

"Why? Just because you Miss Chu looks good? " Xiao Luo coldly questioned .

Fang Shulan is a friend of Chu Yue . Today's events rooted from Chu Yue . It is because of this attitude that the past events happens in the first place leading to this, butterfly effect per say .

"Do you really want to do this? Xiao Luo, let her go quickly . I beg you . " At the moment, Chu Yue changed her image from a big lady who laughed at Yan Huan at ordinary times to now which looked solemn and respectful .

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At this moment, a car was driving fast and stopped here . Two strong men stepped out of the car . They were Gao Yang and Gao Jian .

"Today is really lively!"

Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly . "Since you, Miss Chu, have put down your posture and begged me, then I will give you face . "

While speaking, Fang Shulan was thrown to the ground beside her like garbage .

Fang Shulan, whose neck was freed, coughed violently, breathing the air greedily . A bruise appeared on her neck .

Chu Yue ran over and helped her up . Her eyes were filled with resentment: "If Yingying hadn't told me, I would still have been kept in the dark by you . Why didn't you listen to me and really want to find Xiao Luo's trouble?"

"I . . . "

Fang Shulan couldn't say a word at the moment . She really couldn't swallow what just happened just now .

"Needless to say, the friendship between you and me is over . "

Chu Yue now said what she should had, she raised her head and stared at the silver-haired youth . Her almond eyes were full of reproach . The stare was a shock to the silver-haired youth, who was at a loss for a moment .

"Fang Chongjiang, Shulan told you to take bodyguards to teach people and you really took bodyguards to teach people . Do you think just because you have a few bodyguards you can do everything? Do you want my bodyguard to come and fight with you? " Chu Yue reprimanded .

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"Yueyue, this . . . "

"Don't call me Yueyue, I can tell you clearly now, no matter how much your father gives behind his back, I will never get engaged to you . " Chu Yue interrupted .

Fang Chongjiang immediately closed his mouth .

Xiao Luo was slightly surprised . He did not think of Chu Yue to be so highly effective, but thinking of her as Chu YunXiong's daughter it made things clear . Chu YunXiong is a dragon among people, as his daughter, Chu Yue also touched some of that dragon spirit, not a Phoenix . But at least not the kind of one to panic when something happens, and only know how to scream . This he knows as early as when she and Bai Xeiwen met the assassin Ma Zhengfeng for the first time .


Just then, a strong sense of danger descended .

"Wooshing ~"

Almost at the same time, two bullets rushed with a tearing noise of the worn-out space . There was no doubt that they penetrated Gao Yang's and Gao Jian's bodies . Scarlet blood was sprayed out . Fortunately, the two were alert and were quick in response, and their bodies dodged rapidly, making them narrowly avoid their vital parts .

"Poof ~"

The bullet passed through their bodies, and the huge impact not only shattered the shoulder blades of the two men, but also lifted their bodies and whirled them up, banging them on the car behind them . With a "Pacha" sound, the windshield shattered and the car alarm shrieked .

Sniper bullets?

Xiao Luo's heart was in shock, this person, unexpectedly can bring a sniper rifle into the territory of China . In his mind, he suddenly recalled what Ma Zhengfeng had said about blackwater, mercenaries . The shots seriously injured both of Chu Yue's two super bodyguards .

"Ah ~"

Finally Fang Shulman reacted with a scream, she turned pale, looking at Gao Yang and Gao Jian bleeding horrified .

The eight black-clad bodyguards were not vegetarian either . They immediately protected the silver-haired youth and Fang Shulan in the middle and used their body to form and build a wall to ensure their safety .

Chu Yue was also shocked out of her mind . This was the first time she was attacked by a bullet . The sound of tearing air made her feel numb .

"Young Miss, go, get down and go!"

To Gao Yang without other, screams, urging Chu Yue to hurry and leave here, the other party has a sniper rifle, this is by no means a single person, it must be a well-organized group, they may even are surrounded at the moment .

Hearing this, the eight black bodyguards woke up from their dreams and immediately escorted the scared Fang Chongjiang and Fang Shulan away and got on the car at an extremely fast speed .

"Yueyue, come here quickly!"

Fang Chongqiang is still very keen on Chu Yue, and will not forget to ask Chu Yue to leave together .

As for Fang Shulan, she was frightened beyond belief, her body trembling, her brain blank, she can't control her own body .

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