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Chapter 70

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After leaving the school's administrative building, Xiao Luo breathed a sigh of relief, originally he thought that he would have a lot of trouble, but the result is nothing but a white worry, with Zhen-Wu Dong's background, as long as he didn't kill people in the school, Zhen-Wu Dong can give things down .

Of course, it also reflects from the other side that Chu YunXiong values himself very much . At least during in the period of protecting Chu Yue, Chu YunXiong is willing to eliminate difficulties for himself, which makes his heart secretly assured and will do his best to protect Chu Yue carefully .

When Counselor Qin Nanyu came out from the administration building, she has been talking incessantly beside him . He has been indoctrinated with all the major and minor principles, but Xiao Luo just let it in on one ear and out on the other . Whatever she said, he only kept a humble and educated smile on his face .

Xiao Luo also had an actual heartfelt smile, because his system points soared by 10,000 points, now his total number of points is 31,000 points, of course, he won't immediately exchange it with some abilities . He has to be versatile, and to exchange some temporarily useless ability is just a waste of points . Not exchanging means preventing mishaps when he badly needed to in the future .

"Xiao Luo, you should always remember that you are no longer a soldier, you are now a college student, some temper should be restrained, you should finish your studies well, then take the civil service examination or take part in the work force, or continue to study in a graduate school, your future road is still long, don't block your own road in this transitional period . " Qin Nanyu's earnest preaching .

"I know, miss Qin!" Xiao Luo laughed .

Xiao Luo, who is having such a good attitude at the moment made Qin Nanyu not know what to say anymore . Most importantly, she is already thirsty and almost dehydrated from all that preaching . "Just go back for now, I hope I won't hear any more about your fights . "

Xiao Luo nodded, inserted his hands into his trouser pocket and left, free and easy .

"Oh my God, how can I be such a living ancestor!"

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Qin Nanyu slapped her forehead, standing while shaking her head as she sighed . Her eyebrows are almost screwed together . In this two days she hardly could close her eyes, as incidents like this happened over and over again with Xiao Luo . She felt her skin color has faded a lot, and she also now have a lot of acne .


Back to the dormitory, Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai immediately stick up .

"Elder brother, the headmaster called you, did you? Is it dismissal or probation? " Xiao-fei zhu asked eagerly .

"It's all because of us, Zhu, let's go to the headmaster to plead with him . " Ding Kai suggested .

Xiao Luo laughed and clapped Ding Kai on the shoulder: "Don't worry, it's okay, you don't have to intercede with anyone . "

Is everything really okay?

Xiao-Fei Zhu could only believe that Xiao Luo was lying to them, and with a bitter face, he said: "My dear brother Luo, don't lie to us . You have taken away one of Song Jian 'an's hands . How could the school not punish you?"

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Ding Kai nodded like a chicken pecking rice, his face was full of worries .

"When did I ever lie to you?"

Xiao Luo shook his head and sighed helplessly, "Well, I'm a little tired, let's have rest first . "

Saying that, he went to his bed and fell asleep .

Looking at him repose with a clam face, Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai looked at each other . They now believed a little to what Xiao Luo said .

"Is Luo Ge related to heaven in some way?" Xiao-fei zhu suspicious way .

Ding Kai holding his chin, like Conan, lost in thought .


Xiao Luo picked out the whole Sanda club and the news that Song Jian 'an's hand had been destroyed swept across Hua Ye like a storm . This is what the school students talked about most these days . Many people felt very relieved . After all, Song Jian 'an 'was too arrogant, and Sanda club members were like the gangsters that people found itchy .

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At the same time, they felt so curious about Xiao Luo . The boys wanted to see his aura with their own eyes, because some people reported on the school forum that Xiao Luo was not only very good at fighting, but also very talented in football . The football he played would turn into fireballs, just like in "Shaolin Soccer . "

The girls are very curious about what kind of a legendary boy he is . Many girls have abandoned their little fresh meat stars and turned him into their new male god . There are more than 1,000 building posts specially opened for Xiao Luo in the school forum, which are always at the top of the forum .

"This is outrageous, what exactly happened? Beating more than 100 Sanda club members so badly but nothing happened . "

Chu Yue was sitting in her bedroom seat . Her apricot eyes looked unblinkingly at the screen of the notebook computer . A lollipop was in her mouth . She looked beautiful, her skin was white and greasy, and her smiles looked beautiful and moving .

"I am also quite curious . The school file says that he is from an ordinary family background and should have no background or relationship . If there is, it can only be in the army . However, the army he serves in is in a military area command in the capital city . The military area command cannot extend its hand so long . " Bai Xeiwen in her analysis .

"This guy is a mystery!"

Chu Yue curled her lips and held her chin in her hands .

After learning that Xiao Luo beat everyone in Sanda club, she did not believe it at all . After all, it is impossible to beat more than one hundred people against one person . Grandpa Mao once said that many people are powerful . But, how can Xiao Luo win over more than one hundred people? Is he Lu Bu's reincarnation? [😁]

White twill nodded approvingly: "hmm"


Of course, for this era of information explosion, many things will dissipate in the heat, and Xiao Luo's rampage on the whole Sanda club is no exception . The students in Hua Ye soon found other interesting and amusing things, such as a star's extramarital love affair, and where there was an earthquake … In short, everyone's attention is slowly shifting .

It's time for chorus practice again .

Huang Ruoran almost cried, because the English majors have not been able to sing the song "Yellow River" neatly even up to now, and there is only one week left before the competition . What made her collapse is that the Monitor and Control Majors' class is not far away from them while also practicing "Yellow River . " This class is not generally good at singing . But, it goes without saying that their singing momentum alone is stronger than that of their class .

Comparing the two classes, one is in heaven and the other is below earth . Unfortunately, their class belongs to the latter!

There is no harm with comparison . But the English majors feel a sense of shame . They also want to sing well . However, no matter how hard they try, they just can't sing together in general, let alone "Yellow River . "

At this moment, the Monitor and Control Major came along, there was a boy with a pair of glasses and a gentle face .

"You know, I think you'd better change to another song . Singing the song, "Yellow River," needs a lot of boys to shout it out . It's not suitable for you girls to sing . It's too overcast and soft . If you take this song to compete, you won't get any good results . "

Huang Ruoran's face sank immediately: "Zhao Shijie, what you practice and what I practice are irrelevant . So, what kind of sarcastic remarks would you make?"

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